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Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway?

Video: Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway?
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
An inside look at the very private XXX erotic fantasies of Gerard Damiano, the undisputed master of adult films!

Stars: Annette Heinz, Honey Wilder, Janey Robbins, Sharon Kane, Tanya Lawson, Eric Edwards, Gerard Damiano, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy

The Pleasures of Innocence

Video: The Pleasures of Innocence
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Sweet, Juicy, and oh so Ripe!

Faced with losing their jobs to an exotc New York stripper, Cindy and Candy seduce their boss and steal the new stripper's contract. Armed with this valuable information, the girls leave Iowa for the Big Apple to seek their fortunes. Once in the city the girls are happy to accomodate the agents, photographers and other characters who are constantly trying to get into the girls' panties. In time, the small town go-go dancers are transformed into high-class strippers who proceed to take the town by storm. Upbeat humor, ten sizzling sex scenes, and some of the most beautiful new comers in the business make this one a scorcher you won't want to miss.

Stars: Angel (80s), Ann Bardot, Carol Cross, Honey Wilder, Robin Everett, Sharon Kane, Tanya Lawson, Tish Ambrose, Alan Adrian, David Ruby, Eric Edwards, George Payne, John Leslie, R. Bolla

The Insatiable Blair Family

Video: The Insatiable Blair Family
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Studio: Gourmet Video
In The Insatiable Blair Family (also known as Night Hunger), a traveler stopping in at a roadside tavern overhears the bartender telling a tale of the local Blair family, whose women have been cursed with an insatiable desire for sex. He decides to do a little investigating of his own.

Stars: Candida Royale, Cheri Champagne, Honey Wilder, Laurien Dominique, Nellie Gold, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Velvet Summers, Alan Adrian, Dan Stephens, Eric Edwards, George Payne, Joe Santini, Joey Silvera, Michael Bruce

Fruta Prohibida

Video: Fruta Prohibida
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Studio: Paradise Visuals
A cowboy visits his old girlfriend who lives with her three daughters. However, she fails to mention an important fact about their old relationship, so he sleeps with all of them and only then finds out the icky truth. Starring Tom Byron, Misty Regan, Eric Edwards, Bunny Bleu, Honey Wilder and many more!

Stars: Candy Shields, Bunny Bleu, Susan Hart, Misty Regan, Honey Wilder, Gary Sheene, Tom Byron, Eric Edwards, Greg Rome

Naughty Girls

Video: Naughty Girls
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Studio: Gourmet Video
Being a good girl has its own rewards but ?Naughty Girls? need love too! These beach babes are sex crazed and more than ready for the sex-crazed action to begin! They can?t wait to get their hands, hungry mouths and eager fuckholes around a throbbing shaft. They even get tit fucked and share the throbbing member in scorching hot threesomes! Being a bad girl feels so good?especially when you get to lose yourself in the kinky action ? including some hot lesbian fun too!

Stars: Lynn Francis, Hyapatia Lee, Tina Marie, Mona Page, Penelope Jones, Honey Wilder, Rachel Ashley, Richard Pacheco, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Randy West, John Leslie, Lyn Richards


Video: Satisfactions
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Studio: Caballero Video
AVN Top 500 - Here's another reason to breathe heavily for a while! It's called SATISFACTIONS, and the girls are hot enough to set off your smoke detectors! This satisfying video is full of threesomes, light domination and little humiliations...all of life's fun things! Follow along for the ride!

Stars: Chrissy Beauchamp, Laura Lazare, Rhonda Jo Petty, Honey Wilder, Cara Lott, Kay Parker, Caramel, Ron Jeremy, Frank Hollowell, Herschel Savage, Jon Martin, Eric Edwards, John Leslie, R. Bolla

Hyapatia Lee's Arcade Series Volume 1

Video: Hyapatia Lee's Arcade Series Volume 1
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Studio: Zane Entertainment
Hyapatia Lee (Miss Nude America) is the Godexxx of Erotica?She?s stunning, sultry, and breathtakingly beautiful! There are simply not enough praiseworthy adjectives to describe her! She is wet, warm, and willing to share her intimate sexual adventures and turn-ons with you! Hang on for a hell of a ride!

Stars: Paula Winters, Viper, Pattie Petite, Tiffany Storm, Alexa Parks, Gail Force, Ariel Knight, Brandy Alexandre, Tami White, Honey Wilder, Keisha, Hyapatia Lee, Lacey Logan, Nina Hartley, Laurel Canyon, Barbara Dare, Rick Nero, Tom Byron, Dan T. Mann, Tom Banks, Joey Silvera, Derek Lane, Frank James, Scott Irish, Rex Nemo, Shone Taylor

Schoolgirl By Day

Video: Schoolgirl By Day
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
In this classic feature, Summer Rose stars as Tess, a schoolgirl who starts earning her money at the local bordello. The movie opens with a sex scene between Honey Wilder and Steve Drake. Summer has a solo moment in the bedroom after that, followed by Aurora pulling double duty in both a lesbian scene and a girl-guy scene. Summer and Tantala Ray enjoy two intercut scenes after that. And stick around for the finale, where Summer and Gail tag team Steve Drake?s cock.

Stars: Tantala Ray, Aurora Lee, Nick Random, Honey Wilder, Buck Adams, Francois Papillion, Summer Rose, Steve Drake, Gail Force

Loving Spoonfuls

Video: Loving Spoonfuls
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Prepare yourself for a classic cumshot compilation featuring an hour-and-a-half?s worth of rock hard pressurized fountains spraying joy juice all over a bevy of the top 80?s starlets. There?s a whole variety of footage leading up to the cumshots too, including group sex, threesomes, hot blowjobs, anal sex and double penetrations.

Stars: Sylvia Benedict, Rachel Ryan, Dawn Devine, Gina Carrera, Sheer Delight, Kristara Barrington, Karen Summer, Honey Wilder, Mai Lin, Cara Lott, Sahara, Athena Star, Andrea Lange, Nicole West, Kimi Gee, Blondie Bee, Heather Wayne, Keli Richards, Angel Cash, Gina Valentino, Summer Rose, Gail Force, Christy Canyon, Tom Byron, Erica Boyer, Trinity Loren, Ron Jeremy

Wilder At Heart

Video: Wilder At Heart
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
The wildest and most willing woman in the Pornography business just got wilder and hotter!! Honey Wilder was one of the most popular sex starlets in XXX video in the eighties! 'Wilder at Heart' brings her own private fantasies to life in a series of mind-boggling sexy vignettes. Whatever you can imagine, Honey Wilder can do and will do! Wild, isn't it? Absolutely and even wilder!! Join Honey and her all-star cast in this fast paced heart-pounding fantasy!

Stars: Billy Joe Fields, Shelly O'Hara, Sheri St. Claire, Nicole West, Sylvia Benedict, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Tony Martino, Steve Drake, Gina Valentino, Steve Powers, Beverly Bliss, Honey Wilder, Kristara Barrington

Pussycat Galore

Video: Pussycat Galore
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Pussycat Galore is one of Honey Wilder?s most popular and hottest movies! Pussycat Galore is an escort service that caters to the rich & famous. Brooke Fields is new to join to the company & provide her services. Find out if she has what the customer wants. This movie is an old, but a goody and it really showcases classic porn from 80?s! This movie also stars Danielle, Annette Heinz, Rene Summers, Chelsea Blake, Cassandra Leigh and Carol Cross!

Stars: Danielle, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler, George Payne, Honey Wilder, Paul Thomas, Bobby Astyr, Carol Cross, Chelsea Blake, Annette Heinz, Cassandra Leigh, Brooke Fields, David Scott, Klaus Multia, Rene Summers


Video: Splashing
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Honey Wilder stars in Splashing, a 1986 compilation of great classic scenes. It?s 86 minutes of scenes from the industry?s past, with a whole cavalcade of stars on display? including the hedgehog himself- Ron Jeremy. Stick around for the third scene, in which Honey, Lisa DeLeeuw and Laurie Smith enjoy Tom Byron?s cock together in the shower.

Stars: Sharon Kane, Lili Marlene, Veri Knotty, Bunny Bleu, Laurie Smith, Tom Byron, Maria Tortuga, Taija Rae, Eric Edwards, Joanna Storm, Kelly Nichols, Tish Ambrose, Honey Wilder, Karen Summer, Rachel Ashley, Constance Money, Gina Gianetti, Ron Jeremy, Kimberly Carson, Gina Carrera, Robin Cannes, Sheri St. Clair, Cris Cassidy, Cheri Janvier, Carol Titian, Kitty Shayne, Lisa De Leeuw

Oh Those Lovin' Spoonfuls 1

Video: Oh Those Lovin' Spoonfuls 1
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Studio: Ed Powers Productions
Our chief editor has secretly pulled out all the cum shots from the 4-play shows for his own use. We discovered this masterpiece of cum drenched perversion and decided to present it to you. This video contains over 100 of our BEST, WETTEST CUM SHOTS, and your favorite x-rated stars. It?s a bevy of the hottest stars of the X-rated industry; too many to mention and the jizz from over 100 fully loaded cocks. See how many you can name!

Stars: Blondie, Amber Lynn, Trinity Loren, Erica Boyer, Christy Canyon, Summer Rose, Gina Valentino, Penny Morgan, Angel Cash, Honey Wilder, Karen Summer, Kristara Barrington, Gayle Force, Cathleen Moore, Gina Carrera, Sylvia Benedict, Mai Lin, Sahara, Heather Wayne, Kimi Gee, Nicole West, Dawn Divine, Tantala Ray, Miss. B. Haven, Athena Star, Kelly Richards, Cara Loft

Rated Sex

Video: Rated Sex
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Studio: K-Erotica Vintage
Movie critics Honey Wilder and John Alderman aka Frank Hollowell introduce and discuss seven hot clips from supposedly new adult films, featuring the erotic talents of Mai Lin, Kari Foxx, and others, in different situations! Mai Lin ambushes Don Fernando for the cock in a dark alley way. Instead of studying, Kari?s persuades her study buddies to take a break with her pert tits and insatiable sexual appetite! When the elevator gets stuck; this kinky group wants to go out with a blast with one last orgy!

Stars: Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Buffy Davis, Jerry Butler, Honey Wilder, Mai Lin, Francois, Kari Foxx, Alexis Greco, John Alderman, Tiffany DuPonte, Careena Collins, Don Fernando, Shanna McCullough, Maggie Randall

Naughty Girls Need Love Too!

Video: Naughty Girls Need Love Too!
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Studio: K-Erotica Vintage
Hyapatia Lee debuts in this 1983 erotic classic showcasing the sexy lives of various people in the ?singles community? of Marina Del Rey, California. Sure it?s okay to be good; but with singles around like Honey Wilder, Randy West, Ron Jeremy and Mona much more fun to slip balls deep into an eager mouth, eager muff and in between two perky tits for a tit fuck like never before! And these cock-crazed babes are so much better when being bad! With lesbian action, male-on-female and kinky three-some action ? there?s always something here for these raunchy singles to swing into!

Stars: Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Randy West, John Leslie, Honey Wilder, Rachel Ashley, Richard Pacheco, Lynn Francis, Hyapatia Lee, Tina Marie, Mona Page, Penelope Jones, Zoe marlow, Lyn Richards

Dirty Blonde

Video: Dirty Blonde
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Studio: Video X Pix
The great manhunt is on! It's a search for the perfect bed partner and Michael Knight is the last of the red hot lovers. Terri and Roxanne want him now... and ten minutes later Cheri wants him too. The trouble is Michael has disappeared without a trace. The women are frantic. The cops are baffled. Don?t miss this hilarious yet blazing fuck-fest!

Stars: Renee Summers, Joey Silvera, Sharon Mitchell, George Payne, Honey Wilder, Michael Knight, Cody Nicole, Carol Cross, Danielle (i), Alan Adrian, David Scott, Klaus Multia

Lust Tango In Paris

Video: Lust Tango In Paris
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Honey Wilder goes wild in this classic flick! We open with Jeanna Fine and Buddy Love getting it on in the yard. Then Jerry Butler dips into the Honey pot on the sly. Keisha does two scenes in a row after that- one with Randy Paul, and then a threesome with Jerry Butler and Joey Silvera in the bath. Honey Wilder then rewards Toni Bush for finding her purse. And after a hard day?s work, Honey unwinds in bed with Randy Paul.

Stars: Keisha, Jeanna Fine, Buddy Love, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler, Honey Wilder, Randy Paul, Toni Bush

Hot Sweet Honey

Video: Hot Sweet Honey
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Honey Wilder takes you on a tour through a sexy slice of nostalgia. There?s just something about the look of porn from the 80?s that just screams ?classic?. So strap yourself in for a wild ride down memory lane with a variety of sexy scenes. There?s something for everyone, from solo girl action to scandalous threesomes, lesbians by the fireplace and a heaping dose of plain ol? fashioned hot sex!

Stars: Beverly Bliss, Honey Wilder, Kristara Barrington, Sylvia Benedict, Sheri St. Clair, Nicole West, Steve Powers, Gina Valentino, Steve Drake, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Tony Martino

Frisky Business

Video: Frisky Business
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
This is one sexy all-action 80?s feature! There are five stars in this movie, and they all can?t keep their hands off of each other. Cara Lott and Kimberly Carson fuck John Leslie while Randy West fucks Honey Wilder. Then they swap places and Randy takes on Cara and Kim while Honey has her way with John. There are no scenes of guys dancing alone in their underwear? because there are too many sexy women to go around!

Stars: Randy West, John Leslie, Honey Wilder, Kimberly Carson, Cara Lott

Sex Spa USA

Video: Sex Spa USA
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Alpha Blue Archives presents "Sex Spa USA", starring Honey Wilder, Danielle, Brooke Fields, Rene Summers, Taija Rae, Cassandra Leigh and Silver Starr. Honey spices up her boring sex life with a visit to a health spa that is also a swing club. Watch as wild sexcapades unfold before your very eyes!

Stars: Danielle, Taija Rae, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler, George Payne, Honey Wilder, Paul Thomas, Bobby Astyr, Cassandra Leigh, Brooke Fields, David Scott, Klaus Multia, Silver Starr

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