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The Intruder: The Next Stop

Video: The Intruder: The Next Stop
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Studio: Vid Tech
This intruder?s next stop is the home the bodacious Julie Juggs. He sneaks in through the garage and catches her while she is in the kitchen. He ties her up and removes her clothes so that he can have his way with her. He also continues to loot her house the whole time. Don?t miss this classic flick!

Stars: Misty Lane, Julie Juggs, Princess Love, Anthony Lawton, Mickey Storm

Out Of Control

Video: Out Of Control
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Studio: Vid Tech
Tickling that is OUT OF CONTROL! Check out these bound ladies as they squirm uncontrollably from the sensations induced by feathers, fingers and other naughty implements. Starring Goldie, Lady Olivia Outre, Rick Bates, Mary Jane, Sabrina Loves Cox, Kerri Downs, Julie Juggs, Steven Speck and Nick Long. Every scene in this video has the end result of a kicking, screaming, squirming frolic of female Tickling. A totally out of control video ? only from Vid Tech Films.

Stars: Nick Long (i), Steven Speck, Rick Bates, Sabrina Love Cox, Julie Juggs, Goldie McHawn, Smoking Mary Jane, Lady Olivia Outre, Kerri Downs

Momma's Fun Bags (Disc 1)

Video: Momma's Fun Bags (Disc 1)
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Studio: New Sensations
It?s time for loads of fun because 12 horny MILFs have unleashed their beautiful bouncing boobies! Victoria Valentino, Tyler Faith, Sienna West, Holly Sampson and many more hot momma?s are ready to rock your socks off with their perfect knockers. Enjoy the all new scene with Raylene and Carolyn Reese because they?re getting their jugs fondled and fucked by Erick Everhard like it?s their birthdays. This two disc set is a WINNER!

Stars: Domenic Kane, Erik Everhard, Raylene, Mark Ashley, Steven French, Holly Sampson, Amber Lynn Bach, Sienna West, Dane Cross, Victoria Valentino, Carolyn Reese, Tony De Sergio, Alexis Gold

Breast Wishes Vol. 3

Video: Breast Wishes Vol. 3
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
Breast Wishes has popped all the straps to unleash the biggest tits in the world. They jiggle and bounce in the most erotic, sexual situations ever videotaped! Our hooters range in size 38DD to 56FFF and the limits are ballooning every day. Every actress appearing on this box performs in the video. We spared no expense in capturing these beautiful ladies and their bazongas on tape - expressly for your titillation.

Stars: Brandon Iron, Melissa Mounds, Rick Savage, Alexis Gold, Busty Bell

Tied & Tickled 29

Video: Tied & Tickled 29
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Studio: California Star Productions
Security Officer Jones has a new technique for disciplining stubborn inmates at Women's Prison. She's concerned with three particularly incorrigible offenders on whom traditional methods have had no effect. These hardened criminals laugh at pain. So Jones asks herself, "How will they respond to tickling?" There's only one way to find out. One by one, these sexy inmates are stripped and bound in positions especially designed to expose their most sensitive regions to prodding fingers. These three criminals who laughed at pain are now laughing, crying and screaming at the cruel touch of the feather. This torture will go on and on until every last one of them is begging for mercy.

Stars: Angella Faith, Alexis Gold


Video: Chambermaids
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Studio: California Star Productions
The chambermaids are at it again at the Barrington Estate. Julie, the chief maid, had better bring them in line, or her own position may be in jeopardy. Drastic measures are called for. And Julie has the right tools for the job. A wooden paddle, a long, limber cane, and two very strong hands. Now, with one maid bent across her knees, her naked, plump posterior thrust vulnerably into plain view, Julie well understands why maids' uniforms are so short. They must have been designed with occasions such as this in mind. Short enough to readily expose tender white bottoms. Long enough to cover the long, thin, deep red marks left by the cane. And her bottom will be well marked. Maid number two will soon take her place beneath the cane. With these two troublemakers on the job, Julie certainly has her hands full.

Stars: Breanna Malloy, Amanda Morrison, Julie Juggs

Chambermaids Part 2

Video: Chambermaids Part 2
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Studio: California Star Productions
When will the playful chambermaids of Barrington estate ever learn? Maintaining a dignified decorum is of the utmost importance. And if a young lady fails to meet these rigid standards, she will be obliged to bend over and drop her knickers. The smooth, soft skin of the female posterior can be very tender indeed. Especially if subjected to the cruel caress of a disciplinarian's firm hand or a stinging paddle. All the twisting and kicking and crying in the world won't help once the punishment has begun

Stars: Kristen, Anthony Lawton, Amanda Morrison, Julie Juggs

Breast Worx Volume 9

Video: Breast Worx Volume 9
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
If you're anything like Bobby Hollander, you like big tits! The bigger the better! Volume Nine of Breast Worx unleashes a few of the finest pairs for your amusement, amazement, and titillation. Try these on for size... There's nothing like a mouthful of breast to get the day off to a rousing start. Cal is having one of the best days ever with Fabulous Fawn's tits in the driver's seat. Goldie has Chi-Chi's the size of Tanner's head... they assume the 69th position and face the issues directly. Gino finds there ain't nothing like a Mr. Peepers t-shirt to get him on the business end of a pair of mammoth hooters and into the bedroom. Alexis can't wait to get naked and nasty after seeing the Peeper-shirt. The action is so hot and heavy that (not-so-innocent) bystander, Tanner, feels compelled to get in a few strokes himself. This is big tit video in the finest tradition!

Stars: Goldie, Cal Jammer, Gino, Fawn Miller, Alexis Gold, Tanner

Breast Worx Volume Five

Video: Breast Worx Volume Five
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
When Greta invites two of her favorite female boosome buddies over to play cards, strip pokers the name of the game -- and all the players are wild!!! Push comes to shove and after several incredible pairs are revealed, a cheat is discovered. This babe's got cards in places the sun never dreamed of illuminating! When irate neighbor, Jack, explodes on the scene, he proves to be "aces" at adapting to the 3 to 1 odds scenario and shows off some real talent of his own in the vein of 3 pair manipulation. Truly an art in the game of Poke-'er. Next up, Red, uses her bodacious Ta Ta's to play hide and seek with boyfriend, Carlos, and Charisma finds herself a pizza man whose specialty is delivering the works. Mountains of fun!!

Stars: Charisma, Jake Steed, Greta Carlson, Rusty Rhodes, Alexis Gold, Mark Simpson, Jeff James, Marie Wyler

A Tit Man's Paradise

Video: A Tit Man's Paradise
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
Pack your bags and take a vacation to, A Tit Man's Paradise. A five star resort. Five horny ladies greet you with ten, big, bouncy tits. Bury your cock in their sand, swim in their warm "watery holes," and let them drink your white-hot, coconut milk. Your lei is waiting.

Stars: Charisma, Tom, Greta Carlson, Tim, Rusty Rhodes, Alexis Gold, Mark Simpson, Marie Wyler

Big & Bound

Video: Big & Bound
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Studio: California Star Productions
Alexis is a very special lady. Aside from the obvious fact that she is exceptionally endowed with an abundance of feminine charm, she also happens to love being tied with rope, nice and tight. Her bondmaster knows how to set of her most prominent assets in an imaginative adornment of bondage ties. Bound and gagged in a sequence of clever bondage positions, out voluptuous vixen squirms and struggles sensuously in her ropes. Massive mammaries, tightly tied and fully displayed, demand our utmost attention. One tempting package of femininity had never looked better.

Stars: Alexis Gold

Today's Art - Deep Cleavage

Video: Today's Art - Deep Cleavage
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Studio: Big Top Video
Berry Delicious, also known as Honey Moons joins Julia Juggs in some duet action as their tits get bounced, soaked and sucked! These mountain mammary mammis have the biggest milk factories this side of the equator! If you like big tits...and I mean FUCKING BIIIIIG, then my friend, this movie is for you!

Stars: Julie Juggs, Berry Delicious

Fear In The Forest

Video: Fear In The Forest
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Studio: California Star Productions
Jasmine has mixed feelings about her visit in the United States. Her friend Julie has taken her on her first camping trip, and so far it has been more than either of them had bargained for. Just two days ago, they had been captured, tied and tickled by a deranged woodsman (See The Happy Woodcutter). They managed to escape only to find their car wouldn't start. Now they have to make their way back to the village on foot. This means two more days of camping out. To make matters worse, there's another lunatic prowling the woods.

When he spies the beautiful oriental Jasmine, he has a flashback to his tour duty in Vietnam. Unable to distinguish reality from delusion, sees Jasmine as a Viet Cong. He captures her, ties her up and subjects her to a cruel interrogation. Julie is soon captured and treated in a similar manner. What started out as a fun camping trip has turned out to be an ordeal of bondage and terror.

Stars: D.J. Houston, Julie Juggs, Jasmine Lee

Final Notice

Video: Final Notice
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Studio: California Star Productions
After returning home from a long day at the office, Anthony would like nothing more than to relax and watch a little television. Unfortunately this isn't going to happen, the phone doesn't stop ringing. It seems his wife, Julie Juggs has been careless with the housekeeping money and she has forgotten to pay the monthly bills. Anthony is furious! Something must be done in order to assure this doesn't happen again. Anthony calls his wife into the living room and takes firm control of the situation by administering strict discipline. Anthony spanks Julie with his hand until her well rounded Ass begins to glow.

Stars: Anthony Lawton, Julie Juggs

Tied & Tickled Classics #11

Video: Tied & Tickled Classics #11
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Studio: California Star Productions
The rent is free if you meet Desi Special Qualities. Watch as Rickie shows up for an interview only to be met by the ropes and the torment of Desi's vicious tickling powers. The best is the best! Only feet can show the most enduring laughter ever known.

Footloose and Feather Bound shows you all foot tickling with everything you can think of including feathers and fingers.

The film crew lures Julie Juggs to do an audition for a big motion picture, she will go through anything the producer wants in order to get the big money promised. Only to find her dream shattered as the big picture was filming during The Audition.

At the House of Laughter Fawna is trying to relax by the pool only to find Jessica is playing around and just making life a bitch so enough is enough. Fawna has time to spare and what enjoyment she is going to have.

By popular demand Footloose and Feather Bound Part 2 is back and showing nothing but feet in the Best way!

Stars: Jessica, Fawna, Julie Juggs

The French Tickler

Video: The French Tickler
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Studio: California Star Productions
A buxom maiden of pre-revolution France is a provincial bind. Having been accused of stealing from her Mistress, she is stripped and securely bound for punishment. Her writhing, struggling body can do little to avoid the torment of prodding fingers as her most ticklish regions are thoroughly explored. The many new positions in which she is subsequently tied further underscore the helplessness of her situation as she laughs, scream and cry out her innocence.

Stars: April May, Irving Schwartz, Julie Juggs

The Audition

Video: The Audition
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Studio: California Star Productions
Julie finally gets an audition for a big movie shoot. During the rehearsal she is tied and tickled endlessly. The bottoms of her bound feet are stroked ever so lightly, sending shivers thru to her spine, the tail of a rope dances upon her belly.

The directors of this movie are constantly wanting something shot differently, all the while her body aches from the endless tickling, the ropes bite into her soft, smooth flesh. This is one grueling rehearsal. Soon Julie discovers this is no rehearsal after all. Those rats, Kurt and Anthony have been filming throughout the entire session.

Stars: Anthony Lawton, Kurt Hurst, Julie Juggs

Bondage Video 39

Video: Bondage Video 39
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Studio: California Star Productions
Two girls must undergo rigorous training to meet the peculiar needs of a big game hunter hunting safari in Africa. They must be submissive, erotic and willing (Hunters Lodge).

Enticing scenes displaying Julie Juggs as both the dominant mistress and submissive kitten and of course her two most prominent assets (Personal Interview: Julie Juggs).

Samantha and Jessica's foolish antics have landed them in the dungeon of their Mistress to be bound, stripped unrelentingly (The Madame).

As Christina is stripped and retied in a sequence of ever more painful positions, she finds her pleasure increasing to a state of ecstasy (Anna's Delight).

Madame Sadena's scrumptious submissives will spend the weekend stripped to the skin and tightly tied in a variety of bondage positions designed to expose and humiliate (Sadena's Pets 4).

Stars: Jessica, Samantha, Christina, Anna, Julie Juggs, More...

Poolside Bondage

Video: Poolside Bondage
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Studio: California Star Productions
Every summer Julie and Jasmine spend one month house sitting for a neighbor. To break the boredom they try to distract Jim the pool man. An impatient man by nature, Jim opts for a simple and effective solution. He binds them both to patio furniture. Jasmine is somewhat used to this treatment as her mistress Julie occasionally binds her as punishment (see "Caught In The Act"). But for Julie this is a rare and uncomfortable experience. Now that these two sexy and over-sexed females are tightly bound and squirming in ropes, the pool man is more distracted than ever. He finds himself compelled to fondle them and retie them in new exciting bondage positions. It doesn't look like he's going to get much work done at the pool.

Stars: Julie Juggs, Deacon Blue, Jasmine Lee

Breast Worx Volume Three

Video: Breast Worx Volume Three
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
Breast Queen, Greta Carlson, shakes her money-makers like only she can, in this, her long awaited Breast Worx debut appearance. Tony Montana has his hands full (and then some) with a vixen. The smile on his face is worth a thousand words! Next up, buxom beauties, Shelly and Trisha Lea discover through mutual guy trouble that there's nothing like a feminine touch to ease out the tensions that accompany male insensitivity. Big tit girl/girl action at its very finest!

Stars: Tony Montana, John, Greta Carlson, Shelly, Chelly Supreme, More...

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