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Deep Inside Linda Wong

Video: Deep Inside Linda Wong
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Studio: Gourmet Video
With pornstar Rocky Balboa, Alias: Josh Balboa:
She's Asia's hottest commodity and she's ready to let you invest all you have into her. Linda Wong has got what it takes to make it to the peak of sexual fulfillment and she's inviting all along for the ride. Ready to please and satisfy with a cast of sex hungry nymphs, she'll do what it takes to take you deep inside.

Stars: Lili Marlene, Jon Martin, Richard Pacheco, Linda Wong, Blair Harris, More...

Beyond Desire

Video: Beyond Desire
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Studio: VCA
Most guys only fantasize about being locked in a whorehouse full of gorgeous raving hotties like Vanessa Del Rio and Seka?but for a detective like me, Mark Lowe, it?s all in a day?s (or night?s?) work. You see, Carla is afraid her house of joy is going to be taken over by bad guy Howie Mann? and that?s where I come in. As long as I?m watching over the place, Howie?ll have a tough time pulling anything on my watch. Of course, my relationship with the girls is supposed to be ?purely professional?, but things don?t always work out the way you plan them ? if you catch my drift. So if you?re looking for some hearty laughs, a little action, and tons of super hot sex, look no further than my hottest adventure ever ? BEYOND DESIRE. You won?t be disappointed.

Stars: Nina Hartley, Little Oral Annie, Patti Petite, Ashley Welles, Renee Lovins, Renee Tiffany, Seka, D.J. Cone, Vanessa Del Rio, May Lawrence, Kristara Barrington, Gina Carrera, Scorpio, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Rocky Balboa, Mike Horner, Francois, Joey Silvera, John Leslie

Young Girls Do

Video: Young Girls Do
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Names have been changed to protect the guilty but the events portrayed in Young Girls Do are based on the real life events of Hall of Fame Porn Star Erica Boyer. Shanna McCullough stars as the small town girl befriended by her classmate and exotic dancer played by Erica Boyer herself. Directed by Bob Vosse, the film features a top notch cast of Golden Era porn stars like Jon Martin, Paul Thomas and Herschel Savage.

Stars: Jacqueline Lorians, Shanna McCullough, Erica Boyer, Valerie LeVeau, Lili Marlene, Billy Dee, Paul Thomas, Blair Harris, Rocky Balboa, Hershel Savage, Gary Eberhart, Don Fernando, Jon Martin

Las Vegas Girls Triple Feature - Lady Dynamite

Video: Las Vegas Girls Triple Feature - Lady Dynamite
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
The redheaded MILF Colleen Brennan loves everything there is about sex. She?s never been a prude and definitely loves a throbbing cock in her pussy, ass and in between her tits! Everybody gets laid when this busty, cock hungry babe is on the prowl. With orgies, lesbian four-somes, anal penetration, tit fucking, and copious jets of jizz?it?s no wonder this lady is dynamite in the sack!

Stars: Colleen Brennan, Karen Leslie, Lili Marlene, Laura Lazare, Blair Harris, Shone Taylor, Rocky Balboa, Nick Niter

Vanessa's Party Girls

Video: Vanessa's Party Girls
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Studio: Gourmet Video
Vanessa and her hot and nasty girlfriends never want the party to cease. They love orgies, they please with double penetration, they love to suck cock nonstop?these are just a few examples of the types of sexual acts they enjoy. This is one party you don?t want to fucking miss. Party time! Excellent!

Stars: Olinka, Mai Lynn, Kelly Nichols, Vanessa Del Rio, Erica Boyer, Keli Richards, Sheri St. Clair, Lois Ayres, Billy Dee, Jonathan Morgan, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Shone Taylor, Dick Nasty, Steve Hatcher, Rocky Balboa, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Jon Martin

Young Girls Do Triple Feature - Young Girls Do

Video: Young Girls Do Triple Feature - Young Girls Do
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Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
Roses are red, violets are blue. What some girls won?t?these girls do! Shannon Mccullough is a small town girl moving to California to start her life. Everything seems to be going well until she is thrust into the seedy world of sex, lies and more sex! She experiences lip smacking lesbian fun, joins the mile high club with Jon Martin, and more depraved sexual acts that will make you cum back for more! This story is inspired by the real life story of Erica Boyer. The names and faces have been changed to protect the guilty!

Stars: Shanna McCullough, Erica Boyer, Lili Marlene, Jacqueline Lorians, Gary Eberhart, Don Fernando, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Paul Thomas, Blair Harris, Rocky Balboa, Hershel Savage, Valerie LeVeau

The Wizard Of Ahh's

Video: The Wizard Of Ahh's
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Studio: VCA
It?s the year 2069, and the spacecraft Virgo rockets through the galaxy with Ginger, Janet and Jill on board. It suddenly gets pulled into a distant planet?s eerie atmosphere, where the Wizard of Ahh?s appears. The powerful Wizard denounces the girls? dependence on gadgetry for sexual pleasure, and beams them down to Earth to discover 20th century lust. This sensual sci-fi story features the hottest space vixens to ever orbit the orgasmic universe.

Stars: Ron Jeremy, Jon Martin, Mike Horner, Rick Savage, Mindy Rae, Patti Petite, Rocky Balboa, Rita Ricardo, Athena Star, Rayanne Drew, Dee Dee Vine, Dwight Lightning

69 Park Avenue

Video: 69 Park Avenue
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Studio: Gourmet Video
Tom Byron stars in this raucous romp from 1985, playing a cub reporter out to nab his first scoop. His assignment is to uncover the dirt on an old Victorian house that's been turned into the city's liveliest brothel. The madam of the house is Colleen Brennan, a buxom beauty who regales tom with tantalizing tales of what's gone on within the house's walls. We watch her torrid tales come to life as one lascivious lust bunny after another gets down and dirty with her clients, each one more sexually explosive than the last. Filled with ht top-heavy charms of naturally busty babes Little Oral Annie, Erica Boyer and Patti Petite, 69 Park Avenue is one address that you'll find yourself visiting again and again.

Stars: Erica Boyer, Chris Chase, Little Oral Annie, Tom Byron, Mike Horner, Colleen Brennan, Patti Petite, Rocky Balboa, Dan T. Mann, Tiffany DuPonte, Collette Roberts

Future Sex

Video: Future Sex
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Studio: Lipstik Video
There will someday come a time when LOVE will be forbidden and LUST will be mandatory. The time is now in FUTURESEX! The law is set down by Older Brother: Love is Seduction; Lust is Loyalty. You'll witness the outer limits of base human sexuality-no kissing, no heart-only lust...
Amber Lynn is Commander of Room 101, where those afflicted with love are cured with pure lust. Paul Thomas assists as they succeed in curing many cases in Room 101-using the Laser Bed, the Cage, and Chrome Bars-each person willingly pressing the "Betrayal" button as pure lust replaces feelings and love.

Stars: Dan T. Mann, Lynx Canon, Gail Sterling, Chris Chase, Erica Idol, Jonathon Younger, Jill Ferari, Rocky Balboa, Blair Harris, Amber Lynn, Lili Marlene, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas

Sleepless Nights

Video: Sleepless Nights
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Studio: Golden Age Media
Sleepless nights is an erotic story about a woman thinking about her life with her husband and wonders why she dreams and images her husband and herself having sexual fantasies about someone else. She dreams about her lust for her new co-worker, dreams about her husband having sex with her friends, and her dominatrix friend taking advantage of her, are these dreams real and do they represent the future?

Stars: Jon Martin, Blair Harris, Rocky Balboa, Rita Ricardo, Lilly Marlene, Christian Chase, Jacqueline Lorains, Helga Holderlin, Kerri Hart

Backdoor Romance

Video: Backdoor Romance
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Studio: Golden Age Media
In this classic from 1985, Sheri St. Clair plays a sex-crazed peeping tom girl who is given an anal sex magazine by her husband and is now dying for some sexual release. Somehow, she manages to witness numerous hardcore sex acts from secret hiding places for an entire day. She sees threesomes with 2 men and with 2 women, double penetration, and loads and loads of cum.
Finally, she gets so hot that she needs release and she finds Buck Adams and Billy Dee. They fuck her and give her double penetration, bringing her quickly to fruition. What had originally grossed her out now totally arouses her and Backdoor Romance is now her thing.
Some of the biggest stars of porn's classic era appear in this film including John Holmes, Blair Harris, Mandy Rae and many more.

Stars: John Holmes, Lili Marlene, Marc Wallice, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Buck Adams, Paul Thomas, Blair Harris, Rocky Balboa, Sheri St. Clair, Fawn Paris, Nichole West, Connie Peterson, Yoko Wong, Mandy Rae, Chrystal Loven

Little Often Annie

Video: Little Often Annie
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Studio: VCA
Blonde beauty Desiree Lane is Annie, a curvaceous cutie who likes to learn, especially when it comes to sex. Join her and her friends as they take a crash course in every position imaginable, and graduate with honors! They're going to take hardcore sex and bring it to a whole new level. Trust me you won't be disappointed!

Stars: Desiree Lane, Steve Powers, Beverly Bliss, Karen Summer, Kristara Barrington, More...

Taken From Behind 4

Video: Taken From Behind 4
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Studio: Gourmet Video

The horny babes with the HOT booties are back for an anal extravaganza! Join the finest ass in porn history, Nina Hartley, for wild back door action, just the way you like it! This is an all-time classic, thanks in large part to the amazing Hartley.

With outstanding performances from Lili Marlene and Jon Martin, this wall to wall anal fuckfest even features a strap-on butt sex scene tossed in with the sloppy blowjobs and deep dicking!

Stars: Nina Hartley, Lili Marlene, Jon Martin, Rocky Balboa, Lynx Canon, More...


Video: Sleepless
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Studio: Blue Panther Films
She's Back! Maybe it's just me but is Helga Sven hot or what? I'm not trying to make a case for Oedipus Rex here or...maybe I am. This feature is beautifully done with imaginative sexual dream sequences That will knock your socks off, if they aren't already. Here is a quote I dug up on this rare classic "The Rita Ricardo scene is pure magic! "Bradford's been telling us what a naughty girl you've been!" Oh yea! Enjoy! Story? Girl keeps having weird dreams about the people she knows, all getting down with her. I just know Helga Sven plays in 'Sleepless Nights' with Lili Marlene." Enough said. Watch this movie!

Stars: Blair Harris, Helga Sven, Rocky Balboa, John Martin, Rita Ricardo, More...

The Erotic World Of Linda Wong

Video: The Erotic World Of Linda Wong
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Studio: Stardust
The Erotic World Of Linda Wong! Enter the erotic world of Linda Wong as you would enter the legend herself. Not quite knowing what to expect, lust of course and bizarre sensuality. The unknown, the final twist that takes you into excruciating pleasure. Whether it be with a Prince Mike Horner or his courtesan, Vanessa Taylor, a sweaty encounter with two of her servants Billy Dee and Jon Martin, the introduction of a neophyte, Richard Pacheco, or the seduction of two young women Cindy Carver and Ashley Wells. Linda Wong is always herself, a woman beyond passion. Sometimes dominant and terrifying. Sometimes so soft that men and women melt in her arms. Always she pushes, pushes you to the edge of your own desire.

Stars: Lili Marlene, Jon Martin, Billy Dee, Mike Horner, Richard Pacheco, More...

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