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Isabella Soprano Idalis Hunter Ines Cudna (Berlin)
Irene Boss Isis Love Ivy
Isabella Sinclair Isis Nile Isabelle Dean

Street Walkers

Video: Street Walkers
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Studio: Anarchy Films/Python Pictures
Points of view are like assholes: every guy has one. But instead of sitting around and merely talking about mine, I decided to do something about it. So I grabbed my camera, a handful of cash and I hit the streets looking for Hookers.

Let's face it. Every guy loves them. Sure you pay them for sex but then again, you do that no matter what your dating situation is. Hell, Hookers are cheaper. No expensive dinner, gifts, weekend getaways just to keep them happy or meeting the parents. You don't have to buy them an engagement ring. They don't bitch and moan at you. Most importantly, they always put out!

Inside you will find some of the nastiest, raunchiest street pigs I could scrape up out of the sewers and gutters of Los Angeles. So grab your Vaseline, your remote and some tissue. You're going to enjoy my P.O.V.

Stars: Jennifer Steele, Paige Turner, Isabella Soprano, Lara Ann, Chelsea Zinn, Alan Smithee

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Affirmative Action 20

Video: Affirmative Action 20
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Studio: Ed Powers Productions
Ed put together some of his favorite white girls looking for very large black dicks and a couple of black girls looking for some white dick. Starring Jake Steed and his massive 11" black dick. Jake crushes these young and gorgeous gals when they are pushed to the limit as they barely fit his sizable manhood in their outstretched mouths and tight pussies. Enjoy some great interracial sex featuring Ed Powers and Jake Steed with a special appearance by Sean Michael and Randy West at the end.

Stars: Mckenzie, Holly Landers, Sydney St. James, Idalis Hunter, Kami Boh, Leata, Charlie (General), Sean Michaels, Randy West, Jake Steed, Ed Powers

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Busty Euro Honeys

Video: Busty Euro Honeys
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Studio: DDF Productions
You like those all natural girls? How about the ones that are ultra sexy, and love to play with other girls? If you also like them with huge tits, then this movie is perfect for you! You'll see top stars like Lataya Roxx, Sheila Frant, Aria Giovanni just to name a few. All ultra horny and ready for some pussy grinding and tit lovin' fun. Don't miss out on this big titty epic, these girls could put the milk industry out of business!

Stars: Rebecca Jessop, Sapphire 38L, Clanddi Jinkcego, Vanessa, Lataya Roxx, Sapphire, Carol, Lauren, Aria Giovanni, Viola, Ines Cudna, Sheila Grant

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Irene Boss Meets Miranda "UK Bondage Mistress"

Video: Irene Boss Meets Miranda "UK Bondage Mistress"
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
Mistress Miranda has finally come to the compound from the UK for a visit and Ms. Boss shows her American hospitality with a proper tour of the entire building. Ms. Boss fashions a slave prisoner guide (a real slave owned by Ms. Boss for years) for them to toy with along the way! We begin with intake in the lobby with prisoner-style steel shackling and chastity and take a wandering tour all throughout the facility ? including parts of it previously unseen! Unusual and rare sessions are discussed in various parts of the building. The ladies eventually decide to play with their subject in the third floor industrial dungeon. Mistress Miranda and Ms. Boss treat their guide to extreme CBT with weights and cock-stretching, corporal on the cross, bipolar electric nipple play, flogging, paddling, mind-fuck, back-whipping, frontal body-whipping, spiked vampire gloves, mummification bondage and finally the corrective caning he was promised in the second floor dungeon. Prison canes and the nasty bastard cane are used in his punishment. The slave has a good, therapeutic sob ? a small reward for the boot and heel worship. Every dungeon should have a naked tour guide!

Stars: Mistress Miranda, Irene Boss

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Hog Tied - Predicament Bondage With Juliette

Video: Hog Tied - Predicament Bondage With Juliette
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Welcome Juliette March to Hogtied. This pain slut loves bondage, loves being used and abused. She just wants you to take it from her with no regrets. Isis Love is in the house today, with Matt William out ill Isis takes charge. Juliette is bound, knees and hands on the floor. we start by abusing Juliette's entire body. The flogger hits hard and often as Juliette's delicate white skin turns red from the hard impact of the flogger. Pussy and tits are a favorite target and the screams of Juliette tell us which is more sensitive. After suffering so beautifully for us, Isis makes Juliette cum and cum often. There is nothing Juliette can do, her body betrays her as she cums over and over. After all the cumming Isis's suction cups her helpless toy's big nipples and adds a heavy weighted crotch rope, Juliette suffers as she is left to struggle on the basement floor.

Stars: Juliette March, Isis Love

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Sporty Teens

Video: Sporty Teens
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Studio: Dynamite Video
Dynamite Video presents Sporty Teens! You like sports don?t you? How about hot sporty girls? Everybody knows how healthy a good work out is but leave it up to our teen girls to interpret that in a very horny way! Working out makes girls want some more action! Get a load of these sporty teens as they get fucked silly!

Stars: Amelia, Isabel, Ivy, Viviana, Joanna, Oliver Strelly, Axiles, Timo Hardy, Markus Tynai

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Syren Paddling Scenes 2

Video: Syren Paddling Scenes 2
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Studio: Syren Productions
This DVD features some of our best and hardest paddling scenes featuring Mistress Gemini, Mistress Mallory, Mistress Aiden Starr, Mistress Jinx, Mistress Isabella, and Mistress Victoria. A full hour of nonstop punishment packed paddling action featuring some of our most sadistic ladies.

Stars: Mistress Mallory, Mistress Aiden Starr, Mistress Jinx, Isabella Sinclaire, Mistress Gemini, Mistress Victoria, Oui Madame

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More Dirty Debutantes 28

Video: More Dirty Debutantes 28
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Studio: Ed Powers Productions
There's always a FIRST in every box! Isis Nile, the rising star and temptress of the 90s made her first stop at Ed's place, way before she ever picked up a script. Vowing to never ever be entered from the rear, she returns to Ed out of a curiosity she never thought she would have, her first anal experience. Isis breaks her vow. A lovely red head, down below. Cody Foster makes her debut, front and rear, with good old Ed. She's driven to an anal orgasm that must be seen. Tanya made it to Ed's place first as well giving the back entrance to Ed in a hard pounding climax. The lovely Asian Tricia Yen, calling herself Mimi, mixes it up with Ed, then a friend. That and more in More Dirty Debutantes 28!

Stars: Zumira, Rini Senya, Brooke Ashley, Isis Nile, Shawnee Cates, Devon, Tricia Yen, Ginger Bush, Dick Keester, Ed Powers

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Close Up & Cumming 2

Video: Close Up & Cumming 2
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Studio: Femorg
Updated with new models, yet going back to our humble beginnings we are pleased to offer Close Up & Cumming 2! This compilation DVD is filmed in the style we really like: close up and very personal on those pulsating pussies, and is the second in our exclusive series featuring only close up pussy views of real female orgasms!

Petite blonde sex kitten Michelle Moist is featured first. She is clad in lots of black fishnet stocking material - without any panties. She is seated in the Orgasm Chair rubbing and playing with her pussy with just her fingers to start. But, it's really not very long before Miss Moist reaches for the magic wand. Wasting no time, she goes straight to high power and says, "Oh God." The camera fades for a close up view (this is Close Up & Cumming, after all) of Michelle working the powerful magic wand on her bare pussy. Suddenly, Michelle lets out a high pitched, "Oh yeah!" and within seconds her pussy is tugging and pulling in orgasmic ecstasy! Michelle takes just a moment to get over the extra sensitivity and then she is back at it with the wand. Michelle pauses with the wand just long enough to stroke her pussy with her hand and finger her juices, but she just can't resist the pleasure of the toy and before long she is enjoying it yet again. She loves these powerful orgasms! (And so do we!!) She continues to use the wand on her clit, resting in the chair. It's not long before Michelle cums again! She pulls the wand away and we get to see each and every strong, tugging contraction. Michelle dips her fingers into her pussy, letting us know she could play with the wand all day, but she has to stop herself (not on our account, mind you!). Michelle gets up and straddles the chair for a lovely view of her backside as she shows off her swollen and wet pussy. She says she is so sensitive from the wand! The camera pans in for a closeup of her pretty face, too.

Buxom blonde Majbritt is lying on the bed with a silky scarf between her legs and her nipples pointing out from beneath her sexy bra. She plays with her nipples, getting them very aroused which seems to send shock waves of contractions straight to her cooch, too. Majbritt reaches for her toy and inserts a bullet shaped toy into her pussy (she really likes things inside of her). The she begins gently rubbing her clitoris - the pussy hopping begins immediately. Majbritt slowly rubs her clit with the toy inserted, she rubs her clitoris until she enjoys very strong and very powerful orgasm! Her inner thighs quiver just before the big moment, but her rhythmic contractions are unmistakable! The camera moves in for an even closer view and Maj doesn't stop at just one orgasm - she continues rubbing and her legs begin to quiver before she has a second nice orgasm! Her fingers wander back to her nipples as she stretches and relaxes on the bed.

The lovely AxaJay is lying on the bed dipping her fingers into her pretty blue panties in order to play with her nice, lippy pussy. Axajay lifts her legs high into the air to remove those little panties. She fingers herself, saying she wants to get her pussy nice and wet. This time, AxaJay chooses the purple bullet style vibe. She turns on the toy, inserts it into her pussy saying, "Ah. It's not going to take long before I lose it here." She lies back, firmly placing the little toy right on her clit and separating her nice pussy lips. AxaJay gets so worked up as she wanks, I must say. But, she is by no means loud or fake - she just enjoys the sensations of the vibes and her breathing responds accordingly. She really likes to pull her knees up, too. With the toy almost buried between her pussy lips, AxaJay is whimpering and panting and cumming - lots of little bottom twitching contractions with this one. Her pussy flushes a deep almost purple color and her clit is so sensitive, and she is twitching and jumping. Axajay says, "I like this bad boy!"

Asian new-cummer Noug is featured next. She is seated on a wooden open-bottomed "torture" stool, but she is using it for some extreme pleasure. Noug is working a little purple vibe on her clit and it's not long before she is moaning and calling out in the sounds of ecstasy. When Noug cums, it is with rippling, rolling and rocking contractions. This is a big, obvious and very visible orgasm. The backs of her legs are dimpled with goose bumps, too.

Isabelle Dean is lounging in the bedroom as quickly peels off a pair of black panties. Isabelle's pussy is hairy! Isabelle turns on a long purple vibe and starts working the toy on her clit. The camera is centered between her legs, focusing on her hairy cooch, nice, full, meaty pussy lips and the action of the toy play. She is beginning to pant as she plays with the vibe. Isabelle starts to really ride the vibe, whimpering and panting quite a bit, let's out a little whimper "ah" sound just as she cums. Her contractions are strong and nicely visible down around her anus. Isabelle seems quite satisfied after riding that one all the way to the end. She turns off the toy then giggles slightly. When Isabelle spreads her pussy lips apart with her fingers, we can see that her cooch is wet, wet, wet!

Paige Fox is lounging on the bed wearing nothing but pink high heels, and pink leg warmers and a pink bra that we can just catch a glimpse of. Paige giggles as she struggles to get the blue dolphin toy working, but once she does, there is no stopping her! As she becomes more and more aroused, she lifts her hips and spreads her legs slightly further apart, often pulling up and back on her pussy mound, while pulling her lips apart. In her usual style, Paige occasionally moistens her clit with her fingers. She is very quiet - only making breathy, panting sounds - even as she cums. Paige rolls the dolphin toy sideways on her clitoris - preferring the pocket rocket feel to the little dolphin. Eventually, Paige turns the toy back around to its 'conventional' use. It's not long at all before she lubes her clit a bit more as her breathing becomes a bit heavier. With the little toy making small circles on her clit, Paige cums with several big, clamping and popping contractions! Each and every contraction is really prominent and visible.

Kandie-Luv is in the bedroom in a pretty purple/pink bra. Kandie lies back on the bed and slips her hand down into her pink satin panties. Kandie hops up to grab her pocket rocket and she works the toy on her pussy through the satin panties. But, of course, the panties HAVE to come off. This is a fixed cam and close-up view of Kandie's large labia and hairy pussy! It's a great sight to behold, quite frankly. As Kandie really starts to enjoy the pleasure the little toy provides, she releases one breast from beneath the bra - nipple poking up nicely - and she begins to whimper and pant. Kandie-Luv moves the little toy up and down on her clitoris, tweaking her nipple as she goes. Just as Kandie is about to cum we can see all the little goose bumps forming along Kandie's inner thighs just before the hard and fast pussy contractions take over. Kandie giggles after that lovely orgasm because she can't seem to turn-off the toy. "I'm really wet now.", she says! Ahh, we really don't mind!

Dani is a lovely, mocha-skinned, twenty-two year old with large, natural breasts and a rather "furry" (and creamy wet!) pussy. Dani undresses as she lounges on the futon. She peels off a tight black skirt, lifts her top, then slowly peels off a pair of blue-polka-dotted panties. She slowly fingers her hairy, but trimmed, pussy before turning on a curvy buzzy vibe. Dani's pussy gets gooey, creamy wet almost instantly. And it really does not take long at all for Dani to find her first nice orgasm. But, Dani's not finished yet! She continues playing with her pussy, even putting her leg high in the air to reach all the good parts. However, when she goes back to spreading her legs and buzzing her clit with the vibe again, her juices are continuing to flow and it's not long at all before this pretty babe is cumming again! She says, "Oh! I think I'm gonna cum!" And then she yanks the toy away so we can see all of those lovely contractions - perhaps causing her orgasm to end a bit abruptly and prematurely. She dips the toy and her fingers into those juices!

Next we see a naked Angelina playing with the magic wand in the blue orgasm chair. Angelina takes the wand for a strong, long and healthy spin. She softly moans and hisses, clutching her breasts from time to time. Saying, "Oh. Oh. Oh" Angelina is rocking her hips up and down in the chair and the creamy, white juices are flowing out of her pussy! There is a nice serious of pre-orgasmic contractions - then Angelina almost jumps as she cums hard. This is a nice orgasm - that toy is so powerful, she has to quickly pull it away.

Next we see the lovely Patrycja stripping out of a pair of little black panties in the Orgasm Chair. Her pussy is nicely shaven, with just a little tuft of hair on top. Patrycja also has a clit piercing. She rummages in her handbag and finds a fingertip vibe and plays with it for a while, but the little vibe simply doesn't have the necessary umph to give her an orgasm in these circumstances. Patrycja switches to her own pocket rocket and camera moves in for an even closer view of her pussy. As she gets closer and closer to cumming, her hand begins to tremble, and we see a few spontaneous little contractions of her nice dark anal area, then kaboom, the big "O" hits and she has a string of strong pussy contractions accompanied by her sweet orgasmic moans. Nice orgasm. Patrycja has to pull the toy away as she is extremely sensitive after that big orgasm.

Twenty-four year old Susie (Q-sie) is seated in "The Chair". She is completely naked and her large labia are in full view. Susie wastes no time getting down to business with her favourite pink vibe - using the silver end on her clit for a few minutes. Eventually the pink end finds Susie's clit and her back begins to arch as she tosses her head up and back into the chair. She pants and moans - and her pussy is becoming rather engorged! As she pulls upward on her clit hood, she continues to buzz her clit with the toy - from time-to-time, she reaches her fingers down to touch her bulging pussy. She bounces and rocks her hips forward - working the toy on her clit the entire time - until she is moaning and cumming! Susie gives a little giggle after that orgasm - for a moment she seems almost embarrassed! She crosses her legs as the camera moves in for a closer view of her pussy lips.

Curly haired Nicole is seated in the Orgasm Chair and stimulating her pussy with the magic wand. The powerful toy instantly has Nicole hissing and whimpering. The camera moves in for an extreme closeup of her clit but quickly pans out because Nicole is cumming that quickly and he doesn't want to miss any of her contractions! She has one very big, very visible contracting orgasm. She only stops applying the toy for a moment before going at it again and saying, "Oh yeah!" and moaning. Nicole cums again very nicely and very visibly. Nicole doesn't stop at two! She continues with the wand and has a third very nice orgasm, moaning and cumming hard as she pants, "oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah" over and over again. The third orgasm is quickly followed by another strong and vocal fourth orgasm complete with lots of anal puckering. The fourth is quickly followed by a fifth and then a sixth and possibly even a seventh! Each time the sides of her pussy, her outer labia, get completely "hard" and engorged - her contractions are focused more near her anus. She pauses action just long enough to rub her pussy and then she is cumming again. She switches the wand to a lower power for a moment, and then to high power again, squirms and squeals for a moment and then puts the end of the wand directly on her clit and tries to find one more, but I'm not sure if she really found it or was just too exhausted after the other, quick and successive orgasms. She flicks and plays with her clit afterwards, too. Wow! What a series of nice orgasms!

Red-haired Candy is pulling off a pair of jeans and a flowery top in the bedroom. Her large breasts and pink nipples are exposed first, then her hairy pussy is revealed as quickly peels off a pair of white thong panties. Candy is using a clear rabbit toy on her clitoris and this toy very obviously turns her on very much! Her pussy is incredibly wet! Candy pulls back on her clit, thoroughly enjoying the rabbit ears of the toy on her clitoris and the clear pussy juices are incredible! The scene fades into a closer view and then Candy whimpers ever so quietly as her pussy contracts in orgasm - she barely makes a peep as her vagina just pops as she cums. Wet!

Stars: Dani, Susie, Patrycja, Majbritt, Michelle Moist, Paige Fox, Isabelle Dean, AxaJay, Kandie-Luv, Angelina, Candy, Nicole, Noug

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