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Chocolate Stallion Crystal Clear Christie Lee
Colt 45 Cadence Calibre Crissy Moran
Cathy Barry Champagne Pendavis Chelsea Pfeiffer

Booty Clappin' Superfreaks #8

Video: Booty Clappin' Superfreaks #8
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Studio: Evasive Angles Entertainment
Nothing else compares to having a giant booty clapping in your face. It?s a treat like no other. These girls are more than just thick and juicy, they have insanely big asses. So big, in fact that it might remind you of Serena William?s beautiful buns. Listen as they clap away in this ratchet booty shakin? video that will have you wanting more. You better open up a window because this video is smoking.

Stars: Chocolate Stallion, Keisha Kamble, Mia Milan, Ceimone

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Super Sized Rides

Video: Super Sized Rides
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Studio: SCORE Group
Who doesn?t like a nice comfy ride? Maybe a soft giant bean bag?with giant titties and a nice wet pussy! These six well cushioned beauties have got all the right stuff in all the right places to make your night luxurious. Big tits, soft, curvy bodie, and a hunger for man-meat abound in super sized rides. Led by XL superstars Maria Moore and Samantha, these plush plumpers have bedroom skills that match their full-figured horniness. Come along for the ride!

Stars: Sienna Hills, Nikki Cars, Allysa Andrews, Samantha, Crystal Clear, Maria Moore, J-Mac, Jarred Steed, Levi Cash, Phil McCraken

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A Fox In Socks

Video: A Fox In Socks
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Studio: Legend
Pantyhose lovers, rejoice! A Fox In Socks brings you five steamy scenes of stocking-ripping, foot-jerking, cum-dripping fun! Watch as these gorgeous girls stretch their legs and let their stockings run as they get fucked from all angles. Some regular wear and tear is fine when you?re a fox in socks!

Stars: Kristyna, Elena, Petra, Veronika, Christie Lee

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The Greatest Big Bust Video Ever Volume 2

Video: The Greatest Big Bust Video Ever Volume 2
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Studio: SCORE Group
The sequel to our #1 best selling video, The Greatest Big Bust Video. Volume 2 contains SUPER-RARE footage from the SCORE Archives in London. Some of the veteran staffers at SCORE didn't know this footage even existed! See a team of the greatest mega-titters in SCORE Magazine history, and they're in the full bloom of their prime! Video of Alyssa Alps is practically non-existent?now see Alyssa in the shower! Brazilian SCORE titan Angelique gives you a beachside titty and pussy show you'll never forget! A young Crystal Storm takes a soapy bath and suds up her huge jugs! It's finger lickin' time as the legendary L.A. Bust hits the kitchen to smear her huge hooters with whipped cream! See fantastic SaRenna Lee oil up those mouthwatering super-titties and play with her succulent pussy in the great outdoors! See Tiffany Towers at her bust in a megaton tit show that had us pounding our pointers like madmen! Angel Austin fucks her busty body to kingdom-cum with 2 cock-shaped vibrators in her pussy and asshole! Also starring Casey James (that's right, Casey James cums!), Busty Dusty, Honey Moons, Erica Everest and Colt 45! You wanted more video of the greatest, bustiest babes that ever destroyed a bra. Here they are! Every giant tit lover needs to see The Greatest Big Bust Video #2!

Stars: Colt 45, Crystal Storm, Angelique Dos Santos, Tiffany Towers, Honey Moons, L.A. Bust, Alyssa Alps, Busty Dusty, Erica Everest, Angel Austin, Casey James, SaRenna Lee

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She Loves The Pussy 2

Video: She Loves The Pussy 2
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Studio: Exquisite - Naughty Sinner
Nasughty Sinner brings us girls, girls and more girls to love! It's an all out lesbian sex fest with hot horny ladies burying their faces in soaked cunts!! They love the pussy and all the things that it has to offer: wet juices, yummy tastes and smells, sensitive clits, and a tight space for dildo dipping!

Stars: Elena Nichols, Alizandra, Chassity Bliss, Mandy Malone, Puma Swede, Natalie Minx, Cadence Calibre, Alexis Love, Austin Kinkaid

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Crissy Moran Jerk Off Instructional Lingerie & Panty #2

Video: Crissy Moran Jerk Off Instructional Lingerie & Panty #2
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Studio: Playtime Video

Devilishly delicious Crissy Moran asks you "so, you still want to fuck me?" as she poses before you in a delicate, sensual bustier, white thigh highs and black and white lace thong panties. She bends to give you a view of her round ass parted by the thong. "Do you want to come all over me?" Fucking right we do! She rubs and licks her massive blown up tits and rubs her panty covered crotch. She asks if you would like to stick your cock between her silken arches for more fun before grabbing the camera. She strips off the panties and rubs her trimmed snatch for you.

Next, in all pink and white, Crissy wants you to keep jacking it for her. She raises her mesh dress to give you a better view of her crisp pink satin thong panties. "Do you wish you could touch them?" as she tugs them lightly. Great up shot as she turns above you. She models in just the panties, thigh highs and bra as she looks into your eyes while she touches herself. She takes you alone into her bathroom and gets very personal with you. Very hot! She changes into black bikini panties as she caresses herself. Great panty covered ass! These panties disappear as she rubs her coochie hard.

3rd scene, in blue stockings and a white garter belt with white cotton thong panties, Crissy gets you off again. She towers over you and pulls the panties off to the side. "Are you jacking it for me?" She stands and turns to give you the stroking views that you want. She tugs hard at the panties before slipping them off and has at her pussy again, spreading it slightly. She poses in the nude because she wants you to give her another shot of your man juice. Do you have one more? I thought so!

Stars: Crissy Moran

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Cathy's Diaries 5

Video: Cathy's Diaries 5
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Studio: Pumpkin Films
How do we keep doing it? Cathy's Diaries 5 brings you much MORE explicit HARDCORE than Cathy's Diaries 4. Like her getting fucked in the mouth, pussy and ass by 3 horny workmen! Sizzling hot lesbian action with Angel Long & Michelle Thorne! Receive MORE than just medical attention from a sexy nurse & rampant paramedic! Get it on with the dancer at a nightclub, the barman and a punter!!! Receive MORE than just a sofa from the delivery guys. MORE like 2 hard cocks to suck and hump!!!

Stars: Angel Long, Lexi, Michelle Thorne, Cathy Barry, Donna Ibbotson, Helen Farr

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Rodney Moore's Cum Stoppers 13

Video: Rodney Moore's Cum Stoppers 13
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Studio: Visual Images
Mister Rodney Moore takes his handy camera to the Erotica LA convention (1998), asking each porn beauty queen the burning question, ?What's it like to take a Rodney Blast?? Meanwhile, he amuses himself with the beautiful Brittany who works for the trucking company, seducing her while she?s working unloading merch. He also encounters middle-aged Casey, who?s looking for a dick to suck to get revenge on her husband. Rodney is glad to oblige. As the convention winds up, Rodney steals away Rebecca McCann for a quick fuck back at his place. All ends well as she takes a big Rodney Blast in her mouth!

Stars: Bethany Hartford, Christi Lake, Christiana Spring, Candy Vegas, Spantaneeus Xtasty, Casey Klein, Diva Star, Cheyenne Silver, Chloe, Kerri Downs, Kitten Natividad, Champagne Pendavis, Rebecca McCann, Rodney Moore

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Juliette Valentina Collection

Video: Juliette Valentina Collection
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Studio: PunishedBrats

Watch the undeniably adorable brat Juliet whine, pout, and fuss as her naughty bottom is spanked time and time again!

Undelivered Letters - Juliet has been caught forging her mother's signature on all of her disciplinary notices. After Principal Veronica is through spanking her for her actions, Juliet is promising not only never to forge a signature again, but swearing she'll be the best behaved girl in her class.

Politics of Spanking 1 - Young republican, Juliet, has been so focused on the needs of her political club, she's let her grades suffer. Her mom Susan is determined to change her attitude if not her political views.

Politics of Spanking 2 - Now in the role of free spirited democrat, Juliet announces that she won't be attending class in favor of attending a rally. Her strict republican father Tony won't stand for it and makes sure she will be in class even if she won't be sitting comfortably.

Stepdad - Juliet has been giving her stepdad David nothing but attitude. When she finally pushes him too far, he roasts her pajama clad bottom ensuring she'll be resting on her tummy that night.

Ninja Student - Juliet has been missing class and hanging out at Master Larry's ninja class instead. But her newly honed ninja skills won't help her get out of a spanking from her mom Clare.

Aunt Chelsea's Rules - Juliet always thought her aunt was a pushover. But she soon discovers that when Aunt Chelsea gets tough, it means big trouble for her backside.

Bonus Scene - Juliet and David Pierson in ?Ode to Spanking?

Stars: Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Veronica Bound, Ms. Susan, Juliet Valentina, David Pierson, Tony Rizzi

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