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Video: Fuckables
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Studio: Critical X
Wet pussies and willing assholes make these girls the perfect party favors. They are eager to please and drain every cock. The more hard cock they get, the more they want. They do it all, DP's, anal, and threesomes. Swallowing every drop of cum, these sex fanatics are the definition of Fuckables.

Stars: Sabrina, Linda, Samantha Blue, Delila, Gena Love, Mimi Knox, Raquel Fox, Katia, Krista, Sophie

Deep Desire

Video: Deep Desire
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Studio: Critical X
These hot wet harlots are infatuated with nasty, raunchy sex. Like all good whores, they are eager to please, but only to feed their own hunger. A cock in every hole is the only way to fill their ravenousness. As beautiful as they are, their desire for hardcore action runs deep.

Stars: Penny Lane, Blue Raines, Shelby Shock, Tracey Plum, Sierra Stevens, Joy Debonnett, Raquel Fox, Mimi Knox, April Bell

Sex Crazed

Video: Sex Crazed
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Studio: Critical X
These girls are deranged. Their desire for sex goes beyond what is normal. They are obsessed with having cock in every orifice. Craving anal, DP's and feasting on hot cum. Take a trip down insanity lane with these sex crazed sluts. You'll lose your mind.

Stars: Sophie, Krista, Raquel Fox, Delila, Linda Jay, Jasmine Dream, Gena Marble, Darlin Diamond, Maxin

Fuck Face

Video: Fuck Face
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Studio: Critical X
Don't save face, screw it. This is the ultimate wall to wall of blowjobs, hummers, whatever you like to call them. These girls know how to suck cock and swallow cum. All fresh blowjob scenes with fresh cum for the drinking. Hey, these girls build up a thirst. When time is limited just screw face.

Stars: Penny Lane, Candi, Tiffany Love, Raquel Fox, Mimi Knox, Jessica Kerves, Gena Marble, Tina Butt, Sugar Love, Brandy Lynn, Stacy Geen, Betti Moon, Lisa Stern

A Vibrator A Dildo And One Horny Broad

Raquel is relaxing on a chair in the foyer when she pulls out her massive vibrator. She is soon sucking on it as if giving it head. She uses her fingers to massager her cunt and quickly starts fucking her toy. She lets it penetrate her deeply while she massages her clit vigorously. Every time she inserts the vibrator and dildo into her tight twat, this girl wiggles and moans. Only stopping to add more lubrication to her plastic cock, she just keeps on going. Her moans get louder with each thrust into her and he wiggles underneath the power of that cock she so loves. She keeps this up till she reaches a creamy climax.

Nubile Young Whore In Spa Toys Her Cunt

Sometimes you see a hot young slut that is just a cut above the rest, and one such nubile whore is dirty bitch Gianna Turner. In this hot solo girl scene, the sexy young tart is lying with her legs spread in the spa pool. She runs her hands all over her tight, petite body touching her small breasts and firm nipples and tweaking them until they hard. Then she spreads her legs, showing you her treasure - that clean, perfectly shaved pussy. She runs her fingers up and down the lips before she pulls out her favourite sex toy - a big blue dildo they've barely fits inside her tiny hole. She fucks herself with increasing speed.

Anorexic Young Slut Ass Fucked By Pool

If you like them the young and slender, then you are going to really love dirty coed slut Gabriella. This dirty young bitch is super slim, and you can see her rib cage sticking out as she lies sunbathing by the pool. She's joined by her man Attila, who is intent on giving her a savage pounding by the pool. He fucks her missionary, and it looks like she's going to be bent in half - she's that tiny. Sliding in behind her and lifting up one leg, he slips his slippery cock into her tight anus. Gabriella ends up taking a good ass fucking doggy style, moaning as she gets drilled hard in her tight shit. She takes a huge cum facial to finish.

Gorgeous Tanned Brunette Dildos Her Twat

Beautiful tanned and toned brunette Gianna Turner sits down on the couch wearing a pink bra and thong panties. She takes off her bra to show off her small natural tits, and pulls off her panties to reveal her bald pussy. She sucks on a blue didlo, getting it nice and wet before she uses it to fuck herself. She rubs the head of the dildo against her hard clit, and then slides the dildo slowly into her wet snatch. She fucks herself slowly at first, and increases the pace as she gets closer to cumming. This sexy slut wants you to watch her fuck herself with her legs spread wide!

Hot Chick Masturbates With Blue Dildo

Raquel leans back on a couch, wearing a hot pink bikini set and runs a vibrator down the length of her body. She takes her top off, playing with her hard nipples and then takes her bottoms off. She licks her pussy and places the dildo near her hole. She feels her cunt up and down and then slowly starts to insert this long dildo into her tight pussy. She moves it in and out, increasing the speed at she goes. Her leg is propped up and she's totally into it. She moves it deeper and puts pressure on the area above her clit. She moves faster and faster until she cums and takes it out, feeling herself up.

Girl Is Pulled Away From A Book To Fuck

Gabriella is checking out some literature when a guy comes up to her to have her check out something else! He drops his pants and Gabriella immediately starts to suck him off. She strips as she swallows him, even rubbing her wet pussy at the same time. Then as she balances against the fireplace, Gabriella gets her hot twat fucked from behind! Her pink snatch gets worked over in several ways as she takes him deep within her. Finally as she's laying on her side and getting fucked from behind, he feels the urge to climax. So Gabriella gets on her knees and milks his cock with her mouth until he shoots a load on her tits.

Five Gals Each Masturbating Differently

These girls like to masturbate and waste no time getting started. We watch each masturbating in turn. they licks their fingers before inserting it in to her tight pussy. Her ass goes in the air and she squeals with delight as she gets finger fucked doggystyle. These girls each rub clits and pets her pussy and then her fingers go right back in. Every now and then they take them out just long enough to lick it and then each starts banging herself some more. Her pussy just gets wetter and wetter with each passing second. Her kitty cat purrs when they spreads her pussy lips wide open and they keep on going till they reach a dripping wet climax.

Young Coed Roughly Double Penetrated

Naughty young teen Raquel Fox finds herself sandwiched between two fat cocks in this rough MMF threesome. Kneeling submissively between her two studs, she services them orally, licking and sucking until they demand access to her vag. They fuck her one after another to start, keeping her mouth full of dick as well, and once both her holes are nice and loose they both enter her, holding her firmly between them while they manically thrust in and out of her. She screams and moans in pain and pleasure, stunned by the unbelievable feeling of fullness that the two big cocks give her. Regretfully they finally pull out and spray her boobs with cum.

Toned Brunette Masturbates On Camera

Brunette tart Gabriella puts on a solo strip and masturbation show in this sexy dildo penetration vid. She's got a gorgeous, toned body, with pert boobies and a hard, flat stomach - the sort of body that never goes out of fashion! She's also really relaxed in front of the camera, in part because of a skilled cameraman who talks dirty to her and gets her in the mood. After she's teasingly peeled off her clothes, she spreads her legs so you can inspect her pink and pulls out her favorite toy, a grooved purple dildo. While she grins into the camera, she fucks herself faster and deeper, stroking herself off and making herself climax.

2 Different And Great Hardcore Scenes

Charlotte is dressed in a black lace lingerie outfit with thigh highs when she starts pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy. A guy brings her over to the couch and starts licking her pussy. She then turns around and begins sucking his cock, spitting on it and taking it all the way down. She gets on top and starts riding him hard. She turns around and continues riding him with her legs propped up on his legs. He picks her up and then falls back down onto the couch. She lays down and he begins pounding her pussy hard. He moves faster until he pulls out and cums all over face and mouth.

Horny Couple Fucking in Hot Tub

Raquel Fox and Ricky meet up for a romantic time in the hot tub. They're already naked, and she starts off with a blowjob. She doesn't look to be the most impressive giver of head in the world, but that's okay - she's hot enough to make it well worth watching. She's one of those chicks with the perfect perky tits that aren't too big or too small, and she keeps at his dick for quite some time before letting him lick at her pussy. They end with a great pussy pounding at the end, and that lets us admire that beautiful ass.

Redhead Gets Fired Up In Hottub Anal Sex

The hottub sets the scene for some wet and wild anal sex in this scene. Raquel gets on her knees to give Ricky head. She bobs her head up and down this cock and works it from all angles before she gets on all fours for a doggystyle bang that has her loudly expressing her pleasure. When she straddles him and rides him this girl bounces hard and fast. Her breasts jiggle with each movement. Once he flips her onto her side, this girl tickles her clit with each thrust into her asshole. His cock digs into her anus and she adds a few more anal positions before a rimjob has him nutting in her mouth

Petite Redhead Gets Her Pussy Fucked

Sexy redhead Vivian Valentine sits in front of her horny man sucking his hard cock. She strokes his shaft while sucking on the head, and she gets on her hands and knees so he can finger her bald pussy from behind. He replaces his fingers with his dick, fucking her hard and fast doggy style. She climbs on top to ride him reverse cowgirl, and he lays beside her to give it to her while spooning her. He finally pulls out and jerks his load all over her stomach and tits, and she sucks his cock clean of every drop of cum.

A Coed Masturbates In The Bathtub

Raquel is in the bathtub splashing water all over her gorgeous body. She's fondling her tiny tits, flicking her fingers over her erect nipples, and running her hand down to her pussy. She starts to masturbate herself under the water and then gets up and sits on the edge while she plays with her snatch. Raquel grabs a dildo in which she slides on top of her slit for some delicious friction. She then plugs it inside herself, fucking her horny cunt while she plays with her titties. Raquel continues to masturbate until she feels herself coming close to the edge. She finally lets out a huge groan and cums hard while fucking herself.

Euro Hottie Loves Brutal Pussy Thrusting

Euro brunette Gabriella needs a good fucking, so she calls over her muscle bound neighbor to give her some of the good stuff. As soon as he's in the door, he sees that she's dressed only in her knee high socks and lingerie and his cock gets rock hard. He pulls off the rest of her outfit and roughly shoves her head down towards his crotch - this bitch is going to give him what he needs! He's only got a little dick, but he makes up for his small size with the intensity of his hard fucking. He relentlessly drives his hard prick into Gabriella's tight, fleshy pussy until it's raw and she's begging for relief from his brutal hammering.

Tiny Babe Has Both Holes Roughly Filled

Tiny hottie Raquel Fox is so petite, it's a wonder she can take one big cock up her, let alone two! She's joined by two hot studs in this clip, who stand on the couch and wave their cocks in her face until she deigns to suck them. Spreading her legs, she invites one of the fellas to go down on her smooth shaved pussy, and she moans as he tongues her clit. She lifts her knees up and he pokes the tip of his prick into her a few times before he slams the whole thick shaft home. Both lads have a go at fucking her ass and her pussy, then they both jump aboard and give the tiny babe the double penetrating of a lifetime.

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