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Tender Love & Care

Video: Tender Love & Care
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Studio: Desire Media
Desire Media is proud to present a collection of stunning couples revealing their secrets in the art of love. Watch as his tender kisses caress her soft skin, lips meeting each other in intense moments. Their bodies come together in nature?s most beautiful act. These couples truly care about each other as they make love in close and intimate ways.

Stars: Tommy Deer, Anita Bellini, Renato (i), Viktoria Diamond, Iwia, Silvie Deluxe, Dido Angel, Rusty, Johny, Dexter

Forty Plus no. 25: Seasoned Snatch

Video: Forty Plus no. 25: Seasoned Snatch
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Studio: Shooting Star
Like all fine pieces of meat aged properly with a little bit of salt and "tada" you got instant perfection. Mature ladies seasoned with hot steaming salty cum. Ripe and tender for the picking. Make sure you use the proper utensil "dildo" to soften any rough areas and eat when ready. These sex-starved mamas are ready to be served up on a silver platter?and best served while they are piping hot with plenty of helpings to go around!

Stars: Frtiz the Cat, Linda Luvcocx, Rusty, Candy Cooze, Monica Blewinsky, Dallas

Forty Plus no.25: Seasoned Snatch

Video: Forty Plus no.25: Seasoned Snatch
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Studio: Shooting Star
Like all fine pieces of meat aged properly with a little bit of salt and "tada" you got instant perfection. Mature ladies seasoned with hot steaming salty cum. Ripe and tender for the picking. Make sure you use the proper utensil "dildo" to soften any rough areas and eat when ready. These sex-starved mamas are ready to be served up on a silver platter?and best served while they are piping hot with plenty of helpings to go around!

Stars: Frtiz the Cat, Linda Luvcocx, Rusty, Candy Cooze, Monica Blewinsky, Dallas

Legend Of The She-Males 5

Video: Legend Of The She-Males 5
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Studio: Chaos
Legends are usually men or women that do amazing things. Well... these legends just happen to be she-males! They have the best of both world, hard big dicks and they look like the hottest fuckable chicks. The scenes alternate between a shemale with a man and a shemale with a woman, so you get a whole variety of pairings. Check out the double headed dildo in scene 4! You may not be sure at first what to expect but rest assured these chicks have dicks.

Stars: Erika 2 (TVTS), Ruby (TVTS), Stephanie (TVTS), Rusty, Scarlet (TVTS), Amanda (TVTS), Sabrina (TVTS), Katarina

Dial D For Domination

Video: Dial D For Domination
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Studio: Dutchess Studio Productions
A kinky married couple calls over Mistress Tasha Voux to help them spice up sex life. Tasha Voux comes over to their place and starts off with some CBT to the husband by tying up his cock with some rope then orders him to lick his wife's pussy. Next his wife sits and smothers him with her big tits. Mistress now has the couple suck on her big tits and worship her feet for to end one hot threesome domination session.

Stars: Rusty, Tasha Voux

MM341: A Weekend With Amelia

Video: MM341: A Weekend With Amelia
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Studio: Mass Muscle
This is a four-part video. The first segment shows Amelia taking on a headlock challenge with Rusty. Rusty claims he has never submitted to any woman's headlock. What he doesn't realize is just how powerful Amelia's arms are! Does she make him submit? Next, she puts a 260 lb. man on her shoulders and squats with him 12 times; she handles the big guy as though he was 110 lbs. -pure strength here. Then she wrestles him into submission just in case there were any doubts in this man's mind about just how strong Amelia is! You will watch her massive, muscular legs bulge with ripped, quality muscle. The final sequence is Amelia teaching Ed a lesson, squeezing him mercilessly in a great head scissor. Amelia loves to squeeze and you will watch her torture him with great enjoyment on her part. This was a great weekend video with Amelia and if you love watching her great musculature, then you will enjoy this one.

Stars: Ed, Rusty, Amelia Hernandez

Legal Battle

Video: Legal Battle
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Studio: Mass Muscle
Rusty has to present a case in court this morning and his firm hired a legal assistant to make up the brief to be presented. Andrea comes over to present the brief and as far as Rusty was concerned, the whole brief was nothing but garbage. Well, Rusty gives Andrea RUDE comments and puts her down for her poor presentation and lousy work. That was enough to get this hellcat mad and Andrea begins an onslaught that I have never witnessed in my entire career. Rusty was literally almost beaten to death. This lady has the power and strength of six men. She has the veracity of Sally McNeill, the speed of Ziggy, and the wrestling skills of Kasie Cavanaugh! I mean she has it all!

Andrea applies so many holds on rusty I lost count of them all. Rusty didn't know what hit him right from the start and never had a chance of fighting back! Andrea is a vicious, sadistic, skilled, merciless, ardent wrestler and she goes non-stop throughout this entire video, seemingly never getting tired. Her scissor holds are second to none, her rear figure four head scissors are unbelievable as you will watch her huge 28+" quads and hamstrings bulge beyond your imagination.

Stars: Rusty, Andrea Gahan

Softcore Nudes S-527: Most Are Beavers '50s & '60s (All B&W)

Video: Softcore Nudes S-527: Most Are Beavers '50s & '60s (All B&W)
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Studio: Blue Vanities
Classic vintage stag films, American and European porno loops, arcade nude, and strippers. Blue Vanities presents the greatest and hottest films from the 1920's to the 1980's. An exciting nostalgia trip.

Paris Penthouse Nudes


JUNE, 1f, 1957, Beaver

BETTY, 1f, 1958, Beaver

DONNA, 1f, 1958, Bushy Beaver

RUSTY, 1f, 1959, Beaver

ANITA, 1f, 1962, Beaver

PAT, 1f, 1962, Big Tits, No Beaver

LUCY, 1f, 1962, Beaver

DINA, 1f, 1962, Beaver

BARBARA, 1f, 1962, Beaver

SHARON, TRUDY & ROSE, 3f, 1962, Beaver

CATHY, 1f, 1962, No Beaver

NAN, 1f, 1964, No Beaver

Stars: Anita, Barbara, Donna, Cathy, Lucy, Pat, Betty, Sharon, Rose, Dina, June, Rusty, Trudy, Nan

Going For The Belt 2

Video: Going For The Belt 2
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Studio: Mass Muscle
This full out competitive mixed match up is better than the first "Going for the Belt." This time, the very accomplished wrestler Rusty takes on the powerful, muscular, bigger and strong Christine Marshall. Christine weighed in at a huge 160 lbs. of solid muscle. The action is very fast paced at the beginning and for the first 30 minutes or so with Rusty getting the first three submissions on Christine. However, Christine's immense strength and continuous struggling wore Rusty out even quicker than the champ "Lethal Legs lee" did. It was 4 to 3 in favor of Christine after the 30 minute mark. Then, an argument ensued between Rusty and Christine and Rusty ripped off Christine's top in the interim. Christine blew her lid and started an onslaught on Rusty that still has me cringing every time I see the video. Great sensual action in the last 30 minutes as Christine face sits, chest smothers Rusty topless and tortures him with many varied holds and, of course, her infamous lethal head scissors, bringing Rusty to submission 3 more times and winning the fight 7 - 4 in submissions.

Stars: Rusty, Christine Marshall

Blow Bi Blow 2

Video: Blow Bi Blow 2
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Studio: Devil's Films
So this chick is sucking your buddy's cock as you stand next to him, but then she looks at you and asks, "Wanna Try?" And then your buddy says, "C'mon dude give it a try, see if you're as good as she is." So you think to yourself, is this where I become bi-sexual?

And the answer is yes... Yes it is. And you're about to discover how hot sucking another guy's cock can be! And the funny thing is, it won't be long until he's sucking yours! Being Bi really is the best of both worlds, now see what you've been missing!

Stars: Pamela, Jason, Stephan, Lynn, Jack, More...

Horny Couples! Volume 18

Video: Horny Couples! Volume 18
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Studio: Mike Hott Video
This contains three hott, action selections! These couples are both hot and horny and ready for fucking, cock sucking, cunt lapping doggie style fucking, regular fucking, and side fucking! Each scene ends with the lady taking a nice hot load of steaming cum! Watch these couples enjoy what cums naturally!

Stars: Saki St. Jermaine, Dick Nasty, Rick, Rick O'Shea, Dave Cummings, More...

Horny Hairy Girls 22

Video: Horny Hairy Girls 22
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Studio: Rodnievision (Rodney Moore)
2007 AVN Award Winner for Best Specialty Release - Other Genre.

Rodney gets hairy Rusty to pose in some sexy outfits to show that hairy girls can look hot in skimpy clothes too. In this case, Rusty looks so hot that Rodney cant help whipping it out, and soon Rusty is on her knees, slurping on hit tool. After licking her hairy snatch, he drops a big load all over her face.

Ember has come to a female LMT because the male masseurs who have massaged her ended up groping her, so she feels safe with a woman. But Katrina can't resist Ember's hot hairy body either, and soon she's rubbing and touching her in inappropriate places. Bet Ember appears not to mind, and soon they're not only touching each other, but licking each other too, and that's before the strap on cums out!

Leah is a stripper with a problem. Her unshaven snatch is the problem. Her pubic hair pokes out the side of her g-string. So boss Rodney cant hire her. She gets upset because now how can she support her unemployed loser boyfriend. Guess she'll have to whore out her body for the cause (keeping her dude supplied with beer money). So she does the boss and takes a big Rodney blast.

Mistress Delilah is famous in S&M circles. She operates out of the famous Den of Iniquity in New York City and Los Angeles. Few mistresses will ever do adult video work, so we are very lucky Delilah decided to let Rodney shoot her very first solo masturbation movie. Delilah has a nice thick bush, but she's notoriously known for her big butt. Check it out in all its glory.

Rodney spots Giselle watching porn movie on her deck. When he notices her hairy bush, it's good for two cumshots, one on her face and one on her forest.

Nicole flirts with a guy in the building across the alley who can see her through her window. She gets naked but hides her perky tits from his view with her waist length long hair. Finally she reveals her hairy bush, then sits down and lets him listen to her masturbate over the phone.

Stars: Katrina, Rodney Moore, Ember, Giselle, Leah Stevenson, More...

Rusty's Spreads

Video: Rusty's Spreads
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Studio: Stevi's Secrets
Rusty is a petite woman with small tits and a shaven pussy wrapped up in red lingerie for you. Rusty starts your private show with a slight dance and sexual poses.

She is an amateur and is just working up to a full scene of nasty. If you prefer your woman to be sweet and have a girl next door allure then Rusty is perfect for you!

Stars: Rusty

She-Male Tales 5

Video: She-Male Tales 5
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Studio: Destruction
Check out these hot chicks with nice tales. A tale in the back and one in the front. We call these She-Male Tales! These ladies are the true full service providers, they spread their legs to receive your cock and flip you over to fuck you with their huge dicks, watch out, it might hurt!

Stars: Ruby, Amanda, Erika, Scarlet, Rusty, More...

Freckled Friends

Video: Freckled Friends
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Studio: Stevi's Secrets
Watch these two close friends, Stevi and Rusty, make sweet love together! There is nothing hotter than two lesbians making love and pleasing one another's needs.

It's all about the pleasure for these two and they want to show you what they got. Get ready for a real amateur treat.

Stars: Stevi, Rusty

Grand Prix Australia

Video: Grand Prix Australia
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Studio: Colmax
They're willing to submit to any deviation to win this pleasure race. Diabolical! To fill up on sensual pleasure, they don't hesitate to double clutch and go into the most uncontrollable tailspins! Shot during Australia's Formule 1 Grand Prix. This big budget motion screen marvel is guaranteed to make your head spin. 1,2,3... Go!

Stars: Mimi, Sunny McKay, Ashlyn Gere, Rocco Siffredi, Jack Hammer, More...

Stuff My Ass Full Of Cum 12

Video: Stuff My Ass Full Of Cum 12
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Studio: Devil's Films
If you ever meet a smokin' hot chick, take her home, and then find out that she's the sluttiest girl you've ever been with, don't worry dude, just be cool.

And when you're slamming your hard cock deep into her tight asshole and she yells out, "Stuff my ass full of cum, you Mother Fucker"'d better do it!

Stars: Jasmine, Alisa, Rusty, Ruby Girl, Mary Rouge, More...

Volume KP 62 - Fatty Swing Party

Video: Volume KP 62 - Fatty Swing Party
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Studio: Kandi Peach Productions
This video starts off with the lovely Cremepuff systematically walking around, dropping to her knees and sucking off each guy's cock in the house. She simply said that she wanted to be able to say that she has sucked everyone's dick and she did. That pretty much got the party started and Cremepuff was the first one undressed and fucking.

Creme was getting nailed by two black guys when yet another guy joined in. After a while Rebah got horny watching Cremepuff getting all the cock in the house so she tagged up with Cremepuff and took over for a while. Rebah really got banged hard by several of the black guys and even a few white guys. Cum was flying every where before too long.

Now Kandi is always willing to share cock with her friends but she was ready to get fucked. Kandi fucked two guys at once and was soon taking multiple cumshots from them!

Stars: Mark, D, Cremepuff, Kandi Peach, Rusty, More...

Lets Nut In Granny's Butt

Video: Lets Nut In Granny's Butt
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Studio: Wil Ravage Studios
Rusty has many talents that she would be more than willing to show you!!! She is getting excited and can't wait to showcase her many skills. Her name may be Rusty but that does not refer to her fucking!! Watch as she sucks cock and even gets a CUM FACIAL!!!! Don't miss this crazy grandma in all her cock fucking glory!!

Stars: Steph, Rusty

Manila Exposed 4

Video: Manila Exposed 4
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Studio: Wildlife Productions
6 Manila Thrillers! Once again we have turned up the seedy underbelly of the streets of Manila. Don't miss this exciting episode of this awesome must see adult series! Six brand new and smoking hot Filipinas doing some of the nastiest shit every caught on camera! Enjoy the show!

Bonus Footage Included

Stars: Samantha, Sara, Daniela, Vincent, Carlo, More...

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