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Everything Butt - Angel Allwood's Spanking Party

Video: Everything Butt - Angel Allwood's Spanking Party
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Ella Nova and Maxine X are about to leave when Angel grabs them and starts spanking their asses until they are read. Angel fucks these girls with butt plugs and gets them to gape open. LONG THICK worm like toys in fully inserted in her ass. Angel looks into their asses with the speculum then does anal on both girls who cum hard on her hands.

Stars: Angel Allwood, Ella Nova, Maxine X

Maxine's Threesomes

Video: Maxine's Threesomes
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Studio: Maxine X Productions
Maxine X loves all kinds of sex and in her latest XXX feature she proves just that as she has a trio of hard core threesomes of every combination! She starts out as a "gift" to a boy/girl couple, then plays with two of her girlfriends for girl/girl/girl sex! To complete the trio she seduces two studs for boy/boy/girl.

Stars: Chrissy Daniels, Lily Cade, Maxine X, Nadia White, Rome Major, Shaun Damm, Tommy

Mommy Got Boobs Vol. 18

Video: Mommy Got Boobs Vol. 18
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Studio: Brazzers
Mommy Likes Porn

While cleaning her son's room, Holly finds a huge stash of porn. Holly's son send his friend Sonny to his house to pick up his notebook. When he gets there he prove to Holly that he knows his way around a pair of tits!

White Trash Goes Whore

Phoenix Marie is grade-a white trash! Her daughter brings home Danny Mountain to fuck his brains out but in the end, Phoenix steals Danny away and offers him the chance to climb Mount Anal!

Home Cooking With Cunts

Welcome to home cooking with cunts. Today Diamond is going to show everyone how to make banana cream pie. Let's just say she gets her cream straight from the banana.

It's The Perfect Size For Your Pussy

Francesca brings her daughter to a sex shop. Johnny shows them different types of toys and lubes. While going through the store, Francesca becomes a little turned on. Johnny decides to see how far she is willing to go!

Laying The Cleaning Lady

Time for a good old spring cleaning. Keiran's house is a mess. Ariella runs a nude cleaning lady service after spending half the day cleaning his house, this sexy cleaning lady is craving some big penis!

Stars: Ariella Ferrera, Diamond Foxxx, Francesca Le, Holly Halston, Maxine X, Phoenix Marie, Danny Mountain, Johnny Sins, Keiran Lee, Mr Pete, Sonny Hicks

Cuckold Chronicles

Video: Cuckold Chronicles
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Studio: Maxine X Productions

Scott, "My Little Cuck": is not satisfying me. I tell him to watch and film me getting fucked by big white and black cocks. He watches as I stretch my pussy lips wide and fuck myself deep and hard. I take a big, black cock and ram it deep into my pussy as I cum over and over again.

Pussy Bandit Teaches: I wear my leather chaps and vest as I tease and ridicule my cuck husband. I make him watch me swallow a big, black 11" cock and then get fucked. Pussy Bandit fucks me long and hard in my ass. He rips me a new asshole as he stretches and gapes me wide open. I have multiple, hard and intense squirting anal orgasms before he pumps his man load in and deep up my ass for an anal creampie for the ages!

Fuck Like A Porn Star: I decide to make my husband watch how I really want to be fucked. I get a porn star to do the honors! I get fucked in my husband's favorite pantyhose to add to his humiliation! Alec fucks my mouth in front of my useless cuckold! I get fucked hard in my wet, hot pussy and I tell my cuck that he must learn! After taking it hard doggie style, Alec blows his load in my wide open mouth. I swallow every drop!

Bonus Scene: I start off riding my Sybian. I get off with my Sybian and a dildo up my pussy. I use my Magic Wand for extra stimulation and my man fucks my mouth which makes me cum even harder!

Stars: Maxine X, Alec Knight, Puzzy Bandit, Scott

The Zombies Are Cumming

Video: The Zombies Are Cumming
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Studio: Desperate Pleasures
I am on the hunt for zombies with my Police partners, Officers Richard Mann and Don Prince. I go into the house to seek them out while my partners keep looking around the grounds. As I'm going through the rooms, my partners get jumped by some zombies and then turn into zombies as well! They enter the house and track me down! Once they corner me, they grab and pull me down to begin my zombie conversion via gangbang! They start by ripping open the crotch of my Police uniform and begin fucking my mouth and pussy. They will all use all my holes before they are done with me and leave me a cum spent zombie gangbang spent whore!

Stars: Maxine X, Don Prince, Richard Mann

MILF Hunter Volume 29

Video: MILF Hunter Volume 29
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Studio: Reality Kings

Hunting down mature moms across america!

We were at a shopping center looking for a camera repair shop, when out of nowhere, a big ol' thoroughbred ass in a tight dress seemed to manifest itself. We were mesmerized and I truly believe that time slowed down while we watched the booty swing from left to right as she walked away from us. Hunter and I regained our composure and dashed toward the mega ass. We caught up with Carmin and soon after the pleasantries, the cuban mami with more meat on her booty than a lechon, revealed that she was married with kids. I don't remember what Hunter said to persuade her to go back to his place because I spaced out while staring at her DD tits but I'm ecstatic that I got to see her monster donk in action.

Hunter and I made a wrong turn and ened up in an area far from any major highways. All of the streets were indistinguishable that is until we spotted a damsel in distress roadside trying to fix her flat tire. When we pulled up to assist her she offered us cash but we had something else in mind. I was holding the camera so Hunter changed the tire during which we found out that our beautiful damsel was married and had one kid. After changing the tire, we explained to the that she wasn't going to get to far on the donut. We eventually persuaded her to come back to our place while we made arrangements for her car to be towed. During the ride back home, Hunter worked his Magic. When we arrived at his place, Emily was ready for the cock. Hunter ripped her fishnet stockings and after smacking her beautiful big booty a few times he stuffed her mouth. Emily took his one eye whistle for an amazing ride and then welcomed a shot of jizz all over her face.

It was Rich's birhtday. So I got him something a little special. But I had to let him think otherwise first for shits and giggles,you guys know how I do. So I had him drive to my boys house to just chill and waste time. Only it wasn't my boy but one of the hottest and horniest MILF's ever! I had her come outside and and he was in utter disbelief. She went by the name of Shay and she was gonna rock Rich's world. He was totally caught off guard and couldn't believe I got her as a sex slave for his birthday gift. She knew how to work it and she was definitely worth every penny. She was gonna make sure Rich celebrated his 27th in grand fashion! Your welcome RICH!

The Hunter and I were helping his aunt stock her beauty supply store while she was out running a few errands. The store was closed but we opened the door for a hot M.I.L.F. named Maxine, who desperately wanted to purchase a wig to disguise herself. She needed it to be able to evade her jealous ex-husband who didn't want her going out with her friends to any bars or clubs. Maxine was wearing a loose fitting dress but we could still see that she had curves in all the right places. We suggested that a wig on the bottom rack was the perfect one for her and when she bent over to reached for it we notice that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Soon after finding the perfect disguise for Maxing, we persuaded her to go into the stockroom so we could see the rest of her amazing body. Hunter fucked Maxine all over the stockroom in as many positions that could be done in a chair. He eventually blasted her pretty face with his jizz and then took a minute to adire his work before sending her on her way.

I had another rough night that I would like to forget and had to make sure I erased that part of the camera footage. Jimmy came over to pull me out of the mess I made the night before and hit the beach to start fresh. We thought there was volleyball tournament going on but once we got on to the beach there wasn't much in sight until we saw Jlove walking towards us. It must have been meant to be because she sat down one bench over from us. Since the volleyball was a bust we had to check out Jlove's bust. Her huge rack was popping out of every part of her top. Her bikini was barley covering anything which was something we could not pass on. We stepped over her way and started a basic conversation. We were after one thing, so we we asked the questions that would get us to our goal. Like always we wanted to fuck. Jlove fit the profile in so many ways. After we got her thinking about how lame her husband treated her, she was down to hang for a few hours before she had to pick up her daughter. She was looking for some attention, and we were looking for some one just like her. After we got her back to the crib, we gave her the attention she deserved. We did things that made her pussy pop. She was loving all the attention and hard dick her husband never gave her. She was pretty much speechless after she got a sprinkler load shot all over her.

We were going to get some food but the wait was going to take to long, so we started to contemplate what we were going to do when we came upon Jodie. We approached her as she stared into the front window of a karate place. We introduced ourselves and asked if she was into karate because she was looking real fit. She explained that she was just watching her son and thinking of something to do since he was going to be there for a couple of hours. It the midst of all this we found out that she was divorced and hasn't had any fun in a long time. We explained that we just so happened to be looking for something to do as well. It took a little bit of prying into her options, but we finally got her to hang with us. She was still trying to play hard to get, but still knew full well what she was up to. We got her to flash us in to the car which sealed the deal. We got back to the house and there was no more waiting or talking about what we were going to do. Her clothes fell off to unveil her nice mature fit body. The Hunter made sure he got a taste of the mature fruits and she returned the favor. She laid on her back and took a throat full of cock. He continued on shortly there after to pound her into the bed. After leaving a sticky mess on her ass he went back in for more as she was saying she thought she found her a new boy toy.

Stars: Carmen Ross, Emily Briar , J. Love, Jodie Stacks, Maxine X, Shay Fox, Al-B, Jimmy Legend, Rich Cannon

Mommy's Going Black

Video: Mommy's Going Black
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Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Sexy MILF Maxine has always had a high sex drive and after hearing about one of her coworkers interracial exploits she decided to give it a try. She hooked up with Sean on a message board and soon set up a date. Little did she know that he invited a few friends over too. After getting thoroughly plowed by the well endowed bull mommy gets gangbanged by his friends. Maxine enjoyed every inch of big black cock they threw at her and was dick drunk by the end. Needless to say mommy's going black again soon.

Stars: Maxine X, Sean Michaels

Zombie Gangbang

Video: Zombie Gangbang
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Studio: Maxine X Productions

This is the complete scene of my epic BBC Zombie Gangbang! I am on the hunt for zombies with my Police partners, Officers Richard Mann and Don Prince. I go into the house to seek them out while my partners keep looking around the grounds. As I'm going through rooms, my partners get jumped by some zombies and then turn into the undead as well! They enter the house and track me down! Once they corner me, they grab me and pull me down to begin my zombie gangbang! They start by ripping open the crotch of my Police uniform and begin fucking my mouth and pussy. They will all use all my holes before they are done with me and leave me a cum glazed zombie gangbang spent whore!

In the next scene of my epic BBC Zombie Gangbang the "zombies" take turn violating my tight ass. They all run a train on my mouth hole and ass hole fucking them both at the same time until I cum over and over again! I always say: "the gangbang doesn't truly begin until the anal starts". And, this is an anal gangbang at its hottest best! The gangbang heats up as the zombies double and triple penetrate me! With one zombie in my tight ass, another takes my pussy while a third fucks my mouth and I even take cocks in my hands! I cum multiple times to earth shattering orgasms as the zombies fill all my holes with their huge black, zombie dick! You know I'm horny and loving it when I squirt buckets from my pussy with a big cock fucking my ass! The final scene of my epic SEVEN guy BBC Zombie Gangbang concludes with more anal in doggie while getting my mouth fucked at the same time. After they use my tight ass and hot, wet throat for their zombie big, black cocks, each of the studs finishes off by shooting their loads deep inside my ass for anal creampies! I hope you like this scene as much as I enjoyed shooting it! I think it's one of my best yet.

-- Maxine X

Stars: Maxine X, Fred Nutz, Neil Stroker, Roc Bundy, Richard Mann, Rome Major, Jonathan Jordan, Don Prince, Ludus Adonis

Making Mommy Squirt

Video: Making Mommy Squirt
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Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Knowing how much gorgeous Asian MILF Maxine X loves girls these young hotties, each set out on their own quest to make Mommy cum card. From strap-on to oral, these girls accomplish their missions with some of the most explosive squirts we've ever seen. This is a must see for squirting fans!!!

Stars: Chrissy Daniels, Nyssa Nevers, Camille Black, Maxine X

Fetcon Fuckfest

Video: Fetcon Fuckfest
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Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Every August in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida thousands of swingers, kinksters, fetishist, porn and fetish performers, freaks & geeks alike come from all around the world for the amazing educational seminars, diverse vendor booths, a chance to spot their favorite porn or fetish model down by the pool and the chance to be with what feels like a zillion other kinky like minded people! Only there's a side of Fetishcon not many get to see! Well for 2016 Camille wanted to document some of the naughty mayhem she found herself getting into when she wasn't at sex seminars or partying by the poolside! Camille proves that Fetishcon is a convention like no other!

Ed. Note: Scene two has some audio distortion.

Stars: Dani Dare, Kylie DeVile, Zoey Carter, Camille Black, Nadia White, Ami Mercury, Fifi Foxx, Maci May, Eden Bello, Maxine X, Chrissy Daniels, Mike

Mommy Loves You POV

Video: Mommy Loves You POV
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Studio: Desperate Pleasures

Maxine X What are you doing on my bed with my bra son? And my panties too? Were you getting ready to play with Mr. Winkie and think about mommy?s naked body? Looks like I got here just in time because mommy needs some attention too. It's ok your father will never know. I can tell you like mommy?s mouth on your hard cock, let?s see how you like sliding between her tits. Wow you've grown into a big boy haven't you? Mommy is going to have some fun with you so lay back while I ride your cock. You're so hard son it's making me cum already. You like the way mommy rides your cock don't you? That's it make mommy cum again and uh oh looks like you cam inside me too. That's a good son!

Nadia White So son I've been noticing you staring at me quite a bit. Is there something you want to tell me? I know I'm just your step-mom but you can talk to me. Well maybe if I share something it will help us both. Your dad doesn't stay home enough to please me anymore and I know you don't have a girlfriend. I've watched you a bit too and I know you're better endowed than your father. So what do you say? Wanna have some fun with your step-mom? It'll be our little secret.

Helena Price Wake up son, mommy?s finally off work. I'm sorry daddy caught us. I should have been more careful but I can't help myself. I'm so attracted to you it's scary but you don't seem to mind. I'll figure out someplace for you soon and in the meantime I'm gonna make you feel better. I can tell you really need this too from the way you're watching me undress. Your cock is throbbing with anticipation as I wrap my lips around it gently. You're so hard I need you inside me now son. You like when mommy rides you don't you? My pussy is so wet and I can't stop cumming. That's it son take me from behind and pound mommies pussy ?til you give me a big creampie. That's mommy?s good boy. I'll handle everything soon so we can do this more often.

Stars: Maxine X, Nadia White, Helena Price

Strap-On Squirters

Video: Strap-On Squirters
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Studio: Maxine X Productions
Your favorite Asian babe is back for more action! Maxine X is presented to present you with ?Strap-On Squirters!? And like the title suggests, the movie centers on Maxine X and showcases some of her wettest and wildest sex toy scenes! Maxine has brought along great talent for this title, but I really enjoyed her solo scene that ended in an incredible squirt climax!

Stars: Maxine X, Chrissy Daniels, Nyssa Nevers, Camille Black

MILFs Craving Big Black Cock Gangbang

Video: MILFs Craving Big Black Cock Gangbang
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Studio: Maxine X Productions
Maxine X was feeling a little extra horny one day, so she put on one of her gangbang videos to watch and masturbate to. Luckily for her, super sexy MILF Alexis Golden happened to come by and surprise Maxine with six black studs with massive big black cocks. The black stallions take turns pounding all of their holes in the hottest BBC, IR, anal gangbang ever!

Stars: Maxine X, Alexis Golden, Shaun Damm, Fred Nutz, Richard Mann, Jonathan Jordan, Don Prince, Ludus

MILFs Like It Big 13

Video: MILFs Like It Big 13
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Studio: Brazzers
In tonight's episode, Keiran pretends to be a real estate agent showing off a foreclosed house. The old owner of the house is hiding in the closet. Everything goes to plan until a cock craving MILF by the name of Lezley shows up! Maxine might have the nicest rack around but she's nobody's fool. When Jordan Ash comes by and steals a peak, she's on top of her game. She's a dominatrix with a lust for the super resourceful! Johnny's moved into a secluded cabin and hired a nurse to check in with him from time to time. But little does he know that his nurse is a very big and very dissatisfied fan from years ago! Eva has her eye on the pool boy. After trading some flirty glances at each other, they finally decide to go all out. A few smiles quickly turn into a whole lot of fucking! Diamond Jackson has an insatiable appetite for sex. So when Tommy Gunn schedules a biology session with Diamond, you can bet the type of biology she's willing to study can easily be put to practical uses!

Stars: Maxine X, Diamond Jackson, Eva Notty, Darla Crane, Kendra Lust, Lezley Zen, James Deen, Johnny Sins, Jordan Ash, Keiran Lee, Danny Mountain, Tommy Gunn

My Wife's First Interracial Gang Bang

Video: My Wife's First Interracial Gang Bang
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Studio: Maxine X Productions
Scott Rhodes surprises his beautiful wife, Maxine X, with a brand new Sybian. After giving herself a hot orgasm and him a sexy BJ, Scott rewards her with an even bigger surprise: her first BBC, Interracial Gangbang! Maxine couldn?t be happier as 4 black stallions use all her holes in the hottest IR BBC Gangbang ever! She takes all their big, black cocks to multiple orgasms!

Stars: Maxine X, Nyssa Nevers, Puzzy Bandit, Richard Mann, Scott Rhodes, Edge, Don Prince

Maid For Sex

Video: Maid For Sex
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Studio: Maxine X Productions
Maxine X was Maid For Sex, and she shows you why in these three titillating scenes that show off her squirting skills as well as her love of lesbian sex, BBC anal, and solo squirting. Watch as Maxine X is joined by sexy Asian starlet Nyssa Nevers for a lesbian scene and the world-renowned huge cock belonging to Richard Mann gives Maxine?s ass a good stretching!

Stars: Maxine X, Nyssa Nevers, Richard Mann

My Stepmom Fucked Me, My Sister & My Girlfriend

Video: My Stepmom Fucked Me, My Sister & My Girlfriend
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Studio: Maxine X Productions
Kevin is having girlfriend problems, so, he goes to get some advice from his Stepmom, Maxine X. She gives him a lot more than "advice" & even throws in some anal! Then, Kevin's girlfriend, Skylar, pays a visit to Maxine & learns how to have big, better orgasms! Stepdaughter, Camille, is also looking for some "sex training" & her Stepmom is happy to help by using all her holes!

Stars: Camille Black, Skylar Harris, Maxine X, Kevin Wang

10 Girl Birthday Gangbang

Video: 10 Girl Birthday Gangbang
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Studio: Maxine X Productions
Maxine X is having her birthday party & Chrissy Daniels has a big surprise! Maxine doesn?t know it, but 9 hot, sexy, horny girls are waiting for her to give her the most pussy filled party ever! The 10 girls waste no time getting started with this incredible all girl orgy as they fuck, suck, lick & finger each other to amazing wet, delicious orgasm after orgasm! No birthday is complete without paddy wacks & the girls put Maxine over their knees for some hot spanks. In the bonus scene, Chrissy & Maxine get it on in sexy latex!

Stars: Dani Dare, Kylie DeVile, Camille Black, Nadia White, Fifi Foxx, Maci May, Vhex, Eden Bello, Maxine X, Chrissy Daniels

Daddy's Dungeon Number 2

Video: Daddy's Dungeon Number 2
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Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Anastasia Rose learns the hard way that you always do what daddy says! The 19 year old had quite a good run going with some wagers then her luck turned bad. Deeply indebted to a loan shark she seduces him for a chance at double or nothing. When her luck runs out completely she has no choice but to work off her debt as a sex slave for her new master. Maxine is checking out a new office space after work. When she sees there?s no one around she decides to have some fun. She pulls out a few toys and starts to fuck herself. Just as she is squirting everywhere, a security guard catches her. He handcuffs her and threatens to call the cops. Maxine offers to suck him off for her freedom. The guard pulls out his cock and shoves it in her mouth, fucking her face. He blows a huge load which she swallows. But this twisted guard isn?t done with her yet. What will become of Maxine now?

Stars: Maxine X, Anastasia Rose, Raelynn Taylor, JW Ties

Horny Maid - Maxine X

Video: Horny Maid - Maxine X
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Studio: Richard Mann's World
Maxine X. is so happy the hotel room is empty so she can masturbate with her toys because she?s so stressed being a maid. Maxine is interrupted by Richard Mann walking in and tells him he can help her out. She takes his cock and deepthroats and gags. Maxine gets her face fucked too. She takes his thick cock deep inside her pussy and ass.

Stars: Maxine X, Richard Mann

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