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Badman Bondage 33

Video: Badman Bondage 33
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Studio: Badman Productions
1. Playboy and Hustler model Sara Liz stars in a sizzling tale of cruel bondage that leaves the tall beauty whimpering in misery!

2. The video opens on a pair of female wrists tied behind a tree before fading back to see that those wrists belong to a beautiful woman who has been taken captive, bound and gagged and is the plaything for her crazed captor!

3. A gorgeous housewife walks out of her bathroom and immediately a hand is clamped over her mouth and she is dragged into the back bedroom where her ordeal begins!

4. It was all just a game, they wanted to play "Tie Up The Babysitter" so Daena foolishly let the two young charges she is sitting for tie her hands behind her back. But it didn't end there...

5. A woman is brought into a house with her hands tied behind her back, she is blindfolded and gagged, an obvious victim! But it's not ransom her keeper wants, Molly has been taken to serve as his personal toy and it's going to be pure hell for the unfortunate victim!

6. Fetish super star Kendra James stars in a great video featuring nonstop bondage, nudity and sexy high heel boots! Kendra is a dominant by nature so when she submits to being on the other end of bondage it's something special.

Stars: Jenny Hamilton, Molly Winters, Kendra James, Sara Liz, Daena, The BadMan

Damsels Bound 5

Video: Damsels Bound 5
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Hooker in Peril: Molly Winters plays a hooker that ends up in the hands of a bondage pervert.

False Arrest: Stripper Talia Monet thought she was being arrested, but realized her error when the cop started binding and gagging her.

French Maid?s Torment: C.J. Sullivan looks great in a French maid uniform, fishnet stockings and boots. And she looks even better bound, gagged and finally, coaxed into an orgasm.

Double Trouble: Anna and Amy wake up bound and gagged in bed together. Will they escape?

Lingerie Bondage: Natalie Minx is bound and gagged in two positions while clad in sexy lingerie.

Fetish B&D: Exotic Skythe Darke is tied up in several positions with some inventive gags.

Stars: Skythe Darke, Natalie Minx, C.J. Sullivan, Molly Winters, Talia Monet, Anna, Amy

Molly Winters 3

Video: Molly Winters 3
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Studio: Shadowplayers
Molly Winters undergoes the ultimate slavegirl submission and humiliation as her long blonde tresses are first hacked off with scissors, then shorn to the scalp with electric clippers, and finally shaved completely smooth with a razor. Locked in a cage with a huge nose ring installed in her septum, she is drenched in oil. She squirms on the floor with a ball & chain after a clear butt plug is jammed in her ass.

Performing duties around the house include serving as a bound table centerpieces with a candle dripping hot wax over her bald head and carrying and serving refreshments from a basket in her mouth while naked on her hands and knees.

A challenging whipping is adminstered while she straddles the edge of a square beam putting all her weight on her bare shaven pussy. The lash strikes her tits and pussy mound while a weight pulls the ring in her nose.

Stars: Molly Winters

Molly Winters 2

Video: Molly Winters 2
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Studio: Shadowplayers
Molly Winters expands her BDSM horizons in the latest series of sessions at While locked in a special restraint cage she gets a big nose ring pierced through her septum. Her pussy rests on a sharp angle iron and weights pull at her nipples during her ordeal.

Serving as a maid, she gets beer poured into her ring gag and all over her naked body. A bare butt spanking punishes her for spilling too much. Suspended by her ankles, she is given a good lashing on her ass and shaved bare pussy. A good caning is followed by torment with weights, clamos to her pussy lips and nipples while wearing a metal head cage.

During a Xmas shoot she is tormented with clothespins on her most sensitive parts and hot wax on her tits.

Stars: Molly Winters

Bound And Tormented 5

Video: Bound And Tormented 5
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Molly Winters: Tough chick Molly plays a bounty hunter that gets captured and interrogated through bondage, manhandling and breath play. Fay Galloway: Leg model Fay is tied up, gagged and undressed. Brooke Bound: Sexy blonde Brooke is tied up by a burglar. When a stranger shows up, she thinks she is going to be rescued, but the guy has some bondage games in mind. Krystal Nyte: Krystal is bound and gagged multiple times in this story involving a na? girl and a fake movie audition. Estelle VonHelsing: Tall blonde Estelle is bound and gagged in lingerie.

Stars: Molly Winters, Brooke Bound, Mike Bindher, Fay Galloway, Krystal Nyte, Estelle VonHelsing, C.J.Masters

Molly's Winter Of Discontent

Video: Molly's Winter Of Discontent
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Studio: Dan Hawke Productions
We first see Molly slumped in a chair with a chain around her neck. In the foreground, two men are exchanging cash. It seems as is Molly has been purchased, like any other toy. Cash exchanged, Dan goes over to inspect his prize. However Molly proves herself to be a feisty thing, punching, slapping and kicking at Dan as much as she is able, as she is anchored by the chain around her neck.

Dan takes two floggers and dancing out of the range of her blows, finally beats her into submission. He forces her to strip and cuff her own hands. Taking her panties he tapes them into her mouth. Then he wraps a thin chain around her waist slides it through her pussy. He hangs heavy weights from it. Molly screams and struggles as the hard metal chafes her sex. But her day is far from over.

Dan seats her on an open wooden seat, strapping her in place. He clamps her labia and hangs her heavy weights which pull her clit lips towards the floor. Her nipples are caught in cord, which is hoisted skywards. She gets a brief respite next. She is bound in an inverted hogtie as Dan used to get two vibrators to bring her to an intense forced orgasm.

Finally an extended flogging, cropping and paddling session finishes off the first day of Molly's Winter of Discontent. Her ordeal will continue in pat two!

Stars: Molly Winters, Dan Hawke

Schoolgirl Molly

Video: Schoolgirl Molly
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Studio: Billie West Productions
Two more great sets of awesome Molly Winters. In this DVD Molly is in the classroom dressed up in her schoolgirl uniform wearing her high top sneakers looking mighty spiffy. What? She forgot to wear panties? She really is one naughty schoolgirl. She is supposed to be reading but she wants to play. But first she has to pee but she can't leave the room so she just pees on the floor. Being the naughty schoolgirl she grabs the paddle that her teacher uses and spanks her ass until it is nice and red. Spreading wide open for you to see up close and personal. She then pulls out her favorite vibrator and has a great big orgasm on top of the school desk. Next Molly is in her boudoir and wearing a cute outfit with vintage stockings she got in Jersey. This outfit really makes her body nice and sleek. Knowing how Molly likes to play she opens up and shows you how she is not wearing any panties and begins to get wet and horny. She is one of the few girls out there that can suck her own nipples. Now this really gets her turned on and gets her pussy nice and wet. After taking the outfit off she takes herself to a fantastic orgasm getting wet all over the place.

Stars: Molly Winters

Molly In Misery

Video: Molly In Misery
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Studio: Dan Hawke Productions
Molly Winters spends a day in misery and pain when she finds herself in the cruel hands of bondage master Dave Darke. The opening scene finds Molly trapped by heavy weights attached to her labia. After fondling the helpless blonde babe, Dave attaches clamps to Molly's nipples and pulls them skyward, trapping her in a 2-way pull of pain. Molly is then found hanging from a wooden beam, naked, spanked, completely spread open, and then forced to endure a clothespin zipper on her most intimate of parts. Wrapped in heavy plastic, Molly then bears the pain of weighted mousetraps hung on her nipples and labia, followed by a one-legged dance of agony that targets her tender nipples. Finally, Molly suffers a severe flogging and is left in tears from her encounter with the merciless Dave Darke.

Bonus Footage Included

Stars: Molly Winters, Dave Darke

Straitjacket Peril #5 - The Collection

Video: Straitjacket Peril #5 - The Collection
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Studio: Dorothy Laine Productions
Lena Ramon thinks she's having a routine physical done by Dr. Laine, until she's forced into a strait jacket and told that she's going to be held for a few days "under observation". Lena is led from room to room in this strange institution, seeing more and more ladies bound in straitjackets and strung up in their cages. She encounters Jewell Marceau, ball gagged and bound in a rubber straitjacket, locked in a cage.

Once Lena is placed in her own cage, she also sees Karina Ballerina, suspended en pointe and encased in a black canvas straitjacket. Aye Provide is also in a black canvas straitjacket and bound to an X cross, ball gagged and unable to escape. Lena struggles in her bondage; slowly realizing she has become a part of Dorothy's strange collection.

Some time later a new arrival, Molly winters, comes to the office for an exam, she too ends up forced into a straitjacket and left to struggle alone. Will she also become a member of the collection?

Stars: Jewell Marceau, Lena Ramon, Karina Ballerina, Molly Winters, Dorothy Laine, Aye Provide

Cowgirl Molly

Video: Cowgirl Molly
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Studio: Billie West Productions
Two great sets of the incredible Molly Winters. First Molly shows up in her cute little Cowgirl outfit. Wow where did she park her horse? Who wants to ride this 21-year-old beauty? Sitting on her couch she had a tough day at the ranch and needs a massage. She takes off her jacket and grabs her vibrator gun and starts to play. Off comes the top and she shows you her nice firm breast with nipples nice and hard. Then she takes her orange vibrator and plays with it thru her pants getting her pussy nice and wet. Off comes the pants and Molly erupts into one fantastic orgasm that is real and not faked. Next set Molly is lying in her bed with some pink lingerie on. This is a very up and personal clip with Molly showing you her wetness and how pink she really is. This is one very hot Molly and she gives a great performance and once again she erupts into a tremendous orgasm real not fake. With Molly Winters you do really get the real thing.

Stars: Molly Winters

Bound And Tormented 3

Video: Bound And Tormented 3
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Wenona: Leggy brunette, Wenona is relaxing at home when she is knocked out, then bound, gagged, tickled, fondled and abused.

Madison Young: Wearing nothing but a bikini and heels, Madison Young, plays a model tricked into bondage by a crazy photographer. Poor Madison is bound in two positions, stripped naked, molested and tormented.

Brooke Bound: Delectable blonde Brooke is grabbed in bed, taken captive, manhandled, tied up and gagged.

Molly Winters: Secretary Molly is surprised in her office. Tired up in two positions, gagged and stripped down to her underwear.

Kaylee J: Innocent girl next door Kaylee is tied up in both simple street clothes and a sexy fetish outfit and her protest are silenced by three different gags.

Evelyn Rose: Perky brunette Evelyn is knocked out, bound, stripped down to a bikini and silenced with two gags.

Stars: Madison Young, Molly Winters, Wenona, Brooke Bound, Kaylee J, Evelyn Rose

Western Ponygirls By

Video: Western Ponygirls By
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Studio: Shadowplayers
10 beautiful Ponygirls! 12 Different Spectacular Outfits! Locations in the American West! From the streets of San Francisco to the wilds of Grand Canyon to the verdant Pacific Northwest, lovely Ponygirls are trained and used in a variety of ways.. saddled and rode - pulling a cart across a rocky desert barefoot - marching in high heel boots down a crowded city street topless and harnessed - whipped into action by a Mistress - forced to run naked tied behind a moving auto - and much more!

Stars: Petra, Sierra, Gypsy, Molly Winters, Bridgett Harrington, Rose Algren, Ivy Breann, Leah Lavada

Billeting Bind

Video: Billeting Bind
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Studio: Bondage Barrix
Do you love that tight feeling of RESTRAINT? Watch as Molly Winters is trussed up tightly and manhandled until she whimpers! Watch as she's penetrated and tormented by the Sarge. This hot blonde slut loves it. She just can't show it. You won't want to miss this guys!

Stars: Molly Winters, Sgt. Major Derek Viktur

Naked Slavegirl Labor

Video: Naked Slavegirl Labor
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Studio: Shadowplayers
Molly Winters forced to work naked, barefoot, and shackled outdoors in the rocky desert. Bald Slavegirls Ivy scrubs the floor with her hands chained and a brush in her mouth. Celeste forced to walk naked and barefoot over a rocky trail with weights hanging from her nipples. Petra, her hands and neck enclosed in a set of stocks, is led through the desert by a chain in her clit ring. Ariel forced to walk naked with weights on her pussy lips and nipples. Molly works as maid, table decoration, and dinner table tray. Ivy works outdoors in the desert breaking and hauling rocks. Kitty chained and working outdoors naked.

Stars: Ariel, Kitty, Petra, Celeste, Molly Winters, Ivy Breann

Butt Burn

Video: Butt Burn
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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
At nearly six foot this young lady is indeed a tall glass of water and you would be hard pressed to find even one centimeter between her toes and the hair atop her head that looks anything short of spectacular. Long, lean and fit with flawless skin, long silky hair and an elegantly beautiful countenance punctuated with large blue eyes; this is your quintessential model. Too bad she's such a bitch. "I'm bored" Kimberly announces to our stalwart photographer Terry as if that were reason enough to walk away from her half-finished assignment. When Terry patiently points out that she is working on a tight deadline and that it would be quite impossible to secure the services of another model on such short notice. Kimberly ponders those words for roughly a millisecond before replying: "So what, I'm still bored." Clearly this is a girl who really does need some excitement in her life. Happily our man, who was but a short phone call away on this fateful day, is more than happy to oblige. No sooner does he arrive than he engages the bored 20 year old in an exciting game of butt bongo! Since Kimberly has shown no interest in looking at the camera she now gets to look at the floor while our man entertains her with some really spirited and fast paced percussion. Before long our model is singing along to the beat, albeit a bit off key. What Kimberly lacks in singing expertise, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm. Indeed our man now finds it necessary to bang the drum all the harder as it were so as not be drowned out by the vocal accompaniment. After another five minutes or so it's off to the corner for this young lass wherein she is afforded the opportunity to decide whether she would prefer to finish her modeling assignment or sing another song.

Molly Winters
This long legged platinum blonde hails from the Deep South but a sweet and innocent southern belle she is not. Already the star attraction on many, many a naughty website, Ms. Winters likewise adorns the pages of more than a handful of popular men's magazines. Molly is veeery easy on the eyes and she knows it. Indeed though barely old enough to consume alcohol legally, Ms. Winters has already assumed the arrogance of the jaded pseudo sophisticate. This no doubt explains the disrespect she exhibited toward an associate of ours during a recent photo shoot. Happily we were - as always - but a phone call away. A cursory glance in the direction of the young lady now clad in a sheer black lace crotch-less bodysuit and our man resolved upon his course of action. One look at him and we knew that Miss Winters was in big trouble. It was however only after he dragged the screeching tart across his lap, thereby affording us with a tantalizing view of her bare bottom peeking out from under black lace, that we realized just how dire her situation really was. Of course the pretentious bimbo didn't help her cause any by verbally abusing the man who was at that very moment leering at her upturned behind. Indeed like an alcoholic savoring the aroma of the day's first toot, he positively luxuriated in her taunts before finally raising his right arm. The first smack echoed off the walls like a rifle shot and was immediately followed by another and then another each finding it's mark with pitiless precision and each followed by yet another and then another in a steady unending machine like rhythm of hot stinging retribution. Molly's impassioned screams all this time falling on the deaf ears of a man determined to punish her like the common slut he judged her to be. For some ten solid minutes her bouncing butt cheeks squirm and dance lasciviously under his hard swung hand mimicking in appearance and effect the proverbial red flag waving before an enraged bull. Finally the man pauses, affording Miss Winters an opportunity to gulp down some air while he makes like a boy scout and methodically cuts his way through to the meat of the matter. All this while Molly never ceases her sobbing and crying but does so more heartily once the punishment is resumed now in the form of a pure and unadulterated bare bottom spanking! Her hindquarters, looking every bit like an undercooked lamb, present an even more inviting target to our crazed bull...with predictable results. It will in fact be another wild and woolly ten minutes before the bull is able to regain his composure.

Julie Robbins
This popular porn star and recent Miss Nude Internet winner figures she can trade on her celebrity status - such as it is - and intimidate our associate Terry into doubling her previously agreed upon modeling fee, and why not? After all amongst Ms. Robbins other accomplishments this self-described "Mega Porn Slut" will soon be gazing down upon the world from an Easyriders wall calendar! Wisely, Terry elects to pick up the phone and invite our man over to conduct the re-negotiations. "I'm a bitch and I can be one if I want to because of who I am" offers Julie by way of an opening argument. There is of course no questioning the veracity of the first part of her assertion. Disabusing the young tart from her latter presumption is the task of our negotiator. He begins by unraveling the baggage and addressing himself directly to the bottom of the problem as it were. And what a fine bottom it is! We're talking about a top shelf specimen that's smooth, pale, perfectly contoured and sufficiently firm to maintain its bewitching shape except when smacked that is....whereupon it jiggles most delightfully. These negotiations are already proving to be quite stimulating indeed. Miss Robbins contributions to the discussion have meanwhile regressed to shrill obscenity laced invective. Tsk tsk. Fully cognizant that he has yet to make his argument properly felt our man now peels away Miss Robbin's remaining line of defense, flimsy though it be, and then continues to address the problem at hand with renewed vigor. As so often happens with discussions of this nature our man seems now to have become completely fixated on the details. Details such as how the bottom of this particular problem wobbles and bounces when properly addressed. This no doubt explains the ever increasing intensity of his exertions. After ten minutes or so Miss Robbin's verbal retorts assume a decidedly more contrite tone but no one seems to pay much heed until the self described mega porn slut seeks to save her ass, as it were, by offering to perform sexual favors. This scandalous new development no doubt serves to remind our man of just how many naughty websites and DVD covers are adorned with images of this very same ass. Reaching now for his solid oak "slut slapper", he sets about taking this "discussion" to the next level.

Stars: Julie Robbins, Kimberly, Molly Winters

Molly Winters

Video: Molly Winters
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Studio: Shadowplayers
Molly Winters in all her punishment sessions. Over 95 minutes of bondage action. In 10 exciting scenes Molly is spanked in a schoolgirl outfit, stripped by having her clothes cut and ripped off, ball gagged and whipped and tortured with clamps and weights on her tender nipples and pussy lips. Held in stocks she is caned until red welts appear on her ass. She finds herself bound spread-eagle on her back while her pussy lips are spread by clamps and her asshole tormented with a speculum and steel butt plug. She serves as a maid, a naked table centerpiece and a naked serving dish. In outdoor action, she is trained as a saddle ponygirl and must work naked and barefoot breaking and hauling rocks while in chains.

Stars: Molly Winters

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