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Marilyn Chambers' All Nude Peep Show

Video: Marilyn Chambers' All Nude Peep Show
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Studio: Private Screenings
Welcome to Marilyn Chambers' All Nude Peep Show, where you can see the most beautiful bodies, angelic faces, and sensual lovemaking that will leave you swooned where you sit. This is a perfect soft-core video for any discriminating viewer that is looking for super-sexy women.

Stars: Blake Berringer, Blair Berringer, Nicholas W. Rava, Marilyn Chambers, Lorissa McComas, Leah, Jennifer Worthington, Onyx, Mary Jane

Marilyn Chambers' The Sex Practice

Video: Marilyn Chambers' The Sex Practice
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Studio: Private Screenings
Marilyn Chambers is wonderful as a narrator in this soft-core erotic picture. There are a ton of beautiful women strutting around in skimpy bikinis, or painting each other with black paint. The shower and outdoor scene will blow your mind. Every girl is absolutely stunning!! They can?t for you to get a peek at their legal briefs or help you quid pro bono?and each session ends with satisfactory results for all parties involved!

Stars: Cindy Rich, Rachel Leigh, Michelle Mendez, Hailey Lewis, Marilyn Chambers, Mason Storm, Jennifer Steele, Nico

Classic & Vintage - The Gardner Starring Marilyn Chambers

Video: Classic & Vintage - The Gardner Starring Marilyn Chambers
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Studio: Classic & Vintage
The Gardner is from the 1985 hit, Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 6. Marilyn gives her gardener, Andre Bolla a show from her window. He comes inside and lets her know that he doesn't think he should be in her bedroom. Marilyn naturally disagrees and pushes him into the bed so she can get his big prick between her talented lips.

Stars: Andre Bolla, Marilyn Chambers


Video: Charli
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Studio: VCX
'Charli' is a film for lovers. It is the story that every man and every woman who have ever truly been in or out of love will identify with. Instinctively conceived, sensitively produced, 'Charli' is an experience everyone who has ever really cared about another person will relate to - hurting along with its frustrations and celebrating with its triumphant gladness.

Jesse St. James is Charli, moving through her characterization with a lovely grace and believable sensitivity. Eric Edwards is her husband Jack, bestowing on his part a flesh and blood portrayal of a man laboring to be caring and constant against all the odds that today's environment can impose.

'Charli' is a love story... a REAL love story.

Stars: Annette Haven, Randy West, Billy Dee, Eric Edwards, Lee Caroll, Arcadia Lake, Marilyn Chambers, Jesie St. James, Captain Video

Inside Marilyn Chambers

Video: Inside Marilyn Chambers
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Studio: Mitchell Brothers Film Group
Exclusive: You will not find this title available for VOD anywhere else!

Following the success of Behind The Green Door and Resurrection of Eve, Marilyn Chambers was at the height of her popularity. People couldn't get enough and wanted to know more about this rising star of XXX films. Ever the innovators, the Mitchell Brothers decided to make a pseudo-biography about Marilyn using interviews, outtakes and some never before seen footage. They wound up creating a new genre of adult film that was copied for almost every major star in the decades to come.

Original Liner Notes:
Marilyn as you've never seen her before...
A sizzling portrait of the undisputed queen of sensuality!
"From Behind The Green Door to Insatiable II, no screen actress has been able to acheive the dizzying heights of eroticism that Marilyn has attained."        J.&A. Mitchell

A unique look at Marilyn Chambers through the eyes of porno's leading men. Any way you look at her, she is 100% Dynamite! Inside Marilyn Chambers is a film tailor made for fans of the Ivory Snow girl. This semi-documentary offers totally new footage of Marilyn Chambers, including complete sex scenes that were never used from Behind The Green DoorTM and Resurrection of Eve It also features an interview with Marilyn Chambers, some new softcore footage of her and interviews with her leading men including Johnny Keyes, George S. McDonald and Tyler Reynolds.

Stars: Tyler Reynolds, Johnny Keyes, Marilyn Chambers, George McDonald

Marilyn Chambers' Naughty Fairy Tales

Video: Marilyn Chambers' Naughty Fairy Tales
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Studio: Private Screenings
If you liked fairy tales as a child, you're going to love them even more now because four classic stories have been given a modern re-telling that is strictly for adults. See Pinnochio, Snow White, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood as you've never seen them before - with plenty of kinky encounters and erotic action that would make the Brothers Grimm blush.

They may be pure and innocent young women in print, but in Naughty Fairy Tales, Cinderella, Snow White and Little Red are brought to life as luscious, hot-blooded beauties craving endless pleasure and sensual satisfaction. And just wait till you see what Pinnochio has up his sleeve. There's no "moral" to these sexy, uncensored and unbelievable tales - just "immoral!"

Stars: Veronica, Sandy, Raven, Jessica Ryder, Tina Marie, Veronica Fox, Julian Wells, Marilyn Chambers, Nicholas W. Taylor, Jian Yarnell

Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Fantasies

Video: Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Fantasies
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Studio: Private Screenings
Marilyn Chambers' stars in this steamy special as screenplay writer. The topic is "Bedtime Fantasies". As she writes these sexy vignettes, they are brought to life with the help of beautiful models, (from Penthouse pets, to Playgirl Magazines Man Of The Year), as well as elaborate settings. Sit back and enjoy the fantasies.

Stars: Julia Parton, Marilyn Chambers, Tyra Smith, Kimberly Taylor, Michael Anthony Zirpoli, Cody Carmack, Joey Waters, Susan Napoli, Eric Sulikowski

Resurrection Of Eve

Video: Resurrection Of Eve
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Studio: Mitchell Brothers Film Group
If Behind The Green Door was groundbreaking then "Resurrection of Eve" can best be characterized as pioneering. After the success of Behind the Green Door, audiences waited in anticipation to see what the Mitchell Brothers would do next. The result was "Resurrection of Eve". It's a story about a woman whose early life experiences leave her emotionally and sexually repressed. After a car accident nearly takes her life, Eve emerges as a different person both physically and psychologically and eventually comes to realize her true desires and develop her own self-worth.

Classically trained actor Matthew Armon plays Frank Paradise, the lecherous husband who introduces Eve to the swinging lifestyle and is unwittingly the catalyst for Eve's resurrection. The character of Eve is played by three different actresses: Nancy Weich (as a young girl), Mimi Morgan (pre-accident) and Marilyn Chambers (post-accident). Marilyn Chambers' performance stands today as one of the top performances in an adult film. Show Magazine said "...she has the feminine luminescence of a Marilyn Monroe and the wit and presence of a Katherine Hepburn." Besides stellar performances from its cast, "Resurrection of Eve" also features several musical numbers; most notably a very early performance from the band The Tubes who appear as Jesus Bongo and the Millionaires.

Resurrection of Eve was pioneering for its attention to the actor's dramatic performances, Jon Fontana's expert cinematography and an intelligent screenplay from Artie Mitchell. The Mitchell Brother's take an honest approach towards the sexual lifestyle of swingers in the 70s and they also took some unnecessary risks touching on taboo subjects of the time like interracial sex and the timeless taboo of molestation.

Resurrection of Eve was very ambitious in its attempt at plot and character development and has no equal in the genre. It proved that the Mitchell Brothers initial success was not based solely on luck and it defined their vision for making sophisticated, thought provoking films about sex and sexuality.

Stars: Johnny Keyes, Mimi Morgan, Dale Meador, Marilyn Chambers, Kandi Jones, Matthew Armon, Nancy Weich


Video: Insatiable
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Studio: I Candy
AVN Top 500
Supermodel and heiress, Sandra Chase (Marilyn Chambers) quickly learns money can't buy happiness or satisfaction. While starring in her first movie, she finds herself caught in a wild web of sexual encounters with her co-stars. Insatiable also stars legendary John Holmes as Sandra's fantasy lover. Shot on location in rural America and cosmopolitan London, Insatiable will leave you hungry for more..

Stars: John Holmes, Marilyn Chambers

The Best Of Marilyn Chambers Book 2

Video: The Best Of Marilyn Chambers Book 2
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Studio: Private Screenings
Marilyn Chambers is the most recognized Soft-core star ever. Join her as she takes you on a compilation of some of the hottest scenes to ever grace her films. You'll feel the intimacy, humor, and romance that each scene has to offer. So be ready to enter a painting, an erotic bakery, and a black and white silent film.

Stars: Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers Bedtime Stories

Video: Marilyn Chambers Bedtime Stories
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Studio: Private Screenings
Marilyn Chambers throws a lingerie party one summer evening and a group of women get together to tell their most intimate "Bedtime Stories", as they model sexy outfits!

Melissa, Tatiana, and Letitia tell of how they "urbanized" Bart, a farm boy from Arkansas. He comes to the Big Apple an inexperienced hick with the innocent intention of visiting an ol' buddy, Eddie. But Eddie is out of town, and in his place are Melissa, Tatiana, and Letitia! After Bart's individual encounters with these three seductive women, he becomes a sophisticated city boy!

Angelique tells the second story of how she meets and falls in love with the studly Chris, only to find out that he's been cheating on her because he's addicted to sex. But he insists that he only loves Angelique. When Chris proposes to Angelique, she devises a great plan to test his love and fidelity, involving the greatest temptation of them all, Marilyn Chambers!

And finally, Marilyn tells her story: She's been cast for the starring role in "The Princess and the Hardhat" when she meets Bob. He is the construction man hired to renovate her loft. Marilyn is thrilled that she is going to have the opportunity to do "live" research for her upcoming film. In the midst of renovating, Bob falls in love with Marilyn, and she's faced with a touchy situation as she develops amorous feelings for her "research".

The evening ends with the lingerie party a success. The women love their new sexy outfits and have a blast sharing their "Bedtime Stories"!

Stars: Marilyn Chambers, Colin Matthews, Camille Donatacci, Brian Carpenter, Richard Cascioli, Isabelle Fortea, Theresa Lynn, John Bernard Richardson, Donna Salvatore, Victproa Frost

Marilyn Chambers' The Sex Files

Video: Marilyn Chambers' The Sex Files
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Studio: Private Screenings
Join Marilyn Chambers and friends in The Sex Files: an erotic version of the modern day adult video with buxom breast glamour girls writhing around and rubbing their hooters for the camera. There are lusty water scenes and lots of sumptuous teasing, water painting and lingerie.

Stars: Marilyn Chambers

The Man The Myth

Video: The Man The Myth
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Studio: Caballero Video
John Holmes - the King of Cock! Full length 14 inches of pure man-meat! This video commemorates the king of porn! You have to see this famous dick in action. Watch this cast of beautiful young hotties as they have every orifice penetrated by the King of Cocks!

Stars: Jessie St. James, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Desiree Cousteau, Georgina Spelvin, Mike Ranger, Christine Sarver, Ian Saltares, Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers' Sex on The Web

Video: Marilyn Chambers' Sex on The Web
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Studio: Private Screenings
Sit back, and watch the screen, as Marilyn Chambers controls all the action. 'Whip' is selected, and the scorching blonde starts to play with her whip, dragging it slowly across the soft valley of her puss. This is a classic video that was a pioneer for interactive themes. The action is soft, but hot. The girls are absurdly hot!! Cum on in..

Stars: Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers Hot Tub Sex

Video: Marilyn Chambers Hot Tub Sex
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Studio: Private Screenings
The hot tub is a perfect environment for some steamy sex. As the water bubbles and the bodies come together flesh to flesh, the two lovers in this video become intoxicated with each other. Erotic, sexy, and romantic, this video is perfect for anyone looking for a little soft-core.

Stars: Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 3

Video: Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 3
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Studio: I Candy
In a continuing effort to reveal sides of Marilyn Chambers never before exposed, I-candy Entertainment presents more of her private fantasies:

Marilyn discovers new uses for the stirrups as she scientifically seduces a gleeful gynecologist.

Using the power of positive thinking, Marilyn wishes a male mannequin to come to life-in more ways than one.

Marilyn imagines herself as a frigid secretary letting her hair down to ultimately give the boss the nymphomaniac's version of dick-tation.

Finally, Marilyn is pitted against electrifying dominatrix "Tantala" in a story that's guaranteed to be a front-page headline!

Stars: Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers' Sex Seminar

Video: Marilyn Chambers' Sex Seminar
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Studio: Private Screenings
If you are going to learn about sex you should learn from the best. Marilyn Chambers explodes into a frenzy of teaching in "Sex Seminar, as only she knows how to do. The Queen of Erotica instructs you on the pleasures of sex. So sit back relax and take notes if you have a hand free. If not keep watching it and you will get the point.

Stars: Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers' Desire

Video: Marilyn Chambers' Desire
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Studio: Private Screenings
Marilyn Chambers stars as an over-the-top actress making life difficult on a movie set where everyone is more interested in fooling around with each other than in performing for the camera. Amy Lynn Baxter plays the sexy and brilliant movie director who must tame Marilyn and bring the production in under budget and under control.

Stars: Tammy Parks, Barbara Joyce, Marilyn Chambers, Amy Lynn Baxter, Steven O'Brien, Colleen Cooper, Steve St. John, Michael Stevens, Richard Scavullo, Carrie McKayan, Joseph Cinque, Heidi K. Eklund, Vincent Laurie

Marilyn Chambers' New York Nights

Video: Marilyn Chambers' New York Nights
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Studio: Private Screenings
Three lusty, busty girls dream of having sex in sin city. When the lights go down in the city things start to steam up. Follow these gorgeous dreamers down the avenues that take them to erotic places they never thought they'd see. This video is an incredible soft-core flick done incredibly well.

Stars: Marilyn Chambers

Legends Of Porn II

Video: Legends Of Porn II
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Studio: Cal Vista Classics
Cal Vista has put together the ideal classic collector's choice film. The perfect follow-up to the bestselling "Legends of Porn" With classic scenes of 50 stars, more than you can handle, from Pioneers to Video Superstars!

This classic compilation has everything you could want in a collector's film! Hosted by Jim Holliday, Historian, Director, Author and Hall Of Fame Member!

Stars: Amber Lynn, Angel, Annette Haven, Jamie Gillis, Danielle, Nina Hartley, Erica Boyer, Barbara Dare, Herschel Savage, Porsche Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Taija Rae, Tracy Adams, Eric Edwards, John Leslie, Marlene Willoughby, Joanna Storm, Desiree Cousteau, Seka, Shauna Grant, Nancy Dare, Paul Thomas, Hyapatia Lee, Harry Reems, Nancy Hoffman, Lynx Canon, Joan Devlon, Lori Blue, Susan Mcbain, Marilyn Chambers, Bonnie Holliday

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