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Face On The Cover

Video: Face On The Cover
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Studio: VCA
VCA presents you "Face On The Cover". Hot and horny girls are looking for some fame! What a person wont to do to become famous! These babes have the sex drive to make you crazy! All they want to do all day is suck and fuck for your viewing pleasure. If the dick is not enough they wont hesitate to please one another!

Stars: Deborah Valentine, Gabriella Bond, Maria Bellucci, Regina Sipos, Timea, Brandon T., Choky Ice, John Lenin, Mike Foster

Tradimenti All'italiana

Video: Tradimenti All'italiana
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Studio: Salieri Entertainment
When you?re a raven-haired beauty with an insatiable sexual appetite like Beatrice Poggi; it?s no wonder she?s caught up in a whirlwind situation chocked full of sex, betrayal and more sex! The sexy siren is desired by many...and why wouldn?t they?! Oral stimulation, anal penetrations, and copious cum spewing are just some of the raunchy acts she commits to get the sexual satisfaction she needs. And she won?t stop until she?s drained all the throbbing cocks cumming her way!

Stars: Beatrice Poggi, Regina Sipos, Sylvia Ross, John Walton, Philippe Dean, Leslie Taylor, Frank Gun, Mike Foster, Zoran Greiff

Nasty Anal Queen

Video: Nasty Anal Queen
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Studio: Pearl Productions
One very horny queen has the ability to see what all of her minions are doing, including the times they fuck. Her urge to fuck is so great that you?ll see her being fondled or having sex and then the scene will change and you?ll see hot action that is happening in another part of her castle. She fantasizes about her own sex life, and sneaks into the secret lives of others. She watches as they have anal sex, have group sex, and explode in satisfaction. And in the end, she is satisfied herself?for now.

Stars: Regina Sipos, Carolina, Milly D'Abbraccio, Betty Anderson, Eros Cristaldi, Lea Martini, Erica Bella, Andrea Dioguardi, Francesco Malcom, Baby Nielsen, Omar Williams

Torero Sesso e Arena

Video: Torero Sesso e Arena
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Studio: Rabbit Digital Video
This film was shot in Spain and the landscape reflects one of the most infamous scenarios in history. A large cast is used in this plot based movie about a bullfighter who has to tussle for the love of his life. His sex craving activities range from threesomes, double penetrations, pussy eating etc.

Stars: Maria Swalloy, Sandra, Regina Sipos, Rocco Siffredi, Tanya, Valentino, Roberto Malone, Sunset Thomas, Vanessa Del Rio, Jessica Gabriel, Francesco Malcolm, Estrella Del Sol, Zack Adams

Private XXX 01

Video: Private XXX 01
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Studio: Private
Private brings new meaning to XXX with the maiden volume of the Private XXX series. Shot in Spain, Paris and Cannes, Volume One features 11 sexy starlets starring in seven sultry fantasies.

Two Burglars get more than they bargained for when they stumble upon the oversexed Deborah Valentine; Olga Martinez and Melitta find out that unlike Love, Lust isn't blind; George Uhl and Kevin Long get a sexual treat from three aroused women having a sextoy demonstration; Regina Sapos and Andrew Youngman can't wait until after dinner to go home and have sex, so they go for it right there at the restaurant; Holly Fosters is pretty enough to get what she wants and forceful enough to take it when she wants it; Take a break and enjoy some preview's for Private's 1998 feature movie "Amanda's Diary" before watching George Uhl succumb to the seductive talents of Czech beauty Janet.

Stars: Regina Sipos, Janet, Nick Lang, Leslie Taylor, Kevin Long, Fovea, Kate More, T.J. Hart, Alain Deloin, George Uhl, Melitta, Holly Fosters, Deborah Valentine, Olga Martinez, Andrew Youngmen

Paolina Borghese

Video: Paolina Borghese
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Studio: Salieri Entertainment
Paolina, (Milly D'Abbraccio) a beautiful and imperial Venus, poses for the sculpture of the statue by Canova while narrating the most exciting episodes of her life. Also stars Betty Anderson, Erika Bella, Francesco Malcom & Lea Martini. Directed by Luca Damiano and filmed in Italy.7 scenes with beautiful women in beautiful costumes. Includes, threesomes, foursome, lesbian act, interracial sex, orgy and anal sex.

Stars: Regina Sipos, Carolina, Milly D'Abbraccio, Betty Anderson, Erika Bella, Eros Cristaldi, Fausto Moreno, Lea Martini, Andrea Dioguardi, Andrea Spider, Baby Nielsen, Daris Paletti, Omar Williams, Francesco Malcolm, Anthony Di Nunzio

Le Stagioni Di Bel

Video: Le Stagioni Di Bel
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Studio: Salieri Entertainment
Le Stagioni De Bel is a yet another great Italian film that stars Jessica Gabriel, David Perry, Maria Swallonay, Akan Belkiran, Francesco Malcom, and Regina Sipos. This film mixes a plot with a variety of sex acts including: orgies, a woman being the spectator while a couple makes love, and sensual anal sex among others.

Stars: Regina Sipos, David Perry, Valentino, Francesco Malcom, Jessica Gabriel, Maria Swallonay, Akan Belkiran


Video: Napoleone
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Studio: Salieri Entertainment
The story of Napoleon in any language results in the same--a small man with illusions of grandeur who uses any means necessary to acquire power and victory. In this case, Napoleon uses sex as a strategy to gain power over the females he wishes to conquer. Initially skirmishes indicate that Napoleon may have finally found a successful strategy as he marches across a continent--to pillage, plunder and ravish the lovely wenches along the way.

Stars: Robert Malone, Baby Nielsen, Ramon, Omar Williams, Aliona, Maria Szalontai, Francesco Malcom, Andrea Spider, Silvio Evangelista, Regina Sipos, Carolina, Betty Anderson, Erika Bella, Lea Martini, Jeanette La Douce, Valeria Dori, Andrea Dioguardi


Video: Experiences
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Studio: In-X-Cess
Time Is It's Own Aphrodisiac! What would you do if you could travel through time? What experiences could you find in the flapper era? What horrors await you during the Inquisition? What wonders await you in the past? Now ask yourself what if you were a woman with an insatiable hunger for sex! The possibilities are timeless! Here is an unforgettable adult film with the scale and passion of any big Hollywood feature. The major difference is the explicit passion with torrid anal, frothing facials and deep sweaty sexy so burning, it will thrill the most jaded viewer.

Stars: Sean Michaels, Maria Swalloy, Ursula Moore, Eva Henger, Regina Sipos, Gabriella Vincze, Frank Gun, Mike Foster, Erica Bella, Susana Farcach, Jean Yves LeCastel, Reinhardt

The Voyeur #7 - Live In Europe!

Video: The Voyeur #7 - Live In Europe!
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Studio: John Leslie
This is The Voyeur #7. The seventh installment in this most excellent series. This video features some of the hottest girls being peeped on while they are taking on more than one cock at a time. Just wait till you can see what these girls do to these guys when they think nobody is watching.

Stars: Olivia Del Rio, Regina Sipos, Monica Orsini, Betty Anderson, Maria De Sanchez, Katalin, Susy Q., Monica Baal, Kathy Kash, Elizabeth King


Video: Mamma
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Studio: Showtime
In the late thirties, vice and corruption of the family of Cesare Balbo fascist. In a web of violent passions consume the murky moral decline of fascism which is opposed to the organized resistance of the partisan struggle. Silvio Bandinelli signed his film 'the most original and brave, not silence hypocrisies and compromises of power, opposition and the Church. By Deborah Wells in his first, now legendary, anal.

Stars: Deborah Wells, Mike Foster, Andrea Nobili, Ferenc, Ursula Cavalcanti, Jolt Walton, Maria Sallontai, Regina Morgan, Francesca Zante, Andew Young Man, Joe Calzante

Napoleon XXX

Video: Napoleon XXX
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Studio: Pearl Productions
Napoleon XXX takes everyone's favorite little emperor and gives him along with his loyal officials and subjects an adult makeover. There are six hot scenes of extremely hot sex that ranges from one on one to a 5 person orgy; fans of interracial will love this scene! Those who love anal sex will also enjoy this hilarious take on Napoleon!

Stars: Regina Sipos, Carolina, Lea Martini, Erica Bella, Jeanette La Douce, Roberto Malone, Andrea Dioguardi, Silvio Evangelista, Andrea Spider, Francesco Malcom, Ramon, Omar Williams, Baby Nieslen

Donne Senza Pudore

Video: Donne Senza Pudore
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Studio: Showtime
This movie is about women without any modesty. Take two women, free and without shame. Erika Bella and Regina Morgan star in this movie and if they can get some ass they will. They will do anything to get fucked. Including group sex and anal sex. These are two very horny and hot women.

Stars: Erika Bella, Freddy Dalton, Regina Morgan, Judy Summer, Conny Crow, Horsi Bosch, Adjana Sun, Antonia Moreno, Regina Del Monte, Reinhard B., Markus Habemann

Hercules - A Sex Adventure

Video: Hercules - A Sex Adventure
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Studio: In-X-Cess
Join the legendary Hercules on his travels through the Greek world with all its beautiful "scenery". And as the beautiful Hera stands in his way, she will go to all lengths and fuck anybody to get her way. Can the mighty sexual appetite of the greatest hero undo her enchantments on the most beautiful woman of them all? These luscious ladies can tempt even the strongest of men into Godly circumstances. With gorgeous babes, hardcore action and great anal scenes, this film lends to all tastes.

Stars: Maria Swalloy, Kelly Trump, Maria Papp, Regina Sipos, Sylvia Ross, Erica Lindauer, Gabriella Vincze, Frank Gun, Mike Foster, Djolt Walthon, Steve Hard

Latex Excess High Sensitve Part 2

Video: Latex Excess High Sensitve Part 2
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Studio: DBM Videovertrieb
Dolly is back in town and this time she wants to watch a group of couples get it on right in front of her! She won't just watch she'll suck a cock or two and even slide a few fingers into each woman's cunt to help her reach a screaming orgasm! This is one intense penetration movie! Dolly Buster Video Entertainment

Stars: Olga Lovi, Freddy Dalton, Debora Coeur, Dolly Buster, Liza Adorato, Judith Horvath


Video: Nirvanal
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Studio: Showtime
The Nirvanal project is running rampant in the city. This powerful psychedelic drug alters consciousnesses and disturbs ones equilibrium, as a morbid and perverse sensuality takes hold of its users. Different groups are vying to gain control of its distribution as sex and intrigue take hold.

Stars: Deborah Wells, Katalyn Hoffner, Valentine Demy, Regina Morgan, Marta Lusini

Il Sequestro

Video: Il Sequestro
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Studio: Showtime
The works of Silvio Bandinelli are realistic films, shot with cinematic style, supported by an intriguing history. The hard scenes are a direct consequence of the actions and psychology of the characters. A highly personal way to write and turn porn movie that made Silvio Bandinelli a unique case in the hard world stage. This film explores the relationship between victim and perpetrator that is created in the kidnappings.

Stars: Zenza Raggi, Mike Foster, Andrea Nobili, Reinhard, Valentine Demy, Regina Morgan, Marta Lusini, Deborah Malgioglio, Jane Fabiani

Figa Da Morire

Video: Figa Da Morire
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Studio: Piston
Anita Dark is a scorching hot, dark-haired star ready to unleash her sexual appetite on pussy-craving cocks! These lucky guys are in for one hell of a ride as they jump aboard her moving train of a body! Some of the hottest babes on the porn scene included in this excellent title!

Stars: Ursula Moore, Regina Sipos, Anita Dark, Cristina Blonde

Rosso & Nero

Video: Rosso & Nero
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Studio: Showtime
The work of Silvio Bandinelli are real films, shot with cinematic style, supported by an intriguing history. The hard scenes are a direct consequence of the actions and psychology of the characters. A highly personal way to write and turn porn movie that made Silvio Bandinelli a unique case in the hard world stage. "Red and Black" is a psychological thriller and perverse, interpreted by the most famous Italian porn stars living!

Stars: Selen, Nikita, Regina Morgan

Skin: Maximum Perversion 5

Video: Skin: Maximum Perversion 5
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Studio: Astral Ocean
Double Body Heat - the ultimate feature of searing sexuality pushed to the physical limits - Giant cocks are sucked and the supermodels clean guys asses with their tongues - Guys that fuck high-heeled shoes and then into pink buttholes for the clearest, tightest anals ever lensed - Lesbianism with hardcore studs who sodomize them while their aching with pleasure pussies are eaten - The ultimate foot fetish encounter, feet used to jerk off cocks, feet used for vaginal insertion. And for the penalty of shooting her depraved husband the gorgeous wife is brought to prison, stripping before the male guards, her head is lathered to be shaved and she enjoys searing double penetrations and gang bangs to show her awesome powers. A new classic.

Stars: Regina Sipos, Christoph Clark, Yves Baillat, Olga Lovi, Anico Ahrnal, Eric Ilka, Erno Seres, Jordan Tibar, Laslo Zabo, Mikael Teabone

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