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Little American Maid

Video: Little American Maid
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Studio: VCX
Diedre Hopkins, Tammy Lee Curtis and Nikki Charm make this lust-filled epic of erotica a sure fire winner. This incredibly hot, sensuous story is about a maid who gives new meaning to the word "service." Mary is the Little American Maid who derives her pleasure from pleasing her master and all of his friends. Her day isn't over until everyone is satisfied.

Stars: Ron Jeremy, Bunny Bleu, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, Scott Irish, Nikki Charm, Buck Adams, Jerry Butler, Helga Sven, Bill Margold, Dino Alexander, Diedre Hopkins, Jerry Davis, Tami Lee Curtis, Lisa Blossom, Billy Joe Friends

Double Standards

Video: Double Standards
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Alpha Blue Archives presents "Double Standards", starring Honey Wilder, Bunny Bleu, Helga Sven, Kristara Barrington and Ron Jeremy. A MILF lover's delight with both sexy Ms. Wilder and bra busting blonde Helga Sven. These hot ladies love fucking just about anywhere with anyone! In the car, in the woods, they don't care!

Stars: Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage, Randy West, Bunny Bleu, Eric Edwards, Scott Irish, Honey Wilder, Kristara Barrington, Melanie Scott, Paul Thomas, Helga Sven, Bill Margold, Dino Alexander, Deidra Hopkins

The Golden Age Of Porn - Big Tits

Video: The Golden Age Of Porn - Big Tits
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Studio: Gentlemen's Video
Gentlemen?s Video presents ?The Golden Age of Porn?. Famous name brand tits from the most famous stars of porn from days gone by! Like the flexible floppers, eye poppers jaw-droppers and jumbo sized knockers that beg for hot nasty action of all kinds! Don?t shy away from all the BIG FAMOUS TITS! All seven scenes with every female porn star has large tits, the first is a lesbian scene starring Chessie Moore and Saki outdoors.

Stars: Trinity Loren, Christy Canyon, Billy Dee, Chessie Moore, Rick Savage, Mindy Rae, Helga Sven, Saki, Bunny Blue

Thought You'd Never Ask

Video: Thought You'd Never Ask
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Cock hungry and busty MILF Helga plays Aunt Rowena. In an apartment building where everyone is lusting after everyone's a classic tale of what goes on behind closed doors when these kinky fornicators think no one else is looking! These kinky couples and trios are down for anything that's sexually gratifying - including but not limited to raunchy three-ways, oral and lesbian sex that will make you blow your load and beg for more!

Stars: Tom Byron, Aurora, John Leslie, Sharon Mitchell, Honey Wilder, Melanie Scott, Helga Sven, Pamela Jennings, Nina Hartley, Jamie Gillis, Rick Montana

Wild Nurses In Lust

Video: Wild Nurses In Lust
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
WILD NURSES IN LUST - 1986 87m. Starring Helga Sven, Bunny Bleu, Kimberly Carson. Helga puts Herschel Savage over her knee for a dominating spanking session before letting him paw her massive tits. This classic feature is more than enough to satiate that little nurse fetish you have. Enjoy!

Stars: Bunny Bleu, Scott Irish, Jerry Butler, Kimberly Carson, Helga Sven, Peter Balakoff, Hershel Savage, Piro Leena, Carlos Tobalina, Sacha Gabor, June Bug

Sleepless Nights

Video: Sleepless Nights
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Studio: Golden Age Media
Sleepless nights is an erotic story about a woman thinking about her life with her husband and wonders why she dreams and images her husband and herself having sexual fantasies about someone else. She dreams about her lust for her new co-worker, dreams about her husband having sex with her friends, and her dominatrix friend taking advantage of her, are these dreams real and do they represent the future?

Stars: Jon Martin, Blair Harris, Rocky Balboa, Rita Ricardo, Lilly Marlene, Christian Chase, Jacqueline Lorains, Helga Holderlin, Kerri Hart

Lotsa Top

Video: Lotsa Top
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Studio: Gourmet Video
Get ready for some classic footage featuring some of the biggest tits from the days of VHS tapes! There's hot action all around, as these buxom ladies take their men to task with blowjobs, pussy eating, and an all around pounding. There's even a vintage Ron Jeremy scene!

Stars: Ron Jeremy, Trinity Loren, Christy Canyon, Samantha Strong, Jacqueline Lorians, Candy Samples, Helga Sven, Mona Page, Pam Jennings

Helga Sven

Video: Helga Sven
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Studio: Porn Star Legends
Helga Sven was a mature big titted fans wet dream cum true! She loves to suck and fuck and get you to cum all over her big juicy breasts! This movie is a must have for the lover of the distinguished lady! Helga's got it all, tits, ass, and just like a fine wine, she's aged to absolute perfection!

Stars: Helga Sven

Rear Busters

Video: Rear Busters
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Studio: Midnight Classics
Rare, Out of Print title. This movie is not available anywhere else!
Midnight Classics is proud to offer another classic title pulled from the archives. This title has not been in print since it was originally released in 1988.

Rear Busters was a compilation video of anal sex scenes pulled from some of the hottest movies of the time. It was edited together as a frenetic menagerie going back and forth between 2 different and seemingly unrelated scenes. But, you get to see some of adult film's legendary stars performing at the height of their careers.

Stars: Ron Jeremy, Ginger Lynn, Tom Byron, Samantha Strong, Sharon Mitchell, Colleen Brennan, Vanessa Del Rio, Kristara Barrington, Helga Sven, Satin Summers

Big Top Fever

Video: Big Top Fever
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Studio: Golden Age Media
We've scoured the archives to compile this big titted romp filled with bodacious buxom beauties at the start of their carnal careers. As a special bonus, we've included an ultra-rare clip of a young Candy Samples in all her bra-busting glory! Grab the Kleenex, some lube and get ready to watch these busty babes suck and fuck these studs until they get their massive fun bags glazed with oodles of spunk!

Stars: Trinity Loren, Christy Canyon, Samantha Strong, Marc Wallace, Candy Samples, Helga Sven, Jay Sterling, Mona Page, Jacqueline Lorains, Dan Mann, Bunny Blue, Ray Wilder, Rod Harden

Porn Star Legends - Helga Sven

Video: Porn Star Legends - Helga Sven
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Studio: Porn Star Legends
Helga Sven was a mature big tittied fan, wet dream come true! She loves to suck and fuck and get you to cum all over her juicy big breasts! In this DVD, you get to see Helga at her best! Definitely cock sucking moments to remember! You don't want to miss out on her hot orgy scene! A must have mature big tit collector's DVD.

Stars: Helga Sven

Blue Ice

Video: Blue Ice
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Studio: Caballero Video
A sex adventure that will melt your world! Blue Ice will take you to unbridled heights in XXXtacy. Jacqueline Lorians will go deep undercover and expose the truth in the way that she only knows how; with her hot body and insatiable sexual appetite, she will take you on a sex adventure that will melt your world.

Stars: Shanna McCullough, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Jacqueline Lorians, Paul Thomas, More...

Thrill St. Blues

Video: Thrill St. Blues
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Studio: Western Visuals
Thrill St. Blues is a place where a local Madame has the best of the best in call girls. She has some with big and smalls, blonde and brunette, super sexy or super slim.

All of them can rock your world one by one. With her as their Madame, their services are unconditionally undeniable!

Stars: Peter North, Jamie Gillis, Tom Byron, Jack Baker, Marc Wallace, More...

Hot Close Ups

Video: Hot Close Ups
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Studio: Western Visuals
This is one photoshoot you don't want to miss! Many hot bodes are ready for their close up as they get it on for the camera. Each scene is jammed packed with hot action from blowjobs, to pussy eating.

If you are in the mood to experience a bit of kink, make sure you check out scene 4 for a bit of devious behavior. This classic stars Blair Harris, Helga Sven, Kirk Wilder and plenty of XXX action!

Stars: Laura, Patricia, Blair Harris, Helga Sven, Kirk Wilder, More...


Video: Faustficken
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Studio: Pleasure Entertainment
Here the holes are EXTREMLY stretched! These girls love big cock, they help stretch their holes for something bigger, your hand! They love having their holes stretched to the max, they don't ask for it, they BEG for it! Get ready for an extreme German penetration sensation! Enjoy!

Stars: Laura, Sandy, Sven, Katja, Marko, More...

Zicken... Jetzt Seid Ihr Fallig! Folse 1

Video: Zicken... Jetzt Seid Ihr Fallig! Folse 1
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Studio: Inflagranti Film Berlin
This German flick is packed with nuts, sluts, and tons of fucking! Check out the red-hot action and launch a load or two while you're at it! You'll see lots of cock sucking of course. But there is also some ball sucking action too! Great anal scenes and plenty of jizz to go around at the end of each scene! Enjoy!

Stars: Gina, Sven, Patrick, Manu, Angie La Belle, More...

Games of Perversion

Video: Games of Perversion
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Studio: Domain Girls
Sex games are generally fun, no? Twister, Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle - these are games played by those trying to French Kiss for the first time, or cop a feel of some sexy booty. Are there games for adults? Perhaps variations of the abovementioned games with a risqu?© twist? Can I tempt you into some "Games of Perversion?"

Stars: Stephanie, Yvette, Elga

Rectal Invaders

Video: Rectal Invaders
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Studio: Abbraxa Productions
People of the earth, your days of rectal freedom are over! Resistance is futile, you will be ass-similated. No ass will be spared--Prepare to meet your rectal doom!! At long last the rectal invaders are here and they are invading unsuspecting rectums of all shapes and sizes. This is by far the strangest, most hardcore film we have ever made. It breaks every taboo!! Priscilla, Daddy Dee, Max, John Knees, Sven and Bobby Lee star in this gender-bending mind fuck of a film!

Stars: Priscilla, Sven, Max, Daddy Dee, Bobby Lee, More...

100% Amateur #34 - Blondes In Heat

Video: 100% Amateur #34 - Blondes In Heat
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Studio: OGV (Odyssey Group Video)
If the sight of blonde hair suggests to you a wholesomely wanton sexuality, check out this tape. Cute Trinity masturbates as she talks into the camera. She swallows Paul's cock, lick his asshole and gets screwed every which way, til he squirts a rope of jiz on her shapely chest and in her thirsty mouth. Romanian Evelyn takes on Sven and Mikhail in a threeway. It's amazingly intense screwing resulting in torrents of cum. Cute Candy gets two guys to furiously fuck her tiny bunghole. This tawdry whole loves it up the ass, and is rewarded with two streams of hot cum to her face. Carnal is a great-looking but fouled mouth blonde. She swallows thick prick, get eaten, and pries the huge penis up her ass, Do blondes have more fun? The golden haired sluts in this video do!

Stars: Candy, Sven, Trinity, Paul, Mikhail, More...

Sex Recruits

Video: Sex Recruits
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Studio: Domain Girls
Who do you think has an easier time recruiting, the Armed Forces or the Sex Industry? If your answer is the former, you may be inflicted with what many doctors have come to term "idiocy." If you answered with the latter, then give yourself a pat on the back. Cum on and join the latest class of "Sex Recruits!"

Stars: Elga

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