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M.M.F. Encounters #2

Video: M.M.F. Encounters #2
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Studio: Bacchus
It?s three amazing threesomes where everybody gets fucked and nobody is left out of the fun! Each scene features one sexy fag hag and two randy young studs whose stiff pricks don?t care what hole they?re in! The girls get fucked, the guys get their asses reamed, and everybody leaves happy! It?s 100% bisexual action!

Stars: Laszlo, Lucas, Peterson, Alan, Jennifer, Melissa, Amanda, Marcio, Renzo

Bi-Sexual Playmates

Video: Bi-Sexual Playmates
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Studio: No Limits Productions
Everybody gets a turn in these threesomes. One horny girl and two men in four hot hardcore bi-sexual scenes. Bianca Ferrero on the roof top, she gets fucked in her pussy and he gets fucked in the ass by another guy. Ana Portilha loves to watch these two guys fuck, what a turn on. Erika isn?t the only one that?s getting fucked in the ass. Nomi gets DP?d. There are plenty of blowjobs, pussy licking, anal between all of these bisexuals.

Stars: Bianca Ferrero, Alex, David White, Ana Portilha, Tomm, Sylvio Arcanjo, Erick Leony, Miklos, Renzo, Laszlo, Erika, Nomi

Bi-Bi Love #3

Video: Bi-Bi Love #3
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Studio: Heatwave Raw
These bisexual lovers go both ways! Whether it's a cock, pussy, asshole, or mouth, they just do it all! And who could blame them switching things up a bit? I mean, if you were surrounded with rock hard cock and dripping wet pussy, wouldn't you want a taste of both?

Stars: Renzo, Felix Stulbach, Marcela Carioca, Matheus Axell, Mauro Reis, Lorena Blond, Bruno Stigmata, Amanda Bourbom, Marcio Cheder

Bi Pole Her 4

Video: Bi Pole Her 4
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Studio: Third World Media
Bi-Pole Her has gone interracial with a domination theme, as some of the worlds hottest blondes, sexy brunettes and white studs, get their fill of chocolate by big black guys who do not discriminate one bit.

Talita is one of the sexiest blondes around. She has long hair and golden skin with one heck of a thick ass and big beautiful tits. She is chillin' with her boyfriend Alex, a young, good-looking white man. But today she has arranged a surprise for her and Alex. She calls in the large, chiseled and super dark Higor. She strips him down, exposing his rock hard and massive black dong. She stuffs it in her mouth and slaps it against her face, as Alex looks on wondering when his turn is coming. She shows Alex a little love as well, but requires him to suck Higor's black monster if he expects any more out of her. Alex swallows more of Higor's meat than Talita ever could and appears more intrigued with Higor's sculpted body than Talita's thick booty. Alex warms up Talita's pussy as Higor checks the inner workings of young Alex's windpipe with his hog. Talita shares her pussy with all, and the boys take full advantage, pulling the others cock out of her ass and each taking a lick off the others stick. Higor fires up the choo choo train, plugging Alex's tight shitter while Alex bangs out Talita's ass at the same time. His large chocolate package makes his way from Alex's ass to Talita's front door for some hard DP action. The guys kiss, as Talita moans and Alex pulls out to shoot a sticky one all over Talita's thick ass. Higor yanks his dark one off, spilling out a huge one; half for Talita and half for little Alex. They all enjoy a sampling of cum and then shower clean together.

Erika is a small and super cute Latina girl with dark hair and dark skin. She has 2 boyfriends named Alex and Renzo, who share her just as much as they share each other. Alex is white and very pretty, while Renzo is a muscle bound black man with a fat schlong. Erika's tits may be small and tight, yet her mouth is big enough to handle two big dongs at one time. Erika shares Renzo's hard dark meat with Alex, who quickly shoves his white meat into Erika's pussy while fully swallowing Renzo's shaft. Renzo fucks Erika, as Alex pulls his cock out of her pussy over and over again to suck it clean. The two mount Erika from behind, as Alex works her ass into a clean DP, where these two guys tear this little girls inner workings apart. They stuff her full of cock, as Renzo lines up behind Alex cramming his chute as Alex stuffs Erika's at the same time. Little Alex cannot hold on anymore and cums on Erika's ass crack before Renzo rubs one out on the other two's chests. They all kiss and share the extra cum together. The three shower, scrubbing away any residual cum globs.

Paula is a hot brunette with white skin and a very sexy body. She is relaxing in a hotel with her boyfriend Marcelo, a good-looking dirty blonde guy with a solid physique. Paula is bored with simple one on one play and places an order with room service to send up a little spice. Up comes Caio, a muscle monster Black man, who is ready to liven things up real good for this couple. They strip her down together, as the boys get to know each other a bit more. There is as much interest in her pussy as there is with each other's bungholes, and the two waste little time force feeding Paula lots of cock and warming up each other's shitters. They take some time out to tug, suck and swirl at each other long foreskins, and Paula likes it as they escalate the roughness of their play. NO hole is left unplugged, as these 3 take bisexuality to a new level, with Caio dominating the two of them, cramming one pooper after the other. The two share a final ride on Paula, DPing her, before Marcelo pulls out of her tight ass and blows big all over himself and Caio stands ready to blow on the two of their faces. There is plenty of cum for everyone, before they wash it all away together in the shower.

Patricia is a sexy brunette who is a bit bored. She calls Mauricio, who is very young and skinny too. She convinces him for the need to expand their horizons into something new and wild. So she calls in her dark and larger friend Tiago, who quickly becomes aquatinted with Patricia's tits and Mauricio's cock at the same time. Tiago's cock makes its way quickly between Patricia's ass and Mauricio's mouth over and over again, as Mauricio gets ready to have his ass slammed. Tiago splits his white cheeks in two, pounding Mauricio's anus and then switching his attention to Patricia again, as he orders Mauricio to continue to suck his cock over and over as it freshly exits her worn out ass. The two offload on Patricia and kiss goodbye for now.

Stars: Patricia, Alex, Erika, Paula, Tiago, Talita, Marcelo, Caio, Mauricio, Renzo, Higor Black

Bi Pole Her #5

Video: Bi Pole Her #5
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Studio: Third World Media
The world is constantly changing. Things that once were taboo are today quite mainstream. Bisexuality tops the list of new trends in the forefront of society, as more and more people around the world experiment with the best in both sexual worlds. Remember- "Girl or Guy.... It is cool to be Bi...!"

Nathaly and Higor are chillin out and talkin about her fascination with all things Bi sexual. She insists her boyfriend Higor give it a try with her well hung, black friend Eduardo. She calls over Eduardo and gets the boys familiar with each other rather quickly; as Higor swallows Edwards big black elephant trunk and Nathaly teaches the 2 how to properly suck each others cocks. Eduardo works Higors mouth with his black baton before stuffing his anus, while Nathaly jerks his bird and Higor licks her pussy. Higors love for Nathalys shaved puss may now have be surpassed by his love for dark chocolate, as the 3 go from man ass to pussy and pussy to man ass, with a little girl and boy mouth thrown in at random intervals. The boys throw their host Nathaly a bone, by hard DPing her, before Higor cannot hold on anymore, pulls out of her shitter and cums big time on her golden brown butt cheeks. Eduardo drills Nathalys pussy further, pulling out to cum on both Higor and Nathaly, who all pledge to get together again soon before showering and kissing goodbye.

Sandro Bullock and Renzo are very gay. Sandro likes Renzos big muscles and dark skin while Renzo likes Sandros baby face and boyish figure. Bianca Lopes is a girlfriend of theirs they invite over to take part in the weekly 3 way they all seem to enjoy. Bianca is very thick with long dark hair and a very open sexual attitude. Sandro wastes little time getting the party started by making nice to Renzos stiffie, before Bianca joins in to help things out. Renzo crams Sandros poop chute in RCG and Bianca strokes his meat before jumping on Renzo for a hard pussy punishing. Sandro gets up behind her while Renzo stays low, as the 2 execute a textbook DP on their horny houseguest. Sandro pounds her shitter well, but opts in the end for Renzos big one up his own ass, as he cums on Biancas tits. Renzo finishes things off by pulling out and cumming on Sandros still puckering anus and droopy ball sack. The 3 wash off all the yuk in the shower.

Fernanda Hot is short and a bit boyish looking. This may explain why she likes to play with more than 1 guy at a time; particularly when one is black (Eduardo) with a huge shlong and one is Latino (Rick) with big muscles and a ding dong to match. The three kiss passionately and the boys rub their cocks together, as Fernanda orchestrates the afternoons action. Rick grabs for Eduardos well done sausage while Fernanda warms her lips to start satisfying both the boys. Her and Rick takes turns on Eduardo and then switch things around, before Eduardo splits Ricks butt cheeks in two and plows him in RCG. Fernanda strokes Ricks dick as his ass sweats and his big dong flops around. Rick pulls Eduardos cock out of his ass and has Fernanda wash it with her mouth, before he shoves it up her own ass for a bit. Eduardo gets his chance at her pussy too, stopping from time to time to feed tastes to Ricks eager mouth. They get her in position for a DP, which her huge butt cheeks handle like a veteran. Eduardo works his load up and spreads it on Fernandas bubble butt, as Rick gets his turn to plow her pussy while making out with Eduardo, planning to place offload his own thick one on the same place that Eduardo did. Eduardo, who enjoyed watching Rick cum so much, works up a second batch that is even thicker than his first one, landing it all over Ricks sculpted chest. The three feast on all the droppings together.

Ed Junior is busy jerking off to a Third World Media gay movie. He is young and thin, physically fit with a few tattoos. He likes what he is looking at and strokes his foreskin covered phallus hard, before his girlfriend comes in and catches him in the act. She is mad, but understanding of her mans interests in other men. She brings in one of her man friends to help satisfy Eds closet gayness. She ties his hands and sucks Ericks bigger cock to make him jealous. She grabs her boyfriends cocks and introduces it to Ericks rock hard fat one. Erick starts to fuck Bellas hot pussy, as she continues to make her boyfriend feel absolutely worthless, as he sits alone on the sofa and watches Ericks big cock slam Bellas puss and ass in a variety of positions. She forces Eddie to watch and slaps him on the face with Ericks cock, the same cock that just spent quality time in and out of her pussy and ass. Erick continues to brutalize Bellas every hole before pulling out, cumming all over her swollen fuck hole and continuing to fuck her even more as poor Eddie looks on. Eduardo does get his fill at the end, as she makes him lick Ericks juice out of her freshly fucked, cum filled vagina.

Stars: Rick, Bella, Erick, Renzo, Ed Junior, Sandro Bullack, Hygor, Fernanda Hot, Bianca Lopes

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