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Bi-Curious George #1

Video: Bi-Curious George #1
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Studio: Hell's Ground Productions
This is no children's book that you will remember, this is the X-rated version of curiosity, and now you can see it all for your self when the dicks get hard and all they await to do is fuck a hole, even if that hole is on the other end of another hard cock, these girls don't mind sharing the load!

Stars: Agatha, Carina, Daisy, Mili, Renata Feher, Valery Hilton, Alex Junior, Austin, Bastion, Carlos, Daniel, Diablo, Marcio, Michael, Robert Groffinger, Oldrich, Thiago, Tomas, Vilem Cage, Wesley, Cinthia Campos, Karel Major, Renata Peterov, Rhiannon Finneran, Sandro Boy

Bisexual Madness #1

Video: Bisexual Madness #1
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Studio: U.S. Male
It's only considered a "sausage-fest" if you're a vegetarian! Watch the cum drenched scenes unfold one after the other in Bisexual madness 1. Fifteen people's worth of pornography rolled up in a tight, neat package and processed into 5 scenes of viewing pleasure. Daisy chains, ass-fucking, and cock smoking are all on the menu today!

Stars: Alena, Babeta, Jitka, Martina, Michaela, David, Franta, Ivan, Jan, Josef, Martin, Michal, Oldrich, Tomas

Bisexual Madness 7

Video: Bisexual Madness 7
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Studio: U.S. Male
Straight, gay or bi... they?re all invited! Here we have 5 magnificent scenes packed with dazzling bisexual group sex. These hot European models, guys and girls both, have no boundaries when it comes to gender. If it feels good, they're doing it! Whether they?re fucking a wet pussy or a tight asshole, it?s the best of both worlds!

Stars: Alena, Eva, Lada, Petra, Vlada (Female), Andrej, Filip, Josef, Karl, Michael, Oldrich, Thomas, Zdenek

Bi The Red District

Video: Bi The Red District
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Studio: U.S. Male
Bi The Red District from US Male Bi is bisexual at its best with big tits, cum dripping pussy and ass fucking. Super sexy men like it both ways sometimes. Watch hot Euro guys and gals get together at a swingers' party to have some fun. See how they get very wild and crazy on each other. The incredible sexual content will make you erect within seconds. Don't worry if you're short on matching up couples; these swingers don't differentiate. Partiers of all persuasions are welcome. There's someone in the back room who can take care of any of your special needs.

Stars: Petra Oplusil , Daniela Steiner , Rada Vacatko, Jan Voda, David Mots, GG Martina, Michael Smith, Joska Kalvoda, Otto Horyna, Zdeno Reif, Sabrina White, Ion Fisher, Robert Groffinger

4 Way Frolick

Video: 4 Way Frolick
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Studio: Bacchus
It's a tangle of bodies in a gang-up, group grope as these randy young men & women rollick and frolic in wild 4 way action where anything-and-anyone-goes! Who has time to be picky when busting a nut is really all that matters especially for members of the opposite sex! It is an unforgettable bi-sexual extravaganza.

Stars: Olle Smile, Cindy Dollar, Thomas Lee, Lucky Smile, Sarah Sweet, Dara, Daniel, Liz

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Eastern Bloc Cock

Video: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Eastern Bloc Cock
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Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Olda puts his huge muscles to good use, pounding away with his thick, uncut cock till he comes in a fountain all over his hard abs and chest. Cage has a strong Clark Kent/Superman vibe - once he takes off his glasses, he becomes a man of a steel, with eight hard inches that deliver eye-popping results. Leny is a buff blond with washboard abs, who fucks his girl until she moans with pleasure , then covers those abs in shots of his hot cum. Martin Kral just performs better with an audience. When you see the big finish he's planned, you'll be happy you stayed to watch.

Stars: Darina, Tad Harrison, Leny Ewil, Cynthia Vellons, Martin Schneider, Brenden Cage

Bi Party Of 4 Part 2

Video: Bi Party Of 4 Part 2
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Studio: Diablo Productions
Guys on guys, girls on girls...and all of the fun that can happen in the mix is right here for you. If you want to see all out uninhibited no holes barred action...then step right up because this movie has all of the nasty sex you can handle! Male on male anal, labia lapping ladies cum soaked four way sex action at it's raunchy best!

Stars: Princess, Pepper, Marcela, Martina, Justin, Sarah Sweet, Thomas Lee, Richy, Lea Magic, Olle Smile, Mark Zerbo

Lick Him Stick In 4

Video: Lick Him Stick In 4
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Studio: Diablo Productions
Lick him and stick it in! Number four in the hot pegging series features some of the sexiest babes strapping on their big plastic dicks to fuck their boytoys' tight, virgin assholes. Watch amazing Amalie, Katarina, Violet, Paulina, Sarah and Sarah Sweet in action!

Bonus Footage Included

Stars: Katarina, Paulina, Sarah, Sarah Sweet, Thomas Lee, Richy, Amalie, Olle Smile, Jane East

Bi Nurse Therapy

Video: Bi Nurse Therapy
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Studio: U.S. Male
Some of the best fantasies are the ones that include a pretty nurse in a tight uniform bending over to give you a sponge bath. And maybe she'll give you a little more, like sucking your cock and licking your balls.

And now, there are male nurses too, and they look just as good bending over giving you a sponge bath. Really when you're in the hospital you would do anything, or anyone, just to feel better. And what feels better then having it both ways? It'll make you wish you had a hospital stay!

Stars: Rocky Summers, Ion Man, Lukas Lucky, Oliver Smile, Caroline Brie, More...

Bi-rth Day Orgy

Video: Bi-rth Day Orgy
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Studio: U.S. Male
Bisex with pornstar Oliver Smile.
What more can a guy like Oliver Smile ask for on his birthday than to have all of his friends over for huge fucking orgy? It starts with 2 pussy-hungry girls doing a little sex show on the table (with participators welcome!) and soon the whole room's in a frenzy! And when the icing-covered birthday dessert gets smashed all over naked, writhing bodies, who says you can't have your cake and eat it too! You've never seen so much cock and pussy in one place that your head will literally explode!

Stars: Rocky Summers, Cliff Calhoun, Marty Notime, Lubo Karda, Frankie Suave, More...

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Sexvideos and picture galleries about model and pornstar Oliver Smile
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