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Red Hot Coeds 1

Video: Red Hot Coeds 1
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Studio: Gourmet Video
Geourmet Video brings old memories from sweet old 90th back. All the the titles that made us horny back then are back to pleasure us once more. They are not doing stuff like these any more.Today on the altar of your pleasure we put 4 scenes packed with unbelievable action, starring the most beautiful ladies of the biz...

Stars: Alex Jordan, Bobbi Brown, Holly Ryder, Keanna, Leanna Foxxx, Summer Knight, Teri Diver, Bill Brown, Mike Horner, Steve Hatcher

Sex Nurses

Video: Sex Nurses
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Studio: Gourmet Video
The goals these nurses have are simple, but important; to do no harm to their patients?and to mend and heal and nurse back to health these boys cocks until they explode their loads! The also have training on how to treat a pussy (note: tenderly, with your tongue!). Watch the amazing three-ways with the studs and an all girl three-way too!

Stars: Teri Diver, Holly Ryder, Kelly Blue, Debbie Diamond, Peter North, TT Boy, Tom Elliot

Dresden Diary 6: Vengeance is Mine

Video: Dresden Diary 6: Vengeance is Mine
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Studio: Bizarre Video Classics
Dominant damsels are ready to continue the humiliating action in the 6th installment to ?The Ultimate Bondage and Domination? classic ? ?The Dresden Diary.? The tradition continues and so does the saga as these dominating divas make these girls submit to total slavery! Alice and Cindy knew they must atone for their indiscretion and become more respectful, so Mistress Sabrina began their training. Now that the first step has been completed, Mistress Sabrina will discover just how well the girls have learned their lessons.

Stars: Holly Ryder, Dusty Rose, Flame, Sharon Mitchell, Rick Savage, BeBe LaBadd

Vow Of Passion

Video: Vow Of Passion
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Studio: Vivid

Gloria Leonard, one of the leading voices of women in adult films, brings her vision to life on the screen in this thoughtful tale of Ted, Cleo, and Hope. And hope, passion, lust, and longing. It?s about ?bad girls? trying to be good, and bad men claiming to be good. It?s about intimacy and sex as they really are. It?s about time.

Ed. note: Transferred from poor quality source tape.

Stars: Holly Ryder, Savannah, P.J. Sparks, Tom Byron, Henri Pachard, Al Goldstein, E.Z. Ryder, Bobby Hollander, Woody Long

Jack On Blondes 2

Video: Jack On Blondes 2
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Studio: Vouyer Media
Vouyer Media is very pleased to offer you Jack On Blondes 2! Jack's back and bigger than ever... well at least his hair is. And his cock is always large and in charge! This interracial sex fest stars the very busty Krissy Lynn, Armani St. James, Austin Taylor, Kirra Lynn, Emma Heart, and Holy Rider! All blonde, all interracial, what more you want?

Stars: Austin Taylor, Holly Rider, Emma Heart, Kirra Lynne, Armani St. James, Jack Napier

The Wonder Rears

Video: The Wonder Rears
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Studio: Metro Interactive
This classic flick delights in showing off the tight little asses of a number of sexy women while they go about giving and receiving pleasuring in one form or another. There is lots of lesbian action, including numerous appearances by the lovely Erica Boyer. There is also an erotic girl/girl scene with Leilani and Holly Ryder. There?s a great interracial 3-way with Sean Michaels, Avalon and Leanna Foxxx. And the grand finale is an anal action scene with Erica Boyer and Austin Moore.

Stars: Sean Michaels, Erica Boyer, Leanna Foxxx, Holly Ryder, Leilani, Avalon, Stacy Bell, Biff Malibu, Austin Moore

Bare Bottom Memories Vol. 1

Video: Bare Bottom Memories Vol. 1
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Studio: B & D Pleasures
B&D Pleasures takes everyone back in time to their earliest video library, where bondage legends were just learning their kinky, craft! These are the scenes that built the foundation of fetish entertainment. Bill Majors takes you through an odyssey of some of our best spanking videos. The first scenes are of Kym Wilde giving some good hard spankings to some bad girls, then she is the bad girl and receives a spanking herself. Holly Ryder is bound and her dress ripped off her so she can receive a flogging on her back and ass. Three playful roommates take turns spanking each other and an older man takes his young bride over his knee for some stern discipline. Tanya Foxx and Angella Faith bend over, asses in the air for some paddling and that's only half of the show!

Stars: Ashley Renee, Heather, Angella Faith, P.J. Sparxx, Cassandra Dark, Barb, Tanya Foxx, E.Z. Ryder, Sonny Daze, Jack Weber, Bill Houston, Tylene Devine, Devon (F), Holly Ryder, Alexis, Tina, Katrina, Jamie Gillis, Justine, Kym Wilde, Tom Byron, Renee, Kelli Star

My 500 Pound Vibrator

Video: My 500 Pound Vibrator
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Studio: Las Vegas Video
Professor Trixie Tyler believes that Darwins search for the missing link was completely misdirected. Instead of searching among apes he should have been studying the sexual deviant behavior of America?s bikers.

To prove her theory she conducts a study with footage of bikers fucking in wooded areas. Trixie gets so worked up from her studies that she decides to partake in a threesome with a couple of biker studs. After taking double the biker dick inside her tight poontang she concludes that this will is going to take a lot more research

Stars: Tera Heart, Tony Montana, Marc Wallice, Holly Ryder, April Rayne, E.Z. Rider, Cal Jammer, Busty Belle, Trixie Tyler, Biff Malibu

Holly Ryder Tied At Home

Video: Holly Ryder Tied At Home
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Studio: B & D Pleasures
Holly Ryder acts our some of her fantasies for you in front of the camera. First she gets in trouble at work and the boss punishes her by wrapping her up in plastic and whipping her. Then alone she puts some music and turns herself on by doing a strip tease which leads her to spanking her ass and tying herself to a chair. Next she goes into a military fantasy where she is captured and interrogated. Lastly, she is forced to hold dimes between her fingers while she is tickled and if she drops any she get punished.

Stars: Holly Ryder, E.Z. Ryder

Split Ends

Video: Split Ends
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Studio: Sly Productions
Nothing looks better than a pretty girl spanked until her ass turns bright red. These naughty sluts get what they deserve as they go over the knee and receive brutal spanking punishment. They all promise to be good but it's a lie and they all need to be taught a lesson they won't forget.

Stars: Andrea, Sasha, Kristen, Geneva, Rebecca, Teri Diver, Tiffany Storm, Summer Rose, Julia Parton, Gina, E.Z. Rider, K.C. Dylan, Sydney St. James, Stephanie Rage, Gabrielle, Jade East, Nikki King, Desi DeAngelo, Arcie Miller, Holly Rider, Nikki Cherry, LA Dawn, Tracy Walker, Vicki Mitchell

Black Cock Initiations

Video: Black Cock Initiations
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Studio: Exquisite Multimedia
It's their first taste of real chocolate! Can these 5 cuties get through their first Black Cock Initiation? Can they take that big black cock deep in their tight wet pussies? Watch all 5 scenes and find out. Some take it better than others, but they all taste the chocolate and want more and more. Black Cock Initiations stars Sage Simari, Jessie Star, Britney Kane, Holly Rider, and Malia Kelly.

Stars: Holly Rider, Jessi Star, Britney Kane, Sage Simari, Malia Kelly

Ladies Of The 80's - The Lost Footage

Video: Ladies Of The 80's - The Lost Footage
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Studio: Antigua Pictures
Finally, The ladies of the 80's have surfaced and they are all here in one DVD. Some of the Hottest Starlets from the 1980's. Big hair, big boobs, and stunning looks as only the Ladies of the 80's could provide. Enjoy! Enjoy stars such as Ron Jeremy, Savannah, Christy Canyon, Nikki Cherry, T.T. Boy, Fallon, Laurie Lay, Kelly Blue, Blondie Bee, Sharon Mitchell, Peter North and more!

Stars: Fallon, Tianna, Ron Jeremy, Peter North, T.T. Boy, Randy Spears, Laurie Smith, Christy Canyon, Sharon Mitchell, Holly Ryder, Savannah, Viviana, Blondie Bee, Mandi Wine, Kelly Blue, Nikki Cherry, Laurie Lay, Tiffany Wild

Tied & Tickled 22

Video: Tied & Tickled 22
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Studio: California Star Productions
Striptease is more than just bump and grind. The customers want to see a girl with personality. Flirting eyes and a dazzling smile. Madame Conte's dancer heave to be the best. The news girls have almost everything. Curvaceous bodies, sensuous moves. With a little training they can be first-class strippers. The Madame's training techniques are unique, to say the least. But they are very effective.

In each phase of her training, a girl is bound in a new position and savagely tickled in her most sensitive regions. This not only loosens up her joints for those erotic moves she will make on stage, it also gives her that ever present winning smile. Tickling torture is maddening, and these girls are subjected to as much as they can possibly endure. A girl will go through almost anything to be a star.

Stars: Holly Ryder, Avalon, Sequoia, E.Z Ryder

Girls Gone Bad IV - Cell Block Riot

Video: Girls Gone Bad IV - Cell Block Riot
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Studio: Gourmet Video
These girls look like normal upstanding citizens, but they are complete lesbo freaks behind bars or closed doors!! They work hard and really enjoy munching some co-workers carpet whenever they get a chance!! This video is filled with pussy-lickin' fun and is sure to excite and entice you with it's real hardcore feel!!!

Stars: Sharon Kane, Missy Warner, Holly Ryder, Trixie Tyler, Raven Richards, Tawnee Lucci

Ass Backwards

Video: Ass Backwards
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Studio: Freedom Distributing
An all out fuckfest with five scenes of cock, and cum.Watch Peter North give it hard to two girls and make them both scream for more. His cumshot can only be described as volcanic and it does just that. Spurtting all over the two sluts as they lap it up and into their bodies. There's plenty of cocksucking action and some hardcore pussy pounding,too!

Stars: K.C. Williams, Holly Rider

Strange Passions

Video: Strange Passions
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
Tawny has an attitude -- a very bad attitude -- and it's all too obvious that the training she received was less than adequate. Thank God for lifetime guarantees! Master Seven arranges to have the naughty nymph sent over for a little reconditioning.

Once Tawny arrives, it's apparent that this lassie is going to need some special attention, and Isabel, fresh out of the dungeon herself, is ready to make a deep impression with long lasting results.

Stars: Gabriella, Tawny, Bruce Seven, Holly Rider

In Deep With The Devil

Video: In Deep With The Devil
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Studio: Freedom Distributing
A rich and horny young man is willing to sell his soul for a few minutes with a hot woman or two. He's granted the powers of a magic mirror to help him gain his hearts desire. Of course, he has to test it out a bit first. And there is that pesky matter of payment...

Stars: Randy West, Holly Ryder, Tiara West, Rachel Mann, Shanna Rose, Micky Ray

Blonde Forces

Video: Blonde Forces
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Studio: Coast to Coast
In between contracts, for a very brief period, Savannah was on her own. In charge, The Blonde Force. She called her own shots, made her own rules, did what she wanted. What she wanted, who she wanted, when she wanted! This is what happened, we called it Blonde Forces! It's about an apartment, and Savannah's the boss. This is your three-day notice. Prepare to evict your shorts!

Stars: Peter North, Mike Horner, Savannah, Valhalla, Joey Murphy, Mulan Wang, Holly Rider, Candace Hart, Dick Lachey

Seymore Butts Rides Again

Video: Seymore Butts Rides Again
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Studio: Sunshine Films
Well, I told you I'd be back, and this one's even better than the first - you see, the more I shoot butts the hornier I get and I've shot a lot of butts in this movie. Needless to say, there were times I got real horny but I was able to control it sometimes, and other times, well, I did what any of you would have done! Anyway, that's not even the best part! The best part is me backstage at the F. O. X. E. awards with The Biggest Stars In Porn, "Nuts" you say? No, it's Butts - Seymore Butts.

Bonus Footage Included

Stars: Shanna McCullough, Lynn LeMay, Taylor Wane, Teri Diver, Keisha, Nina Hartley, Melanie Moore, Shawnee Cates, Alex Jordan, Tony Martino, Sharon Mitchell, Shawna, Tami Monroe, Lauryl Canyon, Hyapatia Lee, Tianna Taylor, Bianca Trump, Lee Carroll, T. T. Boy, Ted Wilson, Holly Rider, Gina Fine, Justine Case

Harley Girls

Video: Harley Girls
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Studio: Arrow Productions
The "Harley Girls" motorcycle club is like no other. Its members are all wild and nasty beauties out on the rampage to have the ultimate fun. When they decide to do Sturgis, South Dakota, and to check out the action at the 50th anniversary biker rodeo, they make a big splash and turn more than heads during their stay.

Stars: Trinity Loren, Madison, April Rayne, Patricia Kennedy, Busty Bell, Tara Heart, Holly Rider, Melanie Rose, Lea Ana Foxxe

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