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Oksana Olga Oceane
Olivia Del Rio Ophelia Tozzi Obsession

Claudine (French)

Video: Claudine (French)
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Studio: Colmax
Step into a wild, fantasy-fetish world where reality become blurred and bizarre as Mistress Claudine finds herself drowning in a sexual carnival where erotic reverie and carnal desires can kill!

When a young detective becomes suspicious and strangely intrigued with Mistress Claudine's practices, her web of passion becomes even more entangled. Is it Claudine's sexual appetite that is driving her world to the brink of madness or is she lost in a chaotic canvas of dangerous sexual fiction projected by the lust's of others? Can she find sanctuary by playing ringmaster to her client's private pleasures or will she be swallowed by her own dark secrets?

This scorching Euro-erotic thriller will keep you guessing to the end.

Stars: Jade, Ovidie, Estelle Lawrence, Lilith, Herve Pierre Gustave, Alban Ceray, Thibault, Jean-Seb Bach, Manuel Ferrara, Juliette Dragon

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Flying Skirts (French Language)

Video: Flying Skirts (French Language)
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Studio: Alpha France
Uncontrollable sexual impulses lead a husband and wife OUT OF CONTROL in a whirlwind of mindless XXX sexual jousting. Tangled up in a sexual web with his mistress, her friend, his wife?s lover, and more leads to a situation he just can?t contain! Watch the fascinating developments of free love gone astray; featuring queen seductress, Olinka! An enthusiastic crowd welcomed the release of this film on September 3, 1986 in the Alpha France movie theaters.

Stars: Sophie Zillers, Esther Allen, Virginie Chevrier, Olinka, Fabienne Ernst, Michel Magniasch, Hansjorg Maerki, Dom Pat, Christoph Clark, Gabriel Pontello, Andre Kay, John Oury

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The Last Condom

Video: The Last Condom
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Studio: Plum Productions
Ever wanted to see a version of ?Toy Story?, only all about condoms? Wondering what your condoms are thinking while they wait in anticipation for you next sex session? Anthony Spinelli directed this steamy romp full of passion and laughs on that premise. It's a freaky fable about changing times, told from the point of view of condoms who share space in a bathroom medicine cabinet. The condoms come to life and discuss the ways that sexuality has undergone changes during their shelf-lives. The flick becomes a kaleidoscopic romp through modern sexual history. Shanna McCullough is one of the most alluring women in porn history, and she turns in a blisteringly torrid outing here. Ona Zee exudes classy carnality as she drives her man into a fiery frenzy. Megan Leigh and Ariel Knight show off their awesome assets, helping us complete our torrid tour of the ins and outs of modern sexuality.

Stars: Ona Zee, Megan Leigh, Tami White, Shanna McCullough, Robert Bullock, Dennis Sobin, Jon Martin, Joey Silvera

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Perfect Puffies

Video: Perfect Puffies
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Studio: GPicasso Productions
Big swimming amateur titties! Four gorgeous girls, eight massive tits! Watch as these unknown beauties off the streets gladly give tittyjobs, wrapping their jiggly boobs around excited greased cocks! A few even hop on the Sybian sex machine and their tits quiver with the pleasure they feel!

Stars: Morgan, Briana, Yanna, Oksana

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Pillow Princess

Video: Pillow Princess
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Studio: Provocative Productions
Watch five beautiful girl on girl scenes who indulge on their deepest fantasies. These lesbian lovers are in heaven as they discover how much they enjoy each other?s bodies. Kissing, caressing and taking off their clothes so they can be more intimate with each other. They love to reach the ultimate orgasms as they lick and finger each other in ecstasy.

Stars: Lenka, Cintia, Adrienn, Ines, Inez, Dalma, Maria, Tereza, Olga, Veronika

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Student Drivers - All Is Permitted

Video: Student Drivers - All Is Permitted
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Studio: Wild Video
The sexy women in this movie need to receive a refresher in driving, so they?ve signed up for some intimate driving lessons. Little do they know; the driving lesson will turn into a lesson that is way sexier and erotic than they thought! Featuring Oceane, Cynthia Labelge, Melissa, and Cynthia Lanase!

Stars: Melissa, Oceane, Cynthia Lanase, Cynthia Labelge

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Marc Dorcel - 35th Anniversary Encyclopedia O-P-Q-R

Video: Marc Dorcel - 35th Anniversary Encyclopedia O-P-Q-R
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Studio: Marc Dorcel
Marc Dorcel is taking you through the A,B,C?s of sex the only way this studio knows how to! Get ready for over two hours of exciting fantasies to be played out as all manner of sexual practices are explored! Featuring some of the most exciting fantasies such as male-on-female orgies, three-somes, lesbian love play, anal penetration and much more! You won?t be able to keep from blasting load after sticky load with this compilation of scenes from the greatest porn stars from 1979 up to today. Cum relive 35 years of French pornography like never before!

Stars: Daniela Rush, Simone Style, Tiffany Doll, Julie Silver, Anna Polina, Tera Voy, Oksana, Sharon, Priscila Sol, Zoe, Claudia Adams, Laura Valerie, Suzie Carina, Agnes Thierry, Vanessa, Marie Noelly, Veronica Da Souza, Regina Ice, Olivia Del Rio, Melissa Lauren, Nina Hartley, Jennifer Stone, Denisa Heaven, Jane Darling, Titof, Horst Baron, Oliver Sanchez, Kai Taylor, JPX, Ian Scott, Neeo, Leny Ewil, Greg Centauro, Martin Schneider, Thomas Stone, Marc Barrow, Phil Hollyday, Rocco Siffredi, Thomas, Cheritto Michael, Barbara Braun

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The Hardcore Collection Volume 3

Video: The Hardcore Collection Volume 3
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Studio: L.B.O. Entertainment Group
The Hardcore Collection Volume 3 - 2 full hours of all anal intensity. They're the MAX GIRLS and they love to put out! Max, in turn, loves to put it in! Right up their dirty little asses. More butt fuck for the buck! Nasty sloppy wet blowjobs too. Max never lets us down.

Stars: Ophelia Tozzi, Veronica Lake, Paige, Tami Monroe, Sally Layd, C.J. Bennett, Max Hardcore

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African Angels

Video: African Angels
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Studio: Rodnievision (Rodney Moore)

Scene 1: No Work Or Goo: Sexy new VP Anya Ivy blasts Rodney for turning in an incomplete report and for being late. Obviously he's borderline incompetent. Anya thinks she might have to let him go? unless, of course, he agrees to lick her pussy every day. Rodney's reluctant but he needs to keep his job so he crawls under her desk and starts licking. They move to the couch where Anya has him lick her cute, black butt too. He does such a good job at pussy and ass licking; she rewards him with a blow job. She sucks his cock and licks his balls. He even gets to fondle her big black tits. They get back on the couch where she sits on his face. Soon he's blasts that pretty face with a ton of sticky goo, then it's right back to work!

Scene 2: Faithful Jade: While Jade Carlin tells her boyfriend on the phone that she would never cheat on him; she takes on Rodney Moore?s cock. Along with brushing her teeth Rodney blast her face with his cum.

Scene 3: Together: starring Mercedes & Simone with Rodney in a threesome and it?s the girls? first video.

Scene 4: Obsession with Rodney Moore and she?s real horny for cock. She gives Rodney a nice & wet blowjob and he gives her a face fuck.

Scene 5: Rodney chases down Monica, such an African angel and he pounds her pussy.

Scene 6: Swallow What: Hanice is a new employee and shows off her oral skills.

Stars: Obsession, Simone, Jade Carlin, Hanice, Monica (i), Anya Ivy, Mercedes, Rodney Moore

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