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Aunt Judy's Presents Mommy Has Been Bad

Video: Aunt Judy's Presents Mommy Has Been Bad
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Studio: AMK Empire
Aunt Judy's Presents Mommy Has Been Bad. Mommy Has Been Bad! She needs to put herself in time-out! She'll learn her lesson with her favorite dildo, or dick, or just thinking about what she needs done to her! Six hot scenes of XXX MILF sluts in action! Enjoy the show!

Stars: Elexis Monroe, Mischelle, Jayden Cole, Anna Joy, Mona Wales, Charli Shay, Jack Vegas, Charlie (M)

Mischelle - Raunchy

Video: Mischelle - Raunchy
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Studio: Femorg

Mischelle is a hot MILF with a nice round ass, perfect natural breasts and a hairy pussy that loves to show off her assets doggy style before masturbating. She has a unique style of getting herself off, rubbing her toy over her clit and vulva and twitching and shifting until she cums.

Mischelle is sitting in the white leather chair wearing a long sleeved pink top and a short denim skirt, finished off with black high heels. She stands up and turns around to show off her "assets" (which, by the way, are very nice!) before proceeding to drop her skirt to the floor. She has on a pair of black and blue lace panties, and when lifts up her top, she is bra-less. Nice natural breasts! Mischelle continues her strip tease, revealing her hairy pink pussy and rubbing her clit and fingering herself doggy style before she sits back in the chair and starts masturbating with her purple smoothie vibrator. She fucks herself with the toy while rubbing her clit with her fingers, going faster and faster and faster until with a series of high pitched moans, she cums. Mischelle certainly has her own style when she masturbates, but I wasn't convinced that this wasn't acted out as her big contractions were not crisp and staccato-esq.

Now sitting on a white leather sofa, Mischelle is clad in a one piece, crotchless fish net body suit! Very interesting! She shows off all angles, and not only is her hairy pussy hanging out, but the thing doesn't cover her nice ass either...and she takes advantage of that, flipping onto her hands and knees and playing with her pussy and spreading her ass cheeks from behind. This lets a little air in there so when she stands up, she queefs...whoopsie! Mischelle sits back down on the couch and starts buzzing away at her clit with her cordless wand vibrator. She seems rather sensitive to the vibrations at first...she keeps masturbating with the vibrator, dragging it over her vulva and clit and regularly shifting positions on the sofa, and panting and hissing the entire time. It sounded like there was some interruption in the background, but that didn't seem to faze Mischelle in the least - she just kept on going and going until her pants and moans get higher in pitch and she cums with her toy planted firmly against her sensitive spot. She reaches down and parts her pussy lips to show us her orgasm, and her clitoris seems very sensitive when she touches it. Mischelle sits back upright on the couch to recover.

Mischelle is wearing a summery flower top and blue jean shorts and is standing in front of a leather chair. She shows off her body a little before peeling her top off over her head. Nice natural breasts! She turns around and drops her shorts to the floor - nice green lace thong panties barely cover her nice ass! She turns around and drops her panties to the floor - nice bush! Lots of "nice's" even before Mischelle squats in front of the chair, legs wide apart and starts playing with her gorgeous pussy. She slips onto the chair, puts a leg over each arm of the chair and continues playing with herself. She starts to rub her clit a bit more firmly and quickly which gets her panting and moaning. But that isn't going to do it for Mischelle...she picks up the Hitachi wand, switches it onto low power, applies some saliva to her clit, and positions the toy to work its magic. Mischelle masturbates in the same style that she did in the two previous scenes, dragging the buzzer up and down over her clit and vulva, and twitching and shifting as she does this. And all of a sudden with a loud moan, Mischelle cums hard - and this time she has very strong and very visible contractions, and she keeps the wand planted until they taper off! Nice one!! She is very sensitive after that one.

Michelle is back in her denim shorts and a lace top covering her coral and white lace bra. She takes her top off and drops her shorts, revealing matching thong panties (and a nice ass). She expertly takes her bra off and tosses it to one side before playing with her nice breasts and nipples. Mischelle then drops her panties and in her customary style, flips onto her hands and knees to give us a good view of her pussy and ass from behind. She really spreads her stuff too as she does that! She turns around and sits on the edge of the chair, spreading her legs and pussy wide apart, then licks one finger and starts rubbing her clit with it. Mischelle plays with herself with just her fingers for a bit, then gets up and retrieves her cordless wand vibrator - she wastes no time putting the toy to good use, sitting back on the chair and rubbing it over her clitoris and vulva. She keeps on masturbating with the vibrator, pausing only put apply some saliva to her takes her a little while until she cums, and it's another body twitching orgasm but lacks the lovely contractions she had in her previous one. Michelle spreads her lips wide apart for us to see the aftermath.

Mischelle is sitting on a white leather lounger. She caresses her long legs and releases her breasts from her top. She squishes them and plays with her nipples before removing her top entirely. Mischelle lifts up her skirt to reveal her pink lace panties that barely cover her hairy pussy. She lifts her legs up and peels her skirt off, then plays with her panties, tugging them tightly against her pussy and ass. Lifting her legs up once again, Mischelle pulls her panties down to her ankles, then completely off. She parts her legs and caresses her naked body, focusing disproportionately on her pussy. She reaches over and picks up her cordless vibrator from the table next to her - this must be her favourite toy! Switching it on, and wetting her clit with her saliva, Mischelle starts masturbating in her usual style...moving the vibe from her clit down over her vulva and back up, with her body regularly twitching and shifting from the sensations. Mischelle is not the fastest one to orgasm, but with one hand cupping her breast as the other operates the toy, she gets there. And this time I can spot her contractions again! She pulls her legs up and spreads her legs and pussy lips to show us the tail end (yes, pun intended) of her orgasm as she recovers.

Stars: Mischelle

Furry Fantasies

Video: Furry Fantasies
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Studio: Explicit Empire
Some girls have all the fun! This time it?s not blondes vs. the brunettes, or even the party girls opposed to the nerds. The girls who seem to have all the fun are the ones who love to show off their bushy mounds! Luscious Eden and her hairy friends are here to serve up all your favorite ?Furry Fantasies? and get into some wet and wild fun! So cum join the party, part those wet, furry lips and dive right in to the warm welcome they?ve prepared for you in five cum spewing scenes!

Stars: Victoria Rush, Luscious Eden, Mischelle, Lia Raw, Alex, Dillon Day, J.J., Martin Love

Hair Hunger - Addicted To The Bush

Video: Hair Hunger - Addicted To The Bush
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Studio: AMK Empire
Hair is the meal of the day! Hopefully a big meaty pussy hair-pie will be enough to satiate your hair hunger! Watch as Trillium, Emma Evins, Aali Rosseau, and Vanessa Scott all rub their furry batches vigorously until they cum! Watch Mischelle and her boyfriend Charlie get some hair on hair unshaved sex action! And watch with delight as Boss Lily Cade manhandles her disobedient employee, Cadence Lux!

Stars: Mischelle, Lily Cade, Cadence Lux, Emma Evins, Aali Rousseau, Charlie (General), Trillium, Vanessa Scott

European Hotties Invasion 1

Video: European Hotties Invasion 1
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Studio: Alfa Red
Husbands are off on a business trip so these hot and sexy European hotties can call their lovers over for a snack! One of the babes gets her pussy pumped full of extra-marital cock by the pool, while others enjoy their illicit behaviors in the comfort of their homes. Watch these starving pussies get filled with hard dick!

Stars: Rachel Evans, Mischelle, Kari Milla, Rose, George Uhl, Martin Gun, Martin Love

From Hairy With Love

Video: From Hairy With Love
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Studio: AMK Empire
Deep down, guys love a full bush on their woman, and these ladies have that and more! Their pussies are all natural and they love having hair down there. From Hairy With Love features some of the prettiest, hairiest pussy around. These women let it grow and their men eagerly wait for the chance to worship their furry little beavers!

Stars: Loredana (Female), Slaviana, Anni Bay, Helen, Jessica Biel, Anna Taylor, Mischelle, Kris (Female)

MASH - Mature And Super Hairy 2

Video: MASH - Mature And Super Hairy 2
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Studio: AMK Empire
Samson got his power from his hair?and his wife got her power from her giant unshaved bush! They?re mature and they?re hairy and they?re ready to fuck! They have pussy hairs as old as the Carter administration! Enjoy six scenes of fine, aged, hair-cushioned pussy shoved in your face!

Stars: Artimesia, Charli Shay, Andrea Foster, Natalifan, Corazon Del Angel, Nikita, Mischelle, Jack Vegas

ATK Hairy Muff Munchers

Video: ATK Hairy Muff Munchers
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Studio: ATKingdom
Dinner?s on boys! Line up quick if you want a hearty helping of fluffy muff! These hairy and hot amateurs have a full buffet between their legs, and they?re going all out on each other?s bushy beavers! Get ready hairy pussy lovers, ATKingdom proudly brings you ?Muff Munchers?. This high quality HD video is crammed full of hot hairy lesbians, licking and sucking on each other?s hairy twats! A must-see for hairy pussy lovers anywhere!

Stars: Odette Delacroix, Lara Brookes, Cadence Lux, Emma Evins, Tellula Rose, Mischelle, Samantha Snow, Violet Monroe, Lily LaBeau, Felix Weatherwood

Hairy Teen Pussy 3

Video: Hairy Teen Pussy 3
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Studio: White Ghetto
They're so fresh when they're young! Fresh and natural, and that's because these young girls, who are just starting to discover how good sex can be, never shave their snatch. They make sure that there's no razors anywhere near their gooey, pink goodness. And that means the lucky studs who get to enjoy the hottest and youngest pussies anywhere, also get the hairiest! Hey, it's only natural!

Stars: Silvie Deluxe, Kattie Gold, Jerry (Female), Sarah, Mischelle, Ansie

Hairy Teen Pussy 5

Video: Hairy Teen Pussy 5
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Studio: White Ghetto
Its all about girls wanting to be natural. Sure, strippers and porn stars shave their pussies but teenage girls are proud of their thick carpets of pubes. You know, when they see themselves in the mirror and pull down their panties to look at their snatch, its still pink down there. But that naughty slit is now hidden behind a hairy thatch of real grown up crotch fur. Now it's time for these teens to watch a big dick spreading that hairy forest and feel that throbbing cock plunge deep inside her gooey goodness!

Stars: Tyna, Mischelle, Johane Johansson, Alex (F), Jane, Vanessa

Orgasmatics Vol. 22 - Dildo Terror

Video: Orgasmatics Vol. 22 - Dildo Terror
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Volume 22 has finally arrived, and it?s packed with all the vibrating good times you?ve come to expect from the Orgasmatics series! The chicks are hot and horny, the vibrators have fresh batteries, and every pussy is treated to an intense orgasm! Watch as these girls pleasure one another with toys and tongues!

Stars: Regina, Annie, Zuzana Z, Mischelle, Kate Gold, Ema Black, El Storm, Eileen Sue

Who Needs Boys We Got Toys! 2

Video: Who Needs Boys We Got Toys! 2
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Studio: White Ghetto
Sorry boys need not apply here. We prefer pussies and toys here! Keep your cock to yourself, we prefer the plastic kind. Small ones, big ones, double sided, vibrating, we love to explore them all. Our pussies are wet just thinking of it. White Ghetto Studios has managed to gather some of the hottest lesbian starlets in the industry for this one. Cum and take a ride with these starlets!

Stars: Cindy, Alexa, Leila, Sofie, Alexis, Sandra Sanchez, Larisa, Tea, Mischelle, Klarisa, Barbara, Kykola

Orgasmatics Vol. 6 - Power Dildo

Video: Orgasmatics Vol. 6 - Power Dildo
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If you?re into hardcore, classy lesbian action, then you?re probably already familiar with the Orgasmatics series. But if you?re not, volume 6 is a great place to start! Nessa Devil and her friends like to go hard while looking their best, though truth be told by the end of these vibrator fueled lesbo fuck-sessions they'll look exhausted, beaten down, and in many cases ripped up as the action gets so intense the designer outfits don't leave the scene quite the same!

In this very erotic film you?ll see five scenes of intense lesbian sensuality, with babes like famous, big titty pornstar Nessa Devil, Vivien, Victoria, Enza, Victoria Rose and others, and they've all come to please their pussies as much as possible! With orgasmatics that goal is always more than accomplished as these babes explode into real orgasms caught in beautiful, full HD! Don't miss out on some of the hardest lesbian scenes around!

Stars: Vivien, Victoria Rose, Enza, Nessa Devil, Mischelle, Katty Lee

Drunk Sex Orgy - Power Tooled Party Cunts

Video: Drunk Sex Orgy - Power Tooled Party Cunts
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It?s time to bust out the power tools and drill dozens of Eurobabe party cunts! Got you attention!?? Then let?s get this Drunk Sex Orgy started right! This orgy bash starts off with plenty of dancing, drinking, and even a pole set up for some of these party sluts to shower off their stripper skills! Dozens of sex party chicks have come out to play, with a bunch of new faces, and of course they all look fine as fuck in their satin blouses, dresses, heels, and anything else they can doll themselves up in, but despite their best efforts to look classy the truth comes out as they start to get totally trashy orgy styles! All of our construction worker party studs have their ?tools? ready to go, and some are all about ripping the hell out of some pantyhose (and pussies), while lots of Eurobabes are going straight for the cock and showing you what Drunk Sex Orgy is all about! Join the party!

Stars: Kate, Vanessa, Vivien, Adriana, Rachel Evans, Mischelle, Lucy Bell, Rihanna Samuel, Leony Aprill, Ferrera Gomez, Leonelle Knoxville, Welli, Kety Pearl, Jordan Verwest

Slime Wave Vol. 8 - Weird Sperm Feast

Video: Slime Wave Vol. 8 - Weird Sperm Feast
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You?ve never seen girl-on-girl action this over the top! Slime Wave Volume 8 takes our cum drenched gloryhole insanity to a whole new level with scene after scene of lesbian threesome action! You?ll be amazed by the actual cum-blasting strap-on dildos that first violate and then proceed to drench these hot Eurobabes in cum.

Stars: Mischelle, Eliss Fire, Lena Cova, Lucy Bell, Welli, Nessa Devil, Dina, Stacy Silver, Vanessa, Sunshine

Mad Sex Party - Five Chicks, One Dick, No Problem

Video: Mad Sex Party - Five Chicks, One Dick, No Problem
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Mad Sex Party has gone totally reverse gang bang crazy! No one parties like they do! Check out four scenes featuring lucky studs getting their cocks rocked by five babes at a time! Claudia Adams, Virus Vellons, Rachel Evans, and Stacy Silver are just a few of the horny Euro chicks that get hardcore in this movie. There is some great girl on girl action thrown in too!

Stars: Rachel Evans, Virus Vellons, Mischelle, Eliss Fire, Ally Style, Leonelle Knoxville, Laura Crystal, Barra Brass, Veronica Diamond, Claudia Adams, Sunshine, Stacy Silver, Crystalis

Beatin' Around The Bush

Video: Beatin' Around The Bush
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Studio: White Ghetto
White Ghetto brings us 100% pure masturbation 8 hairy, horny scenes. When these horny sluts slide their trembling fingers down inside their soaking wet panties to soak their gooey pussies to explosive orgasms, they get a bonus--a thick thatch of fragrant pubes! It feels good, and it's all natural!

Stars: Kira, Candy, Alisson, Anastasia Devine, Luscious Eden, Mischelle, Gloria Defrancesco, Candy Sweet

All Girl...All Natural

Video: All Girl...All Natural
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Studio: White Ghetto
Girls may love boys, but they also love girls, especially girls who love their bodies just the way nature created them. And that means they worship a thick forest of pubic delight all around their gooey pink goodness! Clits take a tongue-lashing . . . Luscious, and I do mean that literally, attend to each other as only another woman can. By the way, don't miss the HarryTwatter.Net "Suck-Off Challenge" using a Sybian fucking machine as proxy in Scene 3.

Stars: Stella, Anastasia Devine, Rachel Evans, Victoria Rush, Luscious Eden, Mischelle, Candy Sweet, Rachel Dark

Hairy Sex Machine

Video: Hairy Sex Machine
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Studio: White Ghetto
Ride 'em girl! The Sybian Sex Machine is the perfect sex partner for those oversexed sluts who can't get enough pulsing, throbbing cock! They just sit down, let that wonderful toy slide deep inside their hairy, pink holes, turn the dial all the way up and start moaning! Mmmm... Enjoy non-stop gooey solo orgasms!

Stars: Michelle, Stella, Celina, Jasmine Rose, Victoria Rush, Mischelle, Candy Sweet, Kristi Lust

Hairy Teen Pussy 2

Video: Hairy Teen Pussy 2
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Studio: White Ghetto
These barely legal ladies have already one important lesson in life... why waste time shaving when they could spend it fucking?! These cock craving teens get exactly what they're looking for - some finger fucking, a nice labia licking, and then a stiff prick crammed deep inside that hairy pussy!

Stars: Michelle, Joachim, J.J., Martin Love, Mischelle, Rachel Dark, Ansie Rocher

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