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Pimp Mummy Returns

Video: Pimp Mummy Returns
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Studio: Television X
Robyn Ryder aka Pimp mummy is back to explain why every lady of the evening should own a fur coat! She believes in soothing her johns with tea,sympathy and pussy. During this candid cockumentary. Busty MILF hooker Robyn Ryder is Pimp Mummy, traveling to the UK in search of hot and willing babes to staff her ever-growing escort service!

The opening scene of her sizzling new show finds Robyn in Bridgend, where she joins stunning pigtailed blonde Satine Spark in a sexy schoolgirl fantasy that blows more than a punter?s mind! In scene two, mature blonde Pimp Mummy teams up with an even bigger and bustier MILF named Danni to give a geeky punter the kind of red hot fuck action that could put his knob in traction! Pimp Mummy then joins lovely leggy Hannah for some XXX-rated kitchen sex, giving a lucky client a lesser show and a tag team breakfast bar bonk. It beats The F-Word!

Sometimes, however, even the formidable Pimp Mummy can bite off more than she can chew. Confronted with fearsomely sexy, pierced and tattooed dominatrix Tallulah, our girl has to submit to lesser loving at its most extreme!

Finally, porn?s favorite mature hooker is up for a horny threesome with punky crop-haired blonde Columbia and her well-hung fella. She gets so well shagged she should be paying them! If big tits and hot MILFs are your thing, be there when Pimp Mummy Returns!

Stars: Satine Spark, Robyn Ryder, Tallulah Tease, Columbia, Danni, Hannah

British Granny Fuck 18

Video: British Granny Fuck 18
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Studio: Freddie's
Freddie and G return in Freddie's British Granny Fuck 18 with a new detective agency - but they're more like Laurel & Hardy than Starsky & Hutch. Complete with deerstalker, pipe and magnifying glass, G is a wannabe Sherlock Holmes and his first customer, Adele, arrives wanting G to investigate her husband's murder. He explains that he needs to gather as much evidence as possible and leads her to the bedroom so his thorough investigation can begin. With her huge breasts spilling out of her bra, G gives Adele a DNA test, using his hard cock to swab her mouth. Needing more juice, G inspects her shaved and tattooed pussy for any evidence. His CSI approach is relentless as he explores every nook and cranny, eventually spraying his paste over her mammoth jugs.

Venturing outside in search of more clues, G tries to break into a house, but Freddie is already there and opens the door for him - it's a lot less painful! Upstairs, they discover Arthur looking for drugs. Roxsi appears and demands to know who they are. "We're from Pick-A-Shag. You called for an escort" is the quick response from Freddie, so Roxsi decides she'll have a piece of Arthur. Well, he is the best looking! She lets him rub her saggy tits and lick her cunt before heaving her tattooed body onto his upright prick and riding him for all he's worth, proving that she is not concealing any contraband. She then drains his cock of warm spunk with a final blowjob.

Back at home, the intrepid G has another customer, Robyn. She's miffed that her husband is having an affair and G persuades her that the best course of action is retaliation. Upstairs in the bedroom, he takes his time over her bountiful chest, convincing her that revenge is sweet! Robyn is in agreeance with G and gladly lets him slaver over her curvy body as Freddie films the action. Robyn, convinced that the dynamic duo are right about the retaliation, gratefully sucks and tit wanks G's cock before laying back and letting him fuck her shaved cunt. Freddie decides to join the duo, and the lads spit roast her, making her moan like a whore as they pummel her holes and execute a superb double penetration.

Freddie is recruiting for the new agency and takes on Damian and Arthur. This hapless duo are more Abbott & Costello than Bodie & Doyle and their first assignment is to follow Mazza, a suspected wife cheating on her husband. The luckless duo don't do very well at their new job, tripping and falling over each other, but manage to creep into Mazza's house to spy on her. After a close call, they follow her upstairs and get caught - but she's quite willing to let them strip search her. She enjoys the attention and is happily spit-roasted by the two private dicks - dicks being the ultimate word!

Arthur and Damian pound her fleshy holes and her surplus flesh wobbles with each stroke. Once convinced she is faithful to the core, the boy wonders finally cover her in creamy spunk. Freddie's British Granny Fuck is a superb series, combining humour and sex in a tangible combination that never fails to deliver. Number 18 is no exception!

Stars: Freddie, Arthur, Adele, G, Damian Duke, Robyn Ryder, Roxsi, Mazza May

Ass In The Attic

Video: Ass In The Attic
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Studio: Television X
Going... Going... Shagged! Dodgy dealer Tony James is always on the lookout for a bargain, but he's only generous with his spunk, not his cash!

First of all, our boy pops round to value busty MILF Robyn Ryder's best assets, which stick out a mile. He's soon filling her moneybox and leaving a deposit on her massive mounds!

Kaicee Marie needs a bit of extra dosh and shows Tony her ring. It's a tight one, that's for sure, but our boy manages to squeeze his nuts in and fuck it until his balls are drained of baby batter!

Slim and sexy Cheryl wants to flog off her ex's stuff and Tony gets round her place pronto to make her an offer. But as always with our horny hero, before he gets his cash out, she has to get her gash out!

Voluptuous Emma Butt is a magnificent MILF in sexy specs. Will Tony make an offer on her gold coin, or just get her to bounce up and down on his cock? It's not hard to guess.

Will nobody be able to sort out opportunistic fucker Tony? Step forward redheaded raver Loz Lorrimar, who has lots of tattoos and pierced nips and is more woman than our dodgy dealer can handle. She uses and abuses him, then gives him a taste of his own medicine!

Ass In The Attic... an offer you can't refuse!

Stars: Cheryl, Tony James, Emma Butts, Kaicee Marie, Robyn Ryder, Loz Lorrimar

British Lesbo Grannies 6

Video: British Lesbo Grannies 6
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Studio: Freddie's
An older/young clit fest! Titty licking and strap-on action! Although they may be long in the tooth, these grannies still like a long stroking, especially with someone who truly knows what to do with a pussy. Since, she has one herself. A veritable feast of female flesh!

Stars: Foxy, Donna Derriere, Robyn Ryder, Goodnite Girl, Tracey Lazh, Mazza May

Fucking Brit Girls - Robyn Ryder

Video: Fucking Brit Girls - Robyn Ryder
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Studio: Fucking Brit Girls
Robyn is a 39 year old independent escort who met this lucky guy in her apartment for a fuck session. She sure looks like a great fuck too! He shot his load on her face. She starts out with some tender kisses and James seems to be totally amazed and turned on by her huge tits and how erect her nipples are. And she likes to have them fucked.

Stars: James, Robyn Ryder

Super Marino's Weekend Rampage 5 - Uniforms

Video: Super Marino's Weekend Rampage 5 - Uniforms
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Studio: Super Marino Productions
Super Marino and his pal are on the road in search of loose, amateur women willing to dress in costume and fuck strangers! They're fucking nurses, nuns, massage therapists and snow bunnies! Some girls get face fucked, others get ass fucked, but they all take a pussy pounding with a nice hot cumshot to finish them off!

Stars: Starr, Sandie Caine, Renee Richards, Pascal White, Harmony Hex, Super Marino, Robyn Ryder

Pimp Mummy

Video: Pimp Mummy
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Studio: Television X
Meet Pimp Mummy, a big and busty mature harlot who is on the lookout for hot sluts to join her escort agency. First she has to audition them of course, and with the help of her man Dave, plunder their sweet pussies and arses!

Pimp Mummy Boyn travels to Wales to meet slim and busty blonde Casey. The tasty Welsh rarebit certainly keeps a welcome in her valleys for horny stud Dave's big dick!

All fur coat and no knickers, filthy Robyn has enormous tits that she loves getting sucked by pretty blonde newbit Sasha - while her fellah Dave shags the arse off her!

Next, Robyn finds a natural born thriller in hot blonde Jools. After an audtion strip, she sinks down on dirty Dave's pole and rides it to a spunky finish while Robyn frigs her fanny until it froths!

Karen is a gorgeous blonde with amazing big and firm baps, and once Robyn catches sight of this posh tart's pussy, she's as eager as her horny pal Dave to get stuck right in!

Finally it's off to sunny Torquay for Pimp Mummy Robyn and her man Dave. There they hook up with 19-year-old blonde beauty crystal and give her some very thick clotted cream.

Want to experience the fuck of your life? Sign up with Pimp Mummy and you can't go wrong!

Stars: Dave, Jools Brooke, Casey Jo, Sasha Rose, Crystal Pink, Robyn Ryder, Karen Kaye

Fuck Me! I'm A MILF 2

Video: Fuck Me! I'm A MILF 2
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Studio: Tamber Videos
Three super hot MILF's that demand a good fucking and that is exactly what they get.

Robyn Ryder is an independent escort who loves making porn videos and attending parties in private clubs just to get fucked as often as possible.

Ebony babe India got fucked by a well hung stud, she so fucking enjoyed sucking his cock and taking it as deep as possible in her wet and willing pussy.

Jayne came with me into the English countryside to get bareback fucked. Only after I shot my load over her arse, (so did the cameraman), did we notice that we were being watched by a woman walking her dog.

Stars: Jayne, India, Robyn Ryder

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