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Jerk Off Instructions 66

Video: Jerk Off Instructions 66
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Studio: ErosArts

Scene One: August Ames ? Welcome to August's Sock Show!!! Today August is wearing long, pink socks covered in polka dots. Oh! You are already hard! Let August stroke your hard shaft with her sock-covered feet for just a bit. Nice. Now get that dick into your hand and work it for her. August happily removes her bra and you see her gorgeous titties, though you really love those socks on her. They go up past her knees and land on her smooth thighs. Her panties land softly on the floor and she reminds you that the number one rule is that her socks always stay on. The other rule? You have to cum for her. August really wants you to cum for her, so she tells you to stroke faster. Go faster and show August a healthy load!

Scene Two: Chastity Lynn ? You allowed your neighbor Chastity to have her friends over to your house for a pool party and she wants to thank you. You give her a pretty ring. She asks if you have a crush on her and you cannot deny it. Do you want to be Chastity's sugar daddy? She asks to see your dick and you happily show her. You also let her touch it and she loves how it feels in her hand. Get comfortable and start stroking it. She even calls you "daddy." This is the exact reason you bought a house with a pool! Chastity turns and lets her skirt slide to the floor, while revealing her ass. This is one sexy girl, and she knows what to do with her body. She slowly strips down as you firmly work your dick. When she lowers her pink panties, you see that she has a nice bush. Oddly, she is also wearing legwarmers, but that is kind of appealing to you. As she rubs her pussy, she begs you for your cum, again calling you "daddy." She invites you in for a closer look at her pussy. Those fat pussy lips would feel so good wrapped around your dick, but you remain in control of yourself and continue stroking. You are ordered to stand up and cum all over Chastity as she fingers her pussy. As you cum all over her, you already are anticipating your next encounter with your nasty neighbor.

Scene Three: Kiki Vidis ? Kiki stands with her hands covering her eyes as you offer her a big surprise. You give her a Sybian, but she is a little taken aback since you are her step father. She has never seen such a thing before and she is curious about it, so she straddles it. It is just like riding a horse, she says. What was the reason you wanted to give her this odd gift? Oh, you think that she would not get pregnant if she had this toy to use. The thought was kind, if not a little perverse, but she decides to turn it on for a bit. Kiki likes how it feels, and she can see your dick getting hard in your pants. Do you want to pull out your cock while she plays on the Sybian? Go ahead and touch yourself. Kiki doesn't mind. In fact, it turns her on to see you jack off to her. She takes her panties off so that she can fully experience the wonders of the Sybian. She rides it backwards so that you can see her ass jiggle. Kiki grinds her pussy into the giant vibrating machine as she reminds you how much she loves watching you pleasure yourself. She turns up the intensity and bounces on the Sybian until she cums nice and hard. Now it is your turn to cum and Kiki tells you just how to make it happen. After you cum, Kiki thanks you for your thoughtful gift.

Scene Four & Five: Lexi Belle ? It has been so long since Lexi has been home and she is so glad to be home again. Her mom is leaving on a girls' trip for a few days, and when she is out the door, things change. Lexi eats a slice of warm apple pie and she asks if you missed her. Can she still call you daddy? You are her step dad, but you always take the best care of her just like a daddy would do. Do you remember that game you used to play with Lexi a long time ago? You flashback to 2007 when Lexi first played with daddy game with you. Yes, you do remember that very, very well. Since Lexi has been gone, she has learned a lot of new things and she is excited to show you. If you take out your cock and start stroking, Lexi can show you all her new tricks. She tells you that she plays with both boys and girls now. Her small tits are just as sexy today as they were years ago. "Get yourself off just for me, daddy," she urges you. Did you miss Lexi's butt, too? She knows you have missed it and she bounces it just enough to tease you. Finally she removes her panties and she now wears only thigh-high pink socks as she teases your cock. Her pussy is now on display for you and she knows how much you want that pussy. Lexi is not giving it up yet, though. She tells you that she wants you to feed her with your cum. Every drop of your daddy jizz goes into her hungry mouth before you realize that you have to quickly clean up and get dressed. As a bonus, that very first clip with Lexi Belle is included at the end of the newer clip. In that first Lexi clip, she also asked for you to cum in her mouth ? some things never change, do they?

Scene Six: Rebecca Love ? Do you want to make Rebecca Love happy today? Good then you will have to do exactly as she tells you to. Rebecca immediately begins to instruct you in how to work your penis and she expects that you will follow her every word. If you do as you are told, you will be rewarded. She is pleased with you so far, so she lets you see one of her fat tits. Think about playing with those juicy tits as you continue working your cock. Have you thought about putting your cock into her luscious pussy? Yeah, she knows you have, but you will not be doing that today. Just keep stroking yourself for Rebecca Love. She is watching every move you make, you know. Be sure not to cum yet. Try stroking with your non-dominant hand for a little while. Now get ready to do "the octopus" just as Rebecca instructs you to do. You think that she is a penile genius! It is now time for you to cum for her and she counts down for you. Your target is Rebecca's sweet pussy, so get ready to cover her twat with your hot jizz!

Scene Seven: Sarah Vandella ? Your new step mother is not used to being around you and her silky robe keeps popping open. She is nude underneath and not shy about it. You are staring at her and she acknowledges your attention. She even goes beyond that and tells you that you can jerk off right there in the kitchen. Sarah has big fake tits, but you don't care if they are real or fake. You love all titties even your stepmom's tits! It is obvious that your stepmom is enjoying watching you jack off to her. She jiggles her ass before she begs you to give her your cum right on her pretty ass.

Stars: Rebecca Love, Lexi Belle, Sarah Vandella, Chastity Lynn, Kiki Vidis, August Ames

Naked Aces 2

Video: Naked Aces 2
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Studio: Digital Playground
"Naked Aces 2" stars Jesse Jane? and is a luscious tribute to powerful, sexy women. The A-list cast are frocked in revealing velvet bikinis and sport an arsenal of weaponry. Digital Playground's contract super-star, Jesse Jane? stars in a mind-blowing orgy and awesomely delicious boy / girl romp. Naked Aces 2 delivers anal, orgy, boy / girl, and even some tasty blow-jobs for the conservative viewer. Slick editing inter-twines hot fuck sessions, explosive gun toting and the sexiest creatures on the planet. Don't miss this action-sex-adventure starring DP's one and only Jesse Jane?.

Stars: Madison Young, Jesse Jane, Brianna Love, Rebeca Linares, Candy Manson, Renae Cruz, Rebecca Love, Tommy Gunn, Marco Banderas, Chris Charming, Jerry

Jack's Big Tit Show 2

Video: Jack's Big Tit Show 2
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Studio: Digital Playground
Jack is back and he?s ready to give you more of what you really care about?BIG BOOBS! He?s on the hunt for bigger, better, beautiful boobies and the sequel in this series doesn?t disappoint. Jack is really busy casting for music videos and now. They bounce, and they shake. In volume 2 of this delicious show, the amazingly beautiful, Krystal Steal takes over with a scrumptious fuck and suck spectacle and her fine boobs on display. Then Rebecca Love delivers the best titty fuck we've ever seen and Erik Everhard surely agrees. Not to be outdone by her predecessors, Jada Fires takes Marco in her tight little ass and then begs him to "cum on her big, fat, mother fuckin' titties." Then Sara Stone unleashes her monster titties and Marco Banderas unleashes his load. This is followed up with the very blonde and very cute Sophia, who does an intense anal scene with Erik before he pops all over her jiggling bosom. There's more than a mouthful, more than a handful plenty of big boobies bursting out of their bras. We don't know what band is going to use the footage on MTV but we guarantee that all the bands are going to use the footage for something! Put it in and pull it out. We dare you! There's a lot of tease and a lot of action and it's all entertaining! Forget professional...this volume is all about big, hot, bouncing boobs! It's hot and kinky and Jack's found a new niche!

Stars: Sophia, Jada Fire, Rebecca Love, Sara Stone, Erik Everhard, Scott Nails, Marco Banderas, Kyrstal Steal

Jerk Off Instructions 60 - My Friend's Hot Mom

Video: Jerk Off Instructions 60 - My Friend's Hot Mom
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Studio: SybianRides4Cash
My cougar fantasy comes true You overslept for class again, but your friend's hot mom is not mad. She wants to get to know you a bit. You are already late for class, so you don't mind taking some time to talk to her. Unfortunately, your morning wood is on display for sexy Nina. She is not offended, but she instead wants to help you take care of that thing. Don't be shy. It has been a while since she saw a college boy's dick and she thinks that the two of you would benefit from a little interaction. You couldn't agree more! Your cougar fantasy is about to come true! You expose your hard dick and Nina is quite pleased with your penile offering. She tells you to stroke yourself and MILF Nina begins to unbutton her blouse. It is clear that she has big titties and you really want to see what they look like. She confesses that you are her sons hottest friend and she has been thinking about you. Her blouse is now off and she slides down her bra straps before she unhooks the back strap. When her fat titties are revealed, your hand strokes the length of your shaft faster than before. Cougar Nina rubs her pussy as she urges you to jack off faster and harder than you had been doing. Her bouncing ass compels you to do as you are told and Nina can tell you are ready to jizz. Those fat titties are the perfect landing spot for your cum and you cover them in what feels like buckets of your cum.

Jacking it to MILF Rebecca Love's big DD titties Your friend has a hot mom and she is letting you stay at her house for a while. Her name is Rebecca and you can see that she is a horny older woman. You love older women, but you have never actually done anything about it before. Rebecca sees the growing bulge in your pants and she demands that you show her what is in your pants. Your hard cock pleases her so much that she shows off her fat titties for you while you being to stroke off. You have never seen such juicy titties in person before and you want to put your dick between those fun bags. All the attention you are giving MILF Rebecca is making her very happy and even hornier. You want her to take your dick in her hand, but she wants to take things slowly for now. Horned-up Rebecca spreads her legs nice and wide as she directs you in your dick stroking. Concentrate on her hairless pussy as she plays with her huge boobs. Pretend your dick is squished between her big tits as you keep stroking yourself. You cannot cum until Rebecca says you can, so keep going. Now stand up and get ready to cream all over Rebecca's fat tits. Stroke it. Stroke cum for Rebecca Love!!!!

Devoured by a slutty redheaded MILF You are staying with your mom's friend Veronica and she is asking for your opinion. Do you think that her outfit is a good choice for going out to a biker bar? You love the tight, shiny pants and the top that shows off her big tits and she can tell that you do. Her goal is to pick up a few guys tonight and you know that she will succeed. Veronica asks you to let her see the growing bulge in your pants and she is immediately turned on by what you have to offer. This redheaded cougar demands that you stroke off. She looks like she wants to devour you. She thinks that it might be hot for you to cum on her titties so that she can go out for the night reeking of your sperm. This dirty MILF is like no one you have ever encountered in real life. She seems desperate for you to jack off, so you continue to do so. She slides her hand into her tight pants as she tells you that she will have to fuck ten men tonight to fully satisfy her needs. Veronica offers up her fat titties as you drop your jizz bomb all over them. "You taste yummy," she moans.

Jacking off for horny widow Simone Sonay You are staying with your friend for a little while and your friend's mom is happy to have you. In fact, she says that you can call her "mom." You go into the living room to talk with "mom" and she asks you how college is going. Things get a little embarrassing when she starts to ask about the girls you date. She is pretty hot for an older woman. In fact, she is a widow. Now she tells you that when she saw your photo she decided that she would make a special effort to look nice for you. You tell her how pretty she looks and she confesses that the attention from you is making her a little excited. She has not dated since her husband passed. It is clear that both of you are turned on and sexy MILF Simone decides to take action when she sees your hard-on bulging inside your pants. She is eager to touch your dick and she reciprocates and reveals her body. You think about whether you would classify her as a MILF or a cougar. She tells you how much she likes seeing you work your cock as she plays with her big titties. You want to see more of her and she obliges. When she turns around, you find yourself surprised to see a big tattoo on her back, but her ass is your main focus. It is bouncy and full, but not too big. Simone asks you to show her how you like to work your dick and she mimics the motion. Do you want to see how wet you have made her pussy? Gazing upon her tight pussy is bringing you close to an orgasm and you want to cum on her big titties. She encourages you to plop your load on her funbags and you do. She even thanks you after you finish!

Jerking off to hot mom Nikki Daniels Nikki has not seen you in a while. You have always thought that she was the hottest of all your friends' mothers. She notices that you have grown up since the last time you visited. She is home alone a lot and she is happy to have you there to talk to. Do not try to hide your feelings any longer. Nikki knows that you have always been attracted to her and she has decided that today you will both act on your mutual attraction. She removes her blouse and very soon her bra follows. As you reveal your dick to cougar Nikki, she is quite happy with how well you have developed. She wants to help you to jerk off today because she thinks that you could use some stress relief. You put your hand around your cock and begin to stroke up and down your hard shaft. Her tits are in fantastic shape and you wonder whether she breast-fed her son. Now Nikki stands up and lets you take in her entire body. This woman does not look like most mothers do and you are quite thankful for that. Her thongs slides down her legs and you see her tight pussy growing wetter and wetter. She encourages you to stroke faster so that you can cum before her son gets back home. Your target is her pussy and you can see her big clit as you spew onto her. You had better hurry and clean yourself up before her son gets home!! You can come see cougar Nikki anytime you need a break from school.

Jacking it with my friend's hot mom Your ping pong game is pretty bad, but you are rather distracted by your partner. It is your friend's sexy mom Joslyn and you have had a crush on her for years. Now that you are finally alone with her, you are hopeful that you might get to know her a little better. You have to promise not to tell her son about whatever happens and you agree to her terms. Joslyn knows that you have been staring at her big tits for a while and she sees your dick beginning to get hard. This is your very first experience with a cougar and it is immediately clear that she knows what she wants and that would be your hard dick. She asks you to slap your hard cock on her big tits and then she takes off her bra. They are more magnificent than you could have hoped they would be. Sexy MILF Joslyn has lots of tattoos and you wish that she would allow you to lick each and every one of them. Right now, though, you are meant to jack your dick off and give her your big load. You do just what she wants and you offer her every last drop of jizz that you can muster.

Stars: Rebecca Love, Joslyn James, Veronica Avluv, Nikki Daniels, Simone Sonay, Nina Elle

Even More... FemDom Cumshots!!!

Video: Even More... FemDom Cumshots!!!
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Studio: Venus Girls Productions
Venus Girls Productions presents "Even More? Femdom Cumshots." This film features some of the most hardcore vixens and these rough beauties sure do know how to handle a cock. They tell their men when to cum and how to cum... not a second too soon or they will regret it! They mean business and you're only engaging at your own risk! Nothing but more gooey goodness!

Stars: Jessica Ryan, Brittney Amber, Lylith Lavey, Eva Notty, Alex Chance, Mikki Lynn, Alice Frost, Rebecca Love, Alura Jenson, Annie Cruz, Lacie James, Natasha Starr, Angelina Valentine, Sadie Santana, Bridgette B, Jay Taylor

Scissorhold Submission

Video: Scissorhold Submission
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Studio: Venus Girls Productions
Welcome to Scissorhold Submission! Venus Girls Productions has a wonderful fetish-themed film just for you! Feel the ever-tightening grip of her thighs as you submit to her every whim! She`s got you just where she wants you. Now beg for mercy! Featuring Rebecca Love, Rapture Queen, Goddess Selina, Shae Spreads and Brandi Mae!

Stars: Rebecca Love, Brandi Mae, Shae Spreads, Rapture Queen, Goddess Selina

Mega-Tits Attack!!!

Video: Mega-Tits Attack!!!
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Studio: Venus Girls Productions
All these women are in control. Alura Jenson has complete control of her husband?s cock. She teases him with her big tits and gives him CBT. She finally jerks him off when she?s good and ready too. Alex Chance is a bratty step daughter and she wants a new car, watch how she gets it from step daddy. Eva Notty loves giving a titty fuck. Lylith Lavey is the best step mom and has the greatest biggest tits as she shows junior. Rebecca Love shows you her big jugs and gets all your money.

Stars: Rebecca Love, Lylith Lavey, Eva Notty, Alex Chance, Alura Jenson, Jimmy Broadway

Taboo Cuckoldress

Video: Taboo Cuckoldress
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Studio: Venus Girls Productions
All you little sissy small cocks out there need to remember your places, and the taboo cuckoldresses are here to give you a reminder. First up, your big breasted stripper wife Rebecca Love regale you with stories of all the guys she fucked at work tonight. Then she?ll let you out of your hidey hole long enough so that you can come on her perfect stocking clad feet. Next, Dr. Lacie James has an appointment with Jimmy Broadway, where she determines whether or not it?s time to allow his puny little excuse for a cock out of his chastity device.

Stars: Lacie James, Rebecca Love, Jimmy Broadway

Search For The Ripe Peach 1

Video: Search For The Ripe Peach 1
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Studio: Lord Perious
We're exploring the girly grove again in search of the perfect ripe peach, on a mission to find the cream of the crop! You know - the kind of warm, fuzzy peach that makes you taste its sweet, luscious juice. We've upped the ante by delivering only the youngest, freshest batch of babes yet, each on a quest to be our pick of the day. They're hungry to satisfy your every desire and quench your thirst for filthy fun and fantasy. Go ahead, try a little of each one and enjoy the delicate, ripe peaches. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!

Stars: Avena Lee, Rebecca Love, Kylie Rachel, Victoria Givens, Britney Foster, Pat Myne, John West, Reno, Dr. Thomas Gunn M.D. (ii)

Working Overtime Whores

Video: Working Overtime Whores
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Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
She works hard for her money, but not on the corner! These babes are out to make a career for themselves by sucking dick and making the boss her full time honey! They understand that sometimes you have to give head to get ahead. These babes prove they have what it takes to succeed in business ? working overtime and begging for a tit fucking, anal probes and gooey facials!

Stars: Vicky Vette, Rebecca Love, Trina Michaels, Jessica Drake, Johnny Thrust, Jack Spade, Dave Hardman, Evan Stone

Dirtiest Cheerleader On The Planet

Video: Dirtiest Cheerleader On The Planet
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Studio: Vivid
Sunrise Adams and her hot pom-pom girlfriends are out to raise more than school spirits! Their ultimate goal is to cheer your dick up! And these little cheer freaks will do anything to please, including anal, group sex, girl on girl action and more! These varsity vaginas have the nastiest cheer in town!

Stars: Temptress, Allysin Chaynes, Sunrise Adams, Shelbee Myne, Vivian Valentine, Taylor St. Claire, Ariel, Tyler, Venus, Ashley Long, Randi Storm, TJ Hart, Caramel, Angel Long, Olivia Saint, Chris Cannon, Erik Everhard, Raylin, Eric Masterson, Randy Spears, Darren James, Alec Metro, Jesse V, Jon Dough, Steve Taylor, Joey Ray, Vanessa Chase, Tony Pounds, Tia Bella, Lena Ramon, Sydnee Steele, Holly Halston, Troy Halston, Chelsea Sinclaire, April Flowers, TT Boy, Rebecca Love, Rob, Blair Segal, TJ Cummings, Jay Crew, Lexa, Lance Banger, Sky Lopez, Maya Divine, Maya Devine, Guy Desilva, Dayton (Vivid), Dee, Peaches (ii)

The Fetish Underground

Video: The Fetish Underground
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Studio: Vivid
Descend. Entering the underground club, Savanna finds she's stumbled into a strange world of pleasure and pain. The twisted levels of perversion spiral downward and the only way out of this sexual "Dante's Inferno" seem to be at the bottom. Hope you enjoy The Fetish underground!

Stars: Dru Berrymore, Holly Hollywood, Melanie Jagger, Betty Sue, Tony Tedeschi, Steven St. Croix, Alec Metro, Lee Stone, Anthony Hardwood, Rebecca Love, Savanna Samson

Star 69 - DD (Disc 1)

Video: Star 69 - DD (Disc 1)
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Studio: Vivid
Disc Special Edition. Presenting 69 of our hottest scenes with the hottest Vivid double-D dames in history! Briana! Lanny! Kira! Mercedez! Raylene,Lexie, Dasha, Brea, Christy! You name her, she's here in this special edition gift to all our loyal fans. If you only buy one DVD this year, make it STAR 69!

Stars: Shelbee Myne, Briana Banks, Taylor St. Claire, Bridgette Kerkove, Charlie, Venus, Jennifer Dark, Justine Romee, Vanessa Blue, Darla Crane, Brittany Andrews, Kaylani Lei, Rebecca Wild, Mary Carey, Holly Body, Pat Myne, T.T. Boy, Lovette, Chris Cannon, Joel Lawrence, Tony Tedeschi, Rafe, Erik Everhard, Eric Masterson, Raylene, Dale DaBone, Krista Maze, Lee Stone, Jon Dough, Natasha Dolling, Byron Long, Bobby Vitale, Kira Kener, Christy Canyon, Jake Steed, Dasha, Scotti Andrews, Vince Vouyer, Chelsea Sinclaire, Minka, Jerry, Daphne Rosen, Mimi Miyagi, Jada Fire, Rebecca Love, Trent Tesoro, Nadia Styles, Dillian, TJ Cummings, Kiana, Tommy Gunn, Flower Tucci, Hunter Scott, Chasey Lain, Alexis Silver, Jack Lawrence, Dale Debone, Trent Soluri, Kelly Taylor, Austin Kincaid, Bree Ann, Lexie Marie, Spontaneous Xtasy, Marcus London, Sara Stone, Jay Huntington, Kianna, Puma Swede, Candy Manson, Chavon Taylor, Brea Lynn, Dillion Day, Alexis King, Wendy Devine, Jack Lawerence, Mercedez (Vivid), Olivia (i)

Heavenly Hooters

Video: Heavenly Hooters
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Studio: Wicked Pictures
Heavenly Hooters from Wicked features four hours of big tit action. Stormy Daniels, Brianna Banks, Eva Angelina, and many more of your favorite stars put on some of their best performances. These scenes have been tediously selected from blockbusters like Polarity, Harlequin, and The Way You Kiss Me. If you love breasts, make a pilgrimage to this sacred land of hooters.

Stars: Olivia, Bridgette Kerkove, Dolly Golden, Alexandra Quinn, Voodoo, Mark Davis, Evan Stone, Tony Tedeschi, Steven St. Croix, Julia Ann, Eric Masterson, Raylene, Stacy Valentine, Randy Spears, Lee Stone, Alex Sanders, Tabitha Stevens, Brad Armstrong, Kristal Summers, Eric Price, Jonathan Morgan, Buck Adams, Trevor Zen, Rebecca Love, Eva Angelina, Whitney Wonders, Chasey Lain, Azlea Antistia, Devinn Lane, Stormy Daniels, Vince Voyeur, Brianna Banks, Colt Steel, Eve Laurence, Veronica Rio, Paul Coxxx, Kitten (general)

The Amazing Lace

Video: The Amazing Lace
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Studio: Wicked Pictures
Coming in at just under four hours, this is non-stop action of all varieties! You?ll see girl on girl scenes with plenty of cunnilingus and kissing. You?ll see threesomes, sloppy blowjobs, pussy pounding, anal sex, ATM, and more! And no matter what happens in the scene, every one ends with a creamy cumshot!

Stars: Jonathan Morgan, Evan Stone, Herschel Savage, Chris Cannon, Pat Myne, Crystal Wilder, Alex Foxe, Stephanie Swift, Lezley Zen, Aria, Brittney Skye, Tony Tedeschi, Steven St. Croix, Michael J. Cox, Anthony Crane, Terry Thomas, Sydnee Steele, Steve Drake, Brad Armstrong, Nicole London, Alex Sanders, Steve Hatcher, Randy Spears, Julia Ann, Randi Storm, Kylie Ireland, Lola, Allysin Chaynes, Nici Sterling, Shyla Styles, Norma Jean, Stormy Daniels, Hermina, Devinn Lane, Victorie, Kiki Daire, T.J. Hart, Rebecca Love, Marie Silva

Pillow Talk

Video: Pillow Talk
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Studio: Wicked Pictures
Uncover the secrets that girls tell their pillows. Sydnee Steele leads the pack in Wicked Pictures feature Pillow Talk. A group of women discuss their sexual encounters, leading to vignettes involving straight sex, lesbian licking, group sex, and more. Featuring a bonus scene with Sydnee Steele and three men, as well as behind the scenes footage.

Stars: Keiko (i), Joelean, Alana Evans, Evan Stone, Jack Spade, Mickey G, Tommy Gunn, Haley Paige, Sarah Blake, Rebecca Love, Kris Slater, Sydnee Steele, Felecia

Womb Raiders

Video: Womb Raiders
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Studio: Wicked Pictures
Get ready for four hours of some of the hottest and horniest gals in the business sucking and fucking some of the hottest and hung studs in the biz! Over 20 heavy-hitting, hard-core scenes featuring headliners like Asia Carrera, Bridgette Kervoke, Chasey Lain, Herschel Savage, Lee Stone, and Alex Sanders just to name a few! These cock-crazed babes are turning these studs out with kinky acts like anal penetration, gang bangs, foursomes, three-somes and even some lesbian lip licking! So grab the lube, a fresh towel and get ready for to see babes get everything that they beg for?and more!

Stars: Felicia, Alexa, Rhiannon Bray, Jessica, Calli Cox, Ann Marie, Bridgette Kerkove, Kylie Ireland, Asia Carrera, Ava Vincent, Aria, Felicia Fox, Voodoo, Kyle Stone, Pat Myne, Sahara Sands, Jessica Drake, Stephanie Swift, Peter North, Isis Nile, Alexa Rae, Missy, Temptress, Steven St Croix, Dillion Day, Devinn Lane, Chasey Lain, Kamil Klein, Rebecca Love, TT Boy, Ian Daniels, Randy Spears, Eric Masterson, Julia Ann, Jenna Jameson, Joel Lawrence, Evan Stone, Mark Davis, Lee Stone, Steve Hatcher, Alex Sanders, April Flowers, Sydnee Steele, Mandi Frost, Mike Horner, Scott Styles, Bobby Vitale, Brad Armstrong, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage

Hump Along Cassidy

Video: Hump Along Cassidy
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Studio: Wicked Pictures
Wicked Pictures has scoured their archives to find 25 hard hitting western scenes and they?ve compiled them here for your viewing/stroking pleasure! You?ll see lesbian action, tons of blowjobs, group sex, anal sex, fun with toys, and all the hot, creamy cumshots you?re looking for!

Stars: Sydnee Steele, Buck Adams, Kirsty Waay, Rebecca Love, Mitchell Gant, Shyla Styles, Missy, Shay Sweet, Alexa Rae, Liza Harper, Syren, Kylie Ireland, Tera Heart, Charlie, Kelsey Heart, Ashley Long, Mickey G., Shayla La Veaux, Eric Masterson, Raylene, Alec Metro, Ian Daniels, Steve Hatcher, Alex Sanders, Tom Byron, Jordan Lee, Rachel Love, Brad Armstrong, Alex Dane, Steven St. Croix, Tony Tedeschi, Evan Stone, Ruby, Petra, Tatiana, Bobbi Eden, Delilah, Holly Hollywood, Peter North, Stephanie Swift, Jessica Drake, Cheyne Collins, Tyce Bune, T.T. Boy, Herschel Savage, Mandi Frost


Video: Conviction
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Studio: Wicked Pictures
Wicked Pictures present "Conviction," starring Alexis Malone, Dani Woodward, Eva Angelina, Kat Stevens, Alana Evans and Rebecca Love. Alexis Malone has got more than money on her mind. Her methods set a standard for those around her. Her work days are long and hard and she's always working that body to the max! Watch as Alexis take on several partners in this sexy motion picture!

Stars: Kat Stevens, Alexis Malone, Alana Evans, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Sergio, Dani Woodward, Rebecca Love, Eva Angelina, Tyler Knight


Video: Filthy
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Studio: Wicked Pictures
This is a story about a sexy female attorney that lies, cheats and steals. She also engages in all sorts of sexual behaviors and she leads this double life. She pushes herself to the extreme because she leads a double life. Sabrina, who is played by Michelle Lay, is a cutthroat lawyer by day and a beautiful dominatrix at night. When times get rough for Sabrina she gets really ?Filthy?. The first scene is Michelle Lay masturbating in her office wearing her business suit.

Stars: Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears, Kimberly Kane, Rebecca Love, Van Damage, Lexi Lamour, Michelle Lay

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