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A Bit Of Both 3

Video: A Bit Of Both 3
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Studio: Porndoe Premium

Blonde Latina tranny Bia Lins in wild hard threesome with Italian studs. Pierre D.j. and Paolo Love are ready to please hot tranny Bia Lins. They fuck each other like crazy in this uninhibited hardcore three-way.

Latina shemale Jackeline Boing Boing fucks Italian guy and girl. Naughty Latina tranny is in for a real hot three-way with a guy and a girl. Watch this busty TS beauty as she gets her shedick sucked on furiously by Pierre D.j. and Sissy Neri, before fucking them both and getting her asshole plowed as well.

Exciting Italian threesome with hot tranny and ebony babe. Kalena Rios is a beautiful tranny who enjoys getting her ladyboy cock satisfied by beautiful Maya Secret and Ugo Diabolik. They'll fuck each other passionately and cover Maya in cum.

Kinky foursome with lovely tranny Renata Davila. Stunning ladyboy Renata Davila meets lovely mature Sissy Neri and stallions Ugo Diabolik and Vabry Horse for an exciting hardcore foursome, fucking and sucking before they all cum on Sissy?s pretty face.

Stars: Maya Secret, Sissy Neri, Fabry Horse, Paolo Love, Pierre D.J., Ugo Diabolik, Bia Lins, Renata Davila (Trans), Jackeline Boing Boing, Kalena Rios (Trans)

T Ladies

Video: T Ladies
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Studio: Pink'O
Watch your favorite TS Ladies do some hardcore sucking and fucking! Andrea Nobili brings you over two hours of hardcore transsexual action! Pull out your cock and stroke it hard as you sit back and enjoy these gorgeous Latina girls-with-surprises as they show you why they are tranny superstars!

Stars: Roberto Gaucho, Raul Montana, Max, Marina (Trans), Sabrina Vienna (Trans), Renata D'Alia (Trans), Andreas (Trans), Kelly Costner (Trans)

He's Into Her

Video: He's Into Her
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Studio: Porndoe Premium

Gorgeous shemale Elisabetta meets Raul Montana for a hot sex session, fucking each other's asses, sucking cock and cumming all over her hot ladyboy body.

Graziella Toledo will get her cock sucked by Maurizio and then she will squat down to return the favor. The dirty tranny will get her asshole fucked doggy and reverse cowgirl style and rub one out, before swiching roles with Maurizio and drilling his butthole too.

Maurizio Mazza and Renata Davila definitely have the hots for each other. They will suck each other's rods and then bang the shit out of their butt holes.

Pierre D.j. and Veronika Havenna are having fun together. Hot tranny gets her big cock sucked and her asshole licked. Brown-haired bitch like getting fucked doggy and in reverse cowgirl while jerking off.

Stars: Raul Montana, Maurizio Mazza, Pierre DJ, Renata Davila (Trans), Graziella Toledo (Trans), Elisabetta (Trans), Veronica Havenna (Trans)

Top Model Shemale

Video: Top Model Shemale
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Studio: Pink'O
These trannies are active and ready! Take a load off and let these nice ladies show you a good time! Transsexual beauties with such good dicks, you have to see to believe. These ladies need to be filled up with your warm load! They're horny, hot and hung! It's time for all of your fantasies to cum true!

Stars: Axen, Max, Raul Montana, Adriana (Trans), Anna Paula (Trans), Renata Davila (Trans), Dany Baroni (Trans)

Tranny Surprise Volume 31

Video: Tranny Surprise Volume 31
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Studio: Reality Kings
Starring sexy ass tranny Bruno Butterfly. Yago loves slamming her big ass and gives her a nice big load on her tits. Renata Davila likes some anal play before she gets that big cock shoved in her ass. Juliana Araujo gets a facial after her ass is pounded. Isabelle Marinho is beautiful and sexy, especially her nice big juicy ass. It?s perfect for a rimming and good fucking. Milena Ninteto loves sucking Yago?s dick; she can?t wait to get fucked with it in her ass. Isabelle Trans has such a bangin ass, especially seeing her in short denim shorts. She sure loves riding that big cock and getting a mouthful of sperm.

Stars: Yago Ribeiro, Renata Davila (Trans), Bruna Butterfly (Trans), Isabelle Marinho (Trans), Isabelle Trans (Trans), Juliana Araujo (Trans), Milena Ninteto (Trans)

Don't Call Me Caitlyn

Video: Don't Call Me Caitlyn
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Studio: Hot Mess Tranny
They don't have a reality show. They don't apologize on national television. They just love being trannies and they love to fuck. They dig their tits and dicks and they know how to use them. Call them hot. Call them nasty. Call them rude. Just don't call them Caitlyn.

Stars: Kiara, Belinha, Nicole, Bianca (Trans), Alessandra Ribeiro (Trans), Ciara Stone (Trans), Anny (Trans), Renata D'Avila (Trans)

What A Tranny Surprise

Video: What A Tranny Surprise
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Studio: Tranny Party Trailer
Franny loves to suck on Jenny?s cock and jenny loves to fuck Franny?s pussy. Next a threesome, the sexy Belinha and blonde hottie Tranny Renata and Belinha uses a strap on. Transsexual Angie gets jammed in her ass nice and hard. After China gets that Latin cock in her sweet ass she gets a facial. Watch Kananda get that dark meet in her mouth and ass.

Stars: Fanny, Belinha, China (Trans), Angie (Trans), Jenny (Trans), Giselle Davila (Trans), Kananda Hickman (Trans)

Roy Alexandre's Transsexual Beauty Queens - O.M.G.! I Can't Believe It's Not A Real Girl! 5

Video: Roy Alexandre's Transsexual Beauty Queens - O.M.G.! I Can't Believe It's Not A Real Girl! 5
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Studio: Androgeny Productions
Prepare yourself for Transsexual Beauty Queens so beautiful that you can?t believe they?re not real girls. These 10 drop-dead gorgeous gender-bending babes love to get it on with both guys and girls, so it?s a smorgasbord of scenes to choose from. Join Jessica, Saskya, Renata, Bianca and more for Transsexual exploits that will have you saying ?OMG!?

Stars: Kate, Cindy, Fernanda (TVTS), Lucy, Patrick, Bianca (TVTS), Peter, Camilla (TVTS), Denis, Yago, Renata (TVTS), Jessica (TVTS), Naomi (TVTS), Capoeira, Saskya (TVTS), Cruz, Caroline Anderson (TVTS), Renata Davilla (TVTS), Grazielle (TVTS), Gracy Grey

Transsexual Beauty Queens - Trisexual Exxplosions

Video: Transsexual Beauty Queens - Trisexual Exxplosions
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Studio: Androgeny Productions
You know who has a knack for picking out the most beautiful transsexuals? That man is Roy Alexandre. This time he has 8 rock hard shemales in raunchy 3-way action! Ingrid, Renata D?Avila, Graziella, Dayana, Sabrina Vienna, Gia Darling, Alessandra, and Drielly star in this fuckfest!

Stars: Jessica Jewel, Lucy, Scarlet, Chris, Frank, Lucas, Bruce Hill, Black Jack, Alessandra (TVTS), Denis, Gia Darling (TVTS), Joe Parker, Graziella (TVTS), Milan Long, Jane East, Dayana (TVTS), Sabrina Vienna (TVTS), Drielly (TVTS), Ingrid (TVTS), Kitty Jane, Renata D'Avila (TVTS), Sylvie De Luxe, Alley Style

Bang Bang Breakin' The Law

Video: Bang Bang Breakin' The Law
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Studio: Nacho Vidal Productions
Only Nacho would think of mixing two twisted, vicious groups of sexy she-males, one lucky police officer and a Judas Priest song title! They look beautiful and carry a big dick! If you thought you knew how to pound on an anus, you haven't met these transsexuals.

Stars: Victoria (TVTS), Gusavo, Giselle Mazrila (TVTS), Paula Freire (TVTS), Fabiola Mebarak (TVTS), Cinthya Marinho (TVTS), Larissa Sensacaie (TVTS), Alexia Freire (TVTS), Maryoye Romas (TVTS), Milena Campanelli (TVTS), Laiza Lins (TVTS), Nataly (TVTS), Rafaela Sanchez (TVTS), Alexia Nogueira (TVTS)

Massive Shemale Breasts 4

Video: Massive Shemale Breasts 4
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Studio: Epic Distribution
It?d be blasphemous to believe that the only thing that Transsexuals have are big, thick, meaty, uncut cocks that shoot molten loads of love liquid. Not when they have a rack of headlights staring you right in the face. In all their glory, Massive Shemale Breasts are here to be sucked, titty-fucked, and most of all, covered in a creamy coat of cum!

Stars: Barbara, Renata Davilla (TVTS), Alessandra Ribeiro (TVTS), Paola Lima (TVTS), Raicca (TVTS), Daniella Carales (TVTS)

Teenage Transsexuals 12

Video: Teenage Transsexuals 12
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Studio: Gentlemen's Video
Teenage Transsexuals #12 ! These babes have it all. Firm tits, full lips, round asses and hard COCKS! They know how to please a man and have nothing to hide. Once they hike up their skirt and show you their man meat you'll see why they have so much more to offer than any woman!

Stars: Renata Davila (TVTS), Katia (TVTS), Rosa (TVTS), Eduardo

Brazilian Travestis - Monica & Tayssa

Video: Brazilian Travestis - Monica & Tayssa
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Studio: Oftly Goldwin
There are few things hotter than watching transsexuals and females getting it on. When you have Monica Mattos, Tayssa Alves, Leona Lopes, Renata D?Avila, Milly Amorim, Lana Paes, and Bella in a flick, shit is truly going to get hot and heavy. All of the scenes are hot and yes, they each feature anal!

Stars: Tayssa Alves (TVTS), Renata D'Avila (TVTS), Vanessa Costa, Leona Lopes (TVTS), Lana Paes, Milly Amorim, Monica Mattos, Bella

Roy Alexandre's 30 SheMales On She-Tails

Video: Roy Alexandre's 30 SheMales On She-Tails
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Studio: Androgeny Productions
Watch over four hours with twenty four scenes, 30 She-Males on She-Tails. All the scenes are trannies with sexy horny ladies. Their anal pounding. They?re hungry for cum and they love to give facials. Not only do they love to fuck a tight pussy, but they love ass pounding. Sometimes the ladies like to fuck with their strap-on. Watch the threesomes two. There?s no stop action going on and the ladies are completely satisfied with tits and a cock to suck and fuck.

Stars: Graziele (TVTS), Alessandra Nogueira (TVTS), Saskia (TVTS), Renata Davila (TVTS), Carla Novais (TVTS), Gia Darling (TVTS), Denise (TVTS), Daniela (TVTS), Veronica (TVTS), Anastasia (TVTS), Patricia (TVTS), Mandy May, Joanna Jet (TVTS), Anastasia Christ, Eva (TVTS), Anais (TVTS), Ingrid (TVTS), Emmanuelle Rios (TVTS), Drielly (TVTS), Sabrina Vienna (TVTS), Laura Lions, Tayssa (TVTS), Dayana (TVTS), Veronika (TVTS), Diana (TVTS), Ambar (TVTS), Lucy, Jayne

Monster Cock She-Males 3

Video: Monster Cock She-Males 3
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Studio: Nacho Vidal Productions
Director Nacho Vidal is captivated by the mysterious, exotic sensuality of transsexuals, especially their strange and alluring masturbatory rituals. And, like many aficionados, Nacho knows that when it comes to she-male dicks, bigger is better! "Monster Cock She-Males 3" is a collection of 11 well-hung Brazilian beauties, each one an ultra-feminine creature sporting a huge, throbbing bonus. In this selection of solo scenes comes from his "House Of She-Males" series, Nacho's special "ladies" preen and tease the camera, fingering their asses and stroking and tugging at their veiny she-meat until they spurt their hot jizz. Fishnet-clad blonde Valeria uses both hands to wank her proud, stiff lady-dick, wiggling her hips to make her cock sway hypnotically. Tanned TS bombshell Jeniffer Caprhth jacks her thick shaft and thrusts her manicured digits into her winking bunghole. Feverishly pumping her prick, Jeniffer shoots a wad of gooey cum onto her thigh. Busty, long-haired, dark mocha Shanayra dances and diddles her way into our hearts, and friendly, lanky she-model Angel Star wraps her fingers around her uncut schlong before ejaculating onto her flat tummy. If you're curious about the hidden world of big-dicked lady boys, Nacho Vidal's "Monster Cock She-Males 3" is your ticket in!

Stars: Angel Star (TVTS), Valeria (TVTS), Jeniffer Caprhth (TVTS), Renata Davila (TVTS), Renata Sales (TVTS), Duda Dihl (TVTS), Julia Jhones (TVTS), Shanayra (TVTS), Domy (TVTS), Alexia Freire (TVTS), Rafaely Dubenstay (TVTS)

22 Cute Chicks With Big Dicks #2

Video: 22 Cute Chicks With Big Dicks #2
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Studio: Androgeny Productions
Over four and a half hours of extreme shemale action with 22 rock-hard scenes and 22 cute chicks packing big, hot dicks. Think about that prospect for a moment. If you didn?t witness the action with your own eyes, you?d think this would be impossible. But let?s not forget; we?re in the 21st century where anything one can dream up is surely just a breath away from reality. So, when your woman is packing just as much cock as you or her boobs are larger than yours, you can either toss her out or you can just go with the flow and enjoy the ride! I?m inclined to think you?ll thank your lucky stars!

Stars: Renata D'Avila (TVTS), Sophia (TVTS), Angelica (TVTS), Barbie Woods (TVTS), Sandra (TVTS), Denise (TVTS), Jessica (TVTS), Mia (TVTS), Kelly (TVTS), Veronica (TVTS), Eva (TVTS), Mark Zebro, Graziela (TVTS), Martin Love, Suzie (TVTS), Rachel (TVTS), Seara (TVTS), Kate (TVTS), Martina (TVTS), Milan Long, Ambar (TVTS), Patricia (TVTS), Carolina (TVTS), Dayna (TVTS), Lucas, Barbie (TVTS), Danielle (TVTS), Mizuki (TVTS)

Her Pole His Hole Volume 2

Video: Her Pole His Hole Volume 2
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Studio: Damaged Pictures
You know the moment when some horny little slut is sucking your cock and you're about to cum - as she slides one of her fingers up your ass. You thought life couldn't get any better - until she stuck her hard cock up your ass! HER POLE, HIS HOLE #2 features 6 of the hottest she-males you'll ever witness teasing, fooling, then fucking guys and girls for almost 3 hours of gender bending fun. After experiencing HER POLE, HIS HOLE #2, you'll definitely think twice before you buy a drink for that pretty girl sitting alone in the bar. Unless you're into surprises, and who doesn't love surprises?

Stars: Renata Daniela (TVTS), Daniela Pill (TVTS), Gabriela Silva (TVTS), Juliana Mel (TVTS), Nayla Guimaraes (TVTS), Sasha Kim (TVTS), Gisele Prado (TVTS)

Roy Alexandre's My Girlfriend's Got A Big Dick!

Video: Roy Alexandre's My Girlfriend's Got A Big Dick!
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Studio: Androgeny Productions
Do you remember your first experience? Maybe you were in a club, having a good time. You?ve had a few drinks, and you were dancing, surrounded by dozens of hot women, although one in particular has your undivided attention. The passion and electricity between you two is undeniable. You get each other alone in a hotel, and you kiss each other as you remove clothing feverishly. That?s when you felt it. You felt that huge bulge between her legs, one that was even bigger than yours, seemingly several times larger. You can?t believe what you?re experience as she feeds it to you inch by inch, and now you have a girlfriend, and your girlfriend?s got a big dick!

Stars: Renata D'Avila (TVTS), Coral (TVTS), Diana (TVTS), Saskya (TVTS), Mark Zebro, Honey Love (TVTS), Gia Darling (TVTS), Sandra (TVTS), David Moser, Denise (TVTS), Jane East, Camili (TVTS), Luma De Bahia (TVTS), Ingrid (TVTS), Shione Cooper, Melanie Hickman (TVTS), Kim Devine (TVTS), Laysa Lins (TVTS), Milly Amorim, Renata Araujo (TVTS), Francine (TVTS), Grazielle (TVTS), Mia (TVTS), Vanessa (TVTS), Erika (TVTS), Veronica (TVTS), Milly, Anastasia (TVTS), Patricia (TVTS), Mandy May, Isabella (TVTS), Thais (TVTS)

Transsexual Beauty Queens #44

Video: Transsexual Beauty Queens #44
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Studio: Androgeny Productions
All new she-male on she-male, she-males on females, and she-males on males XXXtravaganza!! Featuring the sexiest, most feminine, pistol-packing she-males, gorgeous genetic girls and the most torrid tri-sexual action! It's no holes barred in the latest installation of the kinkiest, gender-bending fuck-a-thon..."Transsexual Beauty Queens 44". Where every pole finds a hole and every mouth is filled a shot of thick, creamy love juice!

Stars: Mizuki (TVTS), Renata Davila (TVTS), Ally Style, Ingrid (TVTS), Drielly (TVTS), Martin Love, Rachel Evans, Graziella (TVTS), G.G., Denis, Frank

Roy Alexandre's Beautiful Babes With Big Boners #1

Video: Roy Alexandre's Beautiful Babes With Big Boners #1
Watch This Video!
Studio: Androgeny Productions
Roy Alexandre features some of the hugest collections of Transsexuals you?ll ever be able to grace your eyes on! Hot, horny shemales that want to fuck and shoot cum over you and them! They have some of the hugest pricks you?ll ever wrap your lips around or be penetrated by, and they make no effort to shy away from exposing themselves to you! They?re all beautiful babes with big boners!

Stars: Denise (TVTS), Carla (TVTS), Vo D'Balm (TVTS), Olivia Love (TVTS), Vanessa (TVTS), Daniela (TVTS), Melissa (TVTS), Anastasia (TVTS), Miriam (TVTS), Naomi (TVTS), Drielly (TVTS), Laysa Lins (TVTS), Shakira (TVTS), Meghan Chevalier (TVTS), Mia Turiano (TVTS), Ambar (TVTS), Graziella (TVTS), Angelica (TVTS), Danielle (TVTS), Andrea (TVTS), Thais (TVTS), Sabrina (TVTS), Renata Davila (TVTS)

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