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Lomp's Court - Case 1

Video: Lomp's Court - Case 1
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Studio: Elite Pain
Mr. Lomp's private court is open for trials. For taking a case before Lomp's Court, both the victim and the offender must agree to be judged by Mr. Lomp. This can be beneficial for both parties. The victim can have a sweet revenge, the offender can go through the process quite swiftly, and can avoid jail. But there is one catch. If Mr. Lomp finds the offender guilty, the sentence is quite painful. But if the accusation is false, then the other party must endure the pain. Mr. Lomp's investigation method is quite simple but very efficient: he uses a big scary chair with electric wires to be attached to the body with clamps...

Stars: Rebecca, Melinda, Maximilian Lomp

Slutty Amateur Teens

Video: Slutty Amateur Teens
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Studio: Juicy Niche - Jay Domino Productions
Every amateur has their first time, and these girls are getting their on-camera cherry popped! These aren't just your run of the mill teenage girls, these are the nastiest, downright sickest teen sluts you'll ever come across. They don't care about doing anything else but fucking and sucking all day long. You got to love the amateur. This is the real thing.

Stars: Barbara, Vanessa, Melinda, Szilvia, Timea, Kata, Brigitta, Kriszti, Emese, Andrea

Arsch-Geile Girls

Video: Arsch-Geile Girls
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Studio: Eurofuck
It's a German whore free for all where the cunt from the Rheine is on today's menu. These German sluts show why everything that is built is Germany is made well. You will never think of Germany the same after these girls get done with you! They're hot & horny chicks ready for cock!

Stars: Melinda, Katalin, Dolores, Alexandra, Rita Cardinale, Beatrix, Jean Michel, Attila, Silvio, Andreas

Rocco One On One #9

Video: Rocco One On One #9
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Studio: Rocco Siffredi Productions

Famed king of pornography Rocco Siffredi six prospective porn girls their first shot at the big time ? both his cock, AND porn stardom - at his studio office. He presents these private, intimate casting sessions as the scenes of ?Rocco One On One #9,? so we get to see their nervous excitement as the cute, young rookies confront a dirty, older man hung with a legendary cock. Smiling Taissia, a hot-assed Russian with a lusty personality, groans through an anal reaming. With make-up trashed and her head crushed between his thighs, she deep-throats dick ass-to-mouth. Busty April Blue?s tiny waist and flared butt cheeks look hot as she rides dick, with Rocco sucking her toes. Just 18, gap-toothed Shafry works Rocco?s huge meat into her shaved twat, and he pinches her clit as they fuck. Leggy Melinda says she loves sodomy, and she first saw Rocco in a movie on the Internet when she was eight! A manhandling butt fuck makes her bunghole gape hugely; she sucks cock ass-to-mouth and makes the legend cum twice! Longhaired Vivien, 18, wails through a doggie-style throttling. Innocent-looking blonde Ana gamely fits Rocco?s thick prick in her mouth and shaved gash. She swallows cum and fucks herself to orgasm with a dildo.

Scene 1: Smiling, longhaired brunette Taissia, 21, is a hot-assed porn rookie from Russia. In a hardcore audition for stud/director Rocco Siffredi, the flirty cutie shows her big personality and lust for big cock. Her cheeks grind and slap as she fucks; Rocco manhandles her with choking and spanking. After a gasping, groaning anal reaming, Taissia deep-throats dick ass-to-mouth, make-up trashed, head crushed between his thighs. Rocco cums in her throat.

Scene 2: April Blue, a busty, longhaired brunette with thick, blow job lips, is nervous before her hardcore audition with stud/director Rocco Siffredi. Sensual mouth kissing and making out warms her up, and she kneels for a POV-style blow job. Rocco pries his huge fucking cock up her tight twat, and April tastes it pussy-to-mouth. He rims her bunghole and masturbates her clit as he fucks her. April?s tiny waist and flared cheeks look hot as she rides dick, with Rocco sucking her toes. He pumps jism in her suckling mouth.

Scene 3: With gap-toothed smile, natural tits and tiny waist, Shafry is 18, cute and shy. The brown-eyed Latvian rookie auditions for thickly hung porn legend Rocco Siffredi. After they kiss and make out, she kneels for a POV-style blow job. Rocco works his huge meat into her tight, shaved twat; she bounces and grinds in his lap. Shafry sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. Doggie-style rutting makes her moan. The stud chokes her and pinches her clit as they fuck, Shafry wailing. Rocco cums in her mouth.

Scene 4: Long-legged natural girl Melinda, looking good in jeans, auditions for porn legend Rocco Siffredi. Just 18, but Melinda says she loves strong sex and sodomy, and she first saw Rocco in a movie on the Internet when she was only eight! She?s blissful giving a POV-style blow job. He grips her head and slaps her; his huge meat rubs spit all over her face. Melinda blushes and smiles as she?s manhandled and butt-fucked, and her asshole gapes hugely. She sucks dick ass-to-mouth and makes Rocco cum twice!

Scene 5: Longhaired, trim Vivien auditions for famed porn stud Rocco Siffredi. Just 18, the natural-breasted babe flashes shy smiles, admitting she likes older men and big cock. They share mouth kisses, and after fingering her shaved pussy, he feeds her the flavor. She kneels for an intimate blow job and then lowers her tight pussy onto Rocco?s thick meat, her round ass cheeks pumping prettily. He sucks her feet as he fucks her. A doggie-style throttling makes Vivien wail. She swallows the nut he busts in her mouth.

Scene 6: Cute, blonde Ana, just 19, strips out of her pink party dress, revealing a lovely, all-natural body. In a casting audition with porn legend Rocco Siffredi, she masturbates her bald, meaty gash and he fingers the hot hole, then feeds her the flavor on his hand. She can barely get the hung, older man?s big, thick boner into her mouth, but she sucks gamely as he fucks her pussy with a brown dildo. The innocent-looking girl swallows the nut Rocco pumps in her mouth. She gets herself off with the toy all the way up her twat.

Stars: Vivien, Melinda, Ana, April Blue, Taissia, Shafry, Rocco Siffredi

XXX Euro Trip 6 - Budapest

Video: XXX Euro Trip 6 - Budapest
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Studio: Porno Dan Presents
Porno Dan and friends continue their raunchy sexcapades around Europe?s most sinful cities, and this time they?re stopping in Budapest, home to some of the world?s most beautiful ladies! These women are absolutely divine, and their lust for dirty fucking is outrageous! You certainly won?t be Hungary after watching this one!

Stars: Andrea, Melinda, Melanie, Tiffany Doll, Denise Sky, Klaudia Hot, Porno Dan, Ralph Long

Nasty Sluts In Training

Video: Nasty Sluts In Training
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Studio: Juicy Niche - Jay Domino Productions
There is nothing better than getting a hold of these young innocent girls and then training them in the art of being a personal nasty dirty slut. They will suck that cock and take it in their pussy and/or ass until the man wants to explode whenever he wants and where ever he wants. It?s great to watch them masturbate too!

Stars: Melinda, Szilvia, Katalin, Bernadett, Tuende, Zsofia, Gabriella, Henrietta

Pump That Fat Rump

Video: Pump That Fat Rump
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Studio: Tug Zone
Big girls need love too! What you don?t know is?big love is the best love on Earth. Who doesn?t want a big, jiggly, fat white ass squirming on their lap? It?s like your lower torso is getting rubbed down by fifty pussies! Meanwhile, your upper torso gets the drive thru carwash pleasure of getting rubbed down by massive swinging titties!

Stars: Fabiana, Tracy, Cassie Blanca, Melinda, Tiger, Gabor, Seth Dickens, James Jones, Szabone

Not In My Ass

Video: Not In My Ass
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Studio: Pounding Pink
Well, that?s a lie. Four girls that all love to get fucked right in their ass. Melinda is very sexy with her short brunette hair. She strips and masturbates and makes her pussy real wet for a good fucking in her pussy and asshole. Amanda Dark gets that cock good and hard with her hand and mouth, to ensure pure sexual satisfaction. Lora Craft very sexy in her white lingerie, white pantyhose and boots. She plays with herself at the table with a vibrator before she gets pounded in her two holes. Kessya is too horny to workout, she would rather get naked and suck on a cock and then fuck.

Stars: Melinda, Lora Craft, Kessya, Amanda Dark

Purzel Video 1057 - XXX Purzels Photo Models 2

Video: Purzel Video 1057 - XXX Purzels Photo Models 2
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Studio: Purzel Video
Purzel Video is here to present some stunning photo models! Melinda is an underwear model. Not only does she have a perfect body, but she knows how to use it too! Scene 2: Tammi is always booked for modeling gigs. She is very versatile. This versatility lends itself in her favor as she engages two studs in a smoking MMF threesome! Scene 3: Our two Berlin girls Katrin and Beate are just awesome and hot. Both are best friends and only 19 years old, but they know how to fuck and have a good time!

Stars: Melinda, Katrin, Tammi, Beate

Fake Agent Presents - Laura and Melinda Part 1

Video: Fake Agent Presents - Laura and Melinda Part 1
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Studio: Fake Agent
Laura is a super cute piece of ass that was very in touch with her sexuality. The way she was staring at me from the couch was giving me an uncontrollable boner. It's a good thing that there was a desk between us or she would have seen the bulge in my pants. I asked her what type of work she was looking for and she said erotic so I knew this was going to be an interesting interview. I'd forgotten that i'd double booked for this Tuesday afternoon and I had Melinda knocking on the door, so I used my Agent skills and managed to get them to pleasure each other on the couch in front of me. After they were all horny I made my move and they pounced on my cock like a couple of raptors at feeding time. We had awesome sex and I finished off with a classic creampie... However I wasn't done with these girls just yet so I kept the cameras rolling and kept them in my office for more fun.....

Stars: Laura, Melinda

Magic Moments Presents Melinda

Video: Magic Moments Presents Melinda
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Studio: Magic Moments
Bored young Melinda is getting her digital fix on today. With nothing else to do but lie around the pool on this beautiful sunny day, what better way to brighten up her sweet disposition than to exercise her nimble fingers in a self-serving way. You know what they say--"Idle hands" and dildos . . .

Stars: Melinda

Fake Agent Presents - Laura And Melinda Part 2

Video: Fake Agent Presents - Laura And Melinda Part 2
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Studio: Fake Agent
These two hot amateurs had amazing bodies and between them had some of the best tits I'd ever seen. I couldn't let them get away with just one cumshot so I convinced them to stay a while longer and have some more fun... First thing I wanted to do is see them dancing so I got them to show me their moves. Laura was a pole dancer so it was a bit unfair getting her to dance without her pole but I told her I'd get her a pole for the next time we meet. After we'd had a bit of fun with the dancing we got down to the business of fucking. It was a pleasure watching their tits bounce around as I was pounding. I ended up spunking up Laura's ass. Oh what a treat! -- Fake Agent

Stars: Laura, Melinda

Handicap Sex 5

Video: Handicap Sex 5
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Studio: Heatwave
Who says being crippled doesn?t have its perks!? Heatwave Entertainment has another round of Handicap Sex! Physically challenged men are paired up with women who don?t mind sucking and fucking them for the best sexual experience of their life! They turn up the heat in the wide open spaces of outdoors, get their fuck on and drain them dry in over hour of hardcore, handicap action!

Stars: Melinda, Veronika Jane, Josef, Laja, Sophia Luna, Stew

Backroom Teen Amateurs

Video: Backroom Teen Amateurs
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Studio: DVSX
The hot blonde cover girl can be watched in scene two; she?s twenty years old and is ready to become a porn star. Ildiko plays with her shaved pussy with a pink vibrator getting it ready for cock. Fruzsina masturbates with a lemon before getting fucked. Kinga gives you a bit of a strip tease first. Melinda plays outdoors first. Szilvia likes the taste of cum. Tunde masturbates, showers then gets pounded and has her cute titties creamed on.

Stars: Ildiko, Kinga, Melinda, Szilvia, Tunde, Anna Maria, Fruzsina

All Amateur Video #7 - Brown Baggers

Video: All Amateur Video #7 - Brown Baggers
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Studio: Sensational Video
They may not be the prettiest, but dammmit these amateur chicks work the hardest! The suck and fuck their little hearts out and collect their reward of hot sticky man cum with smiles on their faces. There's even an old bag with a moldy muffin that just won't quit! She rides the fuck out of grandpa literally!

Stars: Lollipop, Venus (General), Melinda, Jojo

Fiona Cooper 38 - Louise & Melinda

Video: Fiona Cooper 38 - Louise & Melinda
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Studio: Fiona Cooper
LOUISE A544 (18: 34B/25/36). A lovely young figure, a gorgeous bum, long legs and nice firm tits. Includes her Christmas 2001 scene. Trousers, top, thongs, a lovely peachy bum, blouse, tights, minis, furry pussy, tops, mini dress, stockings & suspenders, finger fun, hold-ups, school uniform, tights, Basque, panties, bed knob teasing, toys, sound & music.

MELINDA 2 A545 (20; 34B/24/34). This tiny bodied and ever so horny redhead makes a second appearance. Leggings, trousers, thong, furry pussy, school uniform, lotion, mini dress, tights, shaven pussy, finger fun, minis, panties, ankle socks, tops, toys, cock sucking & cock pleasures, music.

Stars: Melinda, Louise

Big Tits - Amateur Milfs

Video: Big Tits - Amateur Milfs
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Studio: Dun At Home Media
They?ve got massive tits, are hungry for cock and never been fucked on film before! Get ready to have some fun with chicks who are well endowed where it counts! Check out these hot, amateur MILFs, big titties flop around as their pussies and mouths get fucked by huge meaty cocks. It doesn?t matter where they are ? on the beach or in the house, these babes are bouncing those massive mammaries just how you like it! If your cock swells for a Dirty-D cup Milf amateurs, then this one is for you!

Stars: Judith, Melinda, Erika, Marianna, Rika, Dora, Nichole, Adrienn, Katalina

Teen Amateurs #2

Video: Teen Amateurs #2
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Studio: Dun At Home Media
We are petite sex little newcumming teens! Our fresh faces get facialized by massive dicks with massive loads of cum! Without much experience, we're eager to do what it takes to become a professional teen amateur cock-whore!

All nasty fresh 'off the bus' amateurs! Pay close attention to the group sex; we can learn a thing or two about how to have sex with a lot of people at once!

Stars: Hanna, Anna, Melinda, Rika, Alexandra, Lillian, Kathy

The Private Life Of Michelle Wild (Disc 1)

Video: The Private Life Of Michelle Wild (Disc 1)
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Studio: Private
Wild by name and Wild by nature, that's Michelle. Once this little sex bomb gets going there is no stopping her from satisfying her insatiable sexual appetite. This former striptease dancer certainly knows how to move and the way she handles those irresistible curves is enough to drive anyone out of his mind. Here we have the chance to look back at some of the very best mouthwatering moments in her incredibly successful career as we join her for a look over the Private Life of Michelle Wild. Matched up against some of the top male talent in the industry, the hardcore action will leave no doubt whatsoever as to what it is about this tantalizing temptress that drives everyone wild with desire. Six scorching scenes and a whole lot more, Michelle will drive you Wild!

Stars: Anne Joy, Mercedes, Melinda, Michelle Wild, Monique Covet, Sandra Ring, Loureen Kiss, Bianca K., Steve Hooper, Franco Roccaforte, Claudio Villa, Bob Terminator, Chris Charming, Tony De Sergio, Steve Holmes, David Perry, Bill Bull, Philippe Dean

Smoking Hot White Girls

Video: Smoking Hot White Girls
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Studio: Heatwave
Bringing a new level of meaning to what it means to be ?smoking hot? heatwave always aims to please! Featuring 4 sexy chicks who love to fuck, but they have to simultaneously have their intake of nicotine at the same time. Something about the process of smoking, or maybe having something in their mouth while they get their snatch poked just does something special for them!

Stars: Anita, Monika, Melinda, Erika, Dieter, Jozsef, Sandor

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