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Sneaky Pee Volume 27

Video: Sneaky Pee Volume 27
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Studio: Sneaky Pee
In the Sneaky Pee series, there?s no fill from start to finish; just scene after scene of outdoor desperation excellence!! This 27th installment features the likes of Shay Hendrix, Tanya Cox, India, Emma Butt, Rachel Travers, Sasha Cane, Tilly Hardy and many more beauties ready and willing to relieve themselves in 42 overall scenes of sneakiness!

Stars: Isabella, Yasmine, Rebekka, India, Akemi, Cate, Monica, Yazmin, Tilly Hardy, Karen, Mouse, Emma Butt, Tanya, Rachel Travers, Shay, Sasha Cane, Marki, Minx, Bunny, Arella, Becky, Columbia, Sasha, Shelley, Candie, Kayla, Paradise, Tanya Cox, Bianca, Suzie, Shay Hendrix, Rachel, Clare, Tallulah

World Cups

Video: World Cups
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Studio: Relish
From tight ball control, groin strains and keepy uppies to one on ones, penalty shootouts and dribbling in the box, this movie is your ultimate footy fuckfest! Watch as not one not two but three GIRLS SUCK ONE COCK! Extremely hot blow jobs and supermodel porn stars. Five hot scenes, everything from anal fucking, pussy fucking, ATM, blowjobs, pussy licking, finger fucking, solo masturbation, tit sucking, blowjobs, threesome, foursome and plenty of cum to go around for all.

Stars: Rio Mariah, Jessica Loveit, Danny Boy, Nikki Sun, Dieter Von Stein, Mark Sloan, Dougie, Yazmin, Natalie North, Monica Lion, Sonny, Natalie Heck, Dionne, Michelle B, Leah Jaye, Hot Wee Wee Johnson, Savage Willy

My Hairy & Natural 3 Way Babe

Video: My Hairy & Natural 3 Way Babe
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Studio: Filmco
You go girl! All natural, hairy honey is going all the way in three-way action that is as wild as it's ever gonna get... wild hairy and untamed beaver! If you have a thing for unshaved cuties and hot and erotic three-somes... then you need to check out this movie! This movie will get your motor running!

Stars: Shayla Heart, Chanel, Dave Hardman, Rod Fontana, Rubin, Will Ravage, Alex Sao Paulo, Benjamin Long, Yazmin, Nikkie Stone

Cumming In The Bathroom

Video: Cumming In The Bathroom
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Studio: Femorg
We've received lots of requests from our members and fans. And we've heard you! It's taken us 7 years to get this kind of quality bathroom orgasm scenes, and now we've put them all together for you! We've tried to "please" you with this unique, exclusive compilation DVD of 11 women getting naughty in the bathroom. Some "do it" in the bath tub, some in the shower and some while seated anywhere there is enough room for them to pleasure themselves!

Rose is seated on the toilet playing - completely naked - with the magic wand. Her knee is pressed firmly against the wall. She just places the wand on her pussy, tilts her head way back and enjoys the ride! The ride from the magic wand, that is! Rose immediately begins panting. But after about 3 minutes, she is nearly gasping and we can see every rise and fall of her breasts, chest and tummy. Her mouth is opened as she screams, "Oh! Ahhhh! Fuck!" and then she cums. She rides the orgasm for a long while, then slowly pulls the toy away from her pussy. Her clit looks absolutely engorged - even from a distance. Rose apologizes for her "language", but it sounded as if she was thoroughly enjoying her wank in the bathroom and that orgasm to me!

Liz Tyler is aligning her pussy directly under the tub faucet! With the water coming straight down on her clit in full force, Liz quickly rocks her hips and bottom, too. Liz reaches her hand "down there", to part her fold and rub her clit. Liz alternates between the pure force of the water and some hand stimulation as she narrates her progress for us. And while we can't see Liz's classic contractions in this scene, we can see her tummy tensing and flexing rhythmically as she says, "Oh yeah. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." After Liz gets out of the tub and turns off the water, she asks the camera if we "want to see a close-up of her dripping wet pussy?" Duh! She moves the camera down between her legs, reaches her hand down to her pussy lips and shows off those gooey, clear, glistening orgasm strings!

Jasmine is playing with a hand-held shower massager while seated in the bathtub. Jasmine positions her legs just so, then puts her fingers dow to her pussy to spread her lips and pull up on her clit just a bit. The camera moves in for a closer view of the water streaming down on her pussy, then upward to her large breasts and face before focusing on her pussy once more. It takes Jasmine a bit of time to get herself to orgasm, but her husband is filming and I have to say he does a very nice job of alternating the camera views and perspectives. When Jasmine does cum, she is lightly moving the stream of water back and forth over her clit. She quickly starts to breathe heavily, then pant, then her tummy tenses and contracts. From the angle, we are just able to make out a few perineal contractions, too! It's a nice scene. Jasmine's pussy hair is nicely trimmed on top, too. She rinses off with the hand massager, then stands up to finish her shower.

Katie K. is playing in the bathtub, too. She is squatting in the tub and using the "really powerful" hand-held shower massager. Her pussy lips are just dangling there. Katie's pussy is completely shaved except for a little brazilian strip at the top. Katie tries, but sadly she couldn't get comfortable enough to be able to cum. We were thankful she didn't try to "fake it" for us! We still loved the visuals of her squatting like that!

Eastern European Evey Kristal is wearing a see-thru pink top and panties as she saunters into her very modern bathroom. Her nipples are poking through the top. Evey washes her hands, dries them on a towel and, still standing, peels off her pretty pink panties. Evey sits up on the raised platform by the tub and leans back against the wall. She uses a jelly vibe on her pussy and clit. Evey is really concentrating as her toes begin to curl - upward! She firmly presses the toy into her clitoris, her breathing rate increases as she softly moans and then cums! This is a really nice, very visible orgasm from Evey! Her feet are scrunched and her toys are curling and she cums so hard and so long she even squirts a bit! She rides this one for as long as she possibly can! The camera moves in for a close-up of all her wet juicy goodness! Evey gives a little smile to the camera.

Another sexy Eastern European blonde is wrapped in a bathroom towel! That would be Misha! She teasingly pulls the toy down to show us her nipples. She is fun and flirty - slowing getting naked in front of the camera. Misha drapes the towel over the edge of the bathtub, showing off other ass-ets! She stands and lifts one leg up on the edge of the tub. The camera moves right in as she fingers her pussy and rubs her clit. Misha puts her foot down, then turns around to sit on the ledge of the tub. She moistens her fingers with saliva as she starts to rub and play with her pussy. Misha has an absolutely gorgeous body and her pussy is shaved except for a trimmed patch on top. Misha is a finger wanker - no toys necessary. She wets her fingers and keeps her clit lubed with her saliva as she frantically plays with herself. Misha arches her back, holds her breath, legs aquiver, and throws her head back as she finds that sweet spot! It is very near impossible to discern any contractions with all this hand motion, but she certainly did seem to have a real orgasm to me! But, we'll let our viewers be the ultimate judge.

Emerald is seated on the ledge of a bubble filled tub. The candles are lit as she reaches down to grab a handful of the little bubbles and rub them all over her breasts, inner thighs and finally her hair-less pussy. Emerald slowly massages her pussy, pressing firmly on her clit in what are first slow circular rubs. After a bit, the slow motion becomes more and more frantic. Then Emerald grunts and moans and cums! We can spot these contractions, despite her hanging over the edge of the tub. She gives her pussy a little slap and then goes back to rubbing her clitoris so more - she's not content with just one orgasm! First slowly, then more and more frantically -with the occasional slap thrown in for good measure. As she frantically rubs, she mumbles, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah." Then Emerald lets out a deep moan as she cums - visibly - once more! In this second orgasm, she squirts a bit, too!

Small-breasted, blonde, Susie B is satisfying her urges in the bathroom! She is seated on the closed toilet, with one leg up and straddling the sink. Susie's favourite toy is her purple vibe and she has the little shaft firmly planted between her pussy lips and pressing over every inch of her clit. With her eyes closed and just a little bit of sunlight streaming into the bathroom, Susie's pussy begins to contract and twitch with pre-orgasmic contractions. We know she's not far from cumming, now. Susie begins to moan very slightly, then pant and then she has a huge, strong, snapping orgasm! And the camera in zoomed in on her pussy to catch every jumping contraction! Wow! The camera slowly pans out as Susie is still cumming to show her curled toes, too. Susie tries to continue with the vibe, but her clit is way too sensitive after that incredible orgasm!

In a very similar style to Susie B, sexy MILF Yazmin is seated on her closed toilet seat with one leg straddling the sink. Yazmin is using a little egg style vibrator on her clit as her legs are spread wide open. As the toy goes round and round, Yazmin's pussy lips are fluttering, too. She increases the power of the little toy. It's not long before Yazmin's face is showing the signs of pure pleasure! With her mouth open, she lets out the quietest series of pants as her pussy literally pops in orgasm! It's a really strong, really nice orgasm. And the huge grin that washes over Yazmin's face after she's cum is really nice, too. She touches herself with her fingers after, too.

Holly Kiss and Emma C. are getting up to so me naughtiness in the bathroom too. Emma is seated on the ledge of the tub, leaning back against the wall as the water is running. Holly is in the tub, on all fours licking Emma's pussy and clit. Emma is in ecstasy as Holly sucks and goes down on her. Emma is softly moaning as Holly goes up and down on her clit, then Emma throws her head back, quietly saying, "Oh. Ahh. Oh. Ahh." Emma is getting close, but she can't quite get to orgasm. She stands up on the ledge of the bathtub as Holly stands over top of her licking Emma's pussy. Emma is so ready to cum! Holly starts to rub Emma's clit with her fingers, then dips a finger deep into Emma's pussy. Then Holly goes back to finger fucking Emma while licking her clit. That lasts just a minute or so. Emma is ready to explode! Holly starts using the pink vibe on Emma's clit. Emma is so aroused - she is panting and moaning as Holly firmly presses the vibe right into Emma's clit. Near desperation, Emma finally takes over with the vibe herself. But, Holly doesn't leave her lover hanging, Holly gently fondles and sucks Emma's nipples. And that is all it takes to get Emma off to a big huge orgasm. Emma is quivering from head to toe. Holly pulls back on her clit hood, exposing all of Emma's engorged and swollen bits. Holly rubs juicy wetness all over Emma.

Genie Bunny is using the hand-held water massager in the bathtub. She has large pussy lips! Genie puts the end of the showerhead about one inch away from her clit. She pulls back on her clit just a bit, then puts the massager right back over her clit. Within minutes Genie is cumming so hard! And so visibly! She lets out a soft series of moans as she cums really hard! Nice one! The camera pans out from her pussy to see the huge grin spread across her face!

Stars: Misha, Jasmine, Emerald, Rose, Genie, Liz Tyler, Yazmin, Katie K., Susie B., Holly Kiss, Emma C., Evey Kristal


Video: Climax!
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Studio: Femorg
Climax! brings you a comprehensive view of genuine female orgasms demonstrated by 18 girls having 20 orgasms featured in 17 hot scenes, ranging from full body fixed cam to extreme close up's, from the quiet to the vocal, from solo girls to hands on help to bi-sexual girls, from dripping wet juices to snapping pussies to squirting orgasms, and more! And every single orgasm is real! This DVD really is a "must have"!

Wearing a yellow bra and panty set with black thigh-high stockings is Katie K. She is trying the egg-style vibe. She teases her breasts and nipples, thighs and bits with the toy. Katie takes off her panties after using the toy "all over her body". She says she loves feeling the toy on her nipples, but then she moves the toy down between her legs and onto her clit and nice, lippy, cooch. She toys her clit and grabs onto her nice, full breasts and she says she is feeling really sexy lying there in her stockings, playing with herself. She dangles the vibe just over her clit, then she places it more firmly on her clit. She notes just how powerful this little toy really is. Katie continues enjoying the toy and she just starts her typical light panting, letting out one little moan as the orgasm starts! It's a nice one, with lots of contractions and she did squirt when she came. She even notes how quickly that orgasm came on. Katie then has a little chat about the first shoot she ever did for and that was the first time she ever squirted. She now squirts all the time! Lucky us!

Lacey is featured in a close-up scene in "The Chair" as she uses the baton vibe on her wet pussy. Her cooch is a bit hairy, but not too hairy. As Lacey works on the vibe all over her pussy and her clit, she has little mini-contractions. The wetness between her pussy lips is building quite a lot and pooling at the base of her vagina. She starts to moan and then the nice, firm, strong pussy contractions take over - and the little pool of juicy goodness runs out of her vagina and slowly trickles down to her bottom. She's not finished with the vibe, though, as she keeps it on her clit, enjoying all the sensations of her orgasm for as long as she can. The camera pans out to catch her enjoying herself, then moves back in for an extreme pussy close-up.

Emma C. is lying on the bed and all we see of her is from the navel up! Emma is clutching one of her lovely, perky, breasts as her "other" hand is busy massaging her pussy - but we can't see her pussy in this one! Emma licks and sucks on her finger. It's not long with lots of consistent rubbing that Emma makes the faintest of heavy breathing sounds. Her chest flushes a little pink as her face relaxes into orgasmic ecstasy. She leans up a little bit noting her pussy is now really warm. She dips her fingers into her pussy, then into her mouth saying, "It tastes really good, too!"

Elizabeth Michelle Lawrence is lying naked on the bed - slowly massaging and fingering her pussy. She moistens her fingers in her mouth - tasting all of her juices. Then she rolls overs doggy-style and cranks up the black thingy massager. She places the toy on her clit and finger rubs her anus. She works the toy round and round on her clit piercing, moaning a bit as she goes along. Elizabeth firmly grasps her cheek and plays with her nice, round bottom. After a minute or two, the finger is back to her anus, though. Elizabeth plays with the massager - using it on her anus as her fingers work the rest of her bits. Elizabeth keeps moist, but after a bit, she rolls over onto her back. Elizabeth grabs hold of her clit ring and positions the toy, then firmly grasps her nipple and enhanced breast. She hisses and let's out a long moan before the contractions really pop! She dips her fingers into her juices and licks them. The camera moves in for a close-up of her wetness, It's a wow! orgasm, too!

Jean and Jo May move into the bedroom and pull out another toy that Jean suggests may be an anal toy ... Jean sits up and leans up against the wall, spreads her legs and puts the long, slim vibrator on her clit. She decides it's not powerful enough though and grabs her trusty favourite smoothie again. The girls get comfortable lying down on pillows and the bed. Jo May has her silver bullet and is surprised at how wet she got from their first session. They both very quickly get into their "zones" and the chit chat reduces quite a bit as they get closer and closer to orgasm. Jo May starts thrusting her hips against her hand and vibrator, and quickly stops all the moving as she holds off her orgasm. Jean is back with her rapid stimulation on her clit, her full pussy lips looking rather scrumptious! Jo May announces that she's "going to cum in a minute" but it doesn't take that long at all ;-) and Jean is cumming right behind her, her clear orgasmic contractions pushing her juices to her vaginal opening. Jean's contractions are strong and just go on and on for ages! Jo May is still going, her entire body twitching and her clit nice and engorged and hard. They discuss how to make their orgasms last longer and stronger. Jo May decides she needs to suck on Jeans breasts and agree that Jean can try her toy next if Jean can make her cum!

Back to the orgasm chair where we find Elle Macqueen! Her hair is loose, long and flowing as she peels off a pair of sexy panties to play with her bits. Elle reaches for the magic wand. Again, Elle keeps her lips pulled apart with one hand and the toy directly on her clit with the other. It's not long before Elle is really working that toy on her clit and she is cumming hard! She works the toy and firmly holds it on her clitoris, completely settled into the corner of the chair with her legs spread. Her breathing becomes totally irregular, her tummy moving in and out and up and down, just before Elle cums again. This orgasm is a big strong one with her head arched backward and her neck, face and chest flushed red. The contractions are nice and visible, too. She smiles at the camera as she touches her pussy, dangling her feet.

Gently massaging her clit with his fingers, he takes a good look at her shaved pussy saying, "Wow! Nice!" She giggles and thanks him for the compliment ... She is living up to her name wearing a very bright pink fishnet body suit sans panties! He turns on the baton vibe noting this is his favourite toy for making models cum (I think he has lots of favourites)! He works the tip of the vibe round and round on her clit while his fingers do gentle "exploring" around her perineum ... With the vibe on her clit and his fingers continuing to pull her pussy lips aside or massage her perineum, Crystal is enjoying this! She is sensitive, but she is also moaning and hissing now ... Her tummy rises and falls as she holds her breath then tries to catch it. A few pre-orgasmic contractions ... Crystal is getting closer and squirming a bit. He pulls back on her clit hood, massaging with the baton. She is panting ... hissing ... panting ... desperate to cum ... He really works the vibe on her clit - until she has a big wet squirting orgasm! This scene features a picture-in-picture close-up camera view of Crystal's squirting orgasm as well as simultaneously showing the full-body view! It's nice to see all the action at the same time! Anyway, Crystal's juices shoot out on the bed and down her bum all over the sheets! She apologizes and as he massages her clit with his fingers, she is still contracting! So sensitive!

When we first meet Loz Lorrimar, the camera is panned in for an extreme close-up of her pussy. Loz is seated in a chair, with her legs spread wide apart. She is wearing absolutely nothing. Loz opts for the smooth white buzzy vibe on her clit and pussy. Loz really pulls back and up on her clit hood - exposing the most of her clit that she can. The vibe gets her moaning pretty quickly as the camera stays focused in close-up mode. She bounces the toy up and down, up and down on her clit as she continues to lubricate it with her saliva. Loz continues with the toy - until she is moaning in ecstasy. And her orgasmic contractions are quite visible! It's a really nice, close-up view, of Loz's orgasm.

Gorgeous and sexy new-cummer Roxy la Roux is wearing pretty purple satin lingerie as she introduces herself. She is playing with the pink buzzy vibe on her pussy and clit, through her panties to start. It's not long before the panties are slid to her knees, so with her legs in the air she is wanking with the toy. Roxy clutches her breast as she gets down to serious masturbation with the vibe - really working the toy frantically over her clitoris. Her breathing becomes more and more pronounced, her legs are spread and her mouth slightly agape as Roxy lets out a breathy, "Oh, fuck!" as she cums hard! She has strong, pulling contractions that cover a large area of her pussy in this orgasm. Roxy catches her breath for a moment slowly working the toy over her clit as she calms down some more. Her pussy is red and engorged!

Lily is lying on the bed removing her panties as she moistens her fingers and plays with her perky breasts and pussy. The camera moves in for a bit of a close-up view (her breasts are still in frame) as Lily turns on the red little buzzy vibe. Lily places the toy on her clitoris and buzzes away with it until she pants quietly. Her hips are bobbing up and down as pre-orgasmic twitches take place. Lily pants just a little bit just before the orgasm takes over her body! Her pussy contractions are quite clear and very obvious and strong - pulling down around her anus. Lily's clitoris is quite enlarged when she is finished! She looks at the camera man and smiles as she rubs herself.

Kaicee Marie is wearing a French Maid outfit while removing her red panties and lounging on the bed. She has a little tattoo on her left hip, too. Kaicee cranks up the power on a little pink g-spot stimulator toy and enjoys it vibrating on her clitoris. Kind of curling her neck and shoulders up and off the pillows, Kaicee keeps the toy buzzing on her clitoris. Kaicee does seem to really enjoy it - spreading her legs wide and saying "Mmmm" and "Ahhhh" as she goes along. I notice that her chest starts to flush red some minutes before she reaches orgasm. With a series of moans, Kaicee cums long and hard as her pussy has a series of lower, tight and visible contractions. Kaicee really rides this orgasm out for as long as she possibly can! She says she likes this toy.

Michelle Moist is now seated in The Orgasm Chair. She is enjoying some attention from the little blue dolphin toy and the cameraman. She is wearing a tiny pair of black panties, which come off pretty quickly. Michelle's pussy lips are shaved and her lips are rather large and dangly. After a bit, they decide to take her panties off. He lays the dolphin on her clit, rubbing the toy all over. He spreads her lips apart with one hand and works the tip of the dolphin right on her clitoris. Michelle just begins to cum, but he takes the toy away in the knick of time. After she calms down a bit, he goes back to working the toy on her clit and she starts to cum again. He tries to take the toy away again, but he's too late this time - her pussy is popping in orgasm before either one of them are able to stop it. The toy goes back on her clit once again going around in small, tight circles. She lets out a big, "Ah!" and starts to cum again, but he pulls the toy away once more. He stimulates her now "soft" nipples and then puts the toy back on her clit. He massages her perineum with his fingers for a moment, then spreads her lips wide apart with the toy going back and forth on her clit. He holds on the edge of orgasm once more. He tells her he is waiting for her juices to be down to her ass. With the toy moving up and down on her clit, Michelle's pussy is getting wetter and wetter. He keeps working the toy on her, pulling back on her clit hood - her juices are indeed dripping down to her ass - and he asks her, "Do you want to cum now?" She doesn't reply. He continues to work the toy on her clit. After a just a little bit, Michelle lets out a big, "Ah!" and she cums hard and perfectly visibly once more! He pulls back on her clit hood and plays with her juices with his fingers.

Nathalie Heck and Emma C are making each other happy in The Orgasm Chair now. They are both wearing red lingerie as Nathalie leans over to give Emma's bum a big smooch. The girls admire one another, then takes off their bras. Emma has Nathalie slide her sexy panties off, then she starts toying Nathalie with the purple bullet-style vibrator. Emma is right between Nathalie's legs for all the action. After a bit, Nathalie takes over the control of the toy as Emma leans over to kiss her mouth and fondle Nathalie's enormous breasts. Next Emma straddles the chair backwards, putting her pussy right into Nathalie's face and mouth! All the while Nathalie continues to toy her own clit. Nathalie switches to a pocket rocket toy, still licking Emma's pussy. The girls stay in their positions, but Nathalie starts working the pocket rocket on Emma's clit, too. Emma is nearly falling over the chair as Nathalie toys and fingers Emma's pussy. Emma really enjoys it, too. After a bit Emma is over top of Nathalie, masturbating her pussy with her hand as Nathalie has gone back to using the pocket rocket on her own clitoris and pussy. Emma's legs are quivering as she rubs herself to orgasm - she is dripping wet just over Natahlie's head. Emma hops down from the back of the chair, licking her own juices off her fingers as Nathalie continues to toy. Emma reaches down to gently play with one of Nathalie's nipples and that's all it takes for Nathalie to cum, too.

Krystal Niles is lying on the bed is very sexy black lingerie. She sits up to remove the body suit, but leaves on the fish net thigh-high stockings as she spreads her legs wide apart. Krystal's cooch is completely shaved except for the tiniest of tufts just above her clit. Krystal rubs herself with her fingers for a moment, then turns on the white buzzy vibe. The toy feels really good and it's not long before Krystal's breathing increases and her hips and body move up and down. Her chest develops a deep sex flush just before she cums. I can see the juices glistening into her labia folds, too. Krystal is all smiles. She spreads her pussy lips apart for the camera.

Horny housewife Yazmin is featured next. She is seated on the counter using a pink buzzy vibe on her luscious labia. This is a close-up cooch cam view! Yazmin firmly presses the toy right into her clitoris and down the sides of her lips. She pants, slightly, from time-to-time. The juices are beginning to build between her folds, too. Working the toy on her clit, her hips begin to rock, just as the nice strong orgasmic contractions occur. She develops the classic goose bumps with this orgasm, too and her clit is so sensitive as she pulls back on it.

Masie Dee likes it when those of us who are watching are touching ourselves and wanking with her, too. Masie says she loves to play with her nipples when she is about to climax. She pulls her panties to the side to rub her clit. She also inserts a finger into her vagina to taste and play with her own juices. Masie takes off the panties completely to rub her clitoris with the fabric - she says she loves the sensation of the fabric because it makes it more intense. Then, Masie inserts the panties nearly completely into her vagina. She wraps the outside edge of the panties around her finger and begins to frig her clit. Masie also reaches for a silver vibe to use on her clit, while the panties are still stuffed inside her vagina. It doesn't take very long for Masie to cum and as she does, she lets out a little moan and slowly pulls the panties out of her pussy at the same time she is cumming. Once the panties are completely out, she keeps the toy on her clitoris just long enough for us to see her after-shocks and contractions.

Bailey is feeling naughty in bed, so she reaches for the magic wand! She "wakes up", pulls the covers off, grabs her magic wand vibrator, and with a naughty look in her eye starts buzzing her clit. The camera is catching her from the side angle as her whole body gently writhes as she enjoys the feeling of the powerful vibrator. Her hips are pushedinto the bed, her head is back on the pillows nad her back is arched as she keeps the toy going on her clitoris. She begins to pant and moan then she cries out rather loudly when she cums! She is wiped after that one, so she rolls herself in her blankets - ready for another nap!

Stars: Jean, Bailey, Elizabeth Lawrence, Lacey, Lily, Jo May, Yazmin, Katie K., Kaicee Marie, Elle MacQueen, Michelle Moist, Crystal Pink, Emma C., Masie Dee, Loz Lorrimar, Krystal Niles, Nathalie Heck, Roxy La Roux

Fetish Desires 4

Video: Fetish Desires 4
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Studio: MSS Interactive
Your ultimate fetish desires fulfilled all in one film. The ultimate fetish fantasy and everything your heart desire delivers in part 4 of Fetish Desires! these nasty girls know what you want, and they're going to give it to you! Wild three-ways, hot girl on girl, and smoking solo acts, all played out in the dungeons of your dreams!

Stars: Donna Marie, Tiffany Diamond, Poppy Morgan, Yazmin, Elle Brook, Natalie Heck, Tammy Oldham, Jane Berry, Sarah Lou, Louise Parker

National Models Peeing 4

Video: National Models Peeing 4
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Studio: MSS Interactive
Following the success of National Models Peeing 3, MSS Interactive, producers of the award winning IK Student House series brings you more of the rudest, dirtiest and wettest models all wanting to piss whilst they fuck! See what happens when they squirt their popping hot sexy piss in front of each other in gallons of hard lezzie sucking and fucking. Scenes of hot piss, knickers and jeans wetting as the girls stretch their tight little pink cunts wide open as they take a well-needed leak. Without doubt the best water sports series currently available as all the girls just love to piss and fuck for the camera.

Stars: Patricia, Yazmin, Elle Brook, Michelle B, Harmony Hex, Tammy Oldham, Paige Ashley, Leah Caprice, Carolina De Lys, Alysha Leigh, Antonia Stokes

Cum On My Feet

Video: Cum On My Feet
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Studio: Television X
Check out five tales of beautiful British girls and their sexy, delicious feet. A stunning brunette reveals her white feet to 2 salesgirls who devour her tootsies on the way to a three-way dildo fuck. A foot-loving husband invites a high-heeled lady for a leg show before a foot wanking & tights-sucking session ends in a hot bed hump.

The new shop girl's stilettos are admired by a randy manager who licks and pounds everything from her pussy to her toenails. Karen & Tammy's white lingerie and stockings are crazily cast aside for maniacal dildo duet. Demetri ravages his dinner date's black stockings then adores and worships her delicious pretty feet before fucking her for pudding.

Stars: Suzi, Pascal, Karen Wood, Yazmin, Marcello, Michelle B, Harmony Hex, Tammy Oldham, Demitri, Bonnie Simon, Franky Knight


Video: Yazmin
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Studio: Femorg
Yazmin starts out lying on her bed and flipping through a sex magazine. Her trousers come off and she slowly starts to rub her clitoris through her white thong. She's obviously really into this and soon her thong comes off too, and very soon she is cumming with just her fingers! After a short break, Yazmin grabs an egg vibrator, flips over onto her hands and knees and starts buzzing her clit doggy style. She really got into this toy, which gave her a really nice orgasm. The next scene has Yazmin sitting in the bathroom, one leg up on the edge of the tub and the other on the sink. This really shows off her great, large lipped cooch, which gets very wet and nicely swollen. Assisted by the egg vibrator, it doesn't take long before she is cumming yet again nice strong contractions that actually jolt her whole body! She changes toy and goes for it again without changing positions. And although she is interrupted a couple of times by her cat (who wishes to remain anonymous) but this doesn't seem to affect her, the venerable "things" brings her to a hard and pulsating orgasm! In the last scene, Yazmin is in a robe on the couch and once again "rediscovers" an egg vibrator. Back on her hands and knees, it doesn't take long before she is cumming again! Wow!

Stars: Yazmin

Fixed Cam Orgasm Collection 2

Video: Fixed Cam Orgasm Collection 2
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Studio: Femorg
The first fixed camera collection was so well received (and ordered!) that we decided you must really like this stuff! So, here's another batch of 10 real pulsating orgasms as captured by the fixed camera for you to enjoy!

The first scene features nice, lippy-cooched, Yazmin on the white leather sofa breaking out her favorite toy - the magic wand! She's quite talkative about her bits and what she enjoys, too! Yazmin kind of narrates her way to a "nice, big, explosion" orgasm! She teases and takes the toy away, prolonging her build-up - all the while moaning and hissing. She turns the wand up to high power, gets herself very, very close and then turns off the wand, saying she is not going to allow herself to cum yet! The toy goes back on low power and Yazmin says she's going to go for it! And Yazmin has a really lovely, long, slightly squirting orgasm! It was a real wow!

Next we see Charlie sprawled on the sofa with a black satin robe opened and the wand pressed firmly on her pussy. While Charlie certainly isn't as narrative as Yazmin, she definitely enjoys herself with lots of soft moans and 'pleasure sounds'. Charlie pulls her legs up and hips back a bit she is really spread apart on the sofa. She gets nice and wet as she builds up to her orgasm, too. When Charlie does cum it is full of lots of hard, strong, very visible contractions! She really has great orgasms! And she plays with her sensitive clitoris and erect nipples, too!

Gorgeous Zahra is featured in this DVD, too. She is wearing a black lace bodysuit and seems almost embarrassed when she pops open the crotch snaps! She pulls the bodysuit down, revealing a sexy, black, demi-bra from which her nipples peeking and popping. Zahra gently rubs her clitoris with her fingers for a bit before reaching for the guaranteed sure thing - the magic wand! This a side angle scene of Zahra, so we get to catch her full body reactions and the look of 'beautiful' ecstasy on her face as she says, "Oh yes!" while cumming. Even with the side angle, we can still see her pussy pulsating when she orgasms, too. Zahra rolls over to her side and waves good bye.

The fair-skinned, cute, youngish, Emma Cusack is doing it doggie-style with the magic wand in the next scene, completely naked, except for black high heels. Emma takes her time a bit working the wand on slow speed for a while before switching it to high power and really riding it, really going for it. This is a side angle view, and one can really hear her plump pussy lips being smacked by the head of the vibrating toy and she enjoys not just one, but two rocking orgasms. When she is finished she fingers her wet pussy.

The chubby, fair-skinned, blonde-haired Swede Majbritt is gently playing with her nipples and gently, gently circling her clit. She reaches under her bottom to insert a couple of fingers for a moment, while keeping the other fingers busy on her clitoris. Majbritt inserts her pelvic cone after a bit before getting back to rubbing her clitoris. I think the way she is a slow and methodical rubber, sometimes dipping her fingers into her wet pussy then going back to her clit rub. She has a very nice, very visible orgasm that goes on and on. But, Majbritt doesn't just stop at one - she keeps gently rubbing as the camera slowly zooms in for an even closer view of her second, nice wet orgasm!

Lovely Russian Roxanne is enjoying the wand in the chair, taking off her pretty pink panties to start. The feet, toe and leg fans will enjoy this view as Roxanne's full lippy pussy is spread. I honestly don't know how Roxanne can stand so much stimulation from the magic wand for as long as she does, and at times she places the wand directly on her clit. When Roxanne reaches orgasm, it's another really wow! one - only letting out one moan, but noting how sensitive her clit is after orgasm. She sits back in the chair and fingers her nice twitching pussy for a bit, too.

The little, pig-tailed, brunette firecracker Antonia is doing a little strip tease on the bed ... and she warns us that we can't laugh at her mismatched bra and panties. Antonia is another one of models with a nice, full, lippy cooch. She is ready to have some fun with her toys and immediately breaks out the tube of lube to prime things, a bit. She tries the black massager first, then switches to the pocket rocket - which does the trick for her very nicely as she simultaneously tugs on her nipple. She moves her hips a bit when she is cumming, so a couple of her contractions get pushed into the bed covers, so to speak, but it is still a nice and visible orgasm. She notes her sensitivity after orgasm and wants to take the pocket rocket with her! Antonia quickly decides to try another toy and starts buzzing away with the silver egg vibrator. Once again Antonia's hips begin to bounce, she kind of pants, and then she cums, again! She is giggly and asks if that was ok! How many ways can we say, "yes"?

Stars: Roxanne, Charlie, Antonia, Yazmin, Zahra, Majbritt, Emma Cusack

Latin Fever 9

Video: Latin Fever 9
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Beautiful and hot latin women getting fucked hard for your pleasure !!! Let's catch the Latin Fever!!! Watch how they do it Latin Style!!!

Stars: Tera Patrick, Vanity, Frankie Lah-Ru, Yazmin

Salza & Spice Volume 12

Video: Salza & Spice Volume 12
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Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
Join Will & Al as they sample the muy deliciosa offerings of Aurora, Frankie and Yazmin in this horny Hispanic seasoned release! Watch these hot tamales salsa their way around cock like it's a corn burrito! Will & All dip their chips into the hot, warm salsa of these Hispanic sluts like they were pounding cornmeal!

Stars: The Bogas Brothers, Monty St. James, Frankie Lah-Ru, Yazmin, Aurora Cortez


Video: Snappers
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Studio: Femorg
This truly is a heart pumping collection of 18 different girls getting off with pussy snapping orgasms! As most of the scenes on this DVD are also on the model DVDs themselves, it's also a great way for the new Femorg customers to pick out thier favourite models. If pulsating orgasmic pussies is your thing, this really is a one-of-a-kind and most definitely a must-have!

In the first scene we meet the sexy brunette Myla. Myla is seated in the chair wearing a grey sweater and a pair of pink floral panties. Myla turns on the magic wand and starts to massage her pussy through the panties for a few minutes. Then, she leans back (nice camel toe) and takes off the panties showing us her completely shaved pussy. Myla can cum quickly, so she is taking her time and being careful not to enjoy the stimulation from the magic wand for too long. Myla just can't resist rocking her hips up and down and then wham-o! There it is a nice quick pulsating orgasm.

Felicia Fallon is wearing a pair of lime green boy shorts bathing suit and stimulating her clitoris with a little g-spot vibe. After a few seconds, she moves the panties aside. This is an entirely closeup cooch scene, btw. After a little go with the g-spot vibe, Felicia switches to the little blue dolphin toy. She rubs her fingers around the opening to her vagina and pulls her lip to the side and the hood back, getting the dolphin directly on her clit. She starts to moan and breathe a bit heavier. Then, with a lip pulled aside and and an "Oh yeah", Felicia's pussy is spasming and contracting rhythmically in orgasm.

Next we see MILF Isabella. Isabella's face is a bit visible in this one, but it's mostly a closeup cooch cam. Isabella is using a little purple egg-style vibrator. Within just a few minutes Isabella says, "Oh. It's getting ready." She keeps one hand firmly placed on her bum and her hips scooped upward as she enjoys the toy. She lets out a gasp with a contraction, then says, "Oh. It's gonna cum." And she does! Lots of nice pulsating pussy and anal contractions in this one. She says it felt good as she pulls her legs up for another closeup of her cooch.

Ayla is wearing a purple satin panties and bra set while lying on the bed enjoying a little pocket rocket. She enjoys the toy through her panties for a bit, then pulls them off showing us her very lippy cooch! She inserts her fingers into the base of her vagina and pulls her large labia apart. They are really dangly and meaty. Ayla gets glistening wet toy. She works that pocket rocket around and around on her clitoris - the wetness just building all the more. Ayla pants heavily as her pussy convulses in orgasmic ecstasy. Her contractions literally squeeze those clear juices right out of her. Then, she dips her fingers in for a rub. Nice cooch.

Big-breasted, slightly gothic Amber is enjoying a smoothie vibe while lounging on black satin sheets. Amber is fair-skinned, which makes a nice contrast against the sheets. After warming up with the smoothie, Amber moistens her fingers and starts rubbing her clitoris and clit ring while inserting the vibe just a little bit into her vagina. Her cooch is completely shaved and this is a full-body, pussy-centric scene. After a few minutes of toying and rubbing, Amber's feet lift up off the sheets and she crunches upward and cums hard. A nice, snapping orgasm that makes her legs shake after all the pussy contractions.

Blonde MILF Suzy Hott is hiking up her little skirt and pulling down her t-shirt to show-off her breasts in the back of the car. She pushes her panties aside and stimulates her clitoris with a little blue vibe. She is moaning and enjoying every minute of it. This is a mostly closeup cooch scene, but we do get to see Suzy's breasts as she tweaks her nipples from time to time. With the toy laying aside her clitoris, Suzy cums very quickly saying, "Oh yes!" Another fantastic orgasm with lots of nice contractions.

Yazmin is using the black thingie massager in the bathroom. She has to talk to her pussy cat for a minute, asking her to "go away." This is a full-body orgasm scene and Yazmin is completely naked as she rests on a towel and leans back against the bath tub. Yazmin has a nice, lippy cooch, too and her nipples are hard as erasers. The cat meows every now and then, but is never visible. She asks the cat to "Go away. You're putting Mommy off!" But, Yazmin keeps the massager right on her clit and lippy cooch. Yazmin adjusts the toy just ever so slightly as I note the little mini contractions across her perineum begin. Yazmin pulls her legs up a bit, closes her eyes and puts her head back as the contractions begin. She lets out a barely audible "Ah" followed by a little giggle and a smile. Nice one.

Charlie is lying on the sofa with her black robe opened. One leg is bent and the other is being supported on the back of the sofa as she enjoys the magic wand. This is scene shows Charlie's whole body, but moves in for a cooch cam close-up when she orgasms. Charlie's pussy gets creamy-white wet as she enjoys the wand, then the camera moves in for an extreme close-up as Charlie orgasms - every one of her contractions can be counted as her bottom puckers each and every time. She just softly moans. The camera moves in for a close-up of her wetness and reddened clitoris and pussy lips.

Emma Butts is lying on the floor in fishnet stockings and black body suit enjoying the magic wand. Emma Butts has a nice, lippy cooch, and she has lots of white, oozing juices flowing from her, too. Emma pulls back rather firmly on her mound and works the magic wand in tight little circles around her clitoris. Then, she lets out a heavy breathe, followed by a long hiss as the contractions begin and she moans. After her orgasm, she reaches her hands down to touch the oozing wetness.

Myla and Susie B. are getting hot and bothered on the stairs. Susie B. is lying on the steps enjoying a large purple smoothie vibe as Myla kisses her pussy and wets her fingers and rubs on Susie's perineum. Myla kisses Susie's thigh as she strokes her perineum up and down and side-to-side. Occasionally, Myla dips a finger into the base of Susie's vagina and rubs, rubs, rubs very fast. This is hot and steamy scene as boths girls seem to really enjoy the action. Suddenly Susie pants and her pussy pushes out and starts the orgasmic contractions. Myla continues to gently rub and massage to allow us the best view of the action. Then Myla softly kisses Susie's cooch.

To indulge a few of her wilder fantasies, Paige is wearing a lace-up red leather 'dress' and black high heels while sitting in the chair and massaging her clit and pussy. She didn't even bother with the panties at all! After getting warmed up for a moment with her fingers and hand, Paige reaches for her favourite little silver vibe toy. She is breathing heavily and moaning within just a few seconds of using the toy. Within a few more minutes, her legs begin to quiver and shake and when Paige moves the tip of the little vibe right up to her clit, she just can't help but cum! A nice, strong, contracting orgasm! This time, Paige doesn't stop with just one, she keeps playing with the little toy on her clit and her legs start to really quiver and shake, just before Paige cums again - right after the first one! Paige's hands are just trembling as she gives the camera a nice, big smile and tries to catch her breath. Then, the camera zooms in for a close close-up of her swollen, quivering cooch and shaking legs!

Layla is wearing a pink opaque, lingerie set while wanking on the stairs. Layla pushes her panties to the side and reaches for her little silver buzzy vibe. Layla sits back and goes for it with the vibe on her clitoris until she cums! This is as very close-up cooch cam view of Layla's long lasting orgasm. Layla seems to really enjoy this one as she moans and pants just a bit more than 'usual' when she cums this time. It's long, intense and very visible orgasm - both her inner and outer folds and her perineum are contracting with this one! She reaches her hand down to massage her pussy.

Tall, blonde, Jordan is lying on the bed and thoroughly enjoying a pocket rocket. She likes to get "very close and then pull the toy away". She says, "Oh, I'm ready now" and then her head goes back on the pillow, then she lifts up one more time before putting her head back again as her shaved pussy starts to contract in orgasm. This is a full-body camera view with lots of nice visible contractions. Jordan says she really likes the pocket rocket.

Katie K. is sitting in the orgasm chair rubbing her pussy through her panties. This is a close-up camera view of Katie's shaved pussy - except for the Brazilian airstrip. She lets us know that she is really, really wet because she has been watching porn videos and she really, really likes the videos. She reaches for a pocket rocket and starts to use the toy on her nipples to tease herself a bit. Once she places the pocket rocket on her clit and pussy, she says she is not going to last long! She spreads her lips apart with one hand and uses the toy with the other. It really doesn't take long for Katie K. to reach a nice, powerful, perfectly visible contracting - and even squirting - orgasm! She says she has never squirted before!

The next scene is in an arm chair with the very hairy Beth. Beth starts out by playing with her nipples, stripping out or her underwear (leaving her skirt on), and playing with her clit and lips. She pushes fingers in and out or her pussy, rubs her clit, and eventually settles down with the "thingie" vibrator. There's lots of clit play - her hard clit looks quite large and very aroused, and her pussy is already very wet. With her knees pulled up to clearly expose her pussy and butt, Beth gets serious with the vibe until her glistening pussy spasms as she enjoys a really nice orgasm! She shows off her engorged and sopping wet post orgasmic pussy.

Julieta strips out of a sexy outfit, exposing her perky little breasts, nice nipples and tummy tattoo. She settles down on the couch, picks up her monster vibe and starts working it on her clit - she really has a nice cooch! She doesn't waste much time revving up her monster vibe and locating her clit with it ... she pulls back on her labia majora, spreading her pussy while buzzing her clit. Julieta has a nice powerful pulsating orgasm!

The lovely Lithuanian Ola is seated in the orgasm chair. She lifts her t-shirt to expose her lovely, large, natural breasts as she gets down to the business with the thingie massager. She giggles as she enjoys the strength of the toy. Working the toy around and around on her clitoris, Ola has a hard, full body, moaning, and pulsating orgasm. She giggles and smiles afterward.

The very sexy brunette Claudia Rossi is seated in the chair next. She reaches her hand between her legs and rubs her pussy and clit. Her lips are completely shaved, but she's left a nice dark patch of hair at the top of her pussy. She inserts a finger into her pussy and really enjoys pulling it in and out. Then she moistens her fingers and reaches for the magic wand. With her legs dangling off the sides of the chair and little kitten-heels on her feet, Claudia cums hard - her pussy and perineum spasming in a contracting orgasm! She reaches down to gently massage her pussy and insert a finger into her wetness. Her nipples are nice and erect.

Stars: Layla, Charlie, Isabella, Jordan, Amber, Ayla, Claudia Rossi, Beth, Paige, Ola, Yazmin, Katie K., Julieta, Myla, Susie B., Suzy Hott, Emma Butts, Felicia Fallon

Yazmin 2

Video: Yazmin 2
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Studio: Femorg
Yazmin seems like a lovely, natural, genuinely nice person and that personality transcends to her DVDs. There is nothing fake, nothing scripted but she is totally comfortable just chatting and being herself! I loved the fact that D captured her first squirting experience, too.
Everyone loved Yazmin the first time around - and what's not to love about this dirty blonde with huge natural breasts and a gorgeous, sweet smile? Trust me, she's even lovelier in "two" this time!
Yazmin walks into the bedroom, searches through a nightstand drawer, pulls out and plugs-in the magic wand vibrator, undresses and settles down for a serious, slightly squirting and juicy, strong orgasm with the magic wand! She has such a nice, lippy, neatly trimmed pussy! After her orgasm she asks the cameraman if he saw her squirt a little and proudly announces that she's never done that before! She loves her new toy! She soon flips the switch back to the on position on the wand and goes for another orgasm! Wow! Check out the wet spot on the bed!!
In the next scene, Yazmin is wearing a lovely white negligee and thong panty set. She pulls out a buzzy vibe, working it through her panties and gasping ever-so slightly from time-to-time. After getting herself really close to orgasm a couple of times, she finally removes those white thong panties so we can see her large lippies again! Yazmin decides the buzzy vibe just isn't going to get her there, this time, so she uses the trusty magic wand again. The wand works Yazmin into another orgasm in just a few minutes! This one is viewed from a bit of a full-body, side-angle and one can still see when her contractions begin! She really likes the wand and tells the cameraman that she wants that toy! We end the scene with a real closeup of her closely cropped pussy!
In the next scene, the lovely Yazmin is making a cup of coffee in the kitchen, when she decides to sneak in an orgasm with a little pocket vibrator! Yazmin pulls off her pants, hops up on the counter, forgets about her coffee maker, and starts buzzing away on her clit! After getting nice and warmed up, the panties are removed and her lips are slightly spread - she looks sexy! It takes her a bit of time, but she manages a nice, contracting orgasm! She hops off the counter - panty-less! - and gets back to making her coffee!
Later we see Yazmin relaxing on the leather sofa in faded blue jeans and a pink tank top, flipping through the pages of an erotic magazine. Eventually, the tank top and jeans come off, revealing a very nice pair of pink panties and matching pink bra. This time, Yazmin chooses the black thingy vibe, and enjoys the sensations of the vibe through her panties for a bit, as we know she likes to do. As her desire to reach orgasm escalates, the panties are slipped down around her ankles and the toy goes straight back on her clit! One can see the disappointment on her face when she accidentally turns off the little vibe! With the vibe buzzing again, her pussy lips held apart with her fingers, and her hips gently rocking up and down, Yazmin enjoys yet another strong, visible and long orgasm! She gets the brightest smile afterwards, too and lets out yet another, "Wow!"

Stars: Yazmin

Big Butt Models For Hire

Video: Big Butt Models For Hire
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Studio: Channel 69 Video
Big butts all over the place, I couldn't hold back so I creamed on their faces. Big butts are beautiful. Just ask me. They were in my face all day long. Round, firm and great tasting. Kia told me that her favorite thing in the world is to suck dick and eat pussy. Alysa told me to cum on Katrina's face and she would lick it off - so I did! Yazmin only speaks Spanish so I didn't know what the fuck it was that she was saying, but the harder I fucked her the better it sounded!

Stars: Kira, Katrina, Sam Shaft, Yazmin, Alysa

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