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Video: Backlash
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Studio: Gotham Gold
Master Luc Wylder brings sexy Ari into the room, where Nikki is sitting there. He asks Nikki is she?s ever been tied up or whipped. Ari is a bad girl, she hasn?t been listening, and the Master shows Nikki what happens when you don?t listen. These lovely ladies get whipped & tied. Master Luc even lets Ari have submissive Dave Morris worship her feet. The next scene is called Chain Of Command starring Michelle Monroe, two women are bound in a jail cell and they know whose boss. ?A lesson Well Taut? and then Toe-Tales Vol. 1 with Charlie Latour and she?s the dominant one.

Stars: Ariana (i), Charlie Latour, Michelle Monroe, Nikki, Spikette, David Morris, Luc Wylder, Spike

A Lesson Well Taut

Video: A Lesson Well Taut
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Studio: Gotham Gold
Those ropes are taut, and so is the lesson that this submissive woman is slated to learn this session. She's tied in various positions, but most prominently with her posterior outward and the upper half of her body against the table. She gets flogged and spanked by both her master, and the switch that assists him in his affectations on her skin.

Stars: Michelle Monroe, Spikette, Spike

Michelle Monroe Star Bound

Video: Michelle Monroe Star Bound
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Studio: B & D Pleasures
Watch four scenes of this classic blonde starlet, Michelle Monroe. Michelle is bound in every scene. First tied to a bed wearing red pantyhose, struggling to try and break free showing you her sexy ft body, natural tits and trimmed bush with a gagball in her mouth. Nest tied to a chair by bandanas wearing a black bra and panty set with black heels. The third scene is with costar Tanya Foxx. Tanya comes home and Michelle wants to be tied up with her shoelaces. Tanya really teases her, kissing her all over so gently and tickling her and of course left bound. In the last scene tied with rope in a red dress stockings and red heels, again a gagball and blindfolded for a bit to struggle once again but this time breaks free.

Stars: Michelle Monroe, Tanya Foxx

Dresden Diary 7: The Creation Of Hellfire

Video: Dresden Diary 7: The Creation Of Hellfire
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Studio: Bizarre Video Classics
For centuries the secrets of the art of pleasurable pain have been held within the covers of the Dresden Diary. The mysteries held between the covers were fascinating beyond belief and the book itself came to be cherished. As with many valuable objects one of its owners decided to place it in a safe and there it remained for several years?until I found it, that is. Come and join Porsche Lynn as she discovers the art of dominating damsels in the 7th installment of ?The Ultimate Bondage and Domination? series ? ?The Dresden Diary?!

Stars: Ashlyn Gere, Porsche Lynn, Flame, Brigitte Aime, Michelle Monroe, Teddy Austin

It Happened At Midnight

Video: It Happened At Midnight
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Studio: Intropics
Jane, Kathy, Richard, Lana and Michelle know that everything comes in its own time. But sometimes the waiting is hard to do with so much pent-up sexual energy! A radical approach leads this kinky crew to the threshold of doors they never would have thought to venture through in their wildest wet dreams! Some call it the witching hour; others call it the eleventh hour?but for these raunchy studs and tarts ? It Happened at Midnight!

Stars: Dusty (Female), Kathy, Kimberly Kane (i), Lisa Perry, Michelle Monroe, Marilyn Rose, Stacy Bell, Alex Storm, Matt Lansing, Tony Montana, Don Fernando, Biff Malibu, Peter London


Video: Pointers
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Studio: Las Vegas Video
A rare classic that is hard to find anywhere else. These beautiful secret agents have a head for action and a lot on their chests! The cold war is over and the boss wants to turn the heat up on criminals at home. He enlists the gorgeous gals employed in his sector to get the info he needs. They use their lithe bodies, oral stimulation and wet, welcoming fuck holes to get all the Intel they need for the boss! These babes ARE the secret weapon in this war! They?re only out when the streets are cold; but they bring the sexual heat in five sizzling scenes!

Stars: Michelle Monroe, Madison (i), Cameo, Sharon Kane, Cal Jammer, Rick Savage, Don Fernando

Club Head

Video: Club Head
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Studio: Caballero Video
Nina Alexander has a plan for her own hot spa, but with something extra! How about nasty male aerobics with all the 'pumping' you can handle?! There's always the ultimate thrill for female guests in the form of fantasy studs or a sensuous massage! Nothing is too outrageous at CLUB HEAD! Nina is serving up sexuality with a smile at the hottest resort you'll ever attend!

Stars: Peter North, Ashlyn Gere, Madison, Randy West, Tom Byron, Bridgette Monroe, Kristarah Knight, Heather Lere, Julia Parton, Michelle Monroe, James Lewis

The Last Resort

Video: The Last Resort
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Studio: VCA
When Megan catches her boyfriend with another girl, she gives him the boot and high-tails herself to the Blue Dove. It's a resort where a heartbroken gal can let down her hair - and her inhibitions. An erotic, light-hearted sex romp from John Leslie that will keep you coming back for more!

Stars: Peter North, Jamie Gillis, Ashlyn Gere, Madison, Randy West, Randy Spears, Tom Byron, Joey Silvera, Selena Steele, Lauren Hall, Marc Wallace, Rayne, Michelle Monroe

Beverly Hills Swingers

Video: Beverly Hills Swingers
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Studio: Golden Age Media
Let's party all night long! Oh daddy, you can make her nipples so hard! Cum watch the big swingers party as everyone comes together to have some of the best sex consisting of blowjobs, pussy licking, lesbian action and anal. Saki St. Jermaine and other popular pornstars are featured in this classic movie!

Stars: Saki St. Jermaine, Sean Michaels, Ron Jeremy, Viper, Wayne Summers, Michelle Monroe, Dusty, Sasha Gabor, Raven Richards

Toe-Tales Vol. 1

Video: Toe-Tales Vol. 1
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Studio: Gotham Gold
The sight of dark, silky pantyhose and tall and slender "come screw me" high heels on a beautiful woman like Charle will make any man hot!!! Watch as these gorgeous babes showcase their sexy legs with tight black stockings and killer heels!! This is a foot lover's dream!! Cum inside and take a peek!!!

Stars: Michelle Monroe, David Morris, Charlie Latour

The Infliction

Video: The Infliction
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
The pain inflicted upon the soft white asses of Master Seven's minions is heard echoing thru the dungeon as these girls are shown the ropes, whips, chains and straps that keep them all in line.

If you ask the girls they will tell you, it's not torture it's training for obedience. If you ask Master Seven, he'll tell you that it's not about the pain it's about "The Infliction" of pain!

Stars: Summer Cummings, Lia Baren, Draghixa, Shawn Ricks, Michelle Monroe, More...

Lesbian Fantasies #4

Video: Lesbian Fantasies #4
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Studio: Metro Interactive
Outrageous Lesbian Sex! Pussy Lickin' Sluts! XXX Hardcore Action! Hot Young Bodies! Dildo Fucking Madness! Thirteen scenes in total ranging from innocent teen girls all the way to female domination!

Strap-ons or dildos used in just about every scene! Four hours of screaming hot lesbian action! It's almost too much to handle! Enjoy the show fellas!

Stars: Shay Sweet, Cassie, Melanie Stone, Tanya Danielle, Chandler, More...

Cum Up My Ass

Video: Cum Up My Ass
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Studio: Pleasure Productions
2 hours of rock-hard pricks ramming their bloated heads and slick shafts into tight, twitching juice-drenched cunts. Watch as unbelievable cock flesh spurs endless loads of jizz onto smooth, firmly rounded asses. This is a cum scene collectors' bonanza!

Stars: Erica Boyer, Randy Spears, Joey Silvera, Michelle Monroe, Sabrina Dawn, More...

The New Barbarians 1

Video: The New Barbarians 1
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Studio: VCA
AVN TOP 500 - 2006 AVN Award Nominee for {Best Classic DVD}

A glowing crystal that causes sexual arousal, as well as time travel, is the centerpiece of this sexual sword and sorcery epic from award-winning director Henri Pachard. Gorgeous Victoria Paris stars as the buxom Amazon whose quest for the stolen crystal takes her from one sexual tryst to another, and eventually into another century! Don't miss the first half of the most important adult feature of the 1990's!

Stars: Tianna, Nina Hartley, Sharon Kane, Victoria Paris, Randy West, More...

Cruel Passions

Video: Cruel Passions
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
Summer Cummings, the blonde bombshell from The Power of Summer, is about to find out that it's not nice to smile when someone is being punished. And when Bruce turns the tables, Lia Baren is only too happy to teach Summer the lesson. Then Bambi Love, Bruce's latest inductee to his Hall of Maim, stops by for a bootlick and a few good cracks from his whip! There's plenty more lessons to learn!

Stars: Summer Cummings, Roscoe Bowltree, Lia Baren, Ed Powers, Michelle Monroe, More...

Taboo 8 - The Magic Is Back

Video: Taboo 8 - The Magic Is Back
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Studio: Cal Vista
Dalton Leash has been forced to leave his home and the people he loves. A victim of family disgrace and shame, he wanders aimlessly. A chance for redemption comes his way when his half-brother from Australia offers him a job looking after an upscale girls' riding academy. The job carries a small hitch - her name is Sunny. The protection of his beautiful niece has also been entrusted to him. Haunted by his past, and caught up in a tornado of rodeo riders, sexy rich girls, rival land barons and his own conflicting emotions regarding Sunny, Dalton struggles through the storm.

Stars: Sunny McKay, Peter North, Randy West, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, More...

The New Barbarians 2

Video: The New Barbarians 2
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Studio: VCA
The magic crystal, a strange wizard, and some ravishing amazons make for erotic adventure in the arousing conclusion of Henri Pachard's time-travel epic, The New Barbarians. Will the barbarians make it back to their time? Will Nina and Joey ever make it back to the present? Will anyone even notice with all the sex going on? Cum find out for yourself in THE NEW BARBARIANS!

Stars: Tianna, Nina Hartley, Sharon Kane, Victoria Paris, Randy Spears, More...

The Awakening of Sally

Video: The Awakening of Sally
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
Sally and her friend Jeanne are taking a college course in "Lesbianism." Their professor has assigned a report on the subject, and provided the girls with videotapes for 'research.' Jeanne is especially excited as they view the tapes. For a long time she has wanted to make love to her beautiful friend. Sure enough, as they watch the lovely lesbians on the video, Sally gets turned on. The girls on screen are young, gorgeous, and completely uninhibited. They are lit and photographed with loving care to enhance the settings and bring out the warm, creamy flesh tones. All of the girls get so hot the screen shakes with their shuddering orgasms. Nothing is held back, as when three young beauties drink the semen of their absent boyfriends. Or the two young foxes who grind their pussies hard against each other till they are both gasping and spasming. After viewing numerous tapes, each more erotic then the one before, Sally is deeply stirred. Her latent lesbianism rises. Her love for women has been sleeping, and now her beautiful friend has touched Sally and awakened her.

Stars: Angel Love, Lynnz, Laurie Smith, Crystal Lake, Vickie Peters, More...

Neighborhood Nymphos Volume 2

Video: Neighborhood Nymphos Volume 2
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
Welcome to the neighborhood! Wondering who the real freaks are on your block? Well, here's all the horny women that everyone talks about, in the hardcore action you won't be able to get enough of! These gorgeous babes like their titties fucked, their asses licked and their pussies pounded!!!

Stars: Nikki, Frankie, Rebecca Bardoux, Marissa, Melanie, More...


Video: Bad
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Studio: VCA
When perky Pat gets home from college, her parents pack her off to the Attitude Adjustment Center. They have no idea what they're getting their college-queen daughter into - or what will be getting into her! After some special therapy at the hands of Dr. Deeeeeep, Pat's a new gal - and the Center will never be the same! An arousing sex comedy from John Leslie.

Stars: Peter North, Jamie Gillis, Ashlyn Gere, Madison, Randy Spears, More...

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