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Video: Lust-Exzesse
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Studio: DBM Videovertrieb
DBM Videovertrieb presents "Lust-Exzesse." When these ladies are horny, there is nothing stopping them from getting everything they want and more. They crave more than 1 cock at a time sometimes and when they're ready to double up you'd better be on board! Watch as they each take a voyage into their very own fantasies and yours as well!

Stars: Maureen Felix, Marie-France Valle, Vicki Major, Gigi Valdez, Nina Benvenuti, Angelina, Bernadette Dior, Stella Savoy, Viola Vision, Giulietta, Jodie Marengo, Ayla Curtiss, Ariel Bader, Isadora Drake, Jennifer Dew, Attila Zanoussi, Ronnie Weber, Marco Spinosa, Simon Bracq, Steve Holmes, Steve Vincent, Christof Clark, Lee Valentine, Yves Baillat, Sam Chester, Reinhard, Julian Lake, Livia Como, Sigrid Sylt

La Motociclista

Video: La Motociclista
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Studio: Showtime
When you have a Harley Davidson; you are a bad mamajama! There?s one up for grabs and this brunette bombshell is determined to be the winner! She?s not only bad to the bone?but wants a to be boned! She mud wrestles, sucks and fucks for an audience, performs a raunchy three-way with double penetration and even sets couples up for a fun-filled romp in the hay! With manipulation, sexual gratification ? and even mud wrestling ? this is a must see for those that love their girls best when they?re being bad!

Stars: Ziegher Michael, Tomisha Mills, Zoe Etienne, Lynn Le May, Jean Yves Le Castel, April Summer, Eva Orlowsky, Stephan Kramer

Viaggi Caldi In Autostop

Video: Viaggi Caldi In Autostop
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Studio: Showtime
Eva Orlowski wants to go on a road trip and decided to pack up her items and hitch-hike a ride to the city. The driver of the vehicle pulls out for some roadside mouth assistance and then drops her off at the beach resort. Along the way, she crosses paths with Julia Sow, Rebecca Adrik and Ines Carmi who are all ladies that love sex with strings being attached. Walking to the curb was the best decision Eva could have made.

Stars: Eva Orlowsky, Stephan Kramer, Rebecca Ardik, Julia Sow, Ines Carmi, Olaf

Die Heisse Braut

Video: Die Heisse Braut
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Studio: Eurofuck
If you?re a fan of unbridled fucking, interracial, orgies, cock ? sucking, pussy ? eating, threesomes, etc ? then you have just hit the jackpot. This is a hardcore German flick, starring the insatiable Sibylle Rauch! Sibylle Rauch is well ? known in Germany as being one of the most insatiable and wildest starlets out there! It?s worth it just to check out the exploits of Sibylle Rauch alone!

Stars: Marine Cartier, Steve Vincent, Sibylle Rauch, Katja Reyne, Rolf Erster, Yves Baillart, Joana Maas, Maria Bauer, Amanda Leer, Chessie Moore, Dominique Simone, Venus, Bella Riger

Donna D' Onore - Femmina In Calore

Video: Donna D' Onore - Femmina In Calore
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Studio: Showtime
Entirely shot in Sicily by Frank Simon (Silvio Bandinelli) at a place used by Coppola?s Godfather!The title in English is Donna D' Onore- Female in Heat. A plot based movie with beautiful women that are incredibly sexy and horny. Threesomes, blowjobs, double blowjobs, anal sex and DP all in six scenes.Starring Emanuelle Cristaldi, Julia Snow, Maurizia Paradiso, Rebecca Ardik, Stephan Kramer, Steve Nadelmann, Yves Baillat.

Stars: Yves Baillat, Maurizia Paradiso, Emanuelle Cristaldi, Stephan Kramer, Rebecca Ardik, Julia Sow, Steve Nadelmann

Sisters Impossible

Video: Sisters Impossible
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Studio: Eurofuck
This movie features the super star sisters of porn ? Silvie and Sibylle Rauch! Yes, these two minxes are very famous German starlets who have a distinct reputation for being sisters and for also blazing up the place with their scorching hot performances! And this movie is no different, as they get down with some other fantastic performers like, Nora Zig, Rita Cardinale, Betty Hurst, and Reka Baby! And remember ? nothing is impossible!

Stars: Freddy Dalton, Steve Vincent, Silvie Rauch, Sibylle Rauch, Betty Hurst, Nora Zig, Reka Baby, Reinhard O, Coralis, Rita Cardinale, Steve Holmes, Zenza Raggi, Theo Da Caffee

I Caldi Istinti di una Ninfomane di Lusso

Video: I Caldi Istinti di una Ninfomane di Lusso
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Studio: Showtime
When you get older you need more love, more attention, and more quality spent with those who make you feel young. What better individuals than those who are young themselves to give you all the ?love?, ?attention?, and experiences that can bring your youth back by at least 30 or so years? That?s what these old ba? babes are thinking, and they might?ve hit the nail on the head. Or at least their tongue on the head!

Stars: Rocco Siffredi, Sheila, Beatrice Valle, Stephan Kramer, Virna Anderson

Il Segreto Di Maurizia

Video: Il Segreto Di Maurizia
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Studio: Showtime
The first Film to Maurizia Paradiso,written and directed from Silvio Bandinelli(alias Frank Simon).What is Maurizia's secret? Cum and watch her as she's ready to show it all. She?s ready to do whatever it takes to have moments of intense sexual pleasure in six scenes of classic plot.

Stars: Maurizia Paradiso, April Summer, Stephan Kramer, Zoe Etienne, Florance Godefroy

Attrazione Fatale Spiagge Dorate

Video: Attrazione Fatale Spiagge Dorate
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Studio: Salieri Entertainment
Horny individuals each have fantasies of the kind of fucking they have only dreamed of! Completely uninhibited, random and horny, the ladies take on multiple cocks in every hole. There are no holes barred in this erotic fantasy filled film! And they absolutely love the taste of cum!

Stars: Reinhard, Rene Bar, Stephan Kramer, Fernanda Sanchez, Claudia Anale, Amanda Manson, David Dou, Michael Butoni

Durchgefickt...Jetzt Wird Es Schmutzig 4

Video: Durchgefickt...Jetzt Wird Es Schmutzig 4
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Studio: Videorama
Jetzt Wird Es Schmutzig 4 or Now It Gets Dirty 4 is a wild sexual adventure directed by Harry S. Morgan and stars Gina Wild, Bent Borg, Ingrid Swede, and Omar Williams. This film shows wild sex in a number of different scenarios. From hot sex in the shower to a wild interracial scene with body paint, Now It Gets Dirty 4 has it all. Please Enjoy!

Stars: Natasha, Henry Van Damp, Conny Dachs, Omar Williams, Ingrid Swede, Gina Wild, Reinhard Ebert, Harry S. Morgan, Bent Borg, Dirk Schmitt, Karim (male)

Orgasmus Pur...Jetzt Wird's Schmutzig 3

Video: Orgasmus Pur...Jetzt Wird's Schmutzig 3
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Studio: Videorama
Gina loves to be fuck in the ass. In this video, it shows three men away on vacation to have unrestricted sex. They come along a beautiful buxom blond name, Gina on the beach. Gina is well verse in the art of having unbridled sex and she can have with all three, more the merrier. Director Harry S. Morgan turned Gina's game and Venus winner -Henry van Damp into a true porn star. Filming done on location in the mansion on HeibBen of Ibiza and Cannes. Gina wants ORGASMUS PURE.

Stars: Richard Lengin, Henry Van Damp, Lenka, Conny Dachs, Gina Wild, Glena, Jasmin Jam

You Lost

Video: You Lost
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Studio: Eurofuck
Eurofuck has done it again bringing you 4 hot scenes of European porn with some of the hottest stars and starlets on the scene! Scene 1 features a dark-haired beauty getting double-stuffed by two lucky guys! In the second scene, a blonde cougar is paired with a younger stud and is fucked in a variety of positions. The third scene interweaves action between a buxom blonde and her lover and a lesbian couple. The fourth and final scene shows a beautiful blonde getting road hard by her male suitor!

Stars: Monika, Catalina, Steve Vincent, Attilla, Oldie Waltraud, Isabelle Polski, Reinhard Kipper, Marianne Hosenberg, Ben Levis


Video: Toys
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Studio: DBM Videovertrieb
These two mature beauties converse over the phone about some of their deepest fantasies while using an assortment of toys on their aged pussies. While they talk, all sorts of things and different scenes begin and turn up the heat. Some three-way action, and some younger sluts get some hardcore oral and anal action. This video offers a mixture of young and mature, but it brings you all hardcore!!!

Stars: Natalia, Attila, Dolly Buster, Lee Valentine, Susan Dark, Daniel Victor, Marc Bunuel

Tutto In Famiglia

Video: Tutto In Famiglia
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Studio: Showtime
La mamma si trucca e si veste elegante non per l'amante ma per scoparsi il figlio. Il padre insegna alla figlia l'anal. Fratello e sorella se la spassano allegramente. Sono solo alcune delle situazioni contenute in questo film.

Stars: Zenza Raggi, Steve Vincent, Judith Winter, Alexanda Ross, Chris Delon, Joe Sting, Lydia Maerz, Rita Gabur, Stefan K.

Perfect Salesman

Video: Perfect Salesman
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Studio: Eurofuck
Eurofuck and director Chris Austin bring you "Perfect Salesman," a steamy film with German MILFs ready to suck, lick and fuck like never before. Can you imagine showing up for a sales call and finding one of these horny cougars answering the door? How could you say no? These lucky salesmen get their dicks sucked by horny MILFs, then fuck them in their trimmed pussies and even their tight asses!

Stars: Steve Vincent, Herr Kaiser, Cindy Lundbert, Ernie Huber, Lars Rumston, Mircov Yonga, Yvonne Sagasso, Marinne Polski, Jon Donson, Jon Bovi

The Lady Sweet And Dangerous

Video: The Lady Sweet And Dangerous
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Studio: Eurofuck
These ladies are tangled up in a web full of lies, sex and scandal when one sexy vixen threatens the very lucrative business of female escorts. These ladies will do anything to prove that they are the TOP girl in the business. They suck and fuck their way into their reputations and will stop at nothing to keep them! Watch as they take huge, uncut cocks in EVERY hole! it's some of the raunchiest and nastiest sex you will ever witness...featuring oral, anal, DP'S, group sex and facials that will make you beg for more!

Stars: Dru Berrymore, Sandra, Erika, Rita Cardinale, Jolt Walton, Steve Vincent, Philip Dean, Silvie Rauch, Sybil Rauch, Lina Bimba, Theo Black, Robert Mawie, Chris Long, Mike Frost, Als Gaststar

Visit Of A Bitch

Video: Visit Of A Bitch
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Studio: DBM Videovertrieb
Are you craving dirty German whores? Well this should be your last stop because you can't get any nastier than these cum hungry freaks. D.P.'s are their specialty! These whores prove how much they love to fuck as they bend over and get their fuckholes stretched to the max from hard cocks pounding away!

Stars: Mandy, Jennifer, Nancy, Franco Roccaforte, Steve Vincent, Samantha Sex

Sodo Sur Le Chantier

Video: Sodo Sur Le Chantier
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Studio: DV Film Production
It looks like a few guys picked a nice day to do some construction. As they are working on restoring a building they are approached by a few women who want to get fucked. The guys all agree on taking a break from a hard day of work to offer these girls some hard cock. Everyone is fucking all over the place and its all 100% anal sex!

Stars: Steve Vincent, Joe Kalinka, Avec, Jean Yves Le Castel, Gina Farina, Heather Hawaii, Vivien DeMarco, Dana Slick, Sonja Rubin

Anal Psycho

Video: Anal Psycho
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Studio: ArteCom
What would you do if you had some type of artistic block? How would you relieve the stress of trying to make something out of nothing? This writer has no idea what to do, but his friends do.

They get together and decide to take matters into their own hands and mouths. These nasty cunts think that if he can blow a major load after cramming his huge dick in their asses, he'll have some fresh material to write about.

Stars: Rocco Siffredi, Yves Baillat, Rossana Doll, Celine Lydie, Stephan Kramer, Stella Grey

Ghetto Girlz 3

Video: Ghetto Girlz 3
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Studio: Plum Productions
The third in a series of ghetto girlz who fuck ghetto style and shake their ass to ghetto pounding music! Watch these ghetto girlz get banged by these cocks that COCK IT BACK AND LET IT FLOW! Best of the best full of new faces ready to get sprayed and cummin' straight out the ghetto YA HEARD ME!

Stars: Tasty, Destiny, Dick Mcgee, Red Passion, Baby Doll (black), Slinda, 24k, Manly Huge, John Van Damm

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