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Strapon Submission #2

Video: Strapon Submission #2
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Summer teams up with Mistress Mimi for a lively and sadistic adventure. Big Slave Michael is subjected to a session with Mistress Mimi. The two dominant women tag team him in fucking him with their strap-ons.

Then a submissive slave is fucked in a swing sling while he?s in a straight jacket. The dominant beauty gives him a handjob and allows him to cum.

Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss fondle and play with Slut Tosha a bit and then Mistress Kiss moves to slip a strap-on harness over her hips. Mistress Autumn orders the submissive to put his face in her pantyhose crotch and he bends as Mistress Kiss positions herself behind him and opens his pantyhose, readying him for her rubber cock. He inhales the fragrance of Mistress Autumn?s pussy as Mistress Kiss takes him from behind. This sub is not allowed to cum.

Stars: Mistress Kiss, Mistress Summer, Mistress Mimi, Mistress Autumn, Slave Michael, Slut Tosha

Domination Day

Video: Domination Day
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistresses Kendra and Kiss have slave tosha for the whole day. He has been locked in the basement and now it is time for him to come and suffer for them. They beckon him to crawl over and worship at their feet while they finish talking. The fun starts with him standing stretched for CBT and hard paddling. They move on to anal, hot wax and strap-on play, taking their time as he is theirs for the entire day. His ass is stretched wide and he is beaten badly then it is into the cock chair where they whip his balls and Mistress Kiss milks him out onto the cum plate. Now he has to slurp it all up as they laugh at him.

Stars: Mistress Kiss, Mistress Kendra, Slave Tosha

Cuckold Creampie 7

Video: Cuckold Creampie 7
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

Take an 83 minute voyage in humiliation with Mistress Kiss, Mistress Cindy Taylor and Master Chris as they keep sissy slut cuckold marco under their control. He is obliged to witness their euphoric ecstasy as he serves them completely. Long period of oral service at the juncture of their pumping loins and acting as their fuck bench as they writhe on top of him are just a few of the highlights of his ordeal. He is fucked with a huge strap-on by Mistress Kiss and made to savor the taste of two wet pussies on a continually hard cock before licking the first of two loads of bull cum from the slippery folds of Mistress Cindy.

Mistress Kiss has placed an ad for a hot couple to help Her cuckold Her slaveboy marco. Mistress Cindy Taylor and Master Chris answer the ad and are greeted by Mistress Kiss. The ladies decide to send their bull to a local strip club to get even hornier and they have a glass of wine and begin to humiliate marco. Chris returns and the group adjourns to the living room where the ladies examine his cock and Mistress Cindy sucks up mouthfuls of precum to spit down marco's throat.

Mistress Kiss holds marco's nose as Mistress Cindy finishes giving him a taste of the bull's precum straight from Her mouth. Mistress Kiss then moves to suck the hard juicy cock and gather the drool in Her mouth for Her submissive. She spits several samples into marco as Mistress Cindy looks on amused and then their submissive is made to kneel to service everyone orally. He first is made to smell the bull's balls and then licks both Ladies pussies and then sucks some cock under their control.

Mistress Kiss and Mistress Cindy are extremely excited and ready to be fucked. They present their asses to Master Chris and he first fucks Mistress Cindy and then Mistress Kiss. Their cuckolded submissive, marco, is made to clean where the bull has last been. They are fucked in fast rotation before they put marco on his knees in front of the bull's cock to clean their juices up with his tongue. Mistress Kiss paddles his pantyhose covered ass and then moves to put on a big strap-on. Sissy slut marco has both his mouth and ass filled by cock at either end in hot humiliating action.

Mistress Cindy moves to straddle sissy slut marco and exam the ass fucking Mistress Kiss is applying. She makes sure he continues to suck the bull's hard cock and then moves back and spoons Master Chris, impaling Herself on his cock as sissy marco is made to service the couple orally as they fuck. Mistress Kiss continues to fuck his ass with the strap-on and then decides She really needs some bull cock. Mistress Kiss straddles Master Chris facing him and fucks him as Mistress Cindy paddles sissy slut marco's ass and makes him worship Her ass.

Mistress Kiss has several huge orgasms fucking the stud and Mistress Cindy moves to slip his cock in and out of Mistress Kiss' pussy so that sissy slut marco can slurp the juices from the shaft and deep throat the hard cock. Mistress Kiss spins and spoons Master Chris so that marco can have easier access and She can have several more orgasms. Mistress Cindy then positions Herself over sissy slut marco's face and Master Chris enters Her from behind as Mistress Kiss squeezes his balls and pulls on marco's nipple clamps. The bull blows a big load into Mistress Cindy's pussy and it drips into his mouth, held open by a metal dental dam. Mistress Kiss spoons out the last of the load into his mouth and he then licks clean the cock whose load he had swallowed.

Mistress Kiss sucked hard on the bull's cock and ordered sissy slut marco to eat Her ass. Master Chris was fully recharged and his dick got even stiffer in Her mouth. His wife, Mistress Cindy strolled in and planted Her pussy on his face. Mistress Kiss turned and impaled Herself on his stiff cock, making marco lick and his balls and suck Her clit as She orgasmed almost immediately. She popped his cock out of Her sopping wet pussy frequently for the sissy slut to suck the juice from the shaft as Mistress Cindy turned and gyrated on his face. Mistress Kiss turned, ordered marco to service Her ass as She continued to fuck the stiff prick of Mistress Cindy's husband.

With their sissy slut now bound on his back, Mistress Kiss bent over his face and had their big bull ram his cock in and out of Her pussy, dragging his balls over marco's face as Mistress Cindy, standing between his legs, planted Her high heel in his balls. Mistress Kiss took a sound fucking over maro's face and then Mistress Cindy laid back on him to receive the stiff cock as Mistress Kiss applied the violet wand to his cock. The Ladies made sure their cuckold tasted the juice off the shaft of the cock working over his face and then Mistress Kiss lay back on their human fuck bench and was drilled again by the inexhaustible cock.

Mistress Cindy hung in the stirrups over sissy slut marco's face and Her wet pussy was rammed from behind by Master Chris. Mistress Kiss wanted to take a turn in the swing and lay back on their human bench and marco was treated to cock sliding in and out and being ordered to tongue the juices. Finally, Mistress Cindy lay back and took the bull's turgid cock to orgasm as Mistress Chris strummed Her clit. The bull pulled out and the ladies made marco lick the juice from Mistress Cindy. Mistress Kiss spooned out the residual jism and then used tampons to clean out the rest, inserting them into marco's nostrils. He sucked the last of the juice from the tip of the bull's semi-hard cock and his cuckold service was concluded.

Stars: Slave Marco, Mistress Kiss, Mistress Cindy Taylor, Master Chris

A Test For Two

Video: A Test For Two
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Two Mistresses test two submissives during 62 minutes of humiliating fun at the male pigs expense. Mistress Autumn teams with to start working on Her first session and then Mistress Autumn's submissive shows up so they throw the two together and play tag team domination.

Mistress Kiss has a session scheduled. She does some solo point of view for the camera and then sees Her submissive has stripped down and is ready for abuse. She beckons him in and has him worship Her armpits, licking the sweat trails off both Her armpits. She moves to the couch and tells him to take his tongue to Her until She orgasms. He obliges and licks and sucks Her pussy for Her. Mistress Autumn has arrived early for Her session and joins Miss Kiss in belittling the big slave while he is on his knees.

The two Ladies kick the big submissive in his groin and then he is ordered over the bench. Mistress Kiss and Mistress Autumn spank him and torment his balls from the back. They take turns cupping and slapping his balls and smacking him with the crop and paddle as he lays helpless, his hands attached behind him. Mistress Kiss' white high heel is applied to his sore nutsack as Mistress Autumn grips his cherries tight.

The Ladies stand in front of the big submissive and order him to stroke his cock. They make fun of his small penis and laugh and play with each others breasts, snuggling and kissing while they stare at him and insult his feeble cock. They suggest he might be hard if he jerks off while he licks their ass and both bend over the couch, their delicious backsides in his face. They take turns shoving his face in each others ass and laughing and then Mistress Autumn hears Her session has shown up. She orders him in and the two split up to torment their pigs some more.

Mistress Kiss stood between the big submissives legs and kneaded and slapped his cock to attention as Her partner finished making Her male pig suck the cock that She was now sticking up his ass as She straddled his back. Mistress Autumn pounded the cock into his ass as Mistress Kiss laughed and laughed, urging Her to slam it in harder. She moved in front and ordered him to eat Her pussy as Mistress Autumn continued Her anal assault. The slave licked pussy as Mistress Autumn's high heeled boot bottom stomped the cock in to the hilt and deep into his bottom.

Mistress Autumn ordered his head out of Mistress Kiss' pussy and told him to take Her sweaty boots off and kiss and worship Her feet. He did as he was told as Mistress Kiss picked up where Her partner left off and fucked his ass with the black cock while he tongued the toes. The two Ladies moved the males side by side and told them they would be tested to see who could take the most torment and get the hardest. There two little penises were made fun of as they attached nipple clamps and weights to the pathetic pigs. They each took turns spitting over and over into a cup and told the pigs the one failing would drink down the spit. The big one seemed to take more and get harder and they decided he won. The little one had the spit poured down his throat by Mistress Kiss as Mistress Autumn held his jaws apart.

The lucky winner was made to stand. As Mistress Autumn kicked him from behind, Mistress Kiss focused her attention on his cock. Lots of stroking and She began to suck on his cock as Mistress Autumn made him look deep into Her eyes. This made his dick instantly hard and Mistress Kiss bent over. Mistress Autumn guided him in and he pumped for a bit and then started to beg for permission to cum. He then lost his load in Mistress Kiss before they gave him permission. They stripped the condom off the premature ejaculating male and poured it down his throat.

Stars: Mistress Autumn, Mistress Kiss

Good For Something

Video: Good For Something
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Check out Mistress Kendra and Mistress Kiss as they face sit and tease slave Spartacus for 45 minutes. A clothed female nude male scenario unfolds until the Ladies decide to take off their tops and go to work on the cock they have trapped in his pantyhose. They get him very worked up and, after they try and slap a condom off his cock, he is allowed to briefly penetrate Mistress Kiss.

Mistress Kendra and Mistress Kiss inspect their nude male. His cock is stiff as he looks at the two in their tight shirts and mini skirts. They fondle his manhood and Mistress Kendra produces a pair of pantyhose. He is ordered into pantyhose and they trap and untrap his cock in the nylon. The laugh and slap and tease his cock as it bulges in the material. The two circle him and taunt him about his pantyhose addiction.

Light CBT on slave Spartacus only serves to make his cock harder as Mistress Kendra flicks, teases and twists his member. The Ladies take turns sticking his face in each other's asses and Mistress Kendra binds his hands and elbows tightly behind him with pantyhose. Mistress Kiss takes off her panties and bends low on the couch as Mistress Kendra instructs him on the proper way to worship a female ass.

Mistress Kendra whips Spartacus as he has the tangy taste of Mistress Kiss' ass on his tongue. She turns and he is obliged to clean her pussy hole out with his tongue. Mistress Kendra controls his head as he laps up the cream from Mistress Kiss' hole. She puts a leg up on the couch to allow him better access to her nether regions.

Mistress Kiss gets a new pair of white pantyhose as Mistress Kendra orders their submissive to the ground Kendra stands above and feeds him her feet as Mistress Kiss put son her pantyhose and then face sits him. His cock is under foot of Mistress Kendra and his face is buried under Mistress Kiss. They smother and trample him.

The muscular submissive's cock stays completely hard as Mistress Kendra abuses it in his pantyhose. The Ladies go topless and switch places so that Mistress Kiss can use her feet as his face is under Mistress Kendra. They use their feet and asses on him and then Mistress Kendra does some trample before both turn their attention to his cock.

With his hands securely bound behind him with pantyhose, the slave is treated to pain and pleasure as Mistress Kendra applies a condom and tries to slap it off his cock. Mistress Kendra uses her warm wet mouth to deep throat his cock in between slapping. On the ground now Mistress Kiss briefly fucks him as he informs them he is ready to shoot his load into her pussy. That is not allowed.

Stars: Mistress Kiss, Mistress Kendra, Slave Spartacus

The Limp & The Lucky

Video: The Limp & The Lucky
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Kiss plays has two sessions in this hour long video. The first terrified player cannot get his cock stiff even though he has the opportunity to put it in Mistress Kiss' pussy hole. The pathetic loser does get his face fucked but her second submissive is in luck. He is smothered under her holes and his stiff cock finds its way through the nylon bodysuit to enter her. He is teased by feet and pussy over and over until he explodes inside her. Mistress Kiss gazes down to her spread eagled captive. Dressed all in black, her foot is on his cock and she informs him she will fuck the dildo on his face and then allow him to fuck her. She teases and slaps his cock before turning on the swing and fucking his face. After a satisfying orgasm, she moves to tie up his balls. Gorgeous Mistress Kiss kneels and fondles him after she has tied up his cock and balls tight. She turns to wipe her pussy on his face and then positions the vibrator on her clit to get full stimulation as She orgasms again. She moves to sit over his cock and threatens to castrate him. He seems to be afraid as she explains how she will cut off his balls. Moving over him sensuously she offers up her breasts and grinds her pussy on his cock before threatening to castrate him again and watching his erection turn to putty. The terrified submissive lays bound spread eagle as Mistress Kiss sucks on his cock in a 69 position. He just cannot seem to concentrate after being threatened with castration and her oral ministrations do not produce the results she sought. He is done for the day and will not have intercourse with his Mistress. Upstairs with her second submissive, she orders him into pantyhose and then face sits him and plays with his hard cock. Mistress Kiss plays with the stiff cock in his pantyhose and grinds her bare pussy on footboy's face. She chokes him out a bit and then pulls his pantyhose down and gives him some head to bring his cock to full attention. She ties him to a chair and orders him to eat her ass from behind. He bends and provides oral service. She turns and has him clean out her pussy with his tongue from the front. Mistress Kiss positioned her wet pussy over the man bound in the chair. She fucked him slowly and then hopped off as he seemed to be ready to squirt. She lay back and teased him with her feet until he calmed down. She did this several times and then stood and fucked him as she bent. Each time he became engorged and ready to release his cum, she dismounted and teased him with her feet. With footboy now tied spread eagled to the bed, Mistress Kiss continues her game of tease and denial. She fucked him facing his feet and then facing him until, each time he was ready to release, she hopped off and teased him with her feet. He became excited by her tight pussy muscles one last time and she decided to finish him off. She gyrated up and down and squeezed his cock until he shot a giant load into his condom. She dismounted and stripped the condom from his still hard cock, being careful not to spill. She treated him to his own fluids.

Stars: footboy, Mistress Kiss, Slave Charles

A Kiss To Remember

Video: A Kiss To Remember
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
A tantalizing 63 minutes with as the beautiful young Mistress Kiss debuts and drives a huge submissive male crazy with torment and teasing. She reveals Her spectacular ass and delivers some CBT before backing Her beautiful pussy back onto his stiff cock. For his pleasure he gets corporeal punishment in the rack and over the horse. A sexually charged teasing and denial session, punctuated with merciless tickling concludes Mistress Kiss' coming out video.

The beautiful Mistress Kiss has huge slave mike bound and spread on his feet. His cock stiffens at the sight of Her as She removes Her dress and fondles Her rod. She kicks him a few times in the balls and then applies the violet wand to his cock and balls. She mixes pain and pleasure by putting his cock in Her warm wet mouth to suck. She bends and teases him with Her ass and then slips his stiff cock into Her and fucks him until She has a short orgasm.

Starting with a riding crop, Mistress Kiss proceeded to work through three different impact instruments administering a beating to slave mike who was locked helpless in the stocks. She paused between instruments to pleasure Herself with the vibrator as She gazed apon Her captive. After the long whip was used on his ass, Her pussy was wet and She slipped off Her red thong and shoved it into his mouth to rinse Her juices while She sat back down and stimulated Her clit with the vibrator.

Mistress Kiss inserted a cock gag into Her submissive who was now bent over the horse. She informed him She was going to intensify the pain with leather straps and the wooden paddles and that She owned him. She used the strap and paddle, pausing every so often to rub Her gorgeous ass on his reddening cheeks and informing him that She owned him. She clawed his back with Her nails and finished the solid beating with the wooden paddle.

Big slave mike was ordered to perform some pussy and ass worship and then tied to the bed. Mistress Kiss sat on his face front and back and ground Her pussy into his tongue. She enjoyed a small orgasm and then made him thoroughly lick Her ass clean. His stiff cock received multiple slaps from Her dainty hands for rearing it's one eyed head while He orally serviced Her.

Mistress Kiss had caused slave mike to be quite worked up from the oral service he had performed. She knew he was terribly ticklish and took advantage. He cried and wiggled as She tickled his big feet, causing Her much amusement. She sat on his face to quiet him and then sucked on his cock as a reward for taking the tickle torment. She turned and inserted his stiff shaft into Her pussy and fucked the captive male.

Mistress Kiss used Her mouth and pussy to keep the huge submissive's cock hard as She alternated tickling him mercilessly with stimulating his rigid cock in Her wet holes. She worked Her tight pussy fucking him until he begged to cum and then She would jump off and tickle him more telling him to hold his load. Finally, he could take no more and spewed a huge load as She fucked him. She dismounted, dismayed to see he had cum without being granted permission. As punishment, She slowly poured his seed down his throat.

Stars: Mistress Kiss, Slave Mike

Kiss In Control

Video: Kiss In Control
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Kiss is one brunette beauty that will indefinitely rock your cock like no dominatrix has! Cum and enjoy this gorgeous ruler as she not only tortures her male slave but pleasures him as well! With strap-on action, corporeal punishment, sex service, humiliation, milking and cock slave-fucking action you're sure to be satisfied.

Stars: Mistress Kiss

Let It Out

Video: Let It Out
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Watch cum slut Tosha try and survive a 73 minute double session with Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss. The Ladies bend him over and apply the cane to his ass and the violet wand to the back of his balls before both tag team fucking him with strap-ons. Nipple torment and then some heavy oral service from the slut before they bind him on his back and finish him off with a forced orgasm onto their big beautiful natural breasts. He licks his juice off their tits as his head spins from pain and pleasure.

Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss discuss ass fucking slaves as they wait for cum slut Tosha to strip down. He goes over the kneeler and they commence a severe double corporeal punishment mixed with violet wand shocks to the back of his balls. Mistress Kiss uses the cane as Mistress Autumn locks his head between her long legs. Mistress Kiss then turns up the wand and shocks his balls as Mistress Autumn holds them tight. Mistress Autumn then viciously applies the cane to his ass cheeks as Mistress Kiss immobilizes his head between her legs.

Mistress Autumn delivers another ten hard strokes with the cane as Mistress Kiss alternates with the thick leather strap. His ass, now turning purple, gets a brief break as the two ladies caress each other and lock lips. The now topless twosome turn on cum slut Tosha and rain blows down with the whips until he is screaming. Mistress Kiss puts on her strap-on as Mistress Autumn uses the harsh pancake slapper to inflict even more damage on his ass. Tosha is then made to suck Mistress Kisses cock preparatory for an ass fucking.

Mistress Kiss stood tall on Her black boots and drover Her hard rubber cock hard and fast into the tight ass and pussy of cum slut Tosha as Mistress Autumn hit him and kissed Her. Now Autumn dons her strap-on and they start a tag time ass fucking of the bent slut. He is open to the hilt as they rapidly switch off and tag time him, fucking as hard as possible with their bare tits swinging. He moans and can take no more but they keep on. Finally, he is turned and bound on his back and nipple torture from the two big breasted Dominatrixes begins in earnest.

Holy shit, usually Tosha the baddest pain slut around can take it but these tow bare breasted beauties are making him scream in pain from the nipple torture. Mistress Kiss focuses on his cock as Mistress Autumn tortures his nipples. The Ladies alternate pain and pleasure with Mistress Kiss sucking his cock as Mistress Autumn tortures him and then he gets to nurse her big natural breasts as Mistress Kiss slaps the shit out of his cock. Now it is time for tongue service. Mistress Kiss introduces him to Mistress Autumn's pussy and they put his mouth to work below the gorgeous blonde.

With the taste of Mistress Autumn's ass on his tongue, cum slut Tosha was positioned between Her long spread legs and made to eat her ass some more. Now bent, Mistress Autumn had her ass held wide open by her partner Mistress Kiss. The Ladies swapped and the cum slut licked hard at Mistress Kiss until she orgasms. Flat on his back and bound he soon found himself playing a game of guess whose pussy is on your face. Blindfolded and disoriented he guessed wrong and had his cock and balls beaten and shocked by the bare breasted babes.

The slave's balls were dancing as Mistress Autumn applied the violet wand. Mistress Kiss whipped his shaft and they continued their game of 'guess whose pussy is on your face'. The cum slut was so disoriented he kept guessing wrong as they wiped their crotches on his face. His nipples and cock and balls paid the price as the two vixens relentlessly tormented him until he was almost unconscious. They decided to milk him out before he passed out and Mistress Kiss pulled big steams of cum from his cock out onto both their breasts. She kept jerking him, ruining his orgasm, and then they moved up over him and ordered him to lick his cum from their breasts.

Stars: cum slut tosha, Mistress Autumn, Mistress Kiss

Captive For Kiss

Video: Captive For Kiss
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Kiss had Marco on his back under the toilet chair. She sized him up as She stood over him with the crop in hand. A few strokes and some kicks before She sat down in the chair and put on a pair of pantyhose. Her pussy was inches from his face as She adjusted the pantyhose and stood. She tied up his cock in pantyhose and teased him until he was erect and excited.

The excited submissive lay bound under the chair with legs held wide in the spreader bar. Mistress Kiss fondled him and got his cock excited with Her mouth. His bound balls swelled as She mounted him and used him for Her sexual pleasure, teasing him with Her tight pussy hole. Teasing him further, She dismounted and used Her mouth again on his cock before impaling Herself on it again. The pantyhose tied around his balls served as a leash and She tugged hard. Disengaging from him, Mistress Kiss ordered him to put on pantyhose as She sat in the chair and laughed at him.

The large submissive had humbly put on pantyhose and danced as Mistress Kiss laughed at him. She kicked him repeatedly in the crotch and then ordered him under the chair. He lay below, staring at Her bare pussy. She told him he could eat Her pussy if he held himself up. His arms strained as he worshipped Her orally. She pinched his nipples and punched him and he fell back. She told him to resume worship and continued to make it difficult. Next scene, Mistress Kiss is introducing a large dildo to Marco's asshole.

Mistress Kiss fucks Marco with the dildo and uses Her feet to drive it home. She orders up oral worship front and back by sitting on his face and spreading for his tongue slavery. Moving between his legs, She inserted a speculum and spread his asshole open. Applying nipple clamps, Mistress Kiss sat above him and used Her feet to torment Marco. Growing warm, She removed Her bra and resumed using Her feet on his face and to control the nipple clamps.

Mistress Kiss finished sadistically tormenting Marco's nipples with Her feet and retrieved a huge black dildo. She showed it to him and explained it was going up his ass now. She fucked him with the massive rubber cock as She stroked him and put a condom on his hard cock. He grew excited and She moved over his face to give him a taste of Her pussy before impaling Herself on the cock and fucking him. She fucked him to a huge orgasm and he shot a giant load into the condom in Her pussy. She dismounted and fed him his release.

Stars: cum slut tosha, Mistress Kiss

Nylon Nymphs

Video: Nylon Nymphs
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss spend 38 minutes in sensuous pantyhose action as they play with each other and then tag team strap-on their pantyhose bound captive slut Tosha. The blonde Mistress Autumn and the raven haired Mistress Kiss smolder with Sapphic desire as they play together and then dominate their slave.

Mistress Autumn and Mistress Kiss have some sensuous nylon play and discuss pantyhose. Mistress Autumn slips a pair on and then they embrace and play with each other's breasts. Mistress Kiss puts on a pair of opaque pantyhose and her partner plays with her gorgeous ass before they beckon their slave into the room. Slut Tosha is ordered into pantyhose and the ladies examine his cock trapped and swelling in the nylon.

With both Mistresses now topless, they produce several more pair of pantyhose and lash Tosha's arms behind him securely. They fondle and play with him a bit and then Mistress Kiss moves to slip a strap-on harness over her hips. Mistress Autumn orders the submissive to put his face in her pantyhose crotch and he bends as Mistress Kiss positions herself behind him and opens his pantyhose, readying him for her rubber cock. He inhales the fragrance of Mistress Autumn's pussy as Mistress Kiss takes him from behind.

Mistress Kiss proceeds to bury Her cock in Tosha's backside as Mistress Autumn slips on a strap-on of Her own and uses the mouth hole of their submissive to lubricate the shaft. They position Tosha bent over the bed and take turns on him from behind. Their breasts bobble deliciously as they laugh and tag team fuck their pantyhose bound submissive's backside. They release his arms and order him to his back where they continue tag team strap-on play and sit on his face to muffle the noise.

Mistress Autumn pulls Tosha's cock out of his pantyhose as She fucks him. Mistress Kiss, sitting on his face and holding his legs up for Her partner, leans in and stimulates the head of his organ with Her mouth. Mistress Autumn fucks him harder so he will pay for his pleasure, then She exchanges places with Mistress Kiss and sits hard on his face. Mistress Kiss briefly fucks him and then ties up his cock in pantyhose and the Ladies exchange sensuous hugs and kisses on top of him.

Stars: Slut Tosha, Mistress Autumn, Mistress Kiss

Kiss On Top

Video: Kiss On Top
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Kiss delivers a humiliating and sexually charged 57 minute performance as She dominates slave squirrel balls. A humiliating spit session and then his little balls are yanked and spanked before She takes his mind off the pain with some cock sucking before hurting them again. He is wrapped up tight and tormented on the table before She stands him up and tease fucks him then jerks him off into the cum plate and feeds him.

Mistress Kiss prepares a humiliating treat for slave squirrel balls as She feeds him Her spit off the plate. She informs him She has just finished sucking off two of Her boyfriends and She knows he can still taste the cum lingering in Her saliva. A long drool is turned on the plate and dripped on Her high heels. He feeds straight off Her foot, licking and swallowing Her spit. She orders him to his back after taking off Her heels and starts to play with Her pussy, musing on Her many lovers.

Mistress Kiss works Her nylon covered feet over slave squirrel balls and then uses him for a human carpet before kneeling and feeding him from Her pussy. He worships at the juncture between Her gorgeous pantyhose clad legs and then is ordered up to his feet. She leans forward on the table and he is allowed to rim Her ass clean. Fun time over now, the submissive is bound and bent over with his shiny balls exposed. They are firmly leashed.

With his precious balls exposed and leashed, slave squirrel balls has nowhere to go as Mistress Kiss finger spanks the back of them. She thoroughly enjoys his discomfort and gives him a bit of sucking to reward him before hurting his shiny balls again. A bit of breast worship and then it's back to ball abuse. His balls get redder and redder with each little spank. Is he in real pain or is that pleasure he is feeling?

With Her submissive bound beneath Her, Mistress Kiss rides his face and grinds Her pussy down on him. She uses the sharp metal wheel to torment the head of his cock as he wiggles in the plastic wrap under Her. Slave squirrel's balls get quite a treat under Her pussy and then takes some spit down his throat. He has his air cut off and his nipples are tormented as Mistress Kiss rides on top of the helpless male.

The little submissive's nipples are quite sensitive and Mistress Kiss takes full advantage with the clamps. She rides his face until his cock stiffens and then sets him upright with legs held wide apart in the spreader bar. He is treated to some oral after his balls have been bound and then Mistress Kiss presents Her lovely ass to tease him. She rubs on his cock and he gets stiff but can't seem to get it into Her pussy as She wiggles away every time he thrusts.

Mistress Kiss relents and pops his cock into Her pussy and allows him to fuck Her. She stops as he flops out and sits in the chair to play with Herself a bit. She nurses his erection back to health with some oral and then produces the clear cum plate. His balls have had quite the workout and he is filled with jism. She masturbates him and the site of Her perfect breasts make him blow his load quickly. She milks out all of his juice onto the plate and then he is ordered to please Her and lick up and swallow every drop.

Stars: Mistress Kiss, Slave Squirrel Balls

Rack Job

Video: Rack Job
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Witness a smoking hot 42 minute onslaught of female pulchritude as Mistress Kendra and Mistress Kiss team to dose slave Spartacus with a model of pain and pleasure that you will not see again soon. This submissive is in great shape and needs every ounce of stamina as the Ladies first flog him and subject his nipples to intense torment. Mistress Kiss bends to allow him to fuck her and then uses a strap-on as Kendra keeps his cock occupied. In a final orgy of pain and pleasure, he strains to fuck Mistress Kiss hard from the back as Mistress Kendra stimulates his nipples and spanks his ass until he starts to cum. Kendra squeezes his balls and he empties into Mistress Kiss' pussy hole. His load, captured by the condom, is fed to him in a most humiliating finale...Mistress Kendra and Mistress Kiss both began to whip the helpless slave Spartacus.

Mistress Kendra applied one set of nipple clamps, pulled them off and applied a harsher set to the peaks of his nipples as her partner beat him with a paddle. Mistress Kiss took a turn on his nipples, pulling them made him roar in pain and made her laugh. Mistress Kendra whipped his ass with a harsh plastic flogger and then they took turns stroking his cock and twisting his nipple clamps. The bound submissive's ass turned red and raw as the two She devils started to turn it to hamburger. Mistress Kendra finished whipping the helpless submissive's ass while Mistress Kiss stroked his cock and yanked his nipple clamps to distract him from the pain. Having hardened his cock with her stroking hand, she bent low in front of him and teased his cock with her ass. Mistress Kendra rolled a condom on him and Mistress Kiss backed into his hard cock and impaled him in her pussy hole as her partner laughed and yanked his nipple clamps, making him roar in pain. Mistress Kendra chided him telling him to try and concentrate on the wet pussy his cock was buried in and not the fiery pain from the clamps. Mistress Kiss disengaged from the helpless submissive's stiff cock, pulling him out of her pussy hole.

She moved behind him and applied a harsh wooden paddle as Mistress Kendra tormented his still hard cock with shocks from the violet wand. Mistress Kiss moved to stroke his now softening cock as Mistress Kendra slowly removed the nipple clamps, making him scream in pain. She moved behind him and began to lube his ass and give him a prostate massage as Mistress Kiss applied clothespins to the front. She moved behind and fucked him from the back as Mistress Kendra resumed CBT with the violet wand. Mistress Kiss slipped off her black thigh high boots and fucked him hard and fast from behind. Mistress Kiss moved in front of the tired seating slave and bent low again. His cock had a life of its own as it found her hole. Mistress Kendra urged him to fuck harder by applying the slapper to his red and sore ass. She reached in and grabbed him by the balls tightly, telling him it was time to release. She squeezed tight and he could not help but empty his balls into Mistress Kiss's gorgeous backside.

With his balls completely drained into the condom the Ladies marveled at the huge load trapped in the condom. Mistress Kiss carefully peeled it off and fed it to him. He did not like the treatment, much to their amusement.

Stars: Mistress Kiss, Mistress Kendra, Slave Spartacus

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