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The Hardcore Collection Volume 3

Video: The Hardcore Collection Volume 3
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
The Hardcore Collection Volume 3 - 2 full hours of all anal intensity. They're the MAX GIRLS and they love to put out! Max, in turn, loves to put it in! Right up their dirty little asses. More butt fuck for the buck! Nasty sloppy wet blowjobs too. Max never lets us down.

Stars: Ophelia Tozzi, Veronica Lake, Paige, Tami Monroe, Sally Layd, C.J. Bennett, Max Hardcore

Museum of Living Art

Video: Museum of Living Art
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Studio: Las Vegas Video
The greatest gift France ever gave America was the Statue of Liberty...until now! Meet Tabitha, Beatrice and Ophelia, the best tasting treats from France since French Pastry! When three anal addicts meet up with Germany's Stephan and Berlin, along with America's flame, Randy West, Mike Horner, Steve Drake and Cal Jammer, it''s well, it's anal art at it's best!

Stars: Berlin, Randy West, Stephan, Ophelia Tozzy, Cal Jammer, Flame, Beatrice Valle, Mike Horner, Steve Drake, Tabitha Cash

Skin: Maximum Perversion 7

Video: Skin: Maximum Perversion 7
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Studio: Astral Ocean
We will waltz into the most incredible dreamscape of wet desire. A unique sexual possession where nude goddesses magically appear and pulsating cocks deflower tight with quivering rectums. The house if Sin is caught in a transworld spectrum. Public orgies and the most beautiful women ever captured worship cum. The earth shudders in orgasm. The poltergeist of wet desire fills your soul in Maximum Perversion!

Stars: Bandendistel, Tochen, Orphelia Tozzy, Veronique Boudon, Celine Lydie, Susanna West, Marine Cartier, Gabriel Pontello

Skin: Maximum Perversion 8

Video: Skin: Maximum Perversion 8
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Studio: Astral Ocean
The largest budget cinema event - elegant and ultra nasty taboos are shattered - You enter the perversions in the house of SKIN. These are the most beautiful princesses captured for you, their tight anal lips are pummeled and deflowered - their sweet asses dance on the raging cocks of the poltergeist. This is the ultimate dreamscape trip goddesses schooled in anality and taboo lesbian passion. In the holy mansion thunderous orgasms rain on the crowds in the riches of perversions from the lips of the virginal sinners - Enter with greetings, the land of MAXIMUM PERVERSIONS.

Stars: Jochen Bandenistel, Orphelia Tozzy, Philipe Soine, Richard Voisin, Evelyn, Lisa, Celine, Caroline

Anal Vision Volume 7

Video: Anal Vision Volume 7
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
The language of love is perfectly clear in this scalding vintage with French movie queen Opheila Tozzi. Her super tight ass sitting atop her flawless legs makes perfect entertainment for a hot anal pounding that climaxes in a make messing facial. < br/> Heavy-duty action is the order of the day, as we invade the neither regions of Berlin. In the hammock, or on the ground, it's all right with this nasty fraulien. She takes it any way he can give. She can't wait to get the result of her depraved cravings all over her snarling face.
The intense sexual cravings inside a young woman comes into full bloom as she is pleasured by a man intent on taking her to the limits of human experience in this no holds barred vignette. Stretching her to the limit and then plugging her rear end is only a prelude to the inevitable climax all over her wanton face.

Bonus Footage Included

Stars: Misty Barlow, Ophelia Tozzi, Berlin

Una Zia Molto Disponibile

Video: Una Zia Molto Disponibile
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Studio: Jessica Rizzo
In a classic tale of intrigue and desire in the countryside where social barrios do not exist. Enjoying the hills and sleek surfaces cause all the guest to fall into each other arms and legs. Why question what tomorrow will bring if you have a lover waiting to be used for the day. Just enjoy the sexcation!!!

Stars: Sheyla Cats, Vanessa D'Angely, Jessica Rizzo, Rossana Doll, Ophelia Tozzy, Richard Voisin, Jean-Pierre Armand, Franco Roccaforte, Yves Baillat

Teeny Spiele

Video: Teeny Spiele
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Studio: Magma Film
Schedule for the day: Wake up. Fuck. Swallow cum. Lay out by the pool. Talk about sex. Reminisce about past sexual experiences in vivid detail. Kiss your best friend. Eat her pussy. Scissor with her. Get caught fucking your best friend by two guys. Fuck both guys with your best friend.

Above is an average day in the life in the world of Teeny Spiele. Hardcore XXX awaits inside. Can you stick to the program?

Stars: Sophia, Jean, Serenia, Ophelia Tozzy, Babette, Tania Lariviere, Silvio

Dirty Diana

Video: Dirty Diana
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Studio: Magma Film
These party animals can't help but to discover what's underneath each other's clothing and their findings are precious! The ladies love to suck cock and the gentlemen enjoy giving each lady a pussy full of hard cock. One thing is for certain, these ladies know how to get down and dirty!

Stars: Abraxa, Sendrine, Julia Chanel, Lucille, Philippe, Ophelia Tozzi, Elodie, Irene, Elodie Cherie, Stan, Marie, Jean

Cougars Lovin' Cougars #3

Video: Cougars Lovin' Cougars #3
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Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
It's all about hot cougar-on-cougar action in Cougars Lovin' Cougars 3 as these wild and fierce ladies get down and dirty in a real sexual catfight like only horny older lesbians can. No kittens allowed, only ferocious, hot and experienced felines can! No story needed, as they get right to the nitty-gritty! Dildos and cunnilingus included!

Stars: Sky Taylor, Autumn Haze, Sue Diamond, Silvia Saint, Ophelia, Blondie Anderson, Misty Mendez, Brittany Blaze, Becca Blossoms, Debbie Monroe

TBC 261 - The Tickle Channel 10

Video: TBC 261 - The Tickle Channel 10
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Scene 1: Ophelia is squirming before she is touched. She is on for a long session of teasing and tickling. I promised her that I will tease, tickle and erotically torture her to get her to agree to have an on camera orgasm. My hands and feathers work her sensitive nipples.

Scene 2: Ophelia squeals, thrashes, squirms and moans as the toothbrush vibes work very sensitive area. Her eyes roll when the vibrators work around her pussy.

Scene 3: This is the start of an hour long interrogation using tickling and nipple teasing. A defiant Tomiko will be hard to break, but I have time and I have help.

Scene 4: Crystal Frost is more than eager to tickle and tease the defiant Tomiko. She has fun working over Tomiko's entire spread body, first with feathers, then toothbrush vibrators.

Scene 5: Tomiko remains defiant, so it's time to bring in the ruthless Gina Rae Michaels, who knows how to tease and tickle and find the spots to wear Tomiko down. Gina makes her scream. Gina makes her squirm by relentlessly teasing hard nipples.

Scene 6: I send crystal back into the interrogation chamber to add two more hands to Tomiko's torture. Crystal's tongue laps her inner thighs along her panty line as Gina expertly manipulates her nipples. Tomiko tries to focus her mind elsewhere but the teasing is too much. Under the threat of a second hour of torture, she starts to crack.

Stars: Ophelia, Crystal Frost, Gina Rae Michaels, Tomiko

Gilda Ophelia E Le Voglie Estive

Video: Gilda Ophelia E Le Voglie Estive
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Studio: Gilda Pedone
It is summer and very hot, but GILDA and OPHELIA want to fuck, and so they invite their friend onto the terrace. Both suck his cock, fucking in doggie position and fucking in the girl on top position. He licks her pussy and cums on her tits, and the two of them enjoy it like two horny sluts.

Stars: Ophelia, Gilda Pedone, Lele (male)

TBC 250 - Bondage Torments 25

Video: TBC 250 - Bondage Torments 25
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Scene 1: Sicilia Ricci and I intimately play. I stretch her, whip her, pull her on her toes by a brutally tight crotch rope, and make her orgasm a few times. She is so fun to play with.

Scene 2: I found Ophelia on FetLife. Since I am sucker for redheads that like tight bondage, I flew her in to play. When she arrived, she was a little larger that what showed in her FetLife photos. No matter, big girls need torture too right? I tie her tightly, adding to her bondage until she passes out.

Scene 3: Chloe parker is here to learn about crotch ropes. She never had been tied with one and knows that I enjoy using them on my pets. I give the thin submissive blonde much more than she expected. I take her through a few predicaments all centered on the rope buried deep between her pussy lips.

Stars: Ophelia, Sicilia Ricci, Chloe Parker

TBC 249 - Bondage Torments 24

Video: TBC 249 - Bondage Torments 24
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1. Rachael Lynn is the photographer for my shoot with super sexy Candle Boxxx. I left in the chat that models do as I work to tie candle. They chat and giggle and chat as I tie. I've had enough. I bring Rachael into the scene, have her strip and pole tie her up on her toes by a crotchrope. Rachael watches helpless as I finish a brutal noose - nipple - crotchrope predicament on candle.

2. Sexy adult sensation Lola Lynn and her traveling partner Nyxon find themselves in a demanding two girl predicament. The two are bound together by crotch ropes and nipple nooses. When I remove the heels to force both to balance on tip toes, Nyxon has all her body can take and passes out.

3. I tie Mandy and Ophelia crotchrope to crotchrope. The two women are chatting and laughing. Even when I stuff both their mouths full they are giggly. I yell. Loud. I tighten the crotchropes tighter than they both can stand. Tape a vibrator to Mandy and make Ophelia watch Mandy cum over and over again. You really do not want to piss me off when you are tied up.

Stars: Ophelia, Lola Lynn, Candle Boxxx, Mandy K, Rachael Lynn, Nyxon

Le Acrobazie Erotiche Di Due Casalhinghe

Video: Le Acrobazie Erotiche Di Due Casalhinghe
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Studio: Gilda Pedone
Gilda and Ophelia make a video very busy, Ophelia gives a blowjob in the gym, then Gilda gets fucked in doggie position in the bathroom. Ophelia gets fucked in doggie position herself in the gym, then they all three on the bed and have sex together, go after the terrace and Gilda and Ophelia have sex lesbian, and then kneels down and suck it all in and he cums in both their mouths.

Stars: Ophelia, Fabrizio, Gilda

La Casalinga Trascurata (Neglected Housewife)

Video: La Casalinga Trascurata (Neglected Housewife)
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Studio: Gilda Pedone
Ophelia is a typical Italian housewife, all day makes homemade pasta, and her husband is in office. Then, wanting to fuck, she visits him and they fuck in doggie position on the desk, and he cums inside her. Then they go into the kitchen and she sucks his dick, gets fucked in doggie position on the table where she was making the pasta, then fuck on the couch in doggie position and she still sucks his cock.

Stars: Ophelia, Peter

Abducted Damsels 3

Video: Abducted Damsels 3
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Studio: Centaur Celluloid
Another great series to Abducted Damsels. There are 11 scenes. "Babe in the Woods" four girls are gagged and bound in the woods, topless and their feet are exposed as the kidnapper threatens to harm their toes.

"What Have You Hidden", an intruder with a gun invades a young girl's home? He uses rope and covers her mouth.

"Don't Provoke the Repairman" the lady in the house states to the repairman he's taking too long and she has to go. She's just in a towel, he rips it off duct tapes her mouth and binds her in duct tape.

"The Hide Out", a blonde gets carry into a room, tied with rope and her tits are squeezed.

"Carried away" tow girls are gagged and bound.

"In The Woods" This young girl gets her arms and legs tied up to a tree her clothes are ripped out and she's in the middle of the woods.

Certainly is "Bad Timing" for these 3 girls.

"Chased Down" a girl try's to escape by running thru the woods, she's caught and she's bound to a tree, her pants pulled down and her tits are sucked.

"Don't Bitch At the Contractor" this teaches her a lesson as she bound with a lot of duct tape.

The final scene "Where's The Phone" two girls are tied together on the stairs and try to find their cell to call for help.

Stars: Ophelia, Loren Chance, Natalie Minx, Angel Lee, Natasha Flade, Dianni Ontufay, Danielle Trixie, Mina Meow, Chloe Night, Sindy Lee, Candle Boxx

Mistys XXX Girls Volume 3 - Bring Your Own Bitch

Video: Mistys XXX Girls Volume 3 - Bring Your Own Bitch
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Studio: Misty's XXX Girls
Misty's XXX Girls presents the third release in their line of hard-hitting reality porn videos, Mistys XXX Girls Volume 3.

Featuring Misty Haze with her new friends Aeryka, Yuri, and soon to be famous~Baby Dee, along with our good friends Minx and Ophelia Wood. This volume rocks! See how good real sex can be! Misty Haze is on a roll with fresh pussy, and you'll enjoy it as much as she does. She shows us she's really learned how to eat pussy, and she's mastered the strap-on. As though that weren't enough, see Minx in her much-awaited first boy/girl scene on camera. You've all been asking to see her suck cock, so she delivered for you, and she loves every second of it. Yuri makes Chat cum everywhere to the best music in porn. And see Baby Dee's first two times on video as she and Misty take turns banging each other before Baby Dee takes off to work for Hustler in Hollywood. Don't you want to see a pornstar's cherry pop???

Stars: Ophelia, Yuri, Misty Haze, Aeryka, Minx, Baby Dee

Mistys XXX Girls Volume 5

Video: Mistys XXX Girls Volume 5
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Studio: Misty's XXX Girls
Misty's XXX Girls presents the fifth release in their line of hard-hitting reality porn videos, Mistys XXX Girls Volume 5.
Presenting new girls Moni Love, and Jayden, along with everyone's favorites, Minx, Ophelia and Misty Haze. This video line just keeps getting better! See new talent Jayden take dick for you for the very first time. And Poland gave away a jewel when the let Moni Love come to the United States. Moni's never been with a girl before, but you can bet she'll never stop after the way Misty makes her cum. And as though her blowjob scene in Volume 4 wasn't sexy enough, Minx is back to show you what real fucking is all about as she finally takes dick right in her pussy for us all! Minx is a little show off, though, and she has an encore scene with Misty Haze, who likes to have her ass eaten. But the cherry on top has to be the last scene. Ophelia and Misty Haze have been teasing each other for years, and the tension finally breaks as the two get freaky together, for all of us to watch, and they even let Sum Dude in on the sexy happenings!!! Including bonus scenes, behind the scenes footage, and a hilarious bloopers reel, this DVD is full of extras you don't want to miss!

Stars: Jayden, Ophelia, Misty Haze, Minx, Moni Love

Freak Show #6

Video: Freak Show #6
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Studio: Filmco
Forget about a blow job, how about a gum job? Better yet, how about a cute, innocent pigtailed girl getting fucked by a man dressed as a wolf? She ain't the only one howling at the moon! Find all the mayhem and more in "Freak Show 6!" This is a freaky, hinky and all out kinky, because anything goes in this bizarre, no holds barred, journey to the dark side, sexual freak show! Not for the faint of heart! Caution!

Stars: Zarina, Sunshine, Johnny Thrust, Ophelia, Lucky, Evelyn Lin, George Dagmar, Little Billy, Jane Rolandio

Due Cazzi Per Ophelia

Video: Due Cazzi Per Ophelia
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Studio: Gilda Pedone
Ophelia is a masked starlet who would rather remain anonymous as she sucks two hard cocks with her succulent lips. This shy siren pleases her men out on the patio and then takes them to the garage to get her pillowy tits fondled and sucked on before receiving a face full of warm, sticky cum!

Stars: Ophelia, Mirko

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