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Cecil Howard's Scoundrels

Video: Cecil Howard's Scoundrels
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Studio: Command Cinema

This is the exclusive VOD release of the director-approved 4k scan restored video of Cecil Howard's Scoundrels, the first movie to win Best Picture at the first-ever AVN awards in 1984.

Scoundrels was called a "sexual masterpiece" by AVN founder Paul Fishbein. It won Best Director and Best Editing after being nominated in all of the major film categories that year. Acclaimed writer Anne Randall provided the screenplay for the film directed by Cecil Howard, the man Playboy called "The Grandmaster of Erotic Filmmaking."

Scoundrels is an intelligent and ironic story of infidelity within the dysfunctional family of a psychiatrist. It was considered a milestone in erotic filmmaking for its ambitious and original approach to storytelling, evoking pity and sympathy for its tragic characters through masterfully directed "high-intensity sex scenes that worked on a conscious and subconscious level." (SIR Magazine)

Rare and out of print for a long time, Scoundrels is an underrated classic from the Golden Age of adult filmmaking. Cecil Howard considers the film "one of my greater achievements," and lead star Ron Jeremy remembers it as "Great! Abstract, esoteric, avant-garde."

Original Liner Notes: Scoundrels is an exceptionally well-made movie that captures not only the erotic mischief but also the dangerous consequences of "side-dipping." If you can relate to the taboo thrill of cheating, GET READY FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Beautifully photographed, Scoundrels is able to capture the steamy and forbidden sexuality. Leave it to filmmaker Cecil Howard (Foxtrot, Platinum Paradise, Neon Nights) to create a sophisticated film about the vicious side of adultery, yet one that's hot. Ron Jeremy, known for his humorous portrayals, undertakes the more serious role of the psychiatrist who falls victim to the sexual boredom of a stagnating marriage. Lisa Be, as his wife, may be smiling when he comes home, but it's a smile meant to cover the string of lovers she's been boffing all day, including Jeremy's best friend. Tigr (Chelsea Manchester) plays their foul-mouthed daughter, a tease who'll screw anything that breathes. Poor Jeremy knows his friends are coming and going all around him, but he's unable to come to terms with his wife's faithlessness. Cecil Howard's production shines in every frame, thanks to ingenious editing, brilliant writing, and some of the best acting to date. There's also newcomer, Ariel Lee; her good looks are a real treat. The illicit sex is naughty and suspenseful, bringing the viewer to the boiling point time and again. For the scoundrel in all of us, Scoundrels is not to be missed!

Stars: Anna Turner, Ariel Lee (i), Copper Penny, Lisa Be, Marilyn Gee, Sharon Mitchell, Tammy Lamb, Tiffany Clark, Tigr, Dave Ambrose, George Payne, R. Bolla, Ron Hudd, Ron Jeremy, Sean Elliot

Playin' Dirty

Video: Playin' Dirty
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Studio: VCA
Sultry newcomer Selena Steele revs her engines in this raucous sex-comedy about bikers who golf, millionaires who bike, and lovers who stray. The latest erotic epic from the award-winning director of 'NIGHTSHIFT NURSES' and 'CATWOMAN

Stars: Heather Torrance, Rachel Ashley, Renee Morgan, Sasha (i), Selena Steele, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron

Girls Of The A Team

Video: Girls Of The A Team
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Studio: Western Visuals
When American girlfriend (or perhaps working girl), Susan, refuses to engage in anal sex with Ambassador Zanos, he becomes frustrated. He confides to journalist Steven Riordan, that if he can't satisfy his desires, he wants to return to his homeland. Steven tells him, "There's no need to scream, just call the A-Team". Mr. 'P' arrives with his "crack pleasure unit" to save the day.

Stars: Ali Moore, Ami Rodgers, Buffy Davis, Cheri Janvier, Jennifer Noxt, Jessica Wylde, Josephine Carrington, Sahara, Tamara Longley, Field Marshall Bradley, Harry Reems, Marc Wallice, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron

Nipples Part 2

Video: Nipples Part 2
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Studio: Heatwave
They don't come any better. Or bigger. It's all-girl Nipples, from Heatwave . They pull on 'em, tickle 'em, and worship 'em - but that's only the beginning as these ladies get wild with themselves, and each other! We all admire the nipples like these, so lets just sit back and enjoy ourselves.

Stars: Candy Roxxx, Friday, Harley Raine, Nicky Tease, Tabitha Stevens, Johnny Thrust, Kyle Stone, Ron Jeremy

Mega Sluts of Classic Porn

Video: Mega Sluts of Classic Porn
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Studio: Western Visuals
The mega-starlets of years gone by are here all in one spot for our pleasure! Way back babes are happy to share how nasty things were years ago - totally fuckin' filthy! The finest moments with the best stars form back in the day. Classic all star fucking!

Stars: Barbara Daniels, Careena Collins, Dory Devon, Jeanette Sinclair, Lisa DeLeeuw, Sharon Thorpe, Starr Wood, John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron

Shaved Sinners 2

Video: Shaved Sinners 2
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Studio: Video Team
Who's that big bad wolf out in the woods? Why, its "Dirty Hairy", tricking all the pretty young girls into a depilatory dilemma, that's right, old "Hairy" just loves to collect hair the short and curly kind. And Hairy's got something the girls don't mind trading for no siree! Dirty Harry just can't get enough of that smooth shaved "Vee." So he's back collecting the pubies from more beautiful bedable babes than he can shake his big blade at! If you're in the mood for lots of hot, hairless muff, sweet, neat and ready to eat-then we've got all you'll ever want right here, right now.

Stars: Angel West, Dana Lynn, Eva Allen, Jenny Jones, Lauryl Canyon, Rachel Ashley, Dick DeLong, Frank James, Randy West, Ron Jeremy, Tony Montana

Flesh In Ecstacy 15

Video: Flesh In Ecstacy 15
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Studio: Gourmet Video
Gourmet Video gives us an opportunity to watch one of the best episodes of "Flesh in Ecstasy" ever! Ron Jeremy steals a beautiful brunette and a blondie from the birthday party and is having a geat time with them. Rhonda Jo Petty is masturbating alone, while her boyfriend was watching; afterwards, she begged to join her. Joey Silvera and Susan Hart enjoy a great sex session after an exhausting day.

Stars: Bunny Blue, Gloria Leonard, Rhonda Jo Petty, Susan Hart, Taija Rae, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy

Hot Chocolate 2

Video: Hot Chocolate 2
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Studio: VCA
Hot Chocolate is a study in the perfection that is "Women of Color." Hot Chocolate shows them all at their very best. This interracial sex party proves there is no such thing as White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic, all getting down and dirty. Doing it and doing it and doing it well. Hot Chocolate is just that, HOT!

Stars: Angel Kelly, Jeannie Pepper, Kimi Gee, Sahara, Sheri St. Clair, Billy Dee, Randy West, Robert Rose (i), Ron Jeremy

Burnin' Love

Video: Burnin' Love
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Studio: Dreamland Video
Only the real classic porn starring the biggest names in the industry. These beautiful ladies can really fuck themselves and anyone in the room. None of these girls are nervous, they forget all about everything in front of the camera. Good old fashion fucking from the experts of their day! It?s a trip back in time to sample some of the best golden era stag footage that has ever been filmed!

Stars: Adajja, Chennin Blanc, Stevie (i), Nina Ferrari, Sunrise Adams, Cheyne Collins, Jay Ashley, Joel Lawrence, Mickey G., Ron Jeremy

Girls With Big Asses

Video: Girls With Big Asses
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Studio: Raunch-O-Rama
We have collected 7 Scenes featuring the biggest and best asses on Video! They are not fat, they are just a ton of fuckin' FUN! Big Asses are great! Big asses and big tits, even better! They go hand in hand, but there are big and beautiful women have more than a handful to offer, so go get a ticket for heavy pumpin' fun!!! Starring: Trinity Loren, Bella Donna, Cassie Nova, Keisha, Tracy Adams, Maggie Thames, Lorilea, Frank James, Ron Jeremy, Blake Palmer & Don Fernando!

Stars: Bella Donna, Cassie Nova, Keisha, Lorilea, Nikki Good, Tracy Adams, Trinity Loren, Blake Palmer, Don Fernando, Frank James, Ron Jeremy

The Best Little Whorehouse In Beverly Hills

Video: The Best Little Whorehouse In Beverly Hills
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Studio: Cinderella Entertainment
The Best Little Whorehouse In Beverly Hills showcases six extremely hot scenes with porn legends like Erica Boyer & Mauvais DeNoir and more! These ladies know exactly how to give their partners great workout! This film has some of their best scenes with hot and hardcore action! These ladies are the dirtiest, naughtiest and the most passionate in their era of adult industry!

Stars: Erica Boyer, Lorrie Lovett, Mauvais DeNoir, F.M. Bradley, Frank James, Greg Derek, Ron Jeremy, Scott Irish, Tony El-Ay

Blazing Boners

Video: Blazing Boners
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Studio: Midnight Video
Sit back and witness an erotic array of scenes which you will never forget. They are the heroes of the porn. They are the legends who we must thank for today's porn to be as it is. They bring some inflamed sex with those blazing boners. It sets the erotic pace for the whole film: Turn up the volume when the clothes come off for a great erotic time!

Stars: Heather Hart, P.J. Sparxx, Pearl, Sierra (i), Randy West, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Wayne Summers

Adventures Of The DP Boys: The Golden Girls

Video: Adventures Of The DP Boys: The Golden Girls
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Studio: Heatwave
Some women just cannot be satisfied with only one dick, they need at least two and at the same time. They suck deeply and they love being showered with cum and swallow every drop but most of all, they love being fucked in their pussy and in their ass at the same time. These rich little teen sluts just can t get enough cock.

Stars: Shablee, Shonna Lynn, Stormy Gale, Dave Hardman, Dick Nasty, Guy DiSilva, Michael J. Cox, Ron Jeremy

Horny Henry's Strange Adventure

Video: Horny Henry's Strange Adventure
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Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
Be prepared for another crazy and perverted adventure with Horny Henry. He takes you to different planets with women who are princesses and even part goat. A planet where there are women with big tits. Lots of action in this almost two hour adventure. Anal, pussy fucking, pussy licking, tit sucking and look at where they fuck!

Stars: Brooke Dunn, Bunny Bleu, Christine Woods, Eartha Quake, Esa Marie, Isis Nile, Julie, Dave Hardman, Dick Nasty, Horny Henry, Rick Masters, Ron Jeremy, Steve Hatcher

The T&A Team

Video: The T&A Team
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Studio: VCA
Brandishing their sexual weapons to keep the world safe for democracy! The T & A Team will stop at nothing to preserve their sexual freedom - as well as the right to have a screaming orgasm! Join them as they take on one stiff villain after another, and drain them of all bad intentions! Their motto: "To protect and lube!"

Stars: Carol Cross, Joanna Storm, Renee Summers, Silver Starr, Tanya Lawson, Valerie LeVeau, Billy James, David Scott, George Payne, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy

Debbie Does Dallas II

Video: Debbie Does Dallas II
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Studio: K-Erotica Vintage
She's Scoring Again! The original, one and only Debbie (Bambi Woods) is back and better than ever. This time, Deb and her pals do most of their scoring off the field when they take up employment at the hottest bordello in the West! You'll cheer their erotic acrobatics as they lead their clients from one wild encounter to another. . . And you can be sure that the balls flying in this tape aren't only on the playing field.

Stars: Ashley Welles, Bambi Woods, Daniella, Ginger Jay, Lisa B., Lisa Cintrice, Long Jean Silver, Alan Adrian, Jamie St. James, Park Richards, R. Bolla, Ron Hudd, Ron Jeremy, Sean Elliot

Hot Service

Video: Hot Service
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Studio: VCA
When it comes to interracial hardcore action, no one serves it up like Nina de Ponca. Won't you join her and her gorgeous friends for a heaping' helping of wild sex? Sure you will! Nina De Ponca, Heather Torrancce, China and more! Day or night they serve it up tight!

Stars: China, Heather Torrance, Nina DePonca, Sharon Mitchell, Billy Dee, Don Fernando, Ray Victory, Ron Jeremy, Tony Montana

Good Morning Saigon

Video: Good Morning Saigon
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Studio: Zane Entertainment
In November of 1965 the 36th president of the United States, Lydon Baines Johnson, saw fit to send large numbers of the first graduating class of baby boomers an all expense paid senior trip to southeast Asia. For many, this was their first rip away from home, and for some their last. During their first stay away from home many had their first experience with sex from an obliging young oriental girl. This film is dedicated to all of those who never got laid in Vietnam... And to all of those obliging Vietnamese girls.

Stars: Kassi Nova, Aja, Jade East, Kascha, Lisa Nuygen, Ron Jeremy, Randy West, Francois Papillion, Buck Adams, Ray Victory

Ron Jeremy's Back 'N Black

Video: Ron Jeremy's Back 'N Black
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Studio: Metro Interactive
Legendary Ron Jeremy and his massive cock get together with some very beautiful and very horny ebony goddesses!

Stars: Nina, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Monie Love, Serena Lewis, Rachel Davila, Ron Jeremy

Tigresses And Other Man-Eaters

Video: Tigresses And Other Man-Eaters
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Studio: Distribpix / Video-X-Pix

Tigresses begins with Samantha Fox, who introduces each of the tales between slurps of hefty erection she?s devouring, and which she calls ?a lovely piece of flesh?. She is one attractive lady, and the tight close-ups of her deep throating are about the hottest of the entire movie.

The first episode concerns Holly, a physical fitness freak, played by Rikki O?Neal and the two hot suds that spice up her life.

The second sequence revolves around another man hunter played by Jill Monroe, who prowls the waterfront and picks up ?able bodied seamen? and takes them home for Sunday Brunch.

The third part features the fabulous Sloan Twins as lesbian lovers involved in the hottest ménage-a-trios ever filmed. The lucky third party in the orgy is a well hung black dud who possesses a tongue that proves to be willing and able to satisfy as his huge tool!

The last, but not least part of this erotic tale involves the magnificent Vanessa Del Rio. Vanessa proves once again that she is the all-time Queen of Porn while servicing two of the hottest studs around. She leaves them both gasping for air as she takes them on every way possible!

Stars: Vanessa Del Rio, Rikki O'Neal, Jill Monroe, Heather Young, Patty Boyd, Denise Sloan, Samantha Fox, Diane Sloan, Jack Munroe, Michael Gaunt, John Black, Marc Valentine, Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage, George Payne

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